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Detox Your Mind: Eight Ways to Restore A Healthy Mind

Are you being dragged around by worrisome thinking? Are you carrying around undigested experiences? Does your mind need a detox? Today’s topic seems to be one of my best selling retreats and I think the reason why is that we have so much worry and stress due to the current climate of our world. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: What does it mean to have a clean mind? What causes toxic mental buildup? Ways to restore a healthy mind


Rewire to Relax: Create Biological Balance

In today’s world, there is no question that relaxation is a core ingredient for living with health and vitality. Without training, your brain is reactive. It seeks comfort above all else and chases whatever is right in front of you. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: The core components needed for relaxation Relaxation and brain health Outcome of being biologically balanced


6 Steps To Optimize Your Meditation

If you have ever tried to meditate, you might have found that it is not so easy. Well, you are not alone. Meditation is not so easy and requires precision, skill and practice. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: How to prepare for meditation Why stability of the body is important The importance of proper breathing


Focus Your Mind; Master Your Body

When we bring the light of our awareness to a point of convergence rather than having it become dissipated, we create an energetic hub. In this hub, we actually change our cellular mechanisms. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: Focus as it pertains to our health How focus helps us acquire mastery over our body 4 ways to get started on that path of focus


Want To Be A Healing Force For Positive Change?

Today more than ever we need to come together in a collective effort to bring back a positive vibe to ourselves, nature and all of humanity. In today’s episode, Susan will discuss: Why we need purposeful change? How does group meditation benefit this change? Four aspects that make a group meditation powerful.


Diet Strategies For Energy and Creativity: A Look At Digestion

The food we eat has a significant influence on our minds and hearts. You could even say that the nature of our mind and feelings depends on the food we have eaten. In today’s episode, Susan will discuss: How does food affect our mood? The connection between food, mood and the brain. Recommendations to improve digestion.


Is Your Brain Wired For Optimal Health?

Your brain contains over 100 billion neurons. Each neuron forms synapses with 1000 to 100000 other neurons forming intricate neural networks that rely on certain factors. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: Fats and Brain Health The Importance of Neurotransmission The Role of Micronutrients for Protection


From Microbes to Mental Health: Connecting Your Gut To Your Head

Did you ever wonder why so much of how we feel registers in our stomach? Terms like butterflies in our stomach, or a gut feeling, or gut wrenching experiences are all tell tale signs of how our gut has feelings too. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: How our gut communicates with our brain 5 nutrition tips to nourish a healthy gut General guidelines to support harmony and happiness


Lighten Up Your Mood: A Look At BDNF To Protect Your Brain

Are you thinking or even worried about how your brain is going to be aging over the next few years? Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) plays an important role in protecting the brain from neurodegenerative disease. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: The benefits of brain derived neurotrophic factor. What affects our BDNF? How to improve your BDNF production.


Detox Your Brain

Is your brain’s cleansing and nourishing systems optimal? Do you need a brain boost? In today’s episode Susan discusses: The way that the brain detoxes itself What science has to say 4 tips to establish a healthy brain flow


The Science of Meditation

Meditation allows us to gain access to our own powerful inner resources for awareness, transformation, and healing to occur. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: Different types of meditation Meditation and stress reduction What science as to say


From Confusion to Concentration: The Science Of How To Stay Focused

How many things are pulling for your attention right now? Is your to-do list growing? Are you confused as to what to do next? In todays episode, Susan discusses: The cause of distraction How the brain chooses to focus 6 tips to develop to stay focused


How To Improve Focus: 7 Natural Remedies

There are many pharmaceuticals that are designed to improve attention, focus, and increased productivity. But at what cost? In today’s episode, Susan discusses: What happens when we use non-natural remedies? How our mitochondria dictate our energy Remedies to help us focus better


Seven Tips for Staying Hydrated: An Alternative View

Cellular hydration matters for your mood. Looking at more subtle viewpoints allows us to get to the root of our mood issues. In todays episode, Susan will discuss: The element theory and hydration How we become out of balance 7 tips to absorb water effectively


Does Water Affect Your Mood? A Look At Hydration.

Although it is well known that water is essential for human survival, it’s only within the last decade that we have begun to understand its role in the maintenance of brain function. When we get dehydrated, our brain actually shrinks. In todays episode, Susan discusses: The physiology of being hydrated The mood hydration connection How to increase your cellular hydration

Does Inflammation Affect Your Mood?

Struggling with feeling the blues or feeling anxious? Research continues to say our gut may be a place to look for a solution. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: The gut-brain connection Inflammation on your brain and behavior Practices to get started

What Do You Feed Your Mind? Three Levels of Mental Nutrition

What we feed our mind not only changes things in the moment; but has the capacity to leave behind the vibrational footprint that is reflected in our resilience. In todays episode, Susan discusses: The physical elements and the mind Mental nutrition 3 qualities of the mind

Soundbite Knowledge; Do we really need the full course?

I have heard it said; 'Don’t believe what you hear, and only believe half of what you see". Could this be true? In this episode, Susan discusses: The meaning of Soundbite knowledge What are the weaknesses and implications 7 Steps to build your self-knowledge

Fasting Strategies, Which One Is Best?

I am a strong advocate for overnight fasting. After conducting extensive research, I realized that this might be the best strategy for most. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: 4 strategies of fasting Benefits of each Counter-indications Questions from our community

Does Fasting Improve Vitality?

A lot has been said about fasting. A lot of it as good for you as junk food. But the overall principle is the same in all of them: the body needs time to rest from the daily activity of digestion. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: The health benefits of fasting A technique of fasting that is effective and safe Guidelines for conducting your at home fast