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167- UnDiet 2019: How to Get Results: 5 Obstacles to Avoid

How to get results All of us have goals. Goals like getting married or maybe having children. Taking the next step up in our career or for some, having more energy. Making more money and losing weight are the top two goals people set in their lives... especially, new year’s resolution. Some women go on to achieve their goal and others don’t. Why? To be honest, it has nothing to do with your capacity as much as your mindset. Your ability to have an honest discussion with yourself and...


166-Strategies to Maintain Motivation and Consistency

Maintaining Motivation “I get off track very easily and difficult to get back on track. Finding a way to be motivated every day is hard. What should I do? That’s one of the top 3 questions I get on open forums. Along with how to be consistent and how can I lose weight (I never answer this one anymore!). The truth is maintaining motivation is a struggle for many as it was for me and is still when it comes to exercise. Here’s the secret... Motivation is not something you have or don’t...


165-Body Acceptance: The Must-Have to Make Peace with Food

We think that we can delay accepting our body until we get our relationship to food OK. Most of us are ready to do the work with our emotions but when it comes to doing the work with our body image... we resist. And we resist hard! The truth is Body Acceptance is the must-have to make peace with food. More than a must-have, it’s essential. Can’t make peace with food without making peace with your body right now as is! It’s like trying to heal a splinter without removing the foreign...


164-Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Survival Guide Surviving the holidays can be tough. Thriving in the holiday nearly impossible for some. Perhaps the holiday period is causing you more anxiety than pleasure. The anticipation of seeing certain family members might be causing you to be in an emotional eating rollercoaster. Perhaps the business of it all drives you to completely forget about yourself and by the time you get to Christmas, you’re completely exhausted and completely lost control on any healthy habits...


163-Smart Women Don’t Diet... and What They Do Instead

Why Diets Don’t Work Smart women don’t diet... they do THIS instead. After 27 years of dieting, I’m clear on one thing… diets don’t work. 91% of all women are unhappy about their body and resort to dieting. We think that a “thin” body is going to unlock our happiness, our acceptance, our joy. And 95% of all dieters regain their all weight within 1-5 years. Yet we keep dieting. We keep hating our body. We keep judging ourselves for our inability to be in freaking control… yet...


162-All or Nothing Mindset Trap

Do you say things like “I’m on track”, “I’m having a good or bad day” and the ultimate “on and off the wagon”? Absolutist thinking is one of the most common denominators in our Going Beyond The Food community. It’s the source of many emotional eating loops, overeating weekends and restricted food binges. The truth is the all or nothing mindset is a negative thought process also known as cognitive distortion. Everything- from food to your views of yourself to professional life– is divided...


161-Are You a Sugar Addict with Bitten Jonsson

Are you a sugar addict? Is sugar addiction even real? What’s the difference between sugar addiction and emotional eating? If we’re addicted to sugar, what should we do? These are all the questions we will answer with Bitten Jonsson, RN, ADDIS/SUGAR Certified and a Sugar Addiction Specialist. I gave her carte blanche to use my own assessment to explain and help you understand addiction. If you look at the medical definition of addiction… I’m an addict. Throughout my life, I have been...


160-Practicing the Basics

One superstar student of the current semester of the Going Beyond The Food Academy is seeing so much results in a short 4-week period that she feels the duty to share our method with people in her life that need it. She wanted to know if we have an episode of the podcast she could share with people that would encapsulate our approach and what to do to get started... we didn’t have one. Well, that’s not true. We had many that dissected one point but none that recaps our approach at a higher...


159-Live Q&A Session October... Nothing Is Off Limits!

The last time we did a live recording, the episode quickly went to the top chart! That live Q&A session on Facebook was almost a year ago! There’s so much fun to do... We are well overdue for another one... Just like the last one, we recorded this one over a Facebook Live during our yearly Going Beyond the Food Project online conference. In this episode I discuss Last episode, I talked about an article that was published by Huffington Post on September 19th, 2018 that sent shock wave in...


158-“Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong”... Almost!

An article was published by Huffington Post on September 19th, 2018 sent shock wave in the world. The article titled “Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong” by Micheal Hobbes is controversial... is challenging all of our societal beliefs around obesity all of them. From obesity is the #1 enemy of health to dieting throws it all in the air... and also explains why we suffer so much when stigmatized with weight issues. Is it all true? Almost... Although I agree with most certain...


157-Make Peace with Food & Body

Tired of fighting with your body and food? Exhausted of being in a constant struggle with yourself and willpower? Did you know that it doesn’t have to be...? You can change your relationship to food and your body and finally be at peace. Our yearly online conference is back to support your journey to Make Peace with food and body. The Going Beyond The Food Project is a free online conference starting Oct 8-19th 2018. During this event, you’ll have FREE access to over 22 talks from...


156-7 Lessons From Accepting My Body

My journey towards accepting my body has been hard but one of the most rewarding difficult processes I have ever done. I have learned many lessons in this journey which I’ll be sharing with you in this episode. 7 life lessons I have learned and that have seeped through my whole life. But I want you to know something... right now! Body acceptance is possible for all of us. That is, accepting our body for what is. Taking the focus on what your body looks like and instead focusing on what...


155-Why You’re Stuck and What to Do!

Do you feel stuck? You want to change yet you can’t get started or perhaps you’ve started the process of change and it’s not getting you where you want to be? I hear a version of that everytime I engage with a new client. I mean, I’ve been there myself. There is a part of my life in which I’m there right now. There is a reason why you are stuck and no, it’s not because something is wrong with you or the program you're on. In fact, the reason is in between your two ears. The solution is in...


154-How to Stop Binging Cycles

Binging is defined as a period, usually short, of excess something. In the case of binge eating, it’s excess eating. It's usually done alone and or hidden from our environment. My approach, as always, is based on taking responsibility. It’s an empowering model of transformation. The solution is within us. If you are looking to blame something out of you to resolve binge... like food, sugar, what people did to you... this is not the right podcast for you. Feeling empowered resides in the...


153-The Solution to Food Addiction

Food addiction is a very sensitive subject... and let’s say very controversial. It’s one of these subjects that get people very polarized. It’s either one way or the other. I used to see addiction, food addiction being one of the possible addictions, as this black or white subject. For instance, sugar is addictive and should be avoided for the rest of my life. All forms of sugar were dangerous... like viciously dangerous. But then I evolved... I opened myself to different viewpoints....


152-Finding the Courage to Do What’s Best for You with Jessica Tomasko

Finding the Courage to Do What’s Best for You In this special bonus edition of The Beyond the Food Show podcast, I’m sharing a powerful case study that will show you how transforming your relationship to food is not only possible without willpower but also transforming your entire life: kids, partner, work and all! To kick off this new segment of the podcast, I’m showcasing the story of one of the members of our Academy community, Jessica Tomasko. Jessica is in her 40’s, a mother of 2,...


151-How Much Is the Desire to Control Your Food & Weight Really Costing You?

How much is the desire to control your food costing you I’ve decided to write and speak about this topic of “Cost” after a lot of reflection. I was hesitant because I know the values and beliefs that many of us have around money and how sensitive it is for many women. After months of thinking, I’ve decided to speak publicly. Cost and money are the #1 reason why women do not take their knowledge to the next level, thus, creating changes and transformation in their lives. Nothing will ever...


150-Boost Your Self-Confidence in 4 Steps

Many women wished they had been blessed with more self-confidence so that they can achieve their goal. Thinking that if they had received the gift they would, too be where others are. Here’s the good news, ladies... self-confidence is a learned skill. Meaning, you can learn how to improve self-confidence. With the 4 steps that we will review today, you’ll be able to practice and foster an environment that will lead you to improve and boost self-confidence. One thing to understand first is...


149-Ask Me: People Pleasing: How to Stop Being a People-Pleaser

How to Stop Being a People-Pleaser Are you a people-pleaser? Where did that come from? How did you become one? These are the questions you have to ask yourself to be able to know how to stop being a people-pleaser. But, what is a people-pleaser? A people-pleaser is one of the nicest and most helpful people you know. They never say “no.” You can always count on them for a favor. In fact, they spend a great deal of time doing things for other people. They get their work done, help others...


148-Case Study: How Carol’s Journey Beyond Food Resolved the Food Issues

Case Study: How Carol's Journey Beyond Food Resolved the Food Issues Is it possible that talking about food in an attempt to resolve food issues could be the wrong approach? Is it possible that the more we focus on food the more we cause ourselves to have issues with food? Today, we will look at a case study. Case study is defined as a process or record of research in which detailed consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of...