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The science of Brain/Mind/Body and breakthroughs of hypnosis, nlp, addiction and rapid change

The science of Brain/Mind/Body and breakthroughs of hypnosis, nlp, addiction and rapid change


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The science of Brain/Mind/Body and breakthroughs of hypnosis, nlp, addiction and rapid change






Speaking Mastery with Hypnosis!

You think that speaking to a group is your biggest fear? I will challenge that today. Get My Speaking Mastery program. https://www.wendi.com/courses/no-fear-public-speaking-mastery 20% off with code SPEAK. 6 things you must do to stop the fear. Transform your fear into excitement. How to connect with your audience. Build confidence fast with hypnosis. You might also like the Quick Fix sessions. This package includes short hypnosis sessions for speaking, confidence and much more. Check...


You can sing! You can play! Hypnosis can make you a musician..

Be inspired! Break out into song and let your voice be heard. Singing will lift your spirits and create a wonderful state of harmony in your body, mind and spirit. You will sing in the shower, the car, the kitchen and really enjoy the song of your soul! Buy the entire program- 11 Hypnosis sessions to make you a better musician, a better singer and a more creative musician. Go here to see the entire thing. Take 20% off Use code - MUSICLOVE You even get a hypnosis session during this...


Increase your Longevity? Yes and Yes. Research, hypnosis and a nice deep sparkly session

Do you love Telomeres? Is your attitude about aging making you grow old fast? Maybe your inner negativity is fueling the aging process? Let's change it. There is a really cool Hypnosis session included. I did the research and if you want to live longer, stop the damage to your brain and heart and even try to avoid dementia, this one's for you! BUY Wake Up Happy 25% off Use Code LongHappy BUY Deep Sleep sessions 25% off, Use Code LongDeep Buy Bliss Meditations 30 of them! 25% off, use code...


Remote Seduction and Powerful Influence. Kinda mind controlish, but superfun!!!

Hypnosis for doing weird things to people, and one dog. How is it possible that we can transmit thoughts, ideas and commands without saying a word? I will tell you how! Hypnosis session included, just a quickie, but a goodie! BUY Remote Influence and Seduction right here. https://www.wendi.com/courses/remote-influence Take 20% off with code YOUANDME


Want to get lucky? Let's change your luck today.

Yes, you can change your luck and attract good things in your life. Now, there is also a Hypnosis session in here to get you out of your crappy mood and make you become lucky! 30% off LUCK OF YOUR LIFE Hypnosis program. Use code LUCKIEST ALSO- you know how thoughts are things, right? Well... I have proof for you. I did an experiment with a group many years ago that totally blew my mind. Find out how this 'thoughts are things' deal works. It should be a life changer for you as...


Mind Machines and Igniting your creative genius

Ready to have a great memory? Need to become a brilliant problem solver? Ready to stimulate massive creativity? Today, you will! Learn how building Mind Machines can enhance memory, retention, recall, new ideas and even summon wisdom from some higher source! There is a hypnosis session in this podcast. Short training after the hypnosis session for Hypnotherapists to learn the techniques and use with your clients. WOW! Let's get started. Great skills to learn for adults and kids!


Teach me something!

Use Code DIGDEEP 30% off the TimeLine program. (Link below) Dig deep into your past and future and be even more amazing than you already are! Want to learn something new? Go inside your body, make magic happen. How I accidentally became a Hypnotherapist. Ending fears and create a timeline of your past. SO Much Euphoria One little kindergartner who did something awesome. And much more today. Listen in! https://www.wendi.com/courses/timeline-journey Use Code DIGDEEP 30% off


Dong Talk! Let's talk about your penis!

PROMO CODE- BIGGER, takes 20% off Links below. Yea, so... I am usually a little hesitant to talk about this topic publicly. The premise is really quite absurd. I mean really, to think that hypnosis will enlarge any body part is not logical. BUT, as you will learn in this episode, there is a really weird thing that happened with a client of mine. And the results were stunning. "What? Really? How?" Well, I am about to tell you. We will also give boobies equal time and discuss the highly...


Do It Now!

WAIT! Procrastination. This one really runs our lives. So many tell me that this is their big, hairy issue. It affects every part of their lives. Help has arrived! Today's Sleep With Wendi episode is going to kick your butt to get things done, stop putting things off, get rid of clutter and feel fantastic while you are doing it! Not kidding. There are some miraculous stories that turned around even the hard core procrastinators. You will tidy up, get motivated, feel the drive of wanted to...


Woohoo!- JOIN ME for 3 days live on December 4th, 5th, and 6th. FREE.

It's a big deal. Do you drink too much? Do you know someone who does? This podcast is the story of how I became an expert in Addiction Freedom and have helped over half a million people end their struggle with alcohol. Most people use the program on their own, self-guided, and have amazing results. Some come to see me in person, others choose to have a daily coaching call. NOW- JOIN ME for 3 days live on December 4,5, and 6th. One hour each day, free of charge to ALL. Over our three days...


Let's make some s#xy time. Take a deep breath. This one is throbbing with fun.

Have you heard how people are using the HypnoS#x techniques? It has so many potential uses. It is great for dysfunction, for enhancing pleasure, for trying out some fantasies. You can even hypnotize each other and find your new kink. It is again time to Sleep With Wendi On today's podcast, you get to pull up a chair and get really curious about how I did these things to people using only my words. AAAhhh, yea. The code for 20% off all the HypnoS#x programs is QUIVER. So go buy some,...


Let's Move To Hawaii, the Pain and Pleasure. AND Your weight loss Zen.

So, I wrote a song and then put together a quick music video for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfxZ6XCJqTc The move to paradise during the pandemic. Well, it was painful and then more painful. Selling your stuff to make a big move is a big deal. Here's how I did it. Let's move! Also, a little bit of Zen for your weight loss joy. Get Zen Of Thin now. It is a really great Hypnosis program. And I talk about creating Financial Abundance Course, being worthy of wealth, getting...


Depression and Meditation breakthrough

This could be the thing you are looking for if you are struggling with depression. Great information here! Share this with someone you love https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-itewf-14cfc2


Day 9 of the Big Q!! And your questions answered. Be awesome!

I am in quarantine in Hawaii, on the Big Island. This podcast was made on my phone, no editing or fancy pants effects. Find out how it is being in quarantine for day after day, not able to leave your room!


I ran away to Hawaii! How did this happen? Oh what a journey of letting go!

I left Colorado. I ran away. I drove to Hawaii. I am right now sitting in Kona on a beautiful Lanai listening to the birds, watching the geckos, and ready to help you start a whole new life and have a new outlook. Today's episode is really cool I hope you listen to it and enjoy it and share it with your friends.


So you want to run away?

Have you wanted to find a geographical cure for your life? Need to get unstuck? Here is what I did !


My Favorite Happy Kids

Hypnosis programs for Kids - https://www.wendi.com/collections?q=kids Hey hey! I know it has been a long time since I did a podcast. And the last one I did was the heartbreaking account of my son, Sean. It has been over a year. I have to tell you, that even though I have kept my life as full as I can, it is still SO hard on so many days. Still miss that guy. Phew. I am sure that I cannot listen to that podcast. Today's podcast was asked for by a FB friend who wants to hear the stories...


What happens when your child dies?

I am sharing with you my life in the last week. The saddest day of my life happened on Thursday, June 21, 2018. This might not be something you want to listen to, or it might resonate with you on many levels. If you have lost a child, or fear losing a child or just want to help those who have... this is from my heart and soul. My biggest fear has been realized.


Sports Hypnosis- Can you get your mind game going?

See more Sports Hypnosis programs here https://www.wendi.com/collections?category=sports Sports hypnosis, what a way to get more powerful and confident. Learn more about the mind mastery of your sport. Dig deep to find your self sabotage or fears. And then learn how you can have more endurance and strength and confidence in your sport. Golf hypnosis, basketball, soccer, race car driving, pole vaulting, baseball, iron man... find out how I help athletes to exceed their expectations. And...


What's Your Problem? Episode 2

For hypnotic help fast- http://wendi.com What is your problem? It is now my problem and I plan to help you! If your problem is featured here, send me a message to get your $50 gift certificate! Also, post your problem for future episodes on the discussion area at https://wendi.com/courses/podcasts Today, we help a cross dresser named Tequila figure out how to quit drinking, and a person who is tormented by intrusive and bizzare thoughts. You will also find out how we solve an anger...