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Campus & Community Organizing

On this episode of the Birds and the Beehive Podcast, we are going back to school to learn about campus and community organizing! Katrina talks with two young organizers--Ocean Candler and Olyvia Burbidge--about their passion for reproductive freedom and why organizing is so important, especially with the upcoming election and legislative session. Plus, you’ll learn how you can get involved on September 8th at our first ever Beehive Bootcamp! Visit for more info!


All About Birth Control

On episode 4 of the Birds and Beehive Podcast, we learn all about birth control! Katrina talks with Dr. Kyl Myers, a sociologist and Research Assistant Professor at the University of Utah Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Myers leads the Community Education and Partnerships program for the Family Planning Division and directs the statewide contraceptive initiative, Family Planning Elevated. In this engaging discussion, Kyl and Katrina talk about contraceptive methods, access,...


Let's Talk Sex Ed

On episode 3 of the Birds and Beehive Podcast, we talk sex ed! Katrina sits down with Annabel Sheinberg, the VP for Learning and Partnerships for Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, about why sex ed is important and how Planned Parenthood is on the forefront of sex education in Utah. Plus, we hear from high school student Mishka Banuri, about being a peer educator in the Teen Council program.


What is Reproductive Justice?

In Episode 2 of the Birds and the Beehive podcast, Katrina talks with Liz Owens and Kiman Kaur about Reproductive Justice. They take a deep dive into the origins, importance, and meaning of Reproductive Justice. Why it is a vital, albeit messy, part of the framework of Planned Parenthood’s work. And how Liz and Kiman have come to see Reproductive Justice as a practice that touches all parts of their lives.


Planned Parenthood: Past, Present, and Future

In this episode, we sit down with Karrie Galloway, the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Utah for over 30 years, to chat about all things Planned Parenthood - past, present, and future. Karrie gives us her unique take on everything from Margaret Sanger to the Trump administration, and what Planned Parenthood's history means for Utahns' reproductive freedom and rights.