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Why You NEED to be Self-Aware with Dr Sean Pastuch from Active Life Rx

On this episode of the aLLiN3 Podcast Jason and Sean shoot it to you straight, not only for your business but your personal life as well. Sean shares with us how Active Life RX has tripled in business in a year. It’s all about going out and getting your clients and having self-awareness. If you are not doing either of these, you nor your business will grow. “Don’t treat people the way you want to be treated, treat people the way they want to be treated.” -Dr. Sean Pastuch “If you want...


The Why Behind the Why W/ Jason, Teddy & Toni!

Jason, Teddy, and Toni break it down for us during their “Thursday Thoughts.” This trio wants you to be happier, freer, and more confident and the only way to do that is to find out your why behind the why and to be true to yourself. “Operating at the deepest level of success, you’ll find your ‘why.'” -Jason Phillips “Taking action towards something that’s bigger than themselves, that’s what builds self-confidence.” -Toni “You can’t put a price on being comfortable in your own...


All In, All the Time with Aaron Singerman

Aaron Singerman gets real with Jason. Aaron talks about his drug addiction and how he changed his life around, the struggles in business, and gives hints on where he is going in the future. Aaron is all about passion, drive, and intelligence. “You are never going to make enough money to buy a Porsche by doing something you hate.” -Aaron Singerman “You have to grasp the opportunities.” -Aaron Singerman Subscribe to iTunes! Love the podcast? Leave a review on iTunes! What do you...


How Jill Coleman was Able to Escape the Personal Trainer Grind and Transition Online

There are two places where personal trainers end up, one is online and the other is the grind, where you end up burned. For sure you don’t want to end up in the grind. Discover how Jill Coleman escape the grind and created a 6-figure online business in today’s episode. Jill shares her turning point and what she did every day that contributed to her success. Jason and Jill also give advice to trainers that are just getting started and what mindset and attitude you need to have to be...


How to Get Your Balls Back and Rekindle Your Inner Bad*ss with Celeste Bonin

Celeste Bonin opens up with Jason Phillips on how her journey began with WWE all the way through to current. In this podcast, Jason brings out his “nerd” and shares that he has been a huge wrestling fan for his whole life. In the years that he has watched Celeste, aka Kaitlyn, go through many ups and downs. Through all the ups and downs, Celeste was able to persevere and become the amazing person and business owner that she is now. “I set out to create a brand that is empowering [for...


Becoming You

If you want to be successful, stop asking how. On today's Thursday Thoughts edition, Jason and Teddy discuss why it is the wrong question. Listen in as Jason explains the effective thought process you need to be successful. They also share some details about the upcoming Nutritional Coaching Summit in 2019! Grab your pen and paper for the nuggets of wisdom inside this podcast. “When you’re asking the question how, you are also creating doubt in your mind.” -Jason Phillips “People...


EXPANSION with Jason & Teddy

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Female Body Image Issues and Eating Habits for Wrestlers with with Rebecca Quin (WWE Smackdown Women's Champion)

On this episode of the AlliN3 Podcast, Jason talks with Becky Lynch, a well-known wrestler and the new ladies champion of the WWE. They journey through her discovery of wrestling, and how she created her career. Jason also dives into the important issues like body image, being yourself, and how its portrayed in the WWE. Tune in to hear all about Becky’s story, and learn how to maintain a good balance in life. “I wanted to at least try something that I wanted to do, and make a...


CLARITY with Jason & Teddy

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Overcoming Your Bullsh*t and Finding Your Path with Adam Schafer from Mind Pump

On today's episode of the AlliN3 Podcast, Jason interviews Adam Schafer from Mind Pump. Jason and Adam dive deep into Adam’s childhood and uncover the what has led Adam to success and turned him into the man he is today. Tune in and find out how you can apply Adam’s advice to your own life. “I was forced from my early childhood into a leadership role, but it became a blessing in disguise.” -Adam Schafer Subscribe to iTunes! Love the podcast? Leave a review on iTunes! What do you...


It's NOT an Accident.

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How to Sell Yourself with Tony Stephan

On today's episode of the AlliN3 Podcast, Jason interviews Tony Stephan, one of the few registered dietitians in the country. He shares his journey and how he got to where he is now. Tony gives quality tips on how to be a better trainer and a better salesperson. So tune in to find how to add more value to your business. “I wasn’t ready to sell because I wasn’t sold on myself.” -Tony Stephan Subscribe to iTunes! Love the podcast? Leave a review on iTunes! What do you want to hear...


Winning at Life with Chris Cavallini

Everyone can change and succeed in life, just take a look at the story of Chris Cavallini, owner of Nutrition Solutions. He started out as a kid who was arrested 17 times before the age of 18, and now he runs an eight-figure company. How did Chris do it? How does he stay in the best shape imaginable? Join us to find this out and hear about the one moment that changed everything in Chris’ life and got him to where he is now. “If you want to make a lasting positive effect on your life, you...


Hormone Hacks with Sam Miller

On today's episode of the AlliN3 Podcast, Jason interviews Sam Miller – nutrition and hormone specialist. He dives deep on testosterone levels, nutrition, and supplementation. Stay tuned to hear science-based research on what should be doing with your nutrition, training, and supplements, in order to maximize your hormone profile. “I noticed that the longer I was in the industry, the more people needed my expertise.” -Sam Miller Subscribe to iTunes! Love the podcast? Leave a...


Thursday Thoughts| Rumored CrossFit Changes & Finding the Gift in Adversity

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Going ALLiN on Vulnerability with Drew Manning

Drew Manning joins Jason on this episode of the ALLiN3 Podcast. Find out what Drew discovered in his Fit2Fat2Fit journey. He also opens up and lays it all out on the table when he shares some very personal insights about his life. Tune in to hear how he was able to overcome his sh*t and build his business to where it is today. “You don’t need to know the “how” right away. You just need to know what your goal is and why.” -Drew Manning Subscribe to iTunes! Love the podcast? Leave a...


Going ALLiN on Yourself with Trevor Lomax

Do you have the balls to address your insecurities? Or does your ego get in the way and block you from seeing your true self? Tune in to today's show to see how this up and coming nutrition coach had the balls to address his fears and insecurities and go all in on himself. “The biggest thing you need to do [to identify your insecurities] is start an open dialogue with yourself .” -Trevor Lomax Subscribe to iTunes! Love the podcast? Leave a review on iTunes! What do you want to...


Highlights of the Las Vegas Mastermind

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FRAME CONTROL (wtf is that?!)

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The Triangle Methodology for Training with Bryan Boorstein

On today’s episode of the AlliN3 Podcast, Jason interviews Bryan Boorstein from the Evolved Training Systems. We talk about CrossFit, the triangle of awareness, but most importantly about the Bryan Boorstein method. Tune in to find out more. “The number one thing with aesthetics is that the key is to stimulate and not annihilate the muscle.” -Bryan Boorstein Subscribe to iTunes! Love the podcast? Leave a review on iTunes! What do you want to hear from the AlliN3 Podcast? Tell...