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The existential millennial question: what even is life? Join besties Alissa and Courtney as they set new goals, challenge you to do the same, meet with experts, fail a bunch, and who knows, maybe even find some sort of answer? Listen to them laugh through the struggle of stepping outside their comfort zones and figuring out what the hell life is even about.

The existential millennial question: what even is life? Join besties Alissa and Courtney as they set new goals, challenge you to do the same, meet with experts, fail a bunch, and who knows, maybe even find some sort of answer? Listen to them laugh through the struggle of stepping outside their comfort zones and figuring out what the hell life is even about.


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The existential millennial question: what even is life? Join besties Alissa and Courtney as they set new goals, challenge you to do the same, meet with experts, fail a bunch, and who knows, maybe even find some sort of answer? Listen to them laugh through the struggle of stepping outside their comfort zones and figuring out what the hell life is even about.




Health.....Season Completed!

WE DID IT!!! We made it through the wilderness! We climbed our Everest! We solved for x. We captured the flag! We....husked those....ears of corns. I ran out of metaphors. Point it, this is our LAST EPISODE! Seems crazy, don't it? Your hosts Courtney and Alissa come together one last time to talk about this season of health. They go over how this final challenge, reminisce about episodes past and go over their favorites moments from the season. It's one you don't want to miss! Seriously,...


Let's Talk...Body Image Again

Guys! This is our LAST topic of the season! I know, it came up on us, much like a hungry oversized capuchin monkey sneaks up on the docile emu. Bet you didn't know they did that, did ya? No, don't google it, just trust me. Anyway, this week we go aaaaallllll the way back to the beginning to talk again about body image, but this time we brought our good friend William in to get a more male impression on the subject. While the body positivity movement started for a certain demographic, we've...


Mindfulness and Manifestation...Challenge Completed!

What's up ding dongs? You missed us huh? Yeah I know you did you needy bitches. Well, you're in luck! We're back to tell you about our findings with this mindfulness biz. You want to learn how to make shiz happen in your life? De-stress? Be a better more productive person at peace? We're going to tell you how! Get ready for the realness!!! This week has hosts Courtney and Alissa going over how their challenge went. They talk about how kids these days are so distracted (it's us, we're kids)...


Let's talk....Mindfulness and Manifestation

Breathe. Reflect. Breathe again. Actually, don't stop breathing even when I don't say. I'm pretty sure you need to breathe to live! Breathe again. Now eat a cheeto. Now chill out a sec. Now look at the news. What was there? Doesn't that just piss you off? Okay one more cheeto and then back to breathing you coquettish little sex person. Did you know you can make your brain think about your brain??? Without using drugs?? You can do it like, right now actually. I'm doing it! No, stop it,...


Mental Health....Challenge Completed!

Aw yeah, we tackled that challenge bro. Went straight to the endzone and did the worm bro. Slam dunk on mental health bro! We know sports. Today's episode has hosts Courtney and Alissa talking about how the mental health challenge went for them, how it can be hard to really practice active listening, and how we can get better at it. Cause active listening to someone is like a hole in one on the field of friendship, or some better sports metaphor. Did you take part in the challenge? Let us...


Let's Talk.....Mental Health with a Counselor!

Beep beep! What's that? A brand new episode just touched down for landing? What's that?! Planes don't beep? I don't know a lot about planes?? Yeah that checks out. Anywhoosles, this week hosts Courtney and Alissa lay down on the big leather sofa to talk to a counselor all about mental health, the stigmas surrounding it, and what we can do about it. And it's not just any counselor, but Alissa's sister Gabby! So buckle up, cause we're pulling out of mental health station! Next stop, validating...


Strength Training...Challenge Completed!

We did it! We did it! We did it! Yeahhhh! We climbed up the challenge mountain and came down stronger than ever! We didn't die! My thighs chafe but not that much! Last week our guest Dalton Riddle challenged us to a baseline workout and to check back later to see how we improved! And let us tell you, we improved....kinda. But it's all a journey right? Rome wasn't built in a day or however the saying goes. Can't shave a chicken in two strokes or whatever. Idk if that one's a saying, but you...


Let's Talk....Strength Training with a Trainer!

Bro, do you even lift? This week's episode hosts Courtney and Alissa interview actual real-life trainer Dalton Riddle. They found him deep in the heart of a Planet Fitness. He had spent years on an endless loop of squats, deadlifts, adding a little bit of weight and then oh no that's too much. Let's take some off. Some say he was born when two kettle bells accidentally kissed under a power line. By the time he was discovered, he had a full Jumanji beard and could only say "Need a spot?" He...


Yoga....Challenge Completed!

Mmmmmmm don't you feel so relaxed? Feel the calm rush over you as you inhale this new episode. Corpse Pose. Child's pose. Babies Pose. Uncle's Pose. Um... Your Neighbor's Uncle's Rabbi's Taxidermist.. Pose. Idk you guys. I'm tired. I'm sitting here looking at the wall. I didn't sleep well last night because I had that recurring nightmare where my finger's are hot dogs and I have to dial 911 on a corded phone because Steve Buscemi is outside the window looking in and he won't leave??? But the...


Let's Talk....Yoga!

Child's Pose. Sun Salutation. Dutchman's...broomstick. Um... Housecat....Divorce.... Attorney. I'll be honest here. We don't know a ton about yoga, but that's what this podcast is about! Trying new things. This week hosts Courtney and Alissa are here to talk all about yoga: why its good for your mind, body, and soul. They talk about their experiences with it (or lack thereof) and challenge each other to get their solo game of Twister on! Look at that! We're halfway through the season! You...


Sex Positivity...Challenge Completed!

SEX! now that I have your attention. DELANEY IS BACK!!! seeeEEEeeexxxXXX!!!!! We know she couldn't stay away. In case it needs to be said again, we say curses in this and talk about dirty stuff!! Also, keep listening at the end for a special little blooper ;) Delaney is back with hosts Courtney and Alissa to go over how the challenge went and keep talking about what sex positivity means for them. They even probe Delaney (pun intended) for any crazy stories from working in the sex...


Let's Talk....Sex Positivity with a Sex Worker

CURSE WORDS AHEAD!! Just gotta warn ya, in case you got some weird kids lying around, to cover their precious little child ears because this episode gets steamy AND dirty! Your hosts bring in their friend, Scarlett Feverish, who's got her experience in sex, but not in the way you're thinking (but also maybe in the way you're thinking?) They're gonna tackle all the things about orientation and sexuality bro. Make sure everyone feels included and accepted bro. Love is love bro. Want to join...


Nutrition....Challenge Completed!

TUUUURNNN and face the strange. CH! CH! CHANGES! Don't want to be a richer man! Time may change meEEee! But I can't change ti- Ooops! lol Sorry about that. I get caught up sometimes. Anyway, where were we? Changes. They're hard huh? Nobody likes change. Change sucks a butt twice on Tuesdays. But you know what? Sometimes changes can be good for us. Even small ones, like drinking more water. How hard could that be, right?? Tune in for this week's talk to see how hosts Courtney and Alissa did...


Let's Talk...Nutrition with a Nurse!

You don't love your body! Know how I know that? Because I don't! Sorry I didn't mean to make it about me. But forreal most people don't. Why is that? This week hosts Alissa and Courtney get into the thick of it, exploring why we don't always stick with healthy options, learning what we can do better, and our very first guest Jamey gives the girls their challenge for the week bro! It's gonna be an explosive episode! So put on your friggin hard hat chumps, and let's learn to love ourselves...


Moving your Body...Challenge Completed!

Fitness sucks. But is raising your heart rate actually necessary? You won’t believe the answer! …. It is. No need to click. It’s actually an unfortunate side effect of life. That challenge bro? It’s completed bro. Put it on a moderately sized Viking ship and shoot a flaming arrow at it to send it to Valhalla bro, cuz the ladies are back! Courtney and Alissa talk about how the challenge went and how easy it is to make small changes to get yourself moving. And we ain’t talkin’ about your...


Let's Talk....Moving your Body

Exercise. It sucks. Also, life sucks. KFC is delicious and yet it kills you??? (Not corroborated by literally anyone. Please sponsor us KFC. We actually like the Famous Bowl™!) But forrealsies, we're going to talk about the necessary evil of exercise. You bet your Aunt Bippy we're gonna strap on a headband and an ill-fitting leotard like we're the Crystal Light Dancers (YouTube it if under 40) and get into the meat of fitness baby! Oh yeahhhhhh! Want to join in the challenge? Head over to...


Stress...Challenge Completed!

We're back, bitches! Sorry. You're not bitches. I'm just excited. This week Courtney and Alissa are back to talk about what they've learned about stress. That challenge? Straight dusted bro. Send a letter to that challenge's widow, because rest in peace bro. We all deal with stress, but do you know how to take that bull by its horns and keep it at bay? And did you know that stress can be a POSITIVE thing? No? Don't believe it? Well, then saddle up pardner! Cuz we're gonna learn how to cope...


Let's Talk....Stress

Did you know stress can break your brain? People stress out about a lot of things: work, Starburst packs with too many yellows, nipple chafing, you name it. This week's episode has hosts Courtney and Alissa stressing out about how many things stress them out, which hopefully won't make you stress out. Will they make it out without having to consult a therapist or a security blanket? Tune in to find out! Want to join in the challenge? Head over to Instagram @smilingthroughtheconfusion to let...


Body Image...Challenge Completed!

Courtney and Alissa are back! That challenge? It's completed bro. They're gonna talk about it. AND they're gonna make a meal out of the topic of body image so grab a knife and fork you beautiful person. This week's follow up is jam-packed with talk about why we feel the need to constantly critique ourselves and why placing your value on an image is destructive. Did you take part in the challenge? Join the conversation on Instagram @Smilingthroughtheconfusion to tell us how this week's...


Let's Talk...Body Image

We all have something we'd change about ourselves, but why is that? Join Courtney and Alissa in their first episode as they talk about their current struggles with body acceptance, where these opinions come from, and figure out how to challenge those ingrained ideas. Follow us on Instagram @Smilingthroughtheconfusion to join in on this week's challenge!