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Super Woman Wellness: Combining conventional mainstream medicine, Chinese and functional medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, herbal therapies, fitness, and homeopathy to empower women to restore their health and well-being and embrace their purpose and gifts.

Super Woman Wellness: Combining conventional mainstream medicine, Chinese and functional medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, herbal therapies, fitness, and homeopathy to empower women to restore their health and well-being and embrace their purpose and gifts.


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Super Woman Wellness: Combining conventional mainstream medicine, Chinese and functional medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, herbal therapies, fitness, and homeopathy to empower women to restore their health and well-being and embrace their purpose and gifts.






EP 265 - Maintaining Fitness Pre & Postpartum with Sarah Bowmar

Whether you’re postpartum wanting to be active again, or just starting to think about pregnancy and you’re not sure how you’ll be able to keep up with exercise during those 9 months, today’s episode is for you! On this episode, Dr. Taz is joined by prenatal and postpartum trainer Sarah Bowmar. Sarah shares her own experiences maintaining fitness through her pregnancies, and how you can safely exercise through those phases of life. Discover what the “fourth trimester” is, the best ways to be...


EP 264 - Practical Enlightenment for Everyday Life with Kimberly Snyder

We would all benefit from taking a moment to pause. And today on the show, Dr. Taz is joined by Kimberly Snyder to do just that. From rock bottom to best selling author, wellness expert, and meditation teacher, Kimberly shares her journey on how her wellness practices pulled her out of a dark place into her true self. She and Dr. Taz discuss the evolution of her career, finding your inner intuition, and how implementing small meditation practices can change your whole world. Today on Super...


EP 263 - Reclaim Your Health in 2022

Ring in the New Year with this solo episode all about you and your health! Dr. Taz gives her pro tips on how you can get your health back on track in 2022. She shares why we need to be looking at our health from the big picture, what is most important to prioritize, and gives you the motivation you need to get it started! Today on Super Woman Wellness: Finding true health in the New YearWhy mental health should be your first priorityQuality of sleep over quantityThe importance of gut and...


EP 262 - 2021 Taz Top Pick: Dr. Taz’s Take on Hair Loss

We’re back this week with another one of Taz’s Top Picks of 2021! And today we’re replaying the episode about hair loss. Hair loss isn’t just a men’s issue, it’s an epidemic now among women as well. So today on the show, Dr. Taz ventures on this solo episode to share her personal story of hair loss to hair restoration! She addresses the shame and embarrassment women often feel when experiencing hair loss, and how stress is a huge factor in that, plus she explains how your scalp has its own...


EP 261 - 2021 Taz Top Pick: Harnessing the Power of Female Hormones with Alisa Vitti

You guys loved this episode so much, we just had to play it again! This week, we’re replaying one of Dr. Taz’s top picks of the year. Right now we’re in a unique moment of historical female health empowerment, and you can be a part of it. And Alisa Vitti is here to show you how! She joins Dr. Taz to talk about how she’s empowering women to harness their hormones by educating them on the power and function of their cycle. Listen to learn tips on how to properly track all 4 parts of your...


EP 260 - From Athlete to Arthritis: A Healing Journey with Jesse Golden

Today on the show, Dr. Taz is joined by Jesse Golden, author of “The Golden Secrets to Optimal Health”. Listen to Jesse’s story about growing up as a ballerina, being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 29 years old, and subsequently finding herself on a healing journey that changed her life. She shares the struggle of being an athlete with an autoimmune disorder, how she learned to manage her symptoms, and why she’s now helping other women optimize their health with holistic...


EP 259 - Introducing Kids to Their Microbiome with Ara Katz

Meet your microbiome! Today on the show, Dr. Taz is joined by Ara Katz, co-founder of Seed, a company that’s committed to your gut health. Ara shares how to introduce kids and parents alike to the invisible-but-important friends in the microbes powering your gut health. Learn why your microbiome is constantly changing, what are some lifestyle changes you can make to increase your microbial diversity, and how to empower your kids with the knowledge of how their gut works. Today on Super...


EP 258 - Brain Retraining for Chronic Conditions with Ashok Gupta

We all know how the brain is connected to every aspect of our bodies, but many of us don’t realize how deeply tied it is with chronic illness. Today on the show, Dr. Taz is joined by Ashok Gupta, founder of The Gupta Program and former chronic condition sufferer. He shares his experience with finding healing from chronic fatigue syndrome, and why he’s now taking his knowledge to help empower others with brain retraining. Learn how to achieve neuroplasticity and reduce stress and brain fog...


EP 257 - Dr. Taz’s Take on Natural Immunity

On this solo episode of Dr. Taz’s Takes, we’re talking about natural immunity. Everyone is worried about their immune system these days, and for good reason. But don’t be discouraged! You can take charge of your immune system and take Dr. Taz’s tips on diet, supplements, stress, and more to go into this flu symptom feeling healthy and strong. Today on Super Woman Wellness: You have the power to take control of your healthHow diet affects your immune systemVitamins and supplements to...


EP 256 - Empowering Women with Hormones with Nancy L. Belcher

Today on the show, Dr. Taz is joined by Nancy Belcher, CEO and co-founder of By Winona, a company that’s helping empower women by making Hormone Replacement Therapy accessible to all. They discuss menopause and the impacts of dropping hormone levels as women age, how hormones affect your cardiovascular health, and why women are so often turned away from HRT by their doctors. Today on Super Woman Wellness: Hormone replacement therapy as a powerful tool for womenWhat the Women’s Health...


EP 255 - Dr. Taz’s Takes on Diet Confusion

Back with another solo episode, today Dr. Taz tackles one of the most stressful issues people looking to better their health come across: What diet should you eat? Well today, she’s taking all the stress away by breaking down the major types of diets out there,, and helping guide you to the best dietary lifestyle for your unique self. Plus, learn about cycle-fasting as an alternative to intermittent fasting, and why it works better for women’s bodies. Today on Super Woman Wellness: Dr. Taz...


EP 254 - Food & Your Immune System: How They Connect with Dr. Emeran Mayer

Today on the show, Dr. Taz is joined by Dr. Emeran Mayer, gastroenterologist and author of The Mind-Gut Connection. Dr. Mayer shares his decades of experiences studying the relationship between our gut and our brain, and the science behind it. Learn how what you eat may be directly affecting your mental health, and how understanding the connection between food and immunity can help us regain our health. Today on Super Woman Wellness: The symbiotic relationship between the gut and brainDiet...


EP 253 - Dr. Taz’s Take on PCOS

Time for another one of Taz’s Takes! This week on the show, Dr. Taz addresses one of the most vicious conditions that affects women today: Polycystic ovary syndrome. She shares her own personal experience with PCOS, how she found a path to healing, and how you can do the same. Learn what symptoms to look out for as a woman, what the PCOS Triangle is, and how diet, hormones, and even trauma can affect PCOS. Today on Super Woman Wellness: Dr. Taz’s personal experience battling PCOSWhy its...


EP 252 - Dr. Taz’s Take on Weight Loss

In this solo episode, Dr. Taz tackles the subject of weight loss! She dives in and uncovers why weight loss is hard for women in particular, and what may be stalling your progress. Plus, learn what metabolic engines are and how they factor into weight and get some practical tips you can start to apply today to get those results you’ve been looking for! Today on Super Woman Wellness: Addressing one of womens’ number major health concernsWhat the metabolic engines of the body are and how to...


EP 251 - Arab Women Issues: Misconceptions & Outdated Laws with Suzy Kanoo

Today on the show, Dr. Taz is joined by Suzy Kanoo, author of the new book “Hear Us Speak: Letters from Arab Women”. Suzy shares her journey as an advocate and voice for Arab women, and all she’s learned from listening to and sharing their stories. From common misconceptions about the Arab world to the shared trauma many Arab women endure, Suzy and Dr. Taz discuss the many issues facing those women today, and how you can help be an advocate. Today on Super Woman Wellness: The struggles...


EP 250 - CBD: Powerful Pain Management with Dr. Andrew Kerklaan

Today on the show, Dr. Taz is joined by Dr. Andrew Kerklaan, Founder and President of an all natural cannabinoid brand. Dr. Andrew shares why his passion for CBD and it’s power led him to start his company. Learn about how to empower yourself as a consumer and what terms to look for when shopping for CBD, and how topical CBD can be a powerful tool for all types of pain management, including menopause and PMS. Today on Super Woman Wellness: Answering common questions about CBDHow to be a...


EP 249 - Dr. Taz’s Take on Medical Gaslighting

Ever left the doctor’s office feeling more discouraged than when you walked in? Has a medical professional ever made you feel ashamed, like you were crazy? Well, you aren’t the only one. Medical gaslighting has turned into a systemic issue, leaving many people feeling distrust in medical institutions. So today on the show, Dr. Taz tackles the issue head on and shares her personal experiences with being gaslit herself. Learn which conditions are commonly misdiagnosed as a mental health issue,...


EP 248 - The Diet & Mental Health Connection with Dr. Uma Naidoo

Dr. Uma Naidoo, nutritional psychiatrist and professional chef, shares her expertise on both food and mental health to those struggling. She explains what the gut brain connection is and how understanding it can benefit you, and gives practical diet and lifestyle changes you can start implementing in your life to support your mental health. Plus, her and Dr. Taz chat about the harm of diet culture and how you can feed your body better food and still enjoy life! Today on Super Woman...


EP 247 - A Modern Treatment for Battling PTSD with Dr. Eugene G. Lipov

This week on the show, Dr. Taz is joined by the creator of the Stellate Ganglion Block treatment, a new and innovative treatment for those suffering with PTSD. Dr. Eugene G. Lipov shares his wisdom, research and experience working with those suffering from traumatic events. Listen and learn why PTSD is more than a psychological issue, and why the term PTSI (Post Traumatic Stress Injury) is a more accurate, preferable term than PTSD. Today on Super Woman Wellness: A new form of therapy for...


EP 246 - No More Jekyll & Hyde: Hormone Balancing with Candace Burch

Do you find yourself switching back and forth between being the kind, respected Dr. Jekyll, and the raging, unpredictable Mr. Hyde? Well, turns out, you might be battling a hormonal imbalance. Today on the show, Dr. Taz is joined by Candace Burch, who has over 25 years of experience in the hormonal health field. She shares her wisdom and personal experience on how she flipped her hormone dysfunction on its head, and found peace and balance. Learn about the best practices concerning hormonal...