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Talking Clean with Irene is a show about how to kick the toxins out of your life and live a more natural and sustainable lifestyle. On the show, we talk to scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs and the creators behind the beautiful organic brands we love. Hosted by Irene Falcone, clean-living expert and Founder of Nourished Life.

Talking Clean with Irene is a show about how to kick the toxins out of your life and live a more natural and sustainable lifestyle. On the show, we talk to scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs and the creators behind the beautiful organic brands we love. Hosted by Irene Falcone, clean-living expert and Founder of Nourished Life.




Talking Clean with Irene is a show about how to kick the toxins out of your life and live a more natural and sustainable lifestyle. On the show, we talk to scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs and the creators behind the beautiful organic brands we love. Hosted by Irene Falcone, clean-living expert and Founder of Nourished Life.




Krumbled Foods with founder Keira Rumble

Today on the podcast, I talk to the beautiful Keira Rumble, the founder and CEO of Krumbled Foods. Keira established Krumbled Foods because she wanted to enjoy a healthy snack that was legitimately low in sugar, natural and bloody delicious, and that’s how Beauty Bites were born! Beyond being a successful entrepreneur, Keira is super passionate about nutrition and women’s health. She opens up about her journey with endometriosis and pregnancy loss (trigger warning), and we talk about the...


Coffee Break with KeepCup

Grab a cup of a coffee and join me as I chat to Abigail Forsyth, the CEO of KeepCup. I own so many KeepCups, so I was very excited to hear about Abigail’s incredible business journey. KeepCup was founded in Australia back in 2009 as a way to minimise waste that is produced by disposable takeaway coffee cups. Now KeepCup is sold in 68 countries and has really made a difference in consumers behaviour towards single cup use. Key Takeaways: We discuss the impact of the changes to cafe culture...


The Perfect Glowing Tan with Three Warriors

Today I'm joined with Corbin Halliday, the founder of Three Warriors - a range of Australian made, certified organic tanning products. Corbin shares his heartfelt story on why he decided to launch a line of tanning products and what's behind the brand name. I'm so excited to speak to Corbin about how tanning makes you feel great and learn more about the Three Warriors range. Key Takeaways: Corbin had been working in the beauty industry for nine years when he was diagnosed with Chronic...


Natural Toothpaste with Grants of Australia

This week on the podcast, I chat with Tammy Aronson, the general manager of Grants of Australia. Grants is a family business, founded by Tammy’s parents in 1984, producing natural alternatives to traditional dental care and health supplements. Key Takeaways: In the late 1970s, Melbourne’s water supply was fluoridated for the first time. Tammy’s parents owned a natural food store and were not too fond of the idea of their family drinking fluoride and brushing their teeth with fluoride. They...


The Ins and Outs of Menstrual Cups

In this week’s episode of the podcast, I spoke to the incredible Brenda Tootell, the founder of JuJu. JuJu is a range of healthy, ecologically friendly and cost-effective menstrual products, providing women with a reusable, sustainable, safe and effective alternative to disposable tampons and pads. We discuss why some people are still so reluctant to embrace menstrual cups and how we can all work together to break the period taboo. Key Takeaways: Brenda gives me some tips on how to use a...


Sexual Self-esteem with Sexologist, Chantelle Otten

Today on the podcast, I'm chatting with Chantelle Otten, a Melbourne based psycho-sexologist who is passionate about empowering people to feel great about their sexual health, self-esteem, communication and education. Chantelle feels strongly about normalising sexuality and has helped everybody through her practice, no matter their persuasion. Key Takeaways: Chantelle describes a sexologist as a therapist or psychologist who works specifically to change and normalise the conversation around...


Essential Oils Demystified with ECO. Modern Essentials

Today on the podcast, I'm talking with Claire Mitchell, the founder and CEO of ECO. Modern Essentials. This brand delivers 100% pure essential oils and blends at an affordable price, aiming to enhance health and wellbeing beyond the appearance of the skin. Key Takeaways: Learn more about the benefits of essential oils and how to choose the right oil for your needs from Sleep, Immunity, to Women's health; there's an oil for everything! It's no secret I'm a devoted user and lover of Magnesium....


The One Wild and Precious Life

Today on the podcast, I’m talking with Sarah Wilson - author, activist and champion of the I Quit Sugar movement. Sarah is a passionate environmentalist and is currently in the final editing phase of her new book, This One Wild and Precious Life, due for release at the end of this month. Sarah and I go way back and I’m so happy we could reconnect and discuss all the amazing things she’s working on at the moment. Key Takeaways: Sarah is about to release her new book The One Wild and Precious...


The Beauty in Science with Antipodes

Listen to my chat with Elizabeth Barbalich, the founder of Antipodes. Antipodes brings the best of New Zealand to the rest of the world through clean, certified organic facial and body skincare. So many of you asked me why I wasn't stocking Antipodes given how popular it is, and after I did some research, I asked myself "Why wasn't I stocking this brand sooner?!" The consumer demand wasn't in vain either - the range sold out straight away! Key Takeaways: Elizabeth has an MBA in Natural...


The Truth in Beauty with Mukti

Join me as I stroll down memory lane with a good friend of mine, Mukti, the founder of Mukti Organic Skincare. Mukti has been a part of the Nourished Life journey from day dot as one of the first brands I ever stocked! It is an absolute pleasure to have Mukti come and chat to me today about how she has pioneered the clean and organic beauty space in Australia. Mukti is a beautiful, strong Australian and I'm so excited for you guys to hear her story. I loved this chat so much, that I actually...


Why go dry in July?

Today I chat with Katey from Dry July to find out more about this amazing charity and how you can raise money to support people living with cancer. Back in October 2019, I went plant-based and gave up alcohol. Since then, I have noticed a huge change in how I feel inside and out. My skin is feeling smoother, I have a healthy glow and I have more energy than ever! Katey fills me in on the wonderful health benefits of giving up alcohol and how going dry for just one month can completely change...


The Wrap Up on Safe Sex

Listen in on my open conversation with Bec Park, the Co-founder of the female-owned condom brand, Jonny. Jonny is a vegan-friendly condom that comes with a 100% biodegradable, disposable bag to make practising safe sex fun, easy and good for the environment. Bec and I discuss why there is still so much stigma around discussing safe sex openly and why too many women fear rejection when asking for a condom from their sexual partners. Key Takeaways: Jonny was founded by three friends, Bec Park,...


How recycling, biodegradable and compostable are not the same

Today I speak with Scott Morton, the Director at BioBag to discuss the nitty-gritty about garbage bags, doggy bags and compost bins! BioBags create sustainable, 100% compostable alternatives to plastic bags that break down without any toxic residue. BioBag products are a friendly alternative to the standard mainstream polyethylene plastic shopping bags, bin liners, food storage and even dog waste bags! Learn more about what is required for a product to be compostable and the common...


You wouldn't believe what you could recycle

Tom Szaky is the founder and CEO of Terracycle, an innovative waste management company on a mission to make a difference in the world by improving our global waste problem. With Tom's entrepreneurial mindset, he developed innovative programs to help consumers and businesses recycle (and upcycle) difficult to recycle products such as coffee capsules and toothbrushes. Key Takeaways: Tom provides insight on how most items are recyclable, but it often comes down to economics. Big businesses...


Is Certified Organic really all that different?

Today on the podcast, I’m talking with Niki Ford, the CEO of Australian Organic. This is a not-for-profit member-owned organization. It has become more and more relevant today as so many consumers are demanding information about the differences between organic and Certified Organic. Australia Organic works to make sure organic standards remain strong and in line with global export markets. Consumer awareness about organic food has increased these past few years and more than ever consumers...


I talk to Melissa Ambrosini about my mean girl

Melissa Ambrosini is a wellness guru, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. She is the bestselling author of the books Mastering Your Mean Girl and Open Wide, she hosts one of the top-rated podcasts, The Melissa Ambrosini Show. Her Mission is to inspire others to unlock their full potential and create the business and life of their dreams. I met Melissa about 10 years ago in a café in Bondi when we both started our business and I have been absolutely inspired by Melissa ever since. I think she...


Why I’m ‘plant-based’, not vegan.

I was absolutely blown away when I recently went plant-based! So naturally, I was very excited to talk to today's guest Robyn Chuter — naturopath, health counsellor and recipient of ‘Vegan Professional of the Year’ award. Robyn runs Empower Total Health, and her nutritional knowledge knows no bounds! I know the word ‘vegan’ is polarising, so I actually prefer the term ‘plant-based’. In today’s episode, we tackle the trendiness of veganism, the detrimental effects of meat-eating and the...


Elle Macpherson’s secret to vitality (it costs the same as a coffee!)

So, you guys know all about my journey with adrenal fatigue. But did you know that I have global supermodel and business sensation Elle Macpherson to thank for my renewed vitality? This inspirational wellness industry powerhouse and her supergreens have literally changed my life! And today, I get to ask Elle all about the magic formula that’s given me back my spark! Like me, Elle used to feel exhausted all the time, so she saw Nutritional Doctor Simone Laubscher who got her onto supergreens...


How Carla Oates pioneered the inner beauty category

I know how long you’ve all been waiting for this episode. And today, I’m delighted to be sharing my enlightening chat with the gorgeous Carla Oates, founder of The Beauty Chef. Today, Carla explains exactly what makes her products stand out from all the other powders out there. Especially her hero product, the GLOW ADVANCED Inner Beauty Powder. Join us as we discuss all things gut and skin health, as well as the importance of inner beauty, lifestyle balance and wholefoods. Carla explains the...


Miranda Kerr was doing organic beauty before it was cool

Supermodel, author, mum of three and founder of KORA Organics. Miranda Kerr was doing organic beauty before it was cool! This Aussie icon got into the organic beauty game well before I dreamed of Nourished Life. KORA Organics launched over a decade ago, and this week the one and only Miranda Kerr is calling me from her home in the USA to talk about all things “Mum Life” and organic beauty. No big deal! Tune in for Miranda’s tips for juggling 3 kids and a business, as well as her daily...