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Raj Jana is the Founder and Chief Brewing Officer at JavaPresse Coffee Company, a lifestyle brand on a mission to help people experience happier lives through the coffee they love. In the Stay Grounded Podcast, he interviews people from all walks of life to discuss happiness, success, fulfillment, and ways to infuse it all into daily life. Find out more at

Raj Jana is the Founder and Chief Brewing Officer at JavaPresse Coffee Company, a lifestyle brand on a mission to help people experience happier lives through the coffee they love. In the Stay Grounded Podcast, he interviews people from all walks of life to discuss happiness, success, fulfillment, and ways to infuse it all into daily life. Find out more at
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Raj Jana is the Founder and Chief Brewing Officer at JavaPresse Coffee Company, a lifestyle brand on a mission to help people experience happier lives through the coffee they love. In the Stay Grounded Podcast, he interviews people from all walks of life to discuss happiness, success, fulfillment, and ways to infuse it all into daily life. Find out more at




Episode 77 - Phoebe Mroczek: Building a Life That's An Expression of You

“When you show up in a present way for somebody, it is so powerful that your heart can’t help but come through.” This episode was filmed in front of a live audience making it a Stay Grounded first! Phoebe Mroczek is a fellow podcaster and marketing strategist. She thought she had her life figured out from the age of five. All she ever wanted was to play soccer professionally - and she was good enough. But when she hit 21, she realized soccer wasn’t her destiny. It was a revelation that...


Episode 76 - Logan Christopher: Using Time in Nature to Fuel an Extraordinary Life

“You have certain mentors that are human beings. Why keep it to one species? You can learn things you can never learn from any human from talking to a tree or a mushroom or a plant.” Drum roll please because this episode is a Stay Grounded first! That’s because it’s the very first time I’ve brought an old guest back into the interview chair. You may remember Logan ‘strongman’ Christopher from episode 35 when he revealed how an experience in the Amazon changed his life. Well, things have...


Episode 75 - David Newell: The Delightful Pursuit of Your Inner Truth

“We are all essentially shades of shadow to light, and the shadow is just aspects of ourselves that we haven’t forgiven and brought into light yet.” Like many of us, David Newell started out on the traditional path through life. After graduating, he took a lucrative career in investment banking and all was good for a while - until he burnt out aged just 25. The burnout was so severe that David was forced to quit working and take 6 months to recover and find himself again. But as often is...


Episode 74 - Shari Aldrich: What To Do When Life Has Different Plans For You

“I just want to choose happy all the time, and if I’m not loving something I’m doing, I let it go. And if it’s something that brings me joy, I keep travelling down that path.” Shari Aldrich was doing well on the traditional path through life. Working as an IT Director back in the 90s she had a secure and stable job, but it didn’t bring her joy. Like many others, she stuck it out -- until her mom and two of her siblings died unexpectedly in the space of just four years. After losing half...


Episode 73 - Aimee Tariq: How Near Death Experiences Can Be Your Greatest Teacher

“I was not scared of the illness itself. I thought, "This is just something that’s happening. It’s not going to be permanent. Either I’ll die or get better — those are the only two options I’m going to give myself."” When Aimme’s heart raced to 200bpm - even when she wasn’t doing anything - she knew there was something seriously wrong. At the time, the medical community didn’t even have a name for Aimee’s chronic condition - but that turned out to be a blessing. Aimee’s condition left her...


Episode 72 - Yanik Silver: How Evolved Enterprise Will Change Your World

“Following your heart is frequently scary but never wrong.” Today’s guest is redefining how we build and do business in the 21st century. In fact, it’s fair to say that Yanik Silver is the reason Stay Grounded exists today. He helped me put the soul in JavaPresse by giving me the tools that transformed an ordinary e-commerce coffee company into a brand that helps people “stay grounded” through the moments they love. And he’s done the same for countless other entrepreneurs too. As the...


Episode 71 - Andre Norman: Spending 14 Years in Prison to Changing the World

“I know people in the world today who aren’t free. They’re slaves to work, they’re slaves to stereotypes and slaves to cultures and customs they don’t even believe in. Not being in jail does not mean you are free.” This week’s guest is proof that your past doesn’t have to equal your future. You can drop the old stories, change your core beliefs, and create a life you love - even if your past says otherwise. Rewind two decades and not only was Andre serving a 100-year prison sentence, he...


Episode 70 - Cathryn Lavery: Transitioning from Employee to Multi-Millionaire Founder

“If everyone did the same thing as everyone else, then no one would be creating an impact.” It was 2011 when Cathryn Lavery moved from Ireland to New York City to take up a graduate job as an architect. Despite dabbling with an Ebay store while at school, there was no question of her not following a traditional career path. And anyway, she didn’t know any entrepreneurs to guide her. But life had other plans. When Cathryn landed in NYC, her employer announced a 25% cut in her pay. Cathryn...


Episode 69 - Lee Holden: How to Become Superhuman

“There is a way in which we can ask good questions, and I think that is the bridge I often use to help people discover these latent powers within themselves and their own human potential.” What do you do if you feel pain in your body? If you’re like a lot of people, then your instinct will be to reach for the painkillers. But what if that’s not the right thing to do? Our western culture is very cerebral. We spend a lot of time in our heads, while ignoring the calling of our body. It can be...


Episode 68 - Andy Storch: Learning Strategies to Accelerate Your Growth

“The world is changing and the rate of change has never been faster. We have to keep learning to keep up. If you think you have it figured out, you’re going to get disrupted and fall behind.” Did you know that the average CEO reads 52 books a year? According to this episode’s guest, that’s because reading is a powerful way to learn, grow, and get new ideas. But is passive learning enough to reach your full potential and are there other strategies you can explore to accelerate your growth...


Episode 67 - Todd Herman: Using Alter Egos To Experience The Life You Want

“An alter ego gives you an amazing tool to tap into the creative imagination to allow you to unfold and see more of what you’re capable of.” This episode’s guest is an absolute rockstar. I picked up his new book a few weeks back and finished it within 2 days - which should be telling for the greatness that was shared here. Mr Todd Herman is a peak performance coach and serial entrepreneur who’s been mentoring elite performers in the world of sport and business for over 20 years. Through...


Episode 66 - Dr Gerry Curatola: Finding Purpose In Your Work

“I believe that our microbes are our connection to each other, it’s our commonality as human beings, but it’s our connection to the cosmos.” What I love about the Stay Grounded Podcast is it enables me to interview people from all walks of life - proof that we all have our unique stories to share with each other and the world. And this episode is no different - apart from the fact that our conversation heads off in directions you won’t anticipate at the beginning. Dr Gerry Curatola is a...


Episode 65 - Farnoosh Torabi: How To Feel In Control Of Your Money

“Whom you end up being in your financial life is not a coincidence. There is a lot of context for it. Maybe there were patterns you just didn’t see. Until you recognise that, you can’t really enhance or change the life that you have.” Do you have money issues or money blocks? If so, you’re almost certainly not alone. Money is a topic that’s highly emotionally and we all have our own individual conversations around it. From fears around scarcity to concerns that you’re going to lose it all,...


Episode 64 - Ron Baker: The Transformative Power of Loving Yourself

“A lot of people are afraid to look inside because they’re afraid they’re going to open up pain and suffering.” This week’s guest is Ron Baker. As a highly sought after coach, speaker, author, bioenergetics healing practitioner. Ron has helped millions around the world thrive through a journey of self-mastery over the last 25 years. He is someone I personally look up to for emotional guidance, and with good reason. When I first met Ron, what drew me to him was his passion for leveraging...


Episode 63 - Marla Mattenson: How A Healthy Relationship Fuels Entrepreneurial Success

“This is our mission: All couples on the planet will use their relationship as the vehicle for their own personal transformation.” You may be familiar with the name of this month’s guest. That’s because I interviewed Marla’s romantic partner - Julian Colker - way back on episode 33 of the Stay Grounded Podcast. As an entrepreneurial power couple the story is only complete when you interview both halves, so I couldn’t wait to go down the rabbit hole with Marla. Marla is a relationship &...


Episode 62 - Mike Kemski: Transforming Pain Into Your Biggest Asset

“All the stuff from my past became my biggest asset — not my biggest enemy — and that really empowered me to keep moving forward.” Mike Kemski wasn’t raised with a lot of love as a child. Instead, he was repeatedly told that he was worthless and would amount to anything. Thanks to these repeated messages, which were reinforced by his home environment, he began to believe those words were true. As a result, Mike got into all sorts of trouble as a kid. He turned to violence, alcohol, and...


Episode 61 - Josh Stuart: Using Ancient Wisdom To Thrive In a Modern World

“I don’t believe anything that happens is by chance. Every person that comes across our path, whether we like the interaction or not, it’s all for a purpose.” If you recognize today’s guest from the TV, you’d be right! That’s because in this episode I’m interviewing no other than Josh Stuart from the Discovery Channel Reality TV show, ‘Diesel Brothers.’ Josh, otherwise known as ‘Redbeard’ is one of the most grounded people I know, and after chatting to him, it’s easy to see why. Josh grew...


Episode 60 - Diane Forster: How To Live Like It’s Your Last Day

“I have learned and I teach that the only opinion that matters is mine. The only opinion about you that matters is yours.” Diane Forster’s rock bottom moment happened in the bathroom of her family home when she decided to take her own life. To the outside world, Diane seemed to have it all. She had the relationship and the successful corporate career, but inside she felt empty. Eventually, she reached the point when she couldn’t take it anymore. Then Diane felt her late mother’s presence...


Episode 59 - Kristen Berman: Change Your Environment, Change Your Life

“We can learn so much about our flaws, our rationalities, our biases, but overcoming them in real time is not possible.” The personal development industry hinges on the need for us to “change our mindset” so we can create permanent change in our lives. It’s good advice. After all, the way we think and the things we believe fuel our decisions and our behaviors. But change is hard. If you’ve ever tried to start a business, lose weight, save money (or do anything that’s outside your...


Episode 58 - Dan Clark: Persisting Through Passion and Fuelling a Life You Love

This week’s guest ended up becoming the CEO of a tech company that he first discovered as a user. Dan Clark was one of’s very first users. If you’re not familiar with, it’s a tool that maximizes productivity through music that boosts focus and gets you into your flow state with ease. It’s a tool I use (and recommend) and something I describe as ‘audio adderall’! I first went down the rabbit hole with Dan in a bar in New York City. We were supposed to be watching the Texas...