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Swingin' Around is a conversational podcast about swinging, sex and everyday life. Our goal is to be sex positive, fun, entertaining, even flirtatious- with some useful information too.

Swingin' Around is a conversational podcast about swinging, sex and everyday life. Our goal is to be sex positive, fun, entertaining, even flirtatious- with some useful information too.
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Swingin' Around is a conversational podcast about swinging, sex and everyday life. Our goal is to be sex positive, fun, entertaining, even flirtatious- with some useful information too.




Episode 23 - Styles of Non-monogamy

Episode 23 - Kal and JB start off tackling a listener question, "When (if ever) are you too old to be a Swinger?". Saggy tits and saggy balls are discussed of course. The main topic of the show covers types of non-monogamy from the solo unicorn to Lifestyle couples and polyamorous groups. Kal and JB try to fathom the different types of group sexiness and discuss aspects of each relationship style. Episode 23 Stay Sexy and Stay Swingin'


Episode 21 - "Opening Up" Review

Episode 21 - "Opening Up" by Tristan Taormino Review Kal and JB read Tristan Taormino's "Opening Up" book for this episode. Many non-monagamists consider this book to be the handbook for swinging and other forms of non-monagamy. Kal and JB briefly discuss educational porn before delving into an in-depth discussion of several chapters of the book and their thoughts. Topics include "Choosing an Open Relationship", "Styles of Open Relationships" and "Creating and Sustaining Your...


Episode 20 - Swinger Strike Out

Episode 20 - Kal and JB discuss sexual striking out and describe a recent "off night" they've experienced. The sexy conversation covers topics such as why off nights happen, suggestions for salvaging the night and rebound methods. Sexy news includes articles such as taste receptors on mouse testicles, foot orgasms and others. Episode 20 Stay sexy and stay Swingin'


Episode 17 - Renegotiating Rules

Episode 17 - Kal and JB discuss a swingers BBQ and taking sexy pregnancy photos. The bulk of the episode is dedicated to talking through some of their own rules for an upcoming swinging party. JB works through some pregnancy related confidence issues while Kal figures out his comfort level for potential weekend play sessions. The episode ends some listener email and a session of Fuck, Marry, Blow. Episode 17 Stay Sexy and Stay Swingin'


Episode 16 - Sex in Public Places

Episode 16 - This episode starts off with Kal and JB discussing the condom and toy selection available in general grocery stores. JB is pleased with the selection of sensitive and other specialty condoms. The main topic of the show is having sex in public places with a brief mention of exhibitionism. Topics include fun places to have sex in public, ideas for forays into the more public domain and reminiscing of some of Kal and JB's favorite places for risque` sex. Sexy News covers a...


Episode 15 - Breaking the Ice for Playtime

Monogamy Board GameEpisode 15 - We start the episode off with some chatter about pregnancy sex positions and Kal's Playboy Magazine collection. The main topic for Episode 15 is Icebreakers to transition from sexy flirtations to getting down and dirty. We talk about some games you can play at home using a Jenga tower or a deck or cards. We also review spicy games for purchase specifically for sexy swinging times such as A Hot Affair (aka. Monogamy, don't let the game fool you...its hot) and...


Episode 14 - First Dates

Episode 14 - First Dates We start off with a bit of discussion about finding Kal's g-spot and some light bondage play we've been enjoying. Kal provides a brief review of the Spring edition of the Lifestyle magazine. The main topic is about how to have a hot first date with another sexy swinger couple. We talk about where to go and where not to go on a first date, suggestions for how to dress and fun topics to talk about. We also talk about some of our favorite first dates and have some...


Episode 13 - Lots of Sexy News

Episode 13 - We start this episode off with a discussion of Kal and JB's masturbation techniques and some talk about taking care of yourself while your significant other is away on business. We both reveal some of our personal playtime methods that the other may not have been aware of. The rest of the show is discussion on a number of recent sexy news articles including clothing that can become invisible, having sex with a sexbot and a study that shows that package size does matter, among...


Episode 12 - The Back Door

Episode 12 - We start this episode off with some chatting about pregnancy sex positions and the fun couples can have with sex swings. The main topic of the episode is anal play and anal sex. We cover topics such as getting over the fear of anal play, easing into the festivities, and fun toys for back door play with both sexes. We also have The Great Anal Debate about partner obligations, trying new sexual things and the link to sexual respect. Finally, we briefly touch on anal play and our...


Episode 11 - Swingin' Attire

We start this episode off with a discussion of "the swinger itch", sex and jealousy colloquialism in sitcoms and being raised with parents in an open swinger relationship. This episode's main topic is Swinger Attire. We talk about the good, bad and ugly with respect to both women's and men's clothes for swingers parties. We also discuss why and how swingers clothes can be the same or different from regular club clothes. The Sexy News in this episode includes the death of Harry Reams, Bill...


Episode 10 - Swingin' in the First Trimester

This episode has a big announcement - JB is pregnant! We discuss our experiences with swinging while in the first trimester of pregnancy and the dilemmas it brings up. Topics include "the ick" factor and how we handled swinging with news of the impending little one. We have a new segment called Marry, Fuck, Blow and also discuss some Sexy News. Episode 10 Stay sexy and stay swingin'


Episode 9 - Reviews of Swing and Sex is Fun

We start this episode off with a discussion of the Detroit Dirty Show and the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. The main episode is a review of the Playboy TV hot show about the lifestyle, Swing. We give the sexy scoop on our favorite show to hump to. Then we discuss the informational graphic nonfiction book "Sex is Fun" by Kidder Kaper, formerly on the Sex is Fun podcast. Check out Swingin Around episode 9 for some great media to spice up your bedroom. Stay Sexy and Stay...


Episode 8 - Desire Resort

In this sexy episode we talk about our recent steamy sex dreams and JB's experience traveling with a vibrator. Kal also reviews his recently purchased masturbation sleeve with internal beads. The main topic is hot and spicy, clothing optional Desire Resort. We discuss our experiences at the resort, what to expect and give some tips for a rockin' good topless time. We've got several Sexy News topics like porn stars in space and zero gravity sex. This episode includes a new segment -...


Episode 7 - Hotel Parties

We start this episode off with some discussion about reconnecting with your partner for upcoming Valentine's Day. We also have a side tangent about sex toys like pocket pussies and paddles. The main topic of the show is Hotel Parties. We talk about what to expect, the dance party, the playroom after party and apparel. It's a sexy good time! We've got some interesting Sexy News about the movie Kink and a teenager with extremely large tits. Our Hot Scene is from the movie The...


Episode 6 - Setting Rules

We start off Episode 6 with some chat about our recent January Sex-fest Hotel Takeover. We talk about not "taking one for the team", the Unicorn Man PlayToy at the party and some light bondage activities. The main topic of the show is about how we set our ground rules, some suggestions for newbies and constant ground rule evaluation. We've got lots of obscure Sexy News (a kinky Medieval Sex Guide is at a recent auction) and the Hot Scene is a Male-Male-Female threesome in Oliver Stone's...


Episode 5 - Jealousy Spectrum

In Episode 5 of Swingin' Around we start things off with a discussion of our recent Christmas Swinger's Party, the enjoyment of a pre-party dinner to mingle with couples and an awkward situation running into a former co-worker at the party. During our topic talk we delve into the intricacies of jealousy, what it stems from and our experiences working through jealousy issues. We also touch on compersion and the need to constant evaluate where you are in on the scale which is ever changing....


Episode 4 - Swingtown

In this episode we talk about our upcoming Winter Swinger's Party and sexy Santa outfits. Then we delve into a review and discussion of a TV series every swinger should watch - Swingtown. We focus on many of the central swingin' themes of the show and discuss why its one of the best and most honest portrayals of swingers in pop culture. Stay sexy and stay swingin' Episode 4 - Swingtown


Episode 3 - Profiling Your Hotness

In Episode 3 we discuss initial steps in joining an online swinger community- including setting up a profile, posting pictures of yourselves and an interesting debate about whether to blur your face in your profile pictures. We also talk about the "swinger itch", hot tubs, Sexy News and review a Hot Scene in Wild Things. Episode 3 Profiling Your Hotness Stay sexy and stay swingin'


Episode 2 - Why Couples Swing?

In this episode we share some recent experiences at a hot and sexy Swingers' Halloween party. The main topic of the show is "Why Couples Swing". We delve into self-reflection to determine that you want non-monogamous experiences, acting out fantasies and bringing up your swinging desires with your spouse. This episode also includes some Sexy News with updates about L.A.'s Measure B, a man gets arrested for having sex with a woman in his mind and cinnamon as a sexual stimulant. Our Hot...