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Amy is a Sex and Relationship Coach and Sex Educator with a passion for promoting unabashed, pleasure-focused sexuality education. April is a motivational speaker, sex toy mogul, as well as one of the leading women in the sex-toy industry. April and Amy combined forces to create the Shameless Sex Podcast, inspiring radical self-love, sexual empowerment, and shame-free intimacy with a playful twist sharing real life experiences and tell all details. Visit for more. Shameless Sex is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts. For network details, contact


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Amy is a Sex and Relationship Coach and Sex Educator with a passion for promoting unabashed, pleasure-focused sexuality education. April is a motivational speaker, sex toy mogul, as well as one of the leading women in the sex-toy industry. April and Amy combined forces to create the Shameless Sex Podcast, inspiring radical self-love, sexual empowerment, and shame-free intimacy with a playful twist sharing real life experiences and tell all details. Visit for more. Shameless Sex is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts. For network details, contact




#314 How to Have Long Arousal, Arousal Arcs, and Erotic Bliss - With Pamela Madsen

What is long arousal and how does it differ from orgasm? Can everyone experience it? If so, how? What are arousal arcs? How can understanding and cultivating these practices lead to liberating, pleasure-filled erotic bliss? The legendary Pamela Madsen answers all this and so much more. About our guest: Pamela Madsen, a Somatic Wellness Coach with a Master's degree in Education, has coached hundreds of women and couples on their own personal journey back into their bodies. Pamela founded Back...


#313 Shameless Sex "Smash-Up" - Our Top Juiciest Episodes Of 2022

This episode is a fun "Smash-Up" containing clips of six of Shameless Sex podcast's favorite episodes from 2022. We love all of our episodes and guests, and we could only choose a few, so here is a little sneak peak that is near and dear to our hearts (and genitals) :) #295 How to Talk Dirty - With Sexpert Lola Kat - Listen here or here #271 How to Have the Best Sex of Your Life! - With Layla Martin - Listen here or here #286 A Sex-Hacker's Guide to Anal Sex - With Kenneth Play - Listen here...


#312 Relationship Mastery - With Fabienne Annick and Mos Jef

What makes a deeply connected relationship work? Can couple's continue to have the best sex of their lives in long term relationships, and if so, what are some of the tools or creating and maintaining a fulfilling sex life? How does commitment including marriage affect things? What are some of the ways people can grow and nourish partnerships whether or not they "put a ring on it"? About our guests: Jef combines transformational coaching with emotional mastery, psychological integration,...


#311 How to Take the Pressure Off Of Sex - With Dr. Alison Ash

How does pressure show up in relationships, and why does it hinder pleasure, connection and arousal? How does pressure operate differently in new encounters vs long term relationships? What are some helpful tips to start turning the pressure valve down - both within the self and when engaging in intimacy with others? Repeat guest Dr. Aly answers all this and more. About our guest: Dr. Alison Ash, aka Dr. Aly, is a trauma-informed intimacy coach and educator, Stanford University Lecturer,...


#310 The Art of Orgasmic Anal Sex - With Alicia and Erwan Davon

How can I have amazing orgasmic anal sex? How does surrender and awareness come into the mix? How can I enhance my orgasmic potential as a receiver, and how can I up my anal sex game as a giver? Repeat guests Alicia and Erwan Davon share all this and so much more. About our guests: Erwan and Alicia Davon have become the go- to experts for those seeking a higher level of relationship support. Erwan is the founder, senior teacher and president of San Francisco based The Davon Method. Together...


#308 Sex-Hacking Internal vs External Orgasms - With Kenneth Play

What is the difference between internal and external orgasms and why are internal orgasms generally more difficult to achieve for many vulva-owners? How does foreplay and erogenous zones fit into all of this? And how do you personally define foreplay? What are some of the top sex-hacking tips for bigger, better, more frequent internal and external orgasms? About our guest: Kenneth Play is an international expert on female pleasure who was named the World’s Greatest Sex Hacker by GQ & Men’s...


#307 How to Explore Fantasies and Role-play in Relationships - With Naomi Slater

Why is expressing or playing with fantasies beneficial for relationships? What are some ways we can share fantasies with partners? What can we do if our partners are not comfortable with what we share? And what if we actually want to turn the fantasy into role-play? What are some ways we can actually start to explore our fantasies? About our guest: Naomi Slater is an experienced intimacy & relationship coach, yoga teacher and bio-energy therapist. She is the creator of the 3-month online...


#306 Sensual Kink and BDSM - With Sir Marvelous

What is BDSM, and how does “sensual kink” fit into the mix? Why is communication so important in kink, and how can people improve their erotic communication skills? How can people begin to dip their toes into the world of sensual BDSM? Also, what is the orgasm gap, how does it show up in BDSM, and what are “lifestyle events” all about? About our guest: Sir Marvelous, is a well-known and highly respected Pleasure Coach and Professional Sensual BDSM Dominant. Based out of the NYC area, he has...


#305 How to Up Your Flirting Game - With Euphemia Russell

What is flirting? Is it just something single people do or can we flirt with our partners as well? What if someone feels like they are “bad” at flirting? How can they learn to become more confident and up their flirting game? What are some tips for flirting whether single or partnered? And how does non-sexual touch play into all of this? About our guest: Euphemia is a full spectrum pleasure coach and bestselling author of Slow Pleasure. Their work aims to support people to flourish and feel...


Bonus Episode: The Science of Horniness from Come As You Are - With Dr. Emily Nagoski

Today, we’re sharing a preview of a new podcast we’re enjoying and think you will, too. On Come As You Are, educator and bestselling author Dr. Emily Nagoski answers questions about sex with the latest science. You’ll get a modern guide to sexual wellbeing, backed by groundbreaking research about desire, anatomy, orgasm and much more. In conversation with her producer, Emily debunks cultural myths and flips the script on everything you thought you knew about sex and sexuality. In this...


#304 Penis Enhancement and Testosterone - With Dr. Judson Brandeis

What is penis enhancement all about? Is it about size or performance, and why would someone want to enhance their penis? Are there any dangers to penis enhancement? What are the statistics for positive results? And what are some of the key points penis-owners should know about testosterone and how it affects the body? Dr. Brandeis shares all this as well as his new research on the P-Long Study and P-Long protocol. About our guest: Dr. Judson Brandeis is a graduate of Brown University and...


#303 Experience Erotic Hypnosis From a Dominatrix - With Mistress Carol

What is erotic hypnosis? How does it help people as sexual beings, as well as in other aspects of their lives? Can it really inspire them to overcome issues and habits so they may create their best lives? And how is erotic hypnosis related to BDSM and working with a Dominatrix? Mistress Carol shares all this and more (and even does a brief demo on air!). About our guest: Mistress Carol is a Dominatrix, Erotic Hypnotist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist at She is an...


#302 Swinging, Stripping and Sex Parties - With Kiley the Sexy Swinger Chic

What does swinging entail, and how does someone know this lifestyle is for them? Is swinging for people of all ages (well, 18 and up)? How can people both dip their toes into and navigate the world of swinging? How can swinging go awry, and what are some options for working through these hurdles? And what is the difference between swinging and sex parties? About our guest: Kiley is a millennial non monogamous swinger activist and sex worker from Cleveland, Ohio. Over the course of the past...


#301 Narcissism and Healing After Toxic Relationships - Kate Loree, LMFT

What is narcissism and borderline personality, and how can they cause to others? How can someone recognize if they are dating someone with narcissistic tendencies? Why are certain people drawn to them, and why do so many find it har to leave what feels like a toxic relationship? What are some coping skills or strategies that can help a person finally leave, as well as tools for the healing process after experiencing so much emotional abuse? Repeat guest Kate Loree shares all of this and...


#300 Cuckolding, Hot-Wifing, and Male Chastity - With Dr. David Ley

What is Cuckolding and why are people into it? How does Cuckolding differ from Hot-Wifing? How can people embrace their inner Cuck? And how does male-chastity fit into the mix? Dr. David Ley shares all this and more. About our guest: David Ley is a clinical psychologist, sex therapist and author, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He's the author of several books and research articles on sexuality, including his first book, Insatiable Wives: Women who Stray and the Men Who Love Them, which...


#299 The Vasectomy Episode - With Dr. Justin Dubin

Repeat guest and Urologist Dr. Justin Dubin joins us once again to teach us all about the wonderful world of vasectomies. How do vasectomies actually work, and what does the procedure and healing process look like? Who should consider a vasectomy? What are the success rates? Are they bad for the body? What if someone wants to get their vasectomy reversed? What does this procedure and healing process look like, and what are the success rates? Oh, and is botox for the balls really a thing?...


#298 Prostates and Super Orgasms (and Enemas!) - With Forrest Andrews Of Aneros

Repeat guest and expert Forrest Andrews joins us for a pre-Movember episode to talk all about prostate health, pleasure, how penis-owners can have a Super O AKA mind-blowing full-bodied multi-orgasmic experiences, prostate toys, the purpose and art of enemas, and so much more. About our guest: Forrest Andrews is the Product and Business Development manager of Aneros. Forrest's relationship with Aneros began in 2002 and he has played an important role in the evolution of the company and their...


#297 "Eargasms" and the Power Of Audio Erotica - With Lala

What is audio eroticism & erotica? What is an auralism kink and is Audio Hypnosis Erotica part of this? What are the benefits of incorporating erotic content into your lifestyle, and how can erotica be incorporated into a relationship to improve sexual intimacy and emotional connection? Be sure to listen all the way through for a sexy snippet from erotic aural erotica master Lala. About our guest: Lala is the founder of Lala's Bedtime Tales, a sexual wellness and liberation brand. She is a...


#296 How to Navigate Breakups and Heartbreak - With Dr. Alison Ash

What are some of the signs you should break up in relationships, as well as the top tips for navigating them with as much success and ease as possible? What if you know you should break up but feel like you can’t do it? How can people cope with a breakup - especially when they are feeling so much sadness, loss, anger and/or grief? Is "conscious uncoupling" or closure conversations available to everyone? And what can breakups teach us as valuable tools in moving forward? Repeat guest Dr. Aly...


#295 How to Talk Dirty - With Sexpert Lola Kat

What exactly is Dirty Talk? What are the benefits using it to spice up sex? What are some tips for folks who want to up their dirty talk game, and how can people who are desiring to engage in more Dirty Talk talk ask for this from their partner? Sexpert Lola Kat teaches all of this, and even shares a reading in her sensual voice. About our guest: Lola Kat Yonder is a Sex Positive - Body Positivity Advocate & Sensual Storyteller: She remarks she grew up in the adult industry, 13+ years &...