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Switch4Good is a strong and growing coalition made up of dairy-free athletes, trainers, doctors, nutritionists and influencers. Some of us have won Olympic medals and some of us simply take the stairs instead of the elevator. We have all learned that cow’s milk is not a health food and understand that ditching dairy is a straight path towards living a longer, more fulfilling life.

Switch4Good is a strong and growing coalition made up of dairy-free athletes, trainers, doctors, nutritionists and influencers. Some of us have won Olympic medals and some of us simply take the stairs instead of the elevator. We have all learned that cow’s milk is not a health food and understand that ditching dairy is a straight path towards living a longer, more fulfilling life.
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Switch4Good is a strong and growing coalition made up of dairy-free athletes, trainers, doctors, nutritionists and influencers. Some of us have won Olympic medals and some of us simply take the stairs instead of the elevator. We have all learned that cow’s milk is not a health food and understand that ditching dairy is a straight path towards living a longer, more fulfilling life.






58 - Listening to Your Gut With Jason Wrobel

In the past several decades, talking about veganism has often been met with discomfort, assumptions, and suspicion. Or, like in the case of today’s guest, it was met with jokes that you might be in a cult. The world is continuing to progress and plant-based diets are becoming more and more popular, but there still isn’t enough focus on the big picture of health. In this episode, Dotsie and Alexandra are joined by Jason Wrobel, an author, chef, and podcast host who focuses on...


57 - The Significance of Knowing About Cardiovascular Disease with Dr. Joel Kahn

Cardiovascular disease is the global leading cause of death and was responsible for more than 15 million fatalities in 2016. What would you do to prevent yourself and your loved ones from becoming part of that statistic? Today’s guest, Dr. Joel Kahn, says it’s as simple as plant-based nutrition. Dr. Kahn is one of the world’s top cardiologists, a restaurateur, and is known as America’s healthy heart doc. He’s committed to making the world healthier through the preventative and...


56 - The Future of the Stock Market with Claire Smith

Investing your money can be a scary and confusing process. Where should you invest? What type of investments should you make? How can you be sure that your investments don’t contribute to unethical practices? Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are growing in popularity due to their ease of trading while maintaining diversification benefits. And more ETFs are starting to focus on social good along with financial returns. A new ETF, VEGN, aspires to tackle the concerns of vegans, animal...


55 - From On the Ice to Behind the Mic with Georges Laraque

Ice hockey is often stereotyped as a white man’s sport. In fact, USA Today claims that the National Hockey League is made up of only 3% non-white players. But today’s guest helped pave the way to increase that percentage and get more men of color on the ice. Georges Laraque is a retired professional hockey player, Canadian sports commentator, author, and animal rights activist. In his 13 years in the NHL, Georges played 695 games, including 57 in the playoffs and two fighting for...


FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Dr. Neal Barnard On Disease, Diets, and Preventative Medicine

How would our health outcomes change if we were proactive in treating illness and disease? Is changing your diet an effective way to reverse chronic conditions? Dr. Neal Barnard is a physician, clinical researcher, and advocate for preventative medicine. As the founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and author of more than twenty books, Dr. Barnard is a leading voice in the plant-based movement. When he isn’t lobbying for more sustainable practices in...


54 - How a Plant-Based Diet Changed Her Life with Emilie Tan

How can athletes combat debilitating digestive disorders that are keeping them from performing at their peak? Today’s guest is Emilie Tan, speed skater turned endurance ultrarunner and meat-eating IBS sufferer turned plant-based healthy mom. Like most of us, Emilie ate animal products for most of her life until health conditions starting catching up to her. Within three months of making the switch, she channeled her newly gained energy into running the 2014 Melbourne...


53 - Take That Step In the Right Direction with Nil Zacharias

Considering how much information is at our fingertips every day, it seems as though more people should be aware of what really happens in animal agriculture. Even with knowledge being more accessible than ever, people have to be proactive in educating themselves and researching outside of industry bias. Today’s guest did just that, and transitioned to a plant-based diet after researching how his daily meat products were being manufactured. Nil Zacharias is the co-founder of the...


52 - How Carnism Disconnects People From Empathy Towards Animals with Dr. Melanie Joy

More than 9 billion land animals are raised and killed for consumption every year, just in the United States. The more people consume meat, the higher the demand, and the more animals are exploited and slaughtered. But why do we tend to only eat certain kinds of meat? Why are more of us investing in premium pet products at the same time the chicken slaughter rate is continuing to increase? Today’s guest shares some insight into this phenomenon, which she has coined carnism. Dr....


51 - On a Race to Save the World with Leilani Münter

When women join a male-dominated sport, it can be difficult to gain the respect of fans, officials, and fellow athletes. Those issues can be even more exacerbated when women challenge the sports world to consider new, more ethical ways of living. But that didn’t stop Leilani Münter. Leilani is a Biology graduate from UC San Diego, a professional race car driver, and an environmental activist. She realized early in her career that her mission was to bridge the worlds between racing...


FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Dr. Angie Sadeghi: How to Heal Your Gut With Plant-Based Foods

Poop. It might not be dinner table conversation, but there’s no denying it’s on everyone’s minds. If you ever feel bloated, constipated, or experience more serious digestive issues, it could be due to your diet. Plant-based and board-certified gastroenterologist Dr. Angie Sadeghi walks us through all our burning questions about our gut including colonics, enemas, probiotics, and more. Learn how to become more “regular” and diversify your gut microbiome, so get a pen and paper...


50 - Audrey Dunham: The Secret is in the BEANS!

Health fanatics will often tell you that things like salmon and eggs are the way to go if you want to eat healthy. But even simple iceberg lettuce has more antioxidants and fiber than both. It’s simple: going plant-based is worth it, not only for animals, but also for your own health. Here to prove that is today’s guest, Audrey Dunham, a former fitness competitor turned actress, recipe developer, and owner of Peanut’s Bake Shop. The Bake Shop offers exceptionally delicious and...


49 - Why Do People Diet? with Dr. Michael Greger

There are so many reasons people want to lose weight. Whether they’re influenced by social media, or are driven to live a healthier lifestyle, people are becoming increasingly caught up in dieting trends. Keto and Paleo have become a couple of the go-to choices for people looking to shed a few pounds, but are they actually good for you? Today’s guest is Dr. Michael Greger, the physician behind the popular site NutritionFacts.org and the author of the New York Times Bestseller, How...


48 - From a Binge Eater to an Ultra-Runner with Ryan Duff

According to ANAD, at least 30 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the United States. No matter what type of addiction you have, it’s difficult to confront when you’ve hit rock bottom and are in desperate need for a change. Today’s guest is Ryan Duff, the winner of Switch4Good’s recent contest that asked listeners to submit their own stories of overcoming personal challenges. Ryan is a medical student and a recreational ultra-endurance runner,...


47 - The Truth About Elephant Exploitation with Ashley Bell

A lot of well-meaning people having riding an elephant as part of their bucket list. One popular destination for this activity is Thailand, where tourists can spend their vacation watching elephant shows, getting up close to the animals, and riding on their backs. What a lot of these tourists don’t know is the suffering these elephants endured to be used for their amusement. Today’s guest is Ashley Bell, who has appeared in several films and television shows. She made her major...


46 - Ditch Your Diet with Jenna Hollenstein

A lot of people who are self-conscious about their bodies tend to fall into dieting cycles and find themselves confused about what their bodies really need. What kind of calorie count should you maintain? How much protein should you eat? When does your diet become something more sinister? Today’s guest is Jenna Hollenstein, an author and registered non-diet dietitian who helps people who are struggling with chronic dieting, disordered eating and diagnosed eating disorders. Jenna...


FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Dr. Milton Mills, MD: Dairy Is Not a Health Food

“It is absolutely unnatural and unnecessary for adult humans to be consuming the milk of another species. It’s unnatural and it’s unhealthy.” - Dr. Milton Mills, MD Most doctors receive less than 24 hours worth of nutrition education during their four years of medical school; they prescribe pills and surgeries without first looking at their patients’ diet. For Dr. Milton Mills, this is not the case. A critical care physician working at an ICU, Dr. Mills is no stranger to patients...


45 - James Marin: Bettering Your Health with Environmental Nutrition

Although food has incredible healing power, there is more you should be doing to take care of your body holistically. Beyond helping his patients transition to a whole-foods, plant-based diet to fight disease and improve their guts, James Marin is an expert at bettering health from all angles, including by eliminating environmental toxins. James is a Registered Dietitian and Environmental Nutritionist who, along with his wife Dahlia, specializes in preventing and healing diabetes,...


44 - The Science of Getting Swole on a Plant-Based Diet with Derek Tresize

Is it possible to make massive muscle gains without any animal products? How can you shed those last few pounds without relying on boring meals high in animal protein and low in carbs? The guest in today’s episode can teach you how to do both. Derek Tresize made the switch over a decade ago when his now-wife took a break from her role as Guild Master in their World of Warcraft game to school him on the evidence supporting a plant-based diet. As a B.S. in Biology, he dug into...


43 - Fed Up and Fighting Food Injustice with John Lewis

Fighting for justice on our plates goes beyond fighting for the rights of animals. Between the implications of the USDA dietary guidelines for people of color, the disparity in food access and education, and gentrification pushing low-income neighborhoods deeper into food deserts, we have to confront the food injustice faced by our human neighbors too. John Lewis, also known as the Badass Vegan, didn’t see a mango or fresh avocado until he moved from Furguson, Missouri to Miami to...


42 - Liberate Yourself for More Effective Activism with James Aspey

Once you’ve experienced true fear and suffering, it’s hard to ignore the agony and trauma of others. James Aspey was diagnosed with cancer at only 17 and was told he’d be dead in six weeks if he didn’t start chemotherapy immediately. After three years of treatment, he’d gained 50 pounds and developed a severe binge eating disorder. As he worked to find peace and healing through the principles of Vipassana meditation, he was exposed to the realities of the meat and dairy...