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An ER In LA? Not Exactly Palm Springs in April

Things start off interesting enough, as Matt learns from GiGi that Charlie horses are apparently a thing during pregnancy. From there they go from cinnamon pop tarts to snow storms and power outages, to severe digestive problems and ambulance rides. With examples of brutal sibling honesty and how to take the best from the worst, it’s not hard to learn why embracing your true self is the way to go... And that you can’t leave until you leave a two, so there’s that too.


Agave Nectar - Algae Oil: Evidently Real Things

Nothing like talking about the weather with someone else for a change! Thankfully Matt and GiGi cover more than that though; as topics like desiring stability and not getting caught up online while pregnant are discussed. They also talk about how babies were had before the internet existed, dealing with basic palates, and the various names used for sugar other than sugar, etc. And that sound in the background is actually thunder from a Jersey storm, not Matt’s awesome new USB mic!


A California Co-Host With Pregnancy Brain

Seeking: Knowledgeable and hyper co-host with background in nutrition, that approaches fans and clients with humor and positive energy, that also doesn’t hold back and loves every minute of it. Found: Gigi of ‘Gigi Eats Celebrities!’ Matt learns all sorts of things this week as he and his new co-host Geneviève talk about eating while pregnant, approaching life and eating positively, and the dangers of leaving the burners on. They also talk with Caroline from ‘DineWithCaroline,’ who went...


When Your Option’s Aren't Multiple

Depending on where you are, your green only diet may leave you subsisting on ice, air, and bread. And whether that’s the deep south in the US or Mexico, sometimes it’s best to just stick with nothing. Traveling while V is the topic, and from California to Thailand, returning food at restaurants and more is also discussed, so buckle in for this completely mailed in TAVPC!


Vegan Tacos? Yeah No I’m Good

Nothing like talking about a green only diet for three days at a BBQ where only the grass was green. This week is new as Matt talks with one of his nieces about green only dieting for almost three days. From learning to focus better on the ingredients to why people like the taste of animal substitutes, we talk that and more... Including vegan shampoo and3:AM meatballs from Wawa.


Vegas and Nutrition: Not Exactly Synonymous

Matt gets Disney's Land and World confused on a fresh intro this week to a popular TAVPC episode... The International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine, IE an alternative to melatonin, was held in Vegas and packed with great information. That was discussed along with doctor's and their light bodied nutritional education, biased sponsored, and plenty more.


Yoga, Flexibility, and Other Awesome Things

Enjoy a new TAVPC this week, with a great discussion with 'HIIT To Invert' co-developer Kirsty Menaker. Kirsty, who's name Matt had trouble saying for some reason, get’s into how this program combines the best aspects of yoga and HIIT. They also talk flexibility for men and women, working through plateaus, and how to forecast your health going forward. It’s also discovered that Jersey and Texas are brother’s in stereotypes, but not why you think.


Positive Griping and Other Contradictions

TAV updates from last week with a new intro that includes insomnia, mosquitoes and fireworks, and how Matt can finally consume food stuffs and the like without issue. Binge eating, hyper palatable food, and being a positive example for your kids is also talked about... Followed by an abrupt if not awkward ending, so you're welcome in advance!


Matt Shares His Medical Information For Some Reason

This weeks’ TAVPC is new as Matt shares why he’s been MIA. From seasonal allergies playing Go Fish with his lungs and nasal passages, to his inability to consume food and or beverage without pain \ discomfort; his energy is low and his longing for the gym high. Eating dark chocolate also brings him to his knees and he's got a smoker's voice having never actually smoked, so there’s that too.


Repackaged Knowledge Still Counts, #AmIRight?

As Matt attempts to drill down why consuming liquid and food causes pain to radiate N what not; disrupting his already not-great sleeping habits, enjoy this TAVPC from yesteryear. We cover food labeling, focusing on the simple and positive, and how it's as easy to go V today as ever! (Though being a V in other regards is less easy, trust me on this.)


Technically We All Eat to Live

In going all things green there’s always the potential of reversing course, to which you risk someone telling you they told you so; and who doesn’t love that!? All angles of that possibility is covered, as well as brief mentions of the underweight among us and how it’s easier to be an ‘eat to live’ person when going V… Cause I know a guy. (This guy, right here!)


Alternate Realities, Coffee, and Fun!

Rare is the time the mutli-verse is brought up on the TAVPC, but this week Matt talks just that and his future kid coming back in time with a message, all inspired by rain and coffee. He then mails it in with a look back on an awkward discussion on heritages and food, big food companies, and making this lifestyle normal for kids and other adults.


Contrasting Energies and The Like

Matt with 2 T’s talks with Andreea with 2 E’s to catch up from last November. Founder of Pro Body Styling, they discuss traveling and your health, where people’s head space is today, and how other cultures stay active and healthy. They also talk about positive energy and those that tend to be energy drains; though learning to deal w\ the latter can be as delicate as doing the two step on egg shells... Think about it.


Actively Apathetic? Yep, Makes Total Sense

Mistaken as a California guy but not actually from or living there? Meet John Basedow from Fitness Made Simple, who talks his journey and personal philosophies when it comes to being healthy at all levels. And from dealing with toxic people to finding that positivity is strength and negativity is weakness, we discuss that and a lot more… Matt is also called self aware, which he wasn’t aware of being, but took it as a compliment anyway.


Holism And Jersey? Depends on Where You Look

TAV gets back on the road this week to enjoy the pollinated air when talking with Michelle Vacanti, publisher of Natural Awakenings. We talk about her journey from working corporate but losing herself, how medications shouldn’t be the end all, and how you sometimes have to follow your heart to save your soul. There's also talk of being threatened by a doctor, but so goes New Jersey in microcosm.


Starbucks: Am I Right?

Lady Free Thinker, meet Male Hyper Ruminator… I know, that was awkward. But talking with Nine Jackel from LFT is anything but, as she goes into her journey in becoming a vegan and creating her own organization. We also get into the differences between CA and NJ, big agriculture like Monsanto, getting laws strengthened for animal rights, and more. Problems with Starbucks are also mentioned, and it’s exactly what you’re thinking about… Or possibly not, it’s hard to tell these days.


Sisterly Advice, And Guidance!

Pureed soft boiled lima beans VS corn; or what Matt’s siblings had to eat as kids as opposed to him. That is discussed along with some thoughts from his sister, people’s relationship with food, and dealing with over saturated palates. Yogurt that is frozen is also brought up, but it wouldn’t be a TAVPC if it wasn’t.


That’s Not What Bloke Means

TAVPC has a new solo one out this week, as Matt relates to women and wonders what they wore in gyms before yoga pants. He also talks about how the guys react awkwardly to the gals and how he worked out in unison with an athletic brunette. There’s also yoga related wonderings, a Brit reaches out, and he has trouble saying the word Chimichurri because really; does that sound like a part of his vocabulary?


Supplements And Smoothies: A Win Win?

The answer can be yes with an and, or no with a but; it's up to you! This mailed in TAVPC covers how to treat your body right and that even if you don't, it still wants you to. We also talk smoothies, because let's be honest, most conversations should always end up there.


That’s Not a Gandhi Quote!

To Matt, New Coke and Zune Players are still sure things. To Lisa Feria, Stray Dog Capital’s CEO, relying less on an animal based economy is where the future is. They talk investment, Lisa’s journey, health and well being, and how SDC is helping move the discussion forward. Lisa also makes a reference to Star Trek, which raises Matt’s dork levels a wee bit higher than normal… And they’re not low to begin with!