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How Your Failures Can Be Your Greatest Gifts with Torrie Wilson

So often we look at people and think they have it all together. On today’s podcast, former WWE star, Torrie Wilson, joins Jason. From the outside, Torrie looked like she had it all. She was a beautiful fit woman, who had an amazing TV career and great online following. But behind the scenes, her life was falling apart. Torrie shares some of the darkest moments in her life and how they have shaped her success. Tune in to this episode to find out how she went bankrupt twice but was still able...


Interview with Cassidy Duffield

If you compete, at some point you will probably have to cut weight. With so many methods out there it’s hard to decide which is best for you. In this episode, CrossFit competitor and nutrition coach, Cassidy Dickson (Duffield) joins Jason. Cassidy gives us the rundown on her cutting protocol. Plus, she gives us an inside look at her past and what lead her to a bad relationship with food. “Be the best version of yourself, if you’re doing that you will give back to anyone you come into...


The State of Crossfit, Pissing Off a 70-year-old - The Inaugural Episode with Teddy Lomas

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the AlliN3 Podcast! This is our preview episode where Jason and Teddy give you a sneak peek of what to expect moving forward plus. Jason and Teddy also discuss CrossFit in all facets. From workouts to recent changes, to the business side of it, they cover it all. Jason also shares some of his experiences at the Fitness Business Summit. Plus find out about the new iN3 HQ location and how Jason got flipped the bird by a 70-year-old man guy at the...


The ALLiN³ Podcast Trailer Episode

Welcome to The ALLiN³ Podcast.Start smashing your life and fitness goals – TODAY! Jason Phillips, founder of iN3 Nutrition and Nutritional Coaching Institute, gives you the inside track to all things fitness and nutrition including macro nutrition, metabolic adaptation, meal planning and fitness integration. Jason and his wide-ranging guests not only tackle topics related to the fitness world, they also discuss life, business, and happiness goals. Jason was the first to educate CrossFit...


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