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Listen to real people with gripping, true stories of real life. Not only is this an amazingly compelling show, It’s socially responsible, entertaining and resonates with people of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds.

Listen to real people with gripping, true stories of real life. Not only is this an amazingly compelling show, It’s socially responsible, entertaining and resonates with people of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds.
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Sparkill, NY


Listen to real people with gripping, true stories of real life. Not only is this an amazingly compelling show, It’s socially responsible, entertaining and resonates with people of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds.




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Holiday Tips For Addicts - Steppin Out Radio

In this special segment of Steppin’ Out Radio, a few of our previous guests sit down to discuss tips they’ve felt worked for them in maintaining sobriety during the winter holidays, a time of year which can be trying emotionally and when addicts can find themselves most tempted to use.


Felt Great - Steppin Out Radio

Growing up in Manhattan, in New York City, Alana went to all the best schools. She and her friends all came from affluent families residing on Park Avenue. Alana thinks her first drug was food; she ate to feel good about herself, but her weight gains caused her to binge-and-purge and try cigarettes to lose […]


Very Inappropriate - Steppin Out Radio

Bob remembers his last New Year’s drink. He remembers all the drinks he had that New Year’s. He was a young husband and father, and attended a neighborhood celebration. He doesn’t remember much besides the drinks, and the fact he became “very inappropriate.” His taste for alcohol started in childhood, as his father was a […]


Stink - Steppin Out Radio

Ralph is enjoying a multi-year stretch of sobriety. But before his sobriety began, he spent 43 years using alcohol, being drunk all throughout the time he spent in the Navy, attempting to run a business, being married and raising his kids. But his sobriety came when his little grandson refused to kiss him goodnight due […]


Spiritual Experience - Steppin Out Radio

Pete is an alcoholic who had his first drink at age 13. Despite being a child of alcoholics in recovery, who grew up surrounded by the precepts of the “the program” he still became one himself. His drinking was relentless, to the point he viewed it as a spiritual experience. He couldn’t identify with other […]


Wanted To Drink - Steppin Out Radio

Growing up in South America, Anna was often offered tastes of alcohol at family gatherings when she was a small child, but even then she knew she wanted to drink. At age 13, she was able to buy a bottle of something and she drank to the point she was drunk, much to her friends’ […]


The Dry Drunk Drinks - Steppin Out Radio

Jennifer didn’t begin drinking until 18 years of age. She comes from a family drinkers, and while she never drank, she now knows she was a “dry drunk” – an alcoholic who wasn’t drinking, even though she had never tasted alcohol. Her high school years were spent in depressive hazes and so therapists, which sent […]


Disappear - Steppin Out Radio

Josh ended his drinking at age 15. But his first drink was at age 8 or 9, when he and other kids discovered a stash of alcohol in their church basement. He loved it from the very first taste. He was able to acquire alcohol, despite being so young, and because of his drinking, his […]


Denial - Steppin Out Radio

Alcohol has been pervasive in Laura’s family; she even recently learned they made their money when first arriving in the U.S. by importing whiskey. But booze made Laura’s childhood complicated. Her bi-polar mother entered a major depression when Laura was born and work ensured her father’s absence. For help, the father hired a male caretaker […]


Couldn’t Understand - Steppin Out Radio

Irene is a “double winner” – part of a special group of people who are members of the fellowship of both Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon. Both her parents and her brothers were daily drinkers. Her father, a police officer, was a believer in corporal punishment with her brothers. But eventually Irene’s parents would divorce – […]


Addicts Anyway - Steppin Out Radio

Nobody drank in Dylan’s immediate family, though alcoholism had wreaked havoc in prior generations of the family. And while nobody drank, Dylan’s mother was in recovery for substance abuse. Though Dylan could swear she never actually abused drugs. His father, however, was emotionally inaccessible. All of this leads Dylan to believe his parents were so […]


Screwed Up - Steppin Out Radio

Ananda entered recovery via Al-Anon after wanting to end her own life. Growing up in a home with alcoholic and drug-addicted parents, Ananda believes her “hippies” parents intended to love her but really couldn’t deliver on that parental promise. They often left her alone in her crib as they smoked marijuana with their friends in […]


Gavin MacLeod - Steppin Out Radio

Television Legend Gavin MacLeod @itsgavinmacleod is known for his roles on long-lasting TV shows. He was Joseph “Happy” Haines on McHale’s Navy, Murray Slaughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Capt. Merrill Steubing on The Love Boat. But all though his success as a leading TV actor, MacLeod battled depression and alcoholism to the […]


Artie Lange - Steppin Out Radio

Artie Lange (@artiequitter), the actor, comedian, and talk show host best known for his escapades on the Howard Stern Show reveals how he came back from rock bottom. He was one of the most successful comedians in the country at the time, selling out theaters and reaching millions of listeners a day as Howard Stern’s […]


Fitting in - Steppin Out Radio

Lee can never remember a time in which he felt as if he fit in. Growing up a gay male in a Southern Baptist family & town, he could not be comfortable. But one day at age 17, he had his first drink. And Lee thinks that first drink, which lead to an increased comfort […]


Gasoline to Fire - Steppin Out Radio

Mike is a recovering alcoholic who whole enjoying sobriety tried crystal meth for the first time at a party. At the very beginning, Mike loved meth; it allowed him to stay up longer, have more fun, push his creative output more, etc. But in six months, it all turned horrible for Mike; he tried smoking […]


Brian McAlister - Steppin Out Radio

As founder of the Full Recovery Wellness Center in New Jersey, Brian McAlister is dedicated to helping recovering people achieve spiritual, personal and financial empowerment. He understands through personal experience that everything needed to live a harmonious life of progress and prosperity already exists within us. The Full Recovery program is designed to draw it […]


Kimberly Cramer - Steppin Out Radio

Kimberly Cramer is a therapist with Reawakenings Wellness Center in Miramar, Fla. During her career she has worked with addictions and co-occurring disorders in state court ordered, community, and private environments at different levels of care. Her vast experience with family, addictions, trauma, and mood disorders have facilitated success with clients, who have one or […]


Michael Lassman - Steppin Out Radio

Author Michael Lassman writes: “There are 100 different ways to get sober and I’ve tried them all. But there is only ONE common element in every recovery, and that is God. Without His grace, His power, and His direction the battle is unwinnable… is about the journey of recovery. If I had to single out […]


Karen Casey - Steppin Out Radio

Karen Casey, Ph.D., a Naples, FL resident since 1991, published her first book, in 1982. This daily meditation book for women in recovery has sold more than 3 million copies. Her memoir, My Story to Yours, which was published as an e-book and available on Amazon and from Hazelden. Karen has written more than 25 […]