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What is LSVT-Loud

LSVT-Loud is an amazing speech treatment for individuals with Parkinson's disease or other neurological conditions. It can greatly improve vocal volume and articulation through voice muscle stimulation exercises. LeaAnn Worachek, MS/CC-SLP, shares how LSVT-Loud works and the incredible benefits patients may experience through this treatment.


The Latest Trends in Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is the focus of the study, treatment, and prevention of physical fitness and injuries related to exercise. The Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at Stoughton Hospital provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language pathology services in a patient-focused care environment with a supportive and dynamic interdisciplinary team. Dr. Ashish Rawal discusses the latest trends in sports medicine and what services Stoughton offers the community.


Treatment Options for Pelvic Prolapse

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, pelvic prolapse is a disorder where one or more pelvic organs drop from their normal position and can cause a handful of uncomfortable symptoms. Rebecca Faber, MD, shares what you need to know about pelvic prolapse and what treatment options are available at Stoughton Hospital.


LINX® Reflux Management System To Help Your Acid Reflux

Antacids and other medication may reduce GERD symptoms, however studies suggest long-term use of GERD medication might be risky. Aaron Schwaab, MD, now offers the minimally invasive LINX procedure, which is an effective solution for reflux and may end your long-term dependence on medication. Dr. Shwaab discusses the uncomfortable symptoms of GERD, and how the LINX procedure can help.


Reconstructive Surgery after Skin Cancer

If you've had skin cancer and needed part of your skin removed, you may have looked into skin reconstructive surgery. Dr. Jeffery Larson shares the two types of skin reconstructive surgery and why a doctor might recommend the surgery after your cancer treatment.


Do You Suffer From Seasonal Affective Disorder?

As the days of fall get darker, so can our moods. Join Psychiatrist Dr. Ken Robbins, to learn about Seasonal Affective Disorder, how to identify it, how to manage the symptoms if you experience it, and how to best avoid it in the future.


Important Information on Medication Safety

Medicines are used to treat diseases, manage conditions, and relieve symptoms. Medicines are generally safe when used as prescribed or as directed on the label, but there are risks in taking any medicine. According to the CDC Each year in the United States, adverse drug events – harm resulting from medication use – cause more than one million visits to hospital emergency departments. In this informative segment, Kathy Hoopes,Pharmacy Manager at Stoughton hospital discusses how your local...


Menopause: No Need To Sweat it!

Menopause is a time of change that may not be simple, but doesn’t have to be hard! Whether you are trying to make sense of your symptoms or you want to learn what may lie ahead, we can help. Listen in as Laura Flanagan, MD discusses strategies to help you manage the symptoms of menopause and to share tips to make this exciting change more bearable.


Debunking Myths Whether to Get Your Flu Shot

According to the CDC, in the United States each year influenza has resulted in between 9.2 million and 35.6 million illnesses, between 140,000 and 710,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 and 56,000 deaths annually since 2010. Getting an annual flu vaccine is the first and best way to protect yourself and your family from the flu. Flu vaccination can reduce flu illnesses, doctors’ visits, and missed work and school due to flu, as well as prevent flu-related hospitalizations. Increasing...


Exercise and Management of Parkinson’s Disease

According to the The National Parkinson Foundation, an estimated one million people in the United States, and four to six million worldwide, have parkinson's disease. It affects more people than multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease), muscular dystrophy, and myasthenia gravis combined. In this segment, Emily Devine, DPT, joins the show to discuss management of Parkinson's Disease, Parkinson Wellness Recovery & LSVT-BIG Certifications for...


The Importance of Balance and Stability Training for Seniors

In your everyday life, you may not even think about your balance and quite often we take our balance for granted, but it is an important and vital part of our health and well being. Many elders fall each year due to balance and stability issues. It has been shown that falls can reduce the quality of life and increase the mortality rate for seniors. That is why, in this segment, Jennifer Ballweg, Physical Therapist at Stoughton Hospital joins the show to share with you how to do balance...


ASTYM: Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization

Astym® treatment is a therapy that regenerates healthy soft tissues and eliminates or reduces unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions. Astym® treatment is highly effective and even works when other approaches routinely fail. When your health and ability to stay active is at stake, only the best will do. In this segment, Carin Johns, Physical Therapist at Stoughton Hospital and certified provider of ASTYM, joins the show to discuss the benefits of ASTYM and...


Healthy Holiday Eating

The holiday season is full of family, friends, and food. But no one likes the extra calories and added pounds that can come with the holiday. Adding some healthy choices to every meal or buffet table can help when you have the urge to have an unhealthy treat. Listen in as Autumn Kumlien, RD gives smart tips on substitutions and choices as you enjoy your favorite time of the year.


Advances in Laparoscopic Hernia Repairs & Post-Op Pain Management

An weakness in a muscle wall, can allow extra pressure and strain to be placed on internal organs, pushing them out of place. This is a condition known as hernia. Hernia repair has been around for a long time. That means traditional techniques have been perfected while new options and materials have been developed. While not every technique is right for every hernia, they all have common goals: to provide the strongest repair and least chance of recurrence with the least possible...


Fiber: Why Americans Aren't Getting Enough

Eat more fiber. You've probably heard it before. But do you know why fiber is so good for your health? Selecting tasty foods that provide fiber isn't difficult. Autumn Kumlienm a registered dietitian at Stoughton Hospital, is here to help you find out how much dietary fiber you need, the foods that contain it, and how to add them to meals and snacks.


Sinus Surgery: Nothing To Fear

Sinus surgery has truly evolved over the years. With recent advances in technology, including the nasal endoscope, sinus surgery is now commonly performed entirely through the nose. The most common reason for doing endoscopic sinus surgery is “chronic rhinosinusitis”, or more commonly “chronic sinusitis”. Chronic rhinosinusitis is a general term for inflammation (swelling) of the nose and sinuses that does not improve sufficiently with medical treatment. Steven Lyon, MD is here to...


The Importance of Home Health

Our commitment to your health doesn’t end after you leave the hospital. The goal of Stoughton Hospital’s Home Health Services is to provide, safe quality healthcare in a personalized manner in the comfort of your own home. We provide skilled nursing care for acute and chronic disease conditions, case management of care, medication monitoring, wound care, IV therapy and education regarding chronic disease management. Melanie Crowther, RN is here to discuss Stoughton Hospital’s Home...


The Importance of Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac rehabilitation (rehab) is a program that helps you live better with heart disease. It is often prescribed to help you recover from a heart attack, heart surgery, or other procedures. These programs usually include both education and exercise. The goal of cardiac rehab is to: Improve your health, reduce symptoms, and reduce your risk of future heart problems. Betsy Cull, Cardiac Rehab Coordinator at Stoughton, is here to talk about what to expect from a Cardiac Rehab program and...


What is the Difference Between an MD and DO?

Whether your physician is a MD(medical doctor) or a DO(doctor of osteopathic medicine) they still have gone to medical school. But there are differences. How do you know which one to choose? Both are licensed to practice in the United States. They are similarly educated and certified, but there are differences in their training and philosophy of patient care. A DO is involved in treating the whole person. With a toolbox of complimentary medicine, holistic ideals and western...


Heart Failure: Common Signs and Symptoms

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart does not pump enough blood to meet the needs of the body's tissues. It can have a number of causes. Heart failure can develop slowly over time as the result of other conditions (such as high blood pressure and coronary artery disease) that weaken the heart. It can also occur suddenly as the result of damage to the heart muscle or an acute valve problem. Some common signs and symptoms of heart failure include fatigue, shortness of breath...