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Guy’s Who Wear Gloves At The Gym…

TAV has LMG back on this week for a new PC, and we hit the ground running! Talking everything from taking care of yourself so you don’t get sick, to guy’s acting like morons at the gym, Lindsey doesn’t pull any punches. We also cover body debris and hygiene at the gym, as well as ‘dirty dirty gerbils.’ Matt also describes a funny meme that he can relate to, for more than one reason.


Almond Milk, Green Tea, and White Teeth

It’s snowing here in Jersey, but not when this was recorded! Enjoy some of the classics where we talk about getting away from dairy milk, the many tasty and healthy alternatives, and the perils of drinking too much green tea drinker… Ironically, Matt was a green tea drinker when he wasn’t; think about it.


New Year, Same TAV

TAV starts the year right with a new solo PC and a head cold! From personal hygiene habits to family busting chops, Matt covers that as well as wondering about the singularity. There’s also examples of gym awkwardness including body debris and people monopolizing the equipment, to staying encouraged by people’s positive motivation.


Year Ending Rerun: You're Welcome!

Matty is ending the year on a busy but positive note, and this short TAVPC from late last summer is your "reward." You'll hear from his raspy talk about allergies, something about snake oil, and other nutritional bric-a-brac.


Self Love and Isolation Tanks: An Awkward Pairing

Enjoy this fresh solo PC from a lower than normal energy Matt. From talking about how this time of year can still be busy despite not having kids, he also touches on his fatigue and answers some listener emails… They include something about supper or dinner, self love and LOA, and how he feels about isolation tanks… The answer won’t surprise you.


Dating While Green; And Other Awkwardness

Ah yes time travel, a concept I’ve loved for like ever. Funny that, because this week we get to go back in time from early last year when ole Matty recorded his first solo podcast. Believe it or not, they have gotten less awkward; though in my defense I was being asked about green hygiene products for women. I also touched on dating while V, stereotypes, and more!


Expensive Being Healthy? Try The Opposite!

Oh look, a gal from NY who doesn’t hold back; but I repeat myself! Long Island’s own Lindsey Marie Greeley joins Matt again for a new PC. They touch on roller coaster gym attendance, how people don’t exercise during the winter, and how being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. They also talk about the not great public school system, staying active with your family, and something about the Kardashians… It umm, wasn’t complimentary.


You Never Forget Your First…

…podcast that you’re on, and for Natalie Papp from XOTV, TAV was just that! From nerding out for a quick second on Canada’s best sitcom, to talking US geographic cultures and fun with accents, they go from that to the importance of being an individual and independent. They also talk art and creativity, shocking your system, and some techy talk for fun… And yes, sadly that’s part of what Matt considers fun.


Confusion With Bulletproof Coffee

Will the wonders of 2018 ever cease? No worries, this podcast is from 2017! We talk about bulletproof coffee, which evidently isn’t drinking Wawa coffee while wearing a Kevlar vest I’m told. There’s also discussion over lack of nutrition education for doctors and contradicting client’s sacred cows… Oh and that’s Matt’s knee you hear hitting the table; you’ll know it when you hear it.


Abundance Lack and Energy

Kelsey Aida joins Matt for another talk on all things LOA. From shocking your system by doing something new, to learning how to manifest better, they cover that and how like energy attracts like energy. They also talk about well meaning negative people, dwelling on the past, how LOA can’t be turned on or off and more. Things get awkward when Matt receives a compliment, but that’s just his thang.


Cheerleader Dancer and A Gymnast? Unicorns Do Exist!

The universe continues to surprise Matt when he talks with Lindsey Marie Greeley, who represents the best of learning from the worst. As a trainer manager and model, Lindsey talks of how she found the best of herself during a difficult period in her life. They also talk body dysmorphia, clearing out the negative in life, and the universe rewarding abundance and lack... Nothing like a New York AND Jersey accent to start your week!


Awkward Titles, Fatigued Analogies, And Vulcans

A solo and rambling stream of consciousness this week is yours to enjoy, as Matt touches on various topics, trying his best to connect them. From birthday’s to different perspectives, eating better bad food and it’s not so good vibration, it’s a wonder this PC wasn’t an hour plus. Matt also answers questions about ethical clothing, addresses awkward PC titles, and vegan food that isn’t all green. There’s also something about him not exactly being a Casanova, but this should come as no...


Pragmatically Positive With Today’s Politics

Being a happy political warrior in today’s climate isn’t easy, but Lindsay Marie proves the first part of this sentence is absolutely wrong. From her career in writing and consulting to her own personal positive approach, they talk that as well as practicing what you preach and being a true individual. They also cover minimalism at all levels and avoiding self perpetuating negativity. On an ironic note, even though it was just the two of them talking, Matt was still the least famous one on...


Pilates Packing a Pop For Your Abs

This week TAV is all about your core when Matt talks with Natalie Sandone. A trainer in all things core and more, she goes through how growing up without the healthiest habits helped her focus on the healthy. They also talk about making health and well being a habit, being empathic as a trainer, and how genetics can sometimes help and or hinder. There’s also something about Matt being the only guy in Pilates and yoga class, but does this surprise anyone?


TAV Talks LOA With KAR!

The Law of Attraction and positive energy is the focus this week, as Kelsey Aida talks with Matt about that and more. They also share some past examples of the negative, but how their innate need to embrace the positive shined through. They also discuss becoming more aware, staying in touch with nature, and how it’s always important to keep moving… Which proceeded Matt’s quick rant on why he’s fascinated by dancers and gymnasts. Sadly, it’s not because of the stereotype.


It Was The AC\DC’s 'Thunderstruck'

If there was ever someone who took the good from the bad, that’s certainly Thomas J. Bellezza. Matt talks with him about his eBook called SHE, a unique collection of poetry and lyrics. Having survived renal cancer, Thomas never lost his sense of self; and goes through some of the steps throughout his life that locked all that in. And from creating for yourself first, to retaining your sense of individuality, they hit that and so much more… With Matt getting so inspired by a heavy metal song...


When Your Six Pack Is There When It’s Not… Yep.

Another new solo PC for y’all (you all) where Matt gets confused about Indian Summers and Southampton NY. He also talks about his AMA on Reddit and answers a few messages that include; a great green based article, what’s the deal with flexitarians, and having six pack lines that aren’t liney enough. There’s also coverage of the difficulty with meditating, and learning about new ways of thinking and the energy the Universe has for all of us.


California-Land: Florida-World: I'll Still Forget

Nothing like a mailed in helping of yesteryear's podcast when just like now, Matt still can't remember which Disney is where. Still a fun conversation covering eating green at theme parks, restaurants that will respond positively to green demand, and something about chlorine.


Easy Bro; It’s A Cheese Cake Factory

When you find that your dream home isn’t so dreamy anymore, then you’ll be able to relate to GiGi. However she positively demonstrates that life doesn’t have to be difficult or a big deal, as Matt does the same when he goes into how leg and glute exercises aren’t just for women or beta males. They also talk about napping at the gym, having a long to non-existent temper, and cycling off supplements and more. That and something about period cramps and exercising, but Matt checked out for those...


Welp, One Less Yoga Buddy For TAV

Leave it to Matt to work with the one blonde in LA who doesn’t like yoga! GiGi explains why yoga and similar practices generally aren’t her cup of yogi tea. They also talk healing while healthy, the importance of vitamins and minerals, and funny OCD related oral hygiene habits. We also learn that one of them has one less wisdom tooth, but is still about the same amount of wise.