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I'm a second year medical student who lives with bipolar disorder. The mission of this podcast is to make listeners feel more comfortable discussing mental health. I'll share my own experiences and thoughts, but also interview other mental health advocates that have influenced my life. My life is easier living openly about my mental health, and I want to convince you to live the same way.

I'm a second year medical student who lives with bipolar disorder. The mission of this podcast is to make listeners feel more comfortable discussing mental health. I'll share my own experiences and thoughts, but also interview other mental health advocates that have influenced my life. My life is easier living openly about my mental health, and I want to convince you to live the same way.
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I'm a second year medical student who lives with bipolar disorder. The mission of this podcast is to make listeners feel more comfortable discussing mental health. I'll share my own experiences and thoughts, but also interview other mental health advocates that have influenced my life. My life is easier living openly about my mental health, and I want to convince you to live the same way.




47 - Technology's Impact on Mood, Communication, and Confidence w/ Mark Donne

Mark Donne is one of my closest friends, and extremely well versed in all aspects of technology. We discuss how social media affects communication, self worth, and mental health. We dive into how we use our cell phones, and what we've learned talking breaks from social media. We talk about how video games are often blamed for igniting violence. Lastly, we talk about positive and health ways that technology has helped improve our life. Mark was best man at my wedding, so we have always have a...


46 - Blaming Mass Shootings on Mental Illness w/ Diane Mintz

Diane Mintz and I discuss how mental illness often gets the blame for mass shootings. Politicians seem to argue between gun control, improving mental healthcare, and violent video games. We both feel the route of mass murders are isolation, resentment and anger. We also talk about how drug use can impact psychosis and violence. Diane works as a mental health advocate, consultant and author in the Sacramento. Diane and I met about 6 years ago at the National Alliance of Mental Illness Walk,...


45 - Boards Hangover w/ Maycee Gielow

Maycee, a great friend and PNWU classmate, discuss the wild, turbulent, depressing, grueling experience of our Level 1 Medical Boards. We explain why we decided to take both the USMLE (MD) and COMLEX (DO) exams. These tests are arguably the most important factor to match for residency, and that stress caused havoc on our lives. Maintaining a proper balance seemed impossible at times. Maycee and I talk about our successes and failures, and how to block out the distracting noise.


Season 1 Conclusion

And that's a wrap for season 1. Thank you so much for tuning in over the last 10 months. I have had an amazing time creating this podcast, and I look forward to producing more episodes in the future. At this time in my medical education, I need to solely focus on my board exam. As an osteopathic student, I am considering taking both the osteopathic and allopathic exams, but I still haven't made my final decision. While I am studying, please give me ideas on guests and topics you would like...


44 - Match Week & "Scrambling" for an Intern Spot

Alex is a 4th year medical student who successfully matched into an Anesthesia Residency in Chicago. However, it certainly wasn't smooth sailing. Alex matched in an advanced placement program, meaning he would join the other residents for his second year. Initially, Alex did not match into an intern year (first year) residency program. Alex describes the intense emotional experience of potentially losing his anesthesia residency. Alex talks about the wild ride of "scrambling" or going...


43 - Physician Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia - Dr. Albert Brady, Dr. Mark Baldwin, Nic Lalanne

Dr. Albert Brady, Dr. Mark Baldwin, Nic Lalanne and myself have a fascinating conversation about physician assisted suicide and euthanasia. These physicians have extensive backgrounds in oncology and nephrology. Many of their patients have dealt with chronic, debilitating, and terminal medical conditions. Nic and I ask our professors their experiences with initiating physician assisted suicide. We discuss when we feel it is appropriate, and how to advocate on behalf of our future patients....


42 - Runner's High and Endocannabinoids w/ Dr. Anthony Lyons

Dr. Anthony Lyons is a professor at Pacific Northwest University, and an expert in neuroscience. We discuss what runner's high is, and many of its misconceptions. While many people think this "high" is from endorphins, Dr. Lyons explains how endocannabinoids also play an important role in this sensation from exercise. We discuss how to achieve a runner's high, and what researchers know and don't know how these endocannabinoid receptors relate to consuming cannabis (marijuana). Dr. Lyons...


41 - Struggles at the Start of Medical School, and How She Adjusted

Katie is a first year medical student at PNWU who struggled academically and emotionally during her first semester. She found herself thousands of miles away from her family and boyfriend. She found it difficult to find a balance of studying and healthy coping mechanisms. Katie described her experience as "typical first year med student burnout." Katie opens up about how she handled this situation. She talks about using the counselors provided by our school, and how tuning into this podcast...


40 - Dr. Michael Lawler, PNWU President, MSW, PhD

Dr. Michael Lawler is Pacific Northwest University's new president, and started his career as a social worker. We dive into his journey starting as therapist, moving onto academics, and eventually administration. Dr. Lawler is an expert in child psychology, and has participated in over 80 publications. We discuss his most interesting findings, and how we can apply these lessons to PNWU. Dr. Lawler talks about his emphasis on mental health, and welcomes suggestions on how to improve student...


39 - @ScrubLifeNurses

Sarah is a RN and is incredibly open about her experiences in a hospital. Often times, she posts about bringing awareness to her own mental health, as well as the struggles she sees in patients. She finds balance in life by using humor to handle the immense stressors of nursing. She creates hilarious memes about student life, night shifts, and other healthcare related jokes. Sarah is open about her experiences using a therapist, and how she has adjusted to working nights as an RN. Check out...


38 - @Julia_Lives_Bipolar - Julia Stabler

Julia is a Bipolar Disorder Mental Health Advocate, currently working in the fashion industry in Seattle. Julia shares her experiences with manic episodes and depression, and her journey towards wellness. She talks about why she decided to live openly about her mental health challenges, and how she tries to reduce stigma around her. Julia writes some amazing pieces on her blog: and I highly suggest you check her Instagram and writings!


37 - @Hungry2Thrive - Exercise for Emotions

@Hungry2Thrive - Joy Yamamoto Braiotta - Clinical Psychologist and Food Psychology Coach in San Diego, CA. Joy explains the power of exercise, and how to best handle moments when we eat to suppress our emotions. Joy talks about she used to be an emotional eater, but learned techniques in her psychology master's degree on how to cope. She strongly believes that being healthy isn't about counting calories, or forcing yourself to eat a bland diet to lose weight. She encourages her clients to...


36 - Congenital Heart Disease's Mental Benefits - Mark Donne

Mark Donne, best man at my wedding and friend since age 5, significantly impacted my attitude towards my bipolar disorder. Mental illness is chronic in nature, and patients don't truly achieve a "cure," but rather, a reduction in symptoms. Mark was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart condition that has required him to undergo multiple open heart surgeries. Despite these constant visits to doctors, I never heard Mark complain. His attitude towards his condition is inspiring,...


35 - Officer Ben Hittle - Police Mental Health Challenges

MORE POLICE OFFICERS DIE BY SUICIDE THAN IN THE LINE OF DUTY - Officer Ben Hittle works as head of security at PNWU medical school, and has decades of experience as a police officer. He dealt with high stress environments as a hostage negotiator with SWAT, and led many crisis decompression meetings with fellow officers. Ben and I discuss the mental health challenges police officers and first responders face. Ben elaborates why he thinks the rates of depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and...


34 - Diane Mintz

Diane Mintz wrote "In Sickness and in Mental Health: Living with and Loving Someone with Mental Illness," currently available on Amazon. Diane is also President of the National Alliance of Mental Illness, Sacramento Chapter, and a strong advocate for bipolar disorder. I met Diane when I first started public speaking. Diane and I had a fantastic conversation about our experiences and hopes for mental healthcare. We discuss treating mental illness and addiction, and how we think these...


33 - Juggling ADHD and Toddlers in Med School - Chris Walker

Chris Walker is a first year med student at PNWU, and experiences unique challenges. He lives with ADHD, and discusses how the benefits and harms of his ADHD medication. Additionally, Chris also prioritizes being a great father and role model to his two young children. Chris gives an open, honest perspective of the challenges and triumphs of medical school, and lessons he's learned along the way.


32 - Jamie Katuna, @SpeakOutMedicine

Jamie Katuna, @SpeakOutMedicine, is a medical student who is a strong advocate for improving the medical system. She writes thought provoking articles, and challenges the status quo. Many of her pieces have been featured on In addition, she produces videos, and has appeared on numerous podcasts. Jamie has a passion for improving diabetes and obesity management, and commits to improving how physicians handle these challenges.


31 - Overcoming Cancer, and its Lasting Impacts - Rob Harpin

Rob Harpin explains his experience with cancer, and how his outlook on life has changed. I've been great friends with Rob since third grade, and vividly remember visiting Rob in Yale Hospital. We review how Rob was diagnosed and treated, but also highlight the emotional experience of it all. Rob explains how he rejected feeling like victimized, and how complaining about his diagnosis wouldn't help improve his situation. Rob inspired all of us through his battle with diffuse, large B-cell...


30 - 37.5% Doctors...yay, wait...CRAP

Richard Arroyo, 2nd year medical student and great friend hops on to discuss the interesting emotional state of mind after finishing our 3rd semester of medical school. On one hand, we're ecstatic on this accomplishment. On the other, we are absolutely terrified on impending doom of BOARD TESTS ahead. In roughly 6 months, we take an 8-hour long exam, arguably the most important of our academic career. We discuss how we want to manage this beast, and how we plan to remain sane through it.


29 - 7 Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy DURING FINALS

This quick episode is for any student during FINALS WEEK. Exams can be incredibly stressful and exhausted. We all tend to let both our physical and mental health go during these taxing times. Take a listen to 7 quick suggestions on how to improve your mental health during finals week!