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Raj Jana is the Founder and Chief Brewing Officer at JavaPresse Coffee Company, a lifestyle brand on a mission to help people experience happier lives through the coffee they love. In the Stay Grounded Podcast, he interviews people from all walks of life to discuss happiness, success, fulfillment, and ways to infuse it all into daily life. Find out more at

Raj Jana is the Founder and Chief Brewing Officer at JavaPresse Coffee Company, a lifestyle brand on a mission to help people experience happier lives through the coffee they love. In the Stay Grounded Podcast, he interviews people from all walks of life to discuss happiness, success, fulfillment, and ways to infuse it all into daily life. Find out more at
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Raj Jana is the Founder and Chief Brewing Officer at JavaPresse Coffee Company, a lifestyle brand on a mission to help people experience happier lives through the coffee they love. In the Stay Grounded Podcast, he interviews people from all walks of life to discuss happiness, success, fulfillment, and ways to infuse it all into daily life. Find out more at




Episode 95 - Arjuna Ardagh: The Art Of Contribution & How It Drives Human Evolution Forward

“Making a contribution is not just something you do when you’ve got everything else in place. It’s something you can do to cause everything else to fall into place.” Arjuna Ardagh is a man committed to radical brilliance. In a career that’s spanned decades, he’s written nine books [including a #1 bestseller], he’s spoken to audiences all over the world, and he’s trained thousands of people to become Awakening Coaches. He’s also appeared on TV and radio, and his message is so important, he’s...


Episode 94 - AJ Yager & Meaghan Connell: Data Driven Approaches That Improve Your Love, Your Business, And Your Life

“Data is just information, and the more information that you have, the more knowledge and wisdom you can gain.” What if you didn’t have to make decisions on a whim. Instead, what if you could leverage facts to guide your choices and help you dance more gracefully through life? Welcome to the world of AJ and Meaghan - The Co-Founders of Praxis Metrics. This power couple has made data more than a business - it’s also a way of life that infuses through everything they do. From their...


Episode 93 - Jen Gottlieb: How To Unlock The Power of Your Authentic Self

“The more that I started to show up as my authentic self, the more my life started to completely transform and everything that I wanted started to happen.” Imagine if your authentic self didn’t have to hide anymore. Imagine if you had the courage, confidence, and the self-belief to show the world who you are and what you’ve got - no ifs, no buts. Imagine no more settling, hiding, or playing down your truth. No need to try and fit in or hold your tongue. Instead, you show up unapologetically...


Episode 92 - Zion Kim: Why a Better You Creates a Better World

“One thing that most people don’t realise is a better you is a better world. So whatever makes you better off will make the world better off.” At 28, Zion Kim has achieved huge success in business. He’s the founder of IMT as well as a serial entrepreneur who’s been the whisperer behind many high profile entrepreneurs and business leaders. As a result of working alongside so many impressive people, he’s got clear on what it takes to be successful. And the answer may surprise you... Zion...


Episode 91 - Raj Jana: Find Your Lens

Have you noticed how two people can look at the exact same situation and see different things entirely? For example, where one person sees an opportunity, another sees failure. WHY is that [and what does it mean for your success]? If the situation is the same, the only difference is the person - specifically their ‘LENS’. In this solo episode, I explore what your lens is and why it’s so critical to your success. Tune in and discover: In this episode, you’ll discover how replacing your...


Episode 90 - Chris Winfield: Help People, Experience Success

“When you feel like you’re stuck in your own head and you can’t get out of your own way, the best way to change that is to help someone else.” It was January 3rd 2011 when Chris Winfield finally checked into rehab after drinking since the age of 13. His addiction led to an isolated life, which had created a ‘god-sized’ hole that left him wanting more. On the outside, everything looked good. The company he co-founded employed over 100 people and grew to a bunch of offices, but he wasn’t...


Episode 89 - Kelly Ernst: How To Find Passion Outside Of Your Work

“Passion is just one thread in an intricate weaving of what’s ultimately going to satisfy you.” It was 2008 when Kelly Ernst entered the corporate world. At the heart of the crash, Kelly felt lucky to find a job. But after working for JP Morgan as an engineer on Wall Street, she soon burnt out. Life felt more purposeful in Austin where Kelly joined a software business committed to helping kids learn. But that didn’t work out long-term either. After the company was bought out, Keely was...


Episode 88 - Mark Crandall: How To Release Deep Trauma and Live Your Best Life

“Everything from my past happened for me. And not only did it happen for me, it happened for me to show others that they can overcome their past as well.” Mark Crandall endured an unbelievably traumatic childhood. He was burnt with cigarettes, handcuffed inside a locked closet, and neglected by his parents. Taken into foster care age 3, life didn’t get any better. He started stealing, became addicted to drugs, and spent seven years in and out of prison. None of this was his fault. He’d...


Episode 87 - Joshua Lee: What to Do after Losing your Marriage, your Money, and your Businesses

“Most people base success on how much money someone is making. Based on that I was successful but felt horrible, and I knew something had to change.” This episode’s guest got his first taste of entrepreneurship in middle school when he started selling candy out of his locker. By the time he was 24, Joshua Lee was running 16 companies and generating a couple million dollars a month. To the outside world, he’d made it. He had more money than he knew what to do with. He was living a luxury...


Episode 86 - Demi McConkie: How To Find Your Soul's Purpose

“Purpose is the precipice of meaning, and without meaning, we are just doing chores.” Purpose is ‘everything’. It’s the fuel that gives meaning to life and it’s the key that unlocks the motivation to act. Without purpose, there’s no reason to do the hard stuff or no incentive to step out of your comfort zone. That’s why figuring out your purpose is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself. But it’s not an easy path to walk - and that’s not your fault. As a human, you have to...


Episode 85 - Michael Dash: Life Beyond Addictive Highs

“Addictions, unlike people, will never let you down. They will always be there for you. They are your best friend because they are always there. They’re also your biggest enemy because of the damage they do to you.” This episode’s guest became an addict when he was just 11-years-old. The way it happened was quite innocent and even accidental. Michael Dash won his first ever bet during a family Thanksgiving dinner. It was an experience that led to a 20 year gambling addiction. Thanks to...


Episode 84 - Ricky Roberts III: Being Stabbed 9 Times To Living Your Best Life

“When you have the courage to take that leap and go for it, you don’t need to know how it’s going to work out.” This episode’s guest was just 17 when he was stabbed nine times. Prior to this life-changing experience, Ricky Roberts didn’t care whether he lived or died. After an abusive childhood, Ricky was full of anger and resentment. He thought about suicide frequently. He’d even put a gun in his mouth and played with the trigger. But as he lay in the hospital bed watching the Emergency...


Episode 83 - Steph Gaudreau: Building Confidence Through Strength and Space

“I really believe that we have so many amazing gifts and talents and things to share with the world, but if we don’t feel good in our body it’s really hard to share with people.” Steph Gaudreau is a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, weightlifting and mindset coach. She’s also the highly coveted author of the brand new book, “The Core 4”, and passionate about helping women build their inner and outer strength so they can take up more space. Through her ‘Core 4’ teachings, Steph empowers women...


Episode 82 - Allen Brouwer: How To Create Work-Life Harmony

“Change is great, change is exciting, change is scary, but what happens on the side of scary is amazingness.” This episode’s guest is Allen Brouwer. He’s the co-founder of, a Forbes 30 Under 30 winner, and the only person to have won Shopify’s Build a Business and Build a BIGGER Business consecutively. He’s a man whose entirely self-made and has redefined for himself and thousands of others what it means to be successful with tools such as the SELF Journal. In short, he’s an...


Episode 81 - Colin Morgan: How To Change Your Path & Start Fresh

“We can’t change the past — we can just learn from it. We can look at it and wonder what we could have done differently. How can we learn and do things so that we don’t make those same mistakes today?” As a kid, Colin was obsessed with golf. He was naturally talented and eventually turned pro. Then to his horror, he realized this wasn’t the life he wanted. He hit his breaking point on the 9th tee of a golf course in Arizona. Despite being in the state for two months, Colin realized he knew...


Episode 80 - Steven Kuhn: How To Make Vulnerability Your Superpower

“When it comes to my day-to-day and my mindset, I don’t think about the past and the future. I focus on the situation at hand.” This episode's guest is the incredible Steven Kuhn -- a speaker, author, and consultant who empowers people to improve their life through the principles of honesty, integrity and transparency. He’s a man that can turn failing businesses into success and whose clients include rockstars, sports personalities, and celebrities. Steven is a big man who makes an even...


Episode 79 - Zark Fatah: Changing Your Life After The Age of 40

“Success means different things to different people. You create your own definition of success, and it has nothing to do with the type of car you’re driving or the brand of watch you’re wearing.” When this episode’s guest hit 40, he realized something had to change. Despite spending 15 years in the entertainment and hospitality industry [where he’d launched a dozen businesses], Zark Fatah didn’t have the life he wanted. His success felt superficial because it was based on material...


Episode 78 - Matt Hunter: Beating Imposter Syndrome to Solve Global Problems

“Having a growth mindset is not needing to spend time growing. It’s that you can look at every situation and take away what you’re learning from it.” In a world of growing inequality, deepening environmental problems, and significant global change, we have a lot of stuff that needs fixing! And this episode’s guest is passionate about doing his bit to find and fund some of the world's most pressing problems. Meet Matt Hunter, CEO of the incredible Founders Pledge - a global community of...


Episode 77 - Phoebe Mroczek: Building a Life That's An Expression of You

“When you show up in a present way for somebody, it is so powerful that your heart can’t help but come through.” This episode was filmed in front of a live audience making it a Stay Grounded first! Phoebe Mroczek is a fellow podcaster and marketing strategist. She thought she had her life figured out from the age of five. All she ever wanted was to play soccer professionally - and she was good enough. But when she hit 21, she realized soccer wasn’t her destiny. It was a revelation that...


Episode 76 - Logan Christopher: Using Time in Nature to Fuel an Extraordinary Life

“You have certain mentors that are human beings. Why keep it to one species? You can learn things you can never learn from any human from talking to a tree or a mushroom or a plant.” Drum roll please because this episode is a Stay Grounded first! That’s because it’s the very first time I’ve brought an old guest back into the interview chair. You may remember Logan ‘strongman’ Christopher from episode 35 when he revealed how an experience in the Amazon changed his life. Well, things have...