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143-Ask Me: My Favorite Things... Right Now!

Visit for complete show notes of every podcast episode This is a special episode of The Beyond The Food Show Podcast... It's all about my favorites things. The things I love, the things I use daily and the things I can’t live without! This question came in from many people... you wanting to know about my personal life beyond the food lol! So here it is! You will find a downloaded document in this post where you can print all my favorite...


142-Being Honest With Yourself with Cristina Curp

You have to be honest with yourself and really clear with your intention behind changing your food habits. Are you playing the internal game " Oh it’s for health …." when really secretly what you want is to lose weight? You got to stop that! This kind of game is mayhem for your mind... In this interview with a friend of mine, Cristina Curp, we get real... both of us about being honest with ourselves, body image issue especially with those with scars... self-care and how challenging it can...


141-I Just Need to Be Tougher on Myself...An Easier Way!

Are you using discipline towards yourself as a motivator? Or at least hoping that it will motivate you? So many of us have been using that motivational "stick" for years... maybe even decades... without really being successful. We keep trying and say to ourselves: If I can be tougher on myself, it would work..." Or "I'm just too soft... if only I could be tougher"… and we keep trying. We keep shaming ourselves, beating ourselves up or punishing ourselves for "bad" behaviors in the hopes...


140-Back Pain: Game Changing Approach with Steve Ray Ozanich

Back Pain: Game-Changing Approach Chances are you are one of the 31 million Americans experience low back pain at any given time. Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010. When I asked my community members what the top reasons were why they eat beyond hunger, chronic pain came in second. That feedback motivated me to share my own journey with pain in episode 138 "Things I'm afraid to tell you" but I hadn’t share...


139-Ask Me: Avoiding Food Anxiety–How to Get to Worry-Free Eating

"I just want to be able to eat a damn piece of cake of my B-day without feeling like I'm going to die!" How to get over a lot of the food fear we have developed over the years of dieting or partaking in nutrition education or food philosophy diet? What about fructose and fruit... should I feel like I'm killing myself by eating an orange? Or what about eating a croissant with white flour... why do I feel so terrible about myself for wanting one? Today, we answer Kacie's question about...


138-Ask Me: Things I'm Afraid to Tell You

There are some things I'm afraid to tell you... things I know I have to share with you but have been afraid to do so. Afraid of your rejection... being afraid of losing you. This is my left brain fighting my right brain. I know sharing will be nothing but positive and will make us closer. You, the listener, the reader, the follower... but at the same time, my left brain is telling me: Are you crazy?... You can't tell them that! What are they going to think of you!... NO! So, I have been...


137-Solving the Finding Time for Self-Care Problem

Finding Time for Self-Care Problem One of the most common objections I face with new clients and patients is "I just don’t have the time to xxxx". Fill in the xxx with any activity that is exclusively focused on you or your well-being. You feel like you don’t have the time to get IT all done let alone self-care... seems so far-fetched. How to find time for self-care, movement, and relationship and improve yourself. Here's the thing... if you, just like me years ago, you think you don’t...


136-Ask Me: Need Permission To Be Imperfect? Here It Is!

If you think that being perfect is still the best strategy in your attempt to reach your goal, you need to listen to this audio. If you have been trying to be perfect and are tired of striving for perfection... You too need to listen to this audio. For years, I've attempted to be perfect in all parts of my life... work, relationship and weight. Did it work? Well in part: Work: yes; Home: yes... Relationship: no; Weight: no And then one day, I realized via a lot of self-development work...


135-Body Neutrality: How to Be Fat and Still Wear a Bathing Suit

I posted this photo of myself in a bathing suit on Instagram last week and wrote a short post on my thoughts... Never expecting what happens next. Body Neutrality is a concept we teach in the Going Beyond the Food Academy. It’s a liberating new concept in which you accept your body for what it is without judgment and hoping for better. Not good, aka body positivity; NOT bad, body shaming. In the middle. Neutral. Grateful for what your body does for you without wanting to brag about...


134-Ask Me: Why Do I Continue to Do Things When I Know They're Going to Cause Me Grief

Why do I continue to do things when I know they’re going to cause me grief? I 've asked myself this question for years and thought something was deeply wrong with me. I wasn't able to stop eating chips... It's like my mind was possessed by someone else. I would do it knowingly I was to regret it after and wished I didn’t do it. Why is that? I found the answer to my question and I felt so relieved that it wasn’t actually something wrong with me but instead it was because of my subconscious...


133-Solving the Night Time Eating Problem

Night time eating is real. You aren't alone! Night time cravings are something that most of us had experienced if not experiencing right now! Night time eating is such a problem these days that it's actually been made into a disease: The Night Eating Syndrome (NES). Crazy, right?! How do we stop it, prevent it and cope with night time eating desire (aka cravings)? With anything we need to "heal", I apply the same formula... Find the root cause(s) (the reason why IT is occurring) and find...


132-How to Follow Through 5 Steps to Make Yourself Stick with IT

How many times have you tried making a promise to yourself to change an old behavior in some way, and then didn't follow through? From the bottom of your heart, you want to make a change. You are really tired of X and enough is enough. You make the decision to change X negative habit and start doing X instead. In our world it maybe about stopping overeating… or eating at night. You want it so bad but after a couple days it gets harder and harder... And then, you don't follow thru. Are...


131-Ask Me: I Can't Figure Out Why I Overeat

"I can’t figure out why I overeat and it's so frustrating". This question of Emma is a very common question. The answer is easy and it's inside of you. There are tools to help you find this answer... Most women have a good handle on food. More often than not, we make the best choices possible in selecting food and determining how much we should eat. Yet, we still overeat despite knowing the reason why we do it. But, is the reason that we are thinking the real cause of our overeating? You...


130-Sexuality: The Missing Link to Healing Emotional Eating with Dr. Elsbeth Meuth

If I say that there is a close link between your cravings and love, every lady would agree... but what about our sexuality? Dr. Meuth explains why the level of satisfaction and pleasure we find in our sexual life has a direct impact on our desire for food... at least for emotional eaters which most of us are. Dr. Meuth will teach us a process to raise our feminine essence that will lead to a more fulfilling sex life and less cravings... for chocolate! In this episode I discuss Last...


129-Your Brain & Eating: The Aftermath of Food Insecurity with Dr. Kari Anderson

Food insecurity is the state of being without reliable access to food not just lack of quantity but also of choices and nutrition. It doesn’t have to be real... the simple thought of deprivation can set a chain reaction in your brain that will drive cravings, binging or overeating. Dr. Kari Anderson is taking us through step by step how this happens into our mind and provide one of the most efficient solutions to not only prevent but heal food insecurities. In this episode I discuss Last...


127-Ask Me: Achieving Balance and Avoiding the Highs and Lows-Live Coaching with Dana

This coaching call is about understanding what triggers your individual ups and downs so you can better manage these situations. Many women who struggle with their relationship to food and body are high performers in most areas of their lives but food and body. That area of their lives is filled with ups and downs. Through self-awareness and intuition, Dana will discover her own solution but starting with getting clear on your intention behind the choice you make is key in understanding...


126-Feel Don’t Fight: Solving the Overeating Problem

Solving the overeating problem comes down to one thing and one thing only: Feeling. Feeling the emotions that are present in us and resisting the urge to fight the emotions. I know it seems too simple to be true..., but it is... In this episode I discuss Last episode , I had a live coaching session with Karen and we find a solution for her question, "How do I handle people who seem to purposely sabotage me?" I highly recommend you listen in because this can also be the solution to your...


125-Ask Me: How to Handle People Who Seem to Purposely Sabotage Me? - Live Coaching with Karen

Do you feel like the world has a mission to sabotage you? Just like your partner does it on purpose to bring home this ice cream cake… Karen had this same question for me: How do I handle the people around me who either A: don’t seem to understand what I’m working on or B: seem to purposely sabotage. I talked it through with Karen and find the easiest solution for her… In this episode I discuss Last episode , I taught you how to differentiate emotional hunger from physical hunger. This...


124-Ask Me: Emotional Hunger versus Physical Hunger- What's the Difference?

Emotional Hunger versus Physical Hunger- What's the difference? I answered this question from one of my students while teaching in a retreat in Spain. We are going to identify 8 signs that will make it easy for you to know what is what and I'll also share with you my secret formula to dissolve emotional eating. In this episode I discuss Last episode, I had a high-powered discussion with a New York Times bestselling author, Geneen Roth about her newest book, This Messy Magnificent Life....


123-Geneen Roth: This Messy Magnificent Life – A Guide to Deep Lasting Freedom from Self-Doubt

This is an interview with the New York Time best seller, Geneen Roth is golden for all of us on the path of fixing ourselves... It will forever change your perspective. Do you feel like you are broken and no matter what you try and how much you fix part of yourself it's never enough? Our culture demands that we criticize and suffer so that we can be better..., but it is the only way to get "there"? Do we really have to suffer? In this episode I discuss Last episode , I gave you the...