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Swolemates Dadbod’s and Donuts

Lindsey Marie Greeley brings the energy again this week, as she and Matt get right into health and well being. From unrealistic messages online and how to be authentic with people, they also talk guy’s entering dad-bod range and how to stay active with your significant other. Matt also tries to sound current by saying swolemate; it doesn’t quite land.


Manifesting Meditating and Mantras With Marisa and Matt!

Another great conversation this week with glam contradiction Marisa Barnard. She and Matt start off talking about feeling ‘meh’ but not bad, the weather, and how it’s okay not to be happy all the time. They also get into manifesting the minor and major things, one word mantras, surrendering to the universe, and so much more. There’s also some technical difficulties, but it wouldn’t be a TAVPC without at least one!


Energetic Insulation As Provided By The Universe

Matt’s back in Jersey this week, as he starts off with a song that mentions a seaside city in Cali for some reason. From there he gets into the artistic members of his sibling group, losing an or gaining an accent, and confusion with SoCal cities. There’s also talk of big changes at his gym, how the universe looks out for everyone, and if you’re going to plateau, it may as well be on a positive note!


California Matt... Still the same as Jersey Matt!

TAV finds itself in California this week, as Matt records a new PC while pursuing a creative endeavor. He finds himself protected from negative triggers, knows staying true to himself is vital, and how his positive focus shields against the opposite. He also has various thoughts on California living; from not having Jersey tags, thick Target bags, and thus far not many east coast accents. He also briefly sings a few lines from a Cali appropriate song, so you’ve been warned.


A Cup of Fixins With Some FroYo

Positive venting is the focus this week as Lindsey Marie Greeley joins Matt again. From her trip around the world to her accent denying her the ability to pretend to be anywhere else but NY, she also talks of the necessity to get out of her comfort zone. They also cover surrounding oneself with positive energy, people misrepresenting themselves online, and how to be true to yourself. The universe also decides to have some fun with irony, but rare goes a day without such examples.


A Glam Hippy: When Walking Contradictions Meet

Positive energy is abound with this week’s PC, as Marissa Barnard shares examples with Matt of how she goes against the grain and breaks the stereotypes. They also talk keeping their media unique and creative, manifesting through visualization, and saying no when it comes to protecting your well being. There’s also some funny technical issues and Matt calls her dude, but Marisa does the same thing; implying she’s even more of a unicorn than first thought.


Starving While Married and Other Awkwardness

Nothing like a quick solo PC from a yesteryear's early fall gone by. From answering listener emails to talk about the warmer weather and alternative milk; Matt shares a warning from his sister if he marries a woman with a similar palate. He also has trouble saying and spelling tempeh, so there's that too.


Self Love and Self Deprecation: Stranger Pairings Have Existed

Kelsey Aida once again joins Matt on the PC to talk all things self love. From helping you to be better at manifesting to becoming a magnet for the positive, it’s surprisingly not that difficult. They also touch on feeling worthy as a person, body image, the right motivations to working out, and a lot more. Kelsey also makes Matt’s day by agreeing that with the right energy, self deprecation may actually be another way to love himself; which is like absolute catnip for the dude.


A Fit NY Gal With An Accent? Hi, I’m Matt

TAV continues to astonish and amaze, or attempt to at least, as this week is a new conversation with LMG! Lindsey Marie Greeley and Matt talk about accents again and how there’s evidently a difference between Long and Staten Island. They also cover a recent poll about American's issues when it comes to going to the gym, subtly encouraging people there, and arts and athletics in the public schools… Spoiler, it’s not exactly complimentary.


Low Ego and High Self Esteem Good: Reverse Bad

Dr. Jeffrey L. Gurian joins TAV this week to talk all things positive energy and living. From starting your day on the right foot to overcoming personal difficulties; he goes through examples from his book “Healing Your Heart, By Changing Your Mind.” They also discuss mantras positive brainwashing and receiving compliments, at which point Matt began to shift uncomfortably in his chair… But he’s doing better on that front!


Wait, Smoothies Can Be Homemade?!

All things smoothies is the subject of this wayback podcast, as Catherine explains the benefits of homemade smoothies, etc. Naturally Matt is at a loss, as he opts for the store bought version as opposed to actually making it himself... Though to be fair, this should shock absolute no one.


Solidly Mid 30’s And Still Not A Massage Guy

TAV is new and solo this week, as Matty cover’s a wide range of topics. From being lost in life’s busyness to trying to see the larger journey, he carps about his lower back being tweaked. There’s also talk of being naturally thin, cycling off meds and supps, and reading and appreciating other’s energies. There’s also something about starting a pick up cross country league on MeetUp and alternatives paths on his birthday; but this is Matt so yeah.


Chipotle Makes Everything Better!

The way-back machine continues unabated as we talk about lab grown meat, which is a thing evidently. There’s also talk about how tech is making going green easier, how the future could very well be vegan, and something about semolina four; which confused exactly one half of the pair talking on this podcast… Though this shouldn’t surprise you.


Slender White and Vegan? What, I Have a Type.

Matt has fun with awkwardness in this week’s title of a TAVPC from October of yesteryear, plus one more. Talking vegan apparel, handbags and more; Catherine doesn’t hold back in what she likes and doesn’t and why. Matt nods politely as you do, but by the end he was in his happy place; as not much of this PC was in his wheelhouse.


Knowing How To Read a Room

Lindsey Marie Greeley joins Matt again for a new TAVPC this week. The two talk training the right way at the gym, getting hurt, and the common mistakes people make. They also talk about the pitfalls of social media, and how some people really don’t know how to act like adults. They also share their distaste for Burpee’s because let’s be honest, they’re awful.


Synchronicities Signs and Destiny with KAR

Synchronising with synchronicities and other easy things to say, are this week’s topics with Kelsey Aida and TAV. They talk plateauing when it comes to LOA, how to control your viewpoint without your circumstances, and taking the time to just feel. They also talk signs from the universe and have a common birthday within their families, as Matt gets confused with astrological signs.


That Time of The Month; Wait, What Time Is That Now?!

There's outside of your comfort zone, and there's this... But Matty isn't afraid of learning about things not in his wheelhouse. From talking about feminine topics to vegan hygiene products for guys N gals, a lot is covered in this podcast from another time. There's also a mention of adult braces, but at least a nervous tick is no longer associated with them.


Guy’s Who Wear Gloves At The Gym…

TAV has LMG back on this week for a new PC, and we hit the ground running! Talking everything from taking care of yourself so you don’t get sick, to guy’s acting like morons at the gym, Lindsey doesn’t pull any punches. We also cover body debris and hygiene at the gym, as well as ‘dirty dirty gerbils.’ Matt also describes a funny meme that he can relate to, for more than one reason.


Almond Milk, Green Tea, and White Teeth

It’s snowing here in Jersey, but not when this was recorded! Enjoy some of the classics where we talk about getting away from dairy milk, the many tasty and healthy alternatives, and the perils of drinking too much green tea drinker… Ironically, Matt was a green tea drinker when he wasn’t; think about it.


New Year, Same TAV

TAV starts the year right with a new solo PC and a head cold! From personal hygiene habits to family busting chops, Matt covers that as well as wondering about the singularity. There’s also examples of gym awkwardness including body debris and people monopolizing the equipment, to staying encouraged by people’s positive motivation.