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That's So Maven is a weekly health and wellness podcast from blogger Davida Kugelmass of The Healthy Maven. That's so Maven interviews "mavens" and shakers in the health, wellness and business spheres helping to tackle some of life's biggest challenges in leading a balanced and intentional lifestyle. This podcast is meant to inspire, entertain and above all — find comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in your struggles.

That's So Maven is a weekly health and wellness podcast from blogger Davida Kugelmass of The Healthy Maven. That's so Maven interviews "mavens" and shakers in the health, wellness and business spheres helping to tackle some of life's biggest challenges in leading a balanced and intentional lifestyle. This podcast is meant to inspire, entertain and above all — find comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in your struggles.
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That's So Maven is a weekly health and wellness podcast from blogger Davida Kugelmass of The Healthy Maven. That's so Maven interviews "mavens" and shakers in the health, wellness and business spheres helping to tackle some of life's biggest challenges in leading a balanced and intentional lifestyle. This podcast is meant to inspire, entertain and above all — find comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in your struggles.




Episode 79: Removing Limiting Beliefs + Tackling Feelings of Lack + Self-Worth with Taylor Simpson

I've spent the last couple of years making a concerted effort to follow and be surrounded by people who promote positivity, or better yet, exude it. I've found that the more positivity I surround myself with, the better I feel. We weirdly all have this innate instinct to be attracted to things that we do not have and in the process follow and surround ourselves with those people who in the end we just don't feel all that great about. We focus on our lack, rather than our abundance. If you're...


Episode 78: Voting for the Environment + Feeding the World, Organically with Gary Hirshberg

Mentioned in the episode: Information on how your representatives have voted on the environment from the EWG (Environmental Working Group) President's Cancer Panel - evidence that pesticides are leading to increased cancer diagnoses (from 2010) I've talked about it many times before, but my trip to Sonoma earlier this year with Stonyfield Organic was truly life-changing. While I had a sense of the importance of organic food and the organic movement, I...


Episode 77: Traditional Chinese Medicine + The Benefits of Acupuncture, Cupping and Acupressure with Karinn Gallagher

Perhaps one of the most requested episodes of the podcast has been one focused on Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in particular. While I have wanted to jump into this topic for a while now, the timing just hasn't been right. I knew I wanted to speak to someone I really trusted and knew would be able to answer my questions in an easy to understand manner and until I got connected to Karinn Gallagher, that wasn't a possibility. Luckily, a few months ago the stars aligned I finally...


Episode 76: Life After an Eating Disorder + How to Embrace Your New Body As It Changes with Rini Frey

Social media tends to get a bad rap for a multitude of reasons. One of the biggest ones is that it creates a comparison trap that makes users feel "less than" the people they follow. Yet many of us continue to follow these people even though we know it isn't good for us. And then there are the people who have made it their mission to make every social media user feel less alone. To be transparent and honest about their struggles and lift the veil on what "reality" online actually looks...


Episode 75: Reiki Healing + "Tapping" Into Our Own Emotional Energy with Kelsey Patel

I've decided that the theme of season 4 of That's So Maven is "expectation" or more specifically, releasing expectations. I'm not gonna lie, I go into most episodes with some kind of plan in my mind. I invite guests on with some type of expectation that we focus on a particular topic or area of interest. This season has thrown me for a loop. Many of the guests who have come on have completely dispelled my expectations, in the best way possible. This week's guest, Kelsey J Patel is no...


Episode 74: What Does "Mindfulness" Really Mean + When It's Time to Shift Careers with Nkechi Njaka

Mindfulness - what do you know about it? I feel like these days there so much talk about living more mindfully and embracing mindfulness but what does that actually mean? Today I'm chatting with neuroscientist and mindfulness expert, Nkechi Njaka all about this. I met Nkechi after attending one of her classes and knew immediately that I wanted her on the show. Not only was it one of the most blissful 30 minutes of my week, but I just had this feeling that she was a wealth of knowledge. Glad...


Episode 73: Thyroid Health, Living in a Blue Zone + How To Grow Your Yoga Business

One of the many reasons I love running the podcast is because I get to pick the brains of people I admire and ask them questions that I know will make me a better and healthier human. Knowing that you get to eavesdrop on those conversations is just icing on the cake! Today's episode is no exception. To be honest, I went into today's episode with Fern Olivia with somewhat of an expectation. I knew we'd talk about Thyroid Yoga and how to support our thyroid health, but what I got in return...


Episode 72: Anti-Diet Culture + Why All Diets Inevitably Fail with Kelsey Miller

Mentioned in this episode: The Wellness Handbook: Last week's podcast episode with dosist: 67% Project: Kelsey's new book, out on October 23rd: Connie Wang: I was so excited to hear your response to the return of Season 4! We definitely kicked things off with a bang...


Episode 71: Live Podcast with dosist - Cannabis 101: Your Questions Answered!

Mentioned in this episode: Episode 27 with Bess Matassa from Mojave Rising Mission Loft in San Francisco Hello friends! After a 7 week hiatus from the pod, it feels SO good to be back. The break was needed as we gear up for Camp Wellness (are you coming?!) and other fun and exciting things happening but honestly, I missed this space. I haven't been 100% off the airwaves though. In prep for season 4 I've lined up an incredible array of guests that I know you're going to love. As promised,...


Episode 70: The Top 12 Lessons I've Learned From Season 3 + A Break and What's Coming Up in Season 4

Mentioned in this episode: Retreat Preview List: Saje Wellness Yoga Event: Episode 31 with Sadie Lincoln: Episode 33 with Jessamyn Stanley: Episode 43 with Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella: Episode 45 with Reilly Brock from Imperfect Produce:...


Episode 69: Growing Her Business, The Ups and Downs of Mental Health and The Advice She Wishes She'd Gotten with Lee Hersh

Check out Lee's first episode on the podcast here: Guess who's baaaaack! Now that we're almost 2 years into the podcast, it's been fun to bring some return visitors back on the show to catch-up about life and what's changed since we last spoke. Today's guest is no exception and likely requires no introduction: Lee Hersh from Fit Foodie Finds. I've known Lee for 5 years now after meeting...


Episode 68: Period Health, Why Menstruation is Good for You + Should You Be on the Birth Control Pill? with Lara Briden

Ladies! Buckle up because today we're chatting all about PERIODS. Yup, every woman's favorite monthly gift. But in all seriousness, menstruation is a huge indicator of a woman's overall health and when things are off, well the whole body is off. So I figured, let's not tip toe around the subject and get down and deep into women's menstrual health. Who better to bring on to talk about it than the author of Period Repair Manual and women's health naturopath Lara Briden. Over the course of the...


Episode 67: Taking Risks, Starting a Business from Nothing + Living Beyond the Algorithm with Bettina Bogar

It's been a long time coming getting this beautiful human on the show today. Some of you may know Bettina Bogar, but many of you may not even know that you know her. Bettina is an insanely talented photographer and behind pretty image every image you've seen on THM (with the exception of the one's C takes for me!). Just look around this entire website - I have B to thank for all these images! So today I'm getting her out from behind the camera and putting her in the hot seat to answer all of...


Episode 66: Japanese Wellness, Radical Authenticity + Overcoming Failure with Candice Kumai

You know those people who are fiercely honest? Who hold nothing back in the most authentic, human way? Allow me to introduce you to Candice Kumai, the epitome of these traits. Candice is someone who I have admired from afar both for her compassion and willingness to grow but also because she doesn't glaze over the hard stuff. I'll be honest, I'm about to quote from a Queer Eye episode I watched this weekend but the sentiment resonates exactly with who Candice is: "Failure is not the opposite...


Episode 65: The Inflammation Episode - What It Means, How It Appears and How to Tackle It with Dr. Will Cole

I'm so excited to welcome our first ever repeat guest back onto the show! It's crazy to think we're already on 65 episodes so I thought it was due time to bring back some of our highly requested and most popular guests from past episodes! Dr. Will Cole made his first appearance on the show in episode #37 where we discussed a whole range of topics including what functional medicine is all about, adrenal fatigue and hormone health. We also discussed a little bit about inflammation, but since...


Episode 64: Farm Life, Lyme Disease + Why Weight Loss Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be with Cassie Johnston

Thank you so much for your kind words on last week's episode. I know this past week has been tough for many people and mental health has been a huge topic of conversation (as it should be) so I'm glad the episode could help educate and hopefully encourage you to seek out your own support. Speaking of which, this week's guest has spent the last year seeking out her own support system. Cassie Johnston, the blogger and entrepreneur behind Wholefully started developing some strange symptoms...


Episode 63: Should You Be in Therapy? How Everyone Can Benefit from Therapy + How to Start with Kat Dahlen

I'm back! My first official blog post and podcast episode as a married woman! Okay that just sounds weird, but I wanted to acknowledge the fact that I've been gone for the past 2 weeks and that my amazing and wonderful team took over the blog to show off their skills. Clearly I'm a lucky woman having Tanya and Georgia by my side! Oh and C :) He's pretty great too. Today's podcast episode is near and dear to my heart. I've invited the incredible Kat Dahlen onto the show to chat about...


Episode 62: Q&A Episode - Wedding Planning, Yoga Teacher Training + What's Next for The Healthy Maven

Mentioned in this episode: Mahalo Petal Mask: Blue Tansy Mask: Conscious Bride: Hey guys! Welcome back to another episode of the podcast and the final episode before I get married! Fear not, there are still a few posts I have to share with you but since podcast episodes come out once a week, it just worked out that this will be the last one before we're married. Next podcast episode I'll officially be Davida Lederle....


Episode 61: Balancing Motherhood + Business and What Self-Care Truly Means with Ali Maffucci of Inspiralized

Oh man I've got a great episode for you guys today! I'm so excited to welcome my friend, badass business lady and new mama Ali Maffucci from Inspiralized onto the show today. Ali and I have run in the same circle for a long time but have never had a chance to chat (or meet! - which is weird because this community is really small). We've been supporters of each other's businesses and passions digitally but I'm thrilled we found the time to connect IRL (well on Skype but you know!) and get to...


Episode 60: Are We Too Clean? Ditching Deodorant, and How to Keep Your Microbiome Healthy with Jasmina Aganovic

Mentioned in this episode: This episode's sponsor, Kettle & Fire, who is offering That's So Maven listeners 20% off here Mother Dirt Products Credo Beauty Join The Healthy Maven Tribe to ask guest questions and to find out who will be on the show before anyone else! Please don't forget to rate + review in iTunes if you love the podcast. Your comments and subscriptions help us make the podcast best for you! Follow Jasmina + Mother Dirt: Website:...