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We are a fun-loving, adventurous couple who decided to dip our toes in the lifestyle waters. Follow our adventures as we find out what it's like to be swingers!!

We are a fun-loving, adventurous couple who decided to dip our toes in the lifestyle waters. Follow our adventures as we find out what it's like to be swingers!!
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We are a fun-loving, adventurous couple who decided to dip our toes in the lifestyle waters. Follow our adventures as we find out what it's like to be swingers!!




Episode 49 - The Graduation Orgy

Jay and Kay have a celebration with a mix of family and LS/vanilla friends which ends in yet another sexy orgy. We explore and discuss the emotional impact of playing with a longtime vanilla friend and her fiance. All the sexy details follow and Kay's Corner answers questions about penis size and the female impact from erectile dysfunction during play. Mentioned in this podcast: Club Privata 16 NOV 2020 Temptation 14-17 FEB 2020 Desire 17-21 FEB 2020 Sophia and Dick Nate & Liv Chris &...


Episode 48 - Crimson Light Night - PlayGRND M&G

Jay and Kay attend a M&G at Crimson in DC, hosted by our friends at PlayGRND parties. This was going to be our last lifestyle event before we left Washington DC and we wanted to go big. Kay lets Jay pick out her stunning cocktail dress and we were immersed in a sea of diverse, sexy people all night long. But before heading downstairs to turn heads, we had a planned pre-party orgy with sexy robes, blindfolds, handcuffs and some especially adventurous oral play by Kay. We end the night with...


Episode 47 - Every Gift Begins with Kay

Meet Seth & Caroline, a fun, classy and very sexy couple whom we first met on Seth's birthday. We were the surprise and Caroline had worked behind the scenes for months to set up an after-dinner meeting with us in Washington DC. We hit it off so well that it wasn't long before we set up another date night and well, you'll have to listen in to see how that went. Kay answers questions about attraction on Kay's Corner. It turns out there's more than one way to win her over. Rory talks Swinger...


Episode 46 - Birthday Orgy at the Cabin

In this episode, we gathered with our friends to celebrate Chris' birthday at the lake house. We spent the weekend recording a joint podcast together (Episode 45 - The Perfect Orgy), went hiking, played sexy games and the ladies gave Chris a lingerie birthday surprise that he will likely never forget. We played sexy games, made new friends and struggled to shed a couple that just didn't fit our dynamic that weekend. Kay's corner answer questions about hotwifing and reconnection sex as well...


Episode 45 - The Perfect Orgy

Episode 45 - The Perfect Orgy In this episode, Jay & Kay are joined by their friends Nate, Liv, Amy & Rory with guest audio appearances by Donny and Marie as they try to describe the sexy details of a 10 person orgy, which, as you can imagine, can be very difficult to recall because there are so many individual sexy experiences occurring simultaneously. The night evolved from what was supposed to be a private dinner between Donny & Marie and Jay & Kay but grew to include Nate & Liv, Amy &...


Episode 44 - The Artist's Encore Appearance

Kay's favorite single male, "The Artist" returns to DC for one more MFM before we move across the country. This time we have a pre-play discussion to include our mutual fantasies and decide that he and Kay will play alone initially before I come in to join them. We discuss the lead-up, the nerves involved and those sweet moments of torture Jay endured while waiting for over an hour to join in the fun. (He has a voyeur moment and could hear her moaning from outside the apartment!) The story...


Episode 43 - Dirty Talk in DC

In this episode, we reunite with our good friends Zack & Kelly that we spent a weekend in Nashville with (Ep. 41 - The MFM Artist and The Crush). We were skeptical that we'd be able to achieve the same level of sexy fun but as it would turn out, there was nothing to worry about in that department! Kay and I started the evening on a sour note with an argument en-route to the date. We'll tell you how we pulled over and hashed it out just in time to salvage what would become a memorable...


Episode 42 - The Unicorn and Temptation Resort

We warm up a cold winter by spending an evening with a sexy unicorn named Rebecca before heading down to the warm beaches of Cancun, Mexico for some wild days and nights at Temptation Resort accompanied by our DC crew, the hosts of PLAYGRND parties as well as our friends Rob & Lala. We partied all day, danced all night and shared amazing meals and 5 lbs of Swedish Fish together...and of course there is sex. Rob & Lala teach us about the ElectroErotic Neon Wand and rock our world several...


Episode 41 - The MFM Artist and the Crush

Our artist friend returns to DC for a second MFM and Kay considers trying her first DP. We meet up with new friends in Nashville and have an incredible weekend together, sharing one of our sexiest stories to date. We tour the Jack Daniels distillery, plug Steak & Tequila’s snapchat, talk about the Lovense Lush 2, Kay’s corner and more! Mentioned in this episode: We Gotta Thing - Podcast Swinging Downunder - Podcast Steak & Tequila - Pocast Normalizing Nonmonogamy - Podcast Lovense Lush...


Episode 40 - Traveling, Parenting and Flogging

In this episode we recap a vanilla-ish trip that we took to Peru with some of our closest lifestyle friends. We had an amazing trip filled with adventure, fine dining and even a night of rooftop blowjobs. We share the story of a sexy night with Rob & Lala, a hot couple who we had a fantastic night with who will also be joining us and the PlayGrnd crew at Temptation resorts Feb 15-18th. We cover our approach to parenting while participating in the lifestyle. We've received many emails about...


Episode 39 - Separate Country Play

We share the details of a recent trip to Europe for Jay where he met a couple for some hotwife and MFM fun in Austria. Meanwhile, Kay had a pair of successful single male dates and met one for hotwife play. We discuss our feelings surrounding separate play and start to explore how we arrived at this place in the lifestyle. Kay shares her feelings of envy after Jay purchases a lingerie gift for Anna. Mentioned: Normalizing Non-Monogamy Podcast Palmers Lingerie Krampus


Episode 38 - Sophia and Dick

Our dear friend Sophia, the intro voice to our podcast, is back and her life has changed so much in the last two years. She has a new man, Dick and they have been exploring the boundaries of non-monogamy together. They've had threesomes with men and women and there's more to come. To fully appreciate the transformation, be sure to listen to Episode 10 - Meet Sophia, She Has Questions! Mentioned in this episode: We Gotta Thing - Episode 29: Lifestyle Rules and Boundaries The Kinsey Scale


Episode 37 - Podcast-a-Palooza

We join our fellow podcasters Swinging Downunder with C&D, Spiritual Swingers with Adam & Even and lifestyle bloggers Kate & Mike from Monogamish Marriage for a fun-filled sexy weekend in NYC with our amazing listeners and readers who attended the event. What a weekend! We had our first FFM, gave a presentation, met the sexiest listeners, attended an after party and finally had a podcaster/blogger orgy at the after after party. So many sexy details in this episode that you won't want to...


Episode 36 - Swingchella and the Anal Queen

We attend a PLAYGRND house party together for the first time and what a blast! The hosts outdid themselves with a sexy guest list, nuru massages, hot tub, hookah, fire pits, photo booths and play areas. Later we have a separate date with our friends Chris and Vanessa and she surprises everyone with her desire, and ability, to have DP. Kays corner, upcoming events and more! Mentioned in this episode: PLAYGRND parties Swinging Downunder Spiritual Swingers Monogamish Marriage We Gotta...


Episode 35 - The Surprise Hall Pass

Kay surprises Jay with a surprise hall pass while she's away on vacation, allowing him to be an "extra dick" for a birthday girl whom she's never met and to participate in an MFM threesome with our friends Nate & Liv. We catch you up on our summer spent mostly apart and discuss boundary flexibility, counseling, future plans and more. Mentioned in this episode: Nate & Liv Average Swingers Spiritual Swingers Esther Perel TooTimid - Remote Petite Panty Teaser Monogamy Disrupted


Episode 34 - Single Male Fails & Soft Swap Success

At first thought, finding a single male to play with seems like it would be easy to do yet we've encountered some challenges recently and Kay was stood up (twice!) while trying to dip her toes back into the hotwife waters. We get voicemails galore as Adam & Eve from Spiritual Swingers unwind post-Desire and C from Swinging Downunder reminisces about our first meeting at NiN two years ago. Speaking of NiN, Jay & Angie from Average Swingers and C from SDU play a little prank on us using our...


Episode 32 - Culinary delight

We tell you about a cooking class date we had with a lovely couple that was complicated by illness yet still managed to be sexy. We caught up with Mr. & Mrs. Jones from @WeGottaThing and met Adam & Eve from @SpiritualSwing before Jay makes amends for interrupting Kay during a sexy description on the last episode. Finally we wind up with the tale of a sexy photo shoot before closing with Kay's corner. Mentioned: We Gotta Thing - Mr. & Mrs. Jones Spiritual Swingers - Adam &...


Episode 31 - The Action Packed Episode

Jay & Kay catch you up on their busy spring and hang out with C from Swinging Downunder along with Nate & Liv. We attend a Gin Dig and meet some sexy listeners from California. We attend Liv's birthday in DC and end up at a hooka bar. Kay's Corner catches listeners up on their questions. We ran a half marathon with We Gotta Thing and discuss that as well as tackle criticism from the email inbox. Mentioned in this episode: We Gotta Thing Swinging Downunder Nate & Liv Casey Donatello - In...


Episode 30 - First MFM and PLAYGRND house party

We catch you up on the past month or so of our lives and tell you how we came to have our first MFM, a wildly successful and sexy evening out where we found that reality can sometimes be just as good as fantasy. By unpredictable means, Jay goes alone to a house party hosted by the PLAYGRND crew in the DC area and has a note from home allowing him to get a blowjob. We discuss that, the aftermath and more. Kay's corner answers the questions, "How do I bring up the lifestyle without making my...


Episode 29 - Desire Riviera Maya

We finally make it to Desire and it's the adventure that we hoped it would be. The weather was perfect and so were the friends that we made. We talk you through our days and nights from poolside to the disco and hot tub as well as a catamaran trip we took that ended in a day excursion to Desire Pearl. Of course there's sex! We fill you in our own connections and the difficulty we had staying connected during a play session. We end with our first parallel play session and discuss all the...