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Listen to real people with gripping, true stories of real life. Not only is this an amazingly compelling show, It’s socially responsible, entertaining and resonates with people of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds.

Listen to real people with gripping, true stories of real life. Not only is this an amazingly compelling show, It’s socially responsible, entertaining and resonates with people of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds.
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Sparkill, NY


Listen to real people with gripping, true stories of real life. Not only is this an amazingly compelling show, It’s socially responsible, entertaining and resonates with people of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds.




PO BOX 328 Sparkill, NY 10976 (845) 359-3299


Lovin’ The Feelin’ - Steppin Out Radio

Jimmy’s first drink was in junior high school. He had friends whose parents kept a stocked bar and were frequently absent. As a child, he felt awkward and out of place, but the alcohol provided Jim with “the answer.” He loved the feeling he got when the alcohol went down the hatch. He began also […]


Something Wrong - Steppin Out Radio

Even as a young child, Carlito would “play doctor” with anyone; he knew at that early age he was bisexual. As an adolescent that aspect of his life became more apparent to him, but he was never something he could be open about. In those times and in his family attitudes regarding sex were different, […]


Breakdown - Steppin Out Radio

Steve always felt different from other people. He first felt that way when, as a young child, he was made to repeat kindergarten. He now thinks his failure to socialize or make friendships at that age was the result of his mother being an alcoholic. By age thirteen he began to pick up the drink […]


Drinking Family - Steppin Out Radio

Pat grew up in a drinking family. Alcohol was always involved at all family social gatherings, and results were less than pleasing. Because of that, Pat vowed as a child to not drink at home, but as an adult he never lived up to his promise. Alcohol has cost him marriages, and has damaged the […]


Searching For Acceptance - Steppin Out Radio

Alex grew in a very conservative religious home in the Midwestern U.S., in a family which adhered to strictly traditional gender roles. But even as a young boy, Alex began to realize he was more enamored with men than women; he found himself interested, even if not sexually to his friends’ fathers. As a preteen, […]


Eating His Whole Life - Steppin Out Radio

Lindsey is a compulsive overeater, but he never knew it. Looking back, he can honestly say he’s been a compulsive overeater his whole life. Lindsey remembers, as a child, being sent to the grocery store to fetch food for family brunches and snacking while at the store before coming back home and eating a full […]


Didn’t Drink Today - Steppin Out Radio

Dave didn’t drink today, and because of that he says “he never had it so good.” He grew up in a steel mill town, with a family of non-alcoholics. He never drank as a child. Dave’s first use of alcohol came when he was away at college, where an athlete friend took him to a […]


Inside Him - Steppin Out Radio

Jason says his drinking life was “awful” and that he now knows he was born with a disease of alcoholism. He says it was inside him, just waiting to be activated by his life’s first drink. Jason grew up in a nearly alcohol-free home in Ohio, with attentive parents. While his parents could have just […]


Bed Burning - Steppin Out Radio

Eileen came a family of non-drinkers. She says her childhood was perfect up until age 13, when her parents announced to her they were divorcing. Because of her family’s breakup, she was relocated from a quiet, rural town to a city neighborhood where she met a brand new kind of teenager; her new friends introduced […]


One Day After - Steppin Out Radio

Angel grew up with alcohol all around him. His family drank as part of their social scene, and their father had a bar in the house. He can remember at age five, sneaking drinks with his cousins as the adults were too drunk to notice. As a teenager, Angel played in a band and found […]


From The Addict Family - Steppin Out Radio

Tia’s father was a cocaine addict and her mother an alcoholic. Her parents were abusing drugs and alcohol as far back as she can remember. She can’t remember her parents being sober. She remembers, from her childhood, the family bathroom full of blood streaks from when her father would use needles to inject his cocaine. […]


Looking To Be Cared About - Steppin Out Radio

Christopher has vivid memories from early childhood of his parents drinking together up until the time they divorced. His father left when he was eight years old. Christopher thinks their alcoholism prevented his parents from loving him as a child; Frequently they didn’t attend his childhood gatherings or school functions. Because Christopher was so in need […]


Chris Herren - Steppin Out Radio

Chris Herren’s meteoric rise in college and professional basketball was only overshadowed by his quick fall into the world of addiction and recovery. His substance abuse began while playing in college, and continued during his NBA career, and soon Herren found himself convicted of multiple drug felonies, and even one night wrecked his vehicle so […]


Samuel Shem - Steppin Out Radio

Psychiatrist and activist Samuel Shem has now added “novelist” and “playwright” to his list of accomplishments. But the Rhodes Scholar and Harvard Medical School graduate is also an addict in recovery. Both he and his wife, Janet Surrey, were the writers and producers of the long running Off-Broadway sensation Bill W. And Dr. Bob, the […]


Betting On Whatever - Steppin Out Radio

Gary first began gambling at age 13, betting his friend’s parents five dollars at a time. He wasn’t very lucky, and kept losing. In his teens, he’d bet on sports with bookies, losing paycheck after paycheck. At age 15, he lost hundreds of dollars to bookmakers; he was threatened to come up with the cash. […]


A Little Spooky - Steppin Out Radio

Sam’s first gambling came making bets with friends in school. He’d bet his friends he could throw ball farther than they, or he’d flip baseball cards. He soon starting betting his school lunch that his favorite sports teams would win; and sometimes he’d lose and not get to eat. As a teenager, he would bet […]


Feeling High - Steppin Out Radio

Kerri thinks her gambling addiction began at age 21, when she first visited a Casino. She never drank, never used drugs, but the act of gambling made her feel high. Her addiction intensified, finding reasons to visit casinos as often as she could. Kerri would often forget to turn the headlights off before running into […]


Gambling Investments - Steppin Out Radio

Ron’s first gamble came at age 10. Growing up in New York City, he learned how to shoot dice on the street corner at night. But with gambling came lying, as he was making so much money gambling and working for a bookie, that he out-earned his father. After college, he joined an investment firm […]


Filling Up With Food - Steppin Out Radio

As a child, Sue didn’t know her desire to eat certain foods was an illness. Sue remembers hovering around candy dishes, and taking way more than her share of special holiday treats. Much like other addicts, Sue tried to keep up appearances. She did well in school and didn’t look like your stereotypical addict; she […]


Sugary Sobriety - Steppin Out Radio

Claire is a food addict, which she says is a bit different from being a “Overeater.” They are not overeaters, often, but they use food and its ingredients as a drug. Claire says anything floury would relieve her stress, give her confidence, and calm her anxiety. She would also suffer withdrawals if she wasn’t eating […]


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