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Improving Lives and Inspiring Others is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim for this is to encourage and enhance wellness in the routine practices of vibrant every-day living. More at

Improving Lives and Inspiring Others is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim for this is to encourage and enhance wellness in the routine practices of vibrant every-day living. More at
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Improving Lives and Inspiring Others is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim for this is to encourage and enhance wellness in the routine practices of vibrant every-day living. More at








Ep 22: Mothering your microbiome

Why is gut health so important? What are the signs of a distressed gut? What foods should we eat to nurture our digestive health? What should we avoid? Get the answers to these questions and more as we discuss how to mother your microbiome with Dr. Erin Stokes.


Ep 21: Gummies for your lifestyle gaps

Specific lifestyle needs, like getting a good night’s rest*, supporting a healthy inflammation response*, and boosting the immune system*, are all cause to consider supplementation. Today, Abigail and Killeen discuss how these “lifestyle gaps” can be addressed in an unexpected -and rather enjoyable- way.


Ep 20: Three immune boosting herbs to have on hand this winter

Stay healthy- be prepared! These three herbs just may get you out of a jam this holiday season. Abigail and Killeen detail these immune-boosting botanical options, including how to best supplement with each.


Ep 19: Healthy Aging

Our nutritional needs change as we progress through life, as do the health concerns we tend to have. So, let’s get proactive! Dr. Erin Stokes shares how you can get ahead of the ball when it comes to aging gracefully, by focusing on a few key areas in the here and now.


Ep 18: Fixing Our Food System with Author Robyn O'Brien ("The Unhealthy Truth")

Robyn O’Brien, food activist and author of “The Unhealthy Truth” joins our resident naturopath, Dr. Erin Stokes, for a discussion on our nation’s broken food system. She shares what’s happened to food, how things got this way, AND what we can do to set our food system back on track. If the health, nutrition and safety of your family is important to you, you’re going to want to listen to this. Visit for the show notes and...


Ep 17: Why So Stressed?

Stressed out? Join the club! Today, we're talking about what causes stress, our individual reactions to it, and some techniques to consider when the proverbial tiger rears its head. Visit for the show notes and transcript.


Minisode 1: Choosing A Multivitamin – One vs Two Tablets

Once you’ve committed to a daily multivitamin routine, there are still some choices left to make. Is one tablet a day sufficient? Or should you opt for a two tablet serving? Abigail explains, comparing and contrasting these two choices using MegaFood products as examples. Visit for the show notes and transcript. You can shop all MegaFood multivitamins here:


Ep 16: Demystifying Adaptogens with Dr. Tieraona Low Dog

What are adaptogens? Consumers are looking to the vast and mystical world of botanicals with increasing frequency, and adaptogenic herbs are no exception. Herbal expert Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. discusses what makes a plant an adaptogen, how adaptogens are used, and how to select the ones that are right for you. Adaptogenic herbs mentioned in this episode include bacopa, holy basil (tulsi), ashwagandha, rhodiola and maca. Visit...


Ep 15: What's It Mean to Be a B Corp?

Chances are good that you've encountered the "circle B" seal before... but, do you know what it stands for? Learn why businesses are lining up for a chance to B the Change, and understand just what it means when you choose goods and services boasting that capital B. Visit for the show notes and transcript.


Ep 14: Tablets vs. Gummies: What You Need to Know

Gummies: They’re hot, hot, HOT. Killeen’s feeling skeptical about the trend, while Abigail’s on board. Do gummies have a rightful place in your vitamin cabinet? Join the debate and see if you’re swayed. Special Guest, Erin Stokes provides her insights as an ND, and Killeen shares a story to prove just how real the gummy craze has become. Visit for the show notes and transcript. You can shop all MegaFood gummy vitamins here:...


Ep 13: Green Enough with Leah Segedie

You want a greener, cleaner and healthier home, yet as a consumer, there are just too. many. choices. It’s a common story. So common, in fact, that Leah Segedie decided someone needed to make it easier to go green without going crazy. So, she wrote THE book to help: Green Enough. Listen to learn why Leah’s your perfect green-home guide, and how she’s actually made the process not just manageable, but even a bit fun. Visit for the show...


Ep 12: Heart Health

Join Abigail and Killeen as they talk about heart health, both from the physical AND emotional aspects. Visit for the show notes and transcript.


Ep 11: Winter Wellness with Erin

It’s WINTER: a time notorious for your immune system’s downfall. But there’s hope! Join Dr. Erin Stokes as she talks with Abigail and Killeen about lifestyle habits and supplements that can keep you going strong this season. Visit for the show notes and transcript. Shop all MegaFood vitamin D supplements here:


EP 10b: gr(Attitude)

Abigail and Killeen are back with part two on gratitude, discussing how to find thanks in life’s daily routines, even when it’s feeling like a grind. Visit for the show notes and transcript.


Ep 10a: Simply Grateful

In part one of this two-part series on gratitude, Abigail and Killeen explore simplifying, minimalism, joy, and how each relates to leading your life with a grateful heart. Visit for the show notes and transcript.


Ep 9: Glyphosate Residue Free: The Deal on the Seal

Herbicide and pesticide use has increased by nearly 500% over the past two decades. One of the most commonly used herbicides, glyphosate is used in conventional farming, in home gardens, in parks and schools…. Basically, everywhere. So what does all this accumulative exposure mean? For Bethany Davis, it means a lot. In this episode, Abigail and Killeen talk to Bethany about what glyphosate is, what it does, and why Glyphosate Residue Free certification is on the up and up. Visit...


Ep 8: Inspirations from a Nutritarian

Paleo, vegan, raw, fasting, cabbage… there are a lot of diets out there. For Steve Wood, those diets just weren’t fitting the bill. Here’s how Steve took charge of his health, and actually enjoyed it. Visit for the show notes and transcript.


Ep: 7 Your Supplement Labels are Changing! Get the Facts

People who take a proactive approach to their health (aka, vitamin and supplement users like you) tend to also be label readers. That's why we want to equip you with all the right resources needed in order to fully comprehend these changes (and to know how to read these labels to begin with!) Special guest Carly Ducharme of MegaFood’s regulatory department joins Abigail and Killeen to lead the discussion on the Supplement Facts Panel changes in store. Visit...


Ep 6: Blood Builder

Being busy may not be the only reason you're run down. Many women may have low iron levels and not know it. Abigail and Killeen discuss the growing health crisis of iron deficiency- why we need iron, who's at risk, and then make a call to Dr. Erin Stokes. Visit for the show notes and transcript. Shop MegaFood Blood Builder here:


Ep 5: Fantastic Herbs and How to Use Them

Herbs are one of the easiest and most successful edibles to grow. But, when your windowsill or patio is brimming with basil, and the mint is multiplying... what do you do? Abigail and Killeen are here to talk actionable items with Herbs! Visit for the show notes and transcript.