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#8 Yoga: A Path For Healing with Tara Sanders

Yoga is the centuries old practice of stretching and breathing to help quiet the mind and keep the body fit, yet it has a stigma of being only for a certain type of person. Neal is joined by yoga instructor, Tara Sanders to examine the possibilities of the practice. Tara specializes in trauma-informed yoga which is its own kind of practice. Yoga, while meditative, can also be very tactile and interactive. Trauma-informed yoga is generally hands-off as well as providing other safeguards for...


# 7 Keto, Fasting, Paleo, Raw: Trendy Diets In 2019 with Julie Morgan

Good nutrition has flummoxed the best of us and new fad diets seem to be nonstop. Most of us grew up learning that fat and calories were what made you fat, now carbs are the enemy. Sugar has always been the devil, but sugars occur naturally in fruit, so which is it? Neal is joined by his in-house nutritionist, Julie Morgan to address all the heavy-hitters in the diet world today. Julie applies common sense and offers the science behind these diets, or lack thereof. Get in touch with Julie...


#6 The Rock Doc with Neil Ratner

This week, we experiment with all the different ways to spell Neal. It's two, there are only two ways; and the other way is favored by our guest, Neil Ratner a.k.a. The Rock Doc. What an interesting life this man has lead. He talks to Neal about his love of music early on coupled with his love of the human body; how he met up with the brothers Winter and became Edgar's tour manager; how that lead to forming his own company and then leaving it all behind to pursue medicine. But his life in...


#5 Bone Health with Dr. Matt Stryker

Neal is talkin' bones this week. How to care for our bones and keep them strong into the winter of our lives can get murky. Neal explains what calcium actually does for us and what other vitamins and factors we should be taking into account. It might surprise you what influences bone density. Plus, we hear from Dr. Matt Stryker, a clinical pharmacist and assistant professor at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. This episode is book-ended with puns, so, you know... just a head's...


#4 The Crazy Person In Your Head - Meditation and Mindfulness with Dr. Lawrence Dresdale

This week, Neal sits down with his actual therapist, Dr. Lawrence Dresdale to discuss the benefits of meditation and to define exactly what mindfulness is. Dr. Dresdale explains how to push past the stigma of therapy and the defeatist thoughts in your head in the effort to recondition yourself not to be so angry about small mistakes that will be inconsequential to the whole of your life. He also explains what a person can hope to achieve with meditation, what it won't do for you, and how to...


#3 Choosing An Expert

With so many fly-by-night companies trying to cash in on wellness, how do you find a real expert? Neal is back this week to give you the questions to ask when it comes to finding the right specialist, supplement, or medication for you. What differentiates this person or product? How transparent is this company? What kind of credentials do they have and who issued those credentials? There is a lot to consider when it comes to finding the best of the best and Neal outlines it all for...


#2 The Wellness Pyramid

Neal has a formula for living your healthiest life that he calls the wellness pyramid. It can be applied to each facet of a person's life to avoid getting mired in whatever new health craze has taken over. He has his producer, Daena, chime in with some anecdotes from her life to apply the pyramid in real time. Revelations are had. Email questions to Woodstock Podcast Network is in association with


#1 The Rant Awakens

Welcome to the pilot episode of The Big Mouth Pharmacist! Today, Neal introduces himself to you and gets into one of the biggest conflicts in modern wellness- medication vs. supplements. He has strong opinions about both and they might surprise you. Plus, he answers some questions submitted to his website. Email questions to Woodstock Podcast Network is in association with