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Hilarious Halloween Special | The Black Country Buddhas Instagram Live #3

Listen to The Black Country Buddhas having a bit of fun live on Instagram. Usually the Buddhas discuss all sorts of topics in the health and wellness world; however, in this video they decide to have a bit of fun for Halloween. Stories of myths, legends, ghosts and ghouls, this lighthearted video is bound to make you laugh and improve your mental and emotional state - It is health related after all! Please tell us if you would like to get involved in regular Instagram live sessions with...


Mental Heath with Dudley Mind and The Black Country Buddhas

The Buddhas talk with the CEO of Dudley Mind, Sandra Vaughan, to find out what she and the organisation are doing in the Black Country, and surrounding areas, to help people improve their mental health. The discussion includes children’s mental health, the dangers of labelling people and why some mental health problems are in fact social issues. The door is opened on mental illness and we hope to continue to raise awareness in the local community. CHANNEL MOTTO: Improve...


Cancer fundraiser Jason Guy | The Black Country Buddhas Podcast

This week the Buddhas talk with Jason Guy who sadly lost his wife to an aggressive form of breast cancer at a young age. Jason has fought to turn his negative situation into a positive one by raising money for breast cancer charities and promoting the importance of early detection. Jason offers some practical advice on dealing with difficult times and also tells some comical stories of his running and cycling exploits. A heartwarming show that we know you will enjoy. CHANNEL...


Mental Health with Counsellor and Hypnotherapist Steve Guy

The Buddhas talk with a trained counsellor and hypnotherapist Steve Guy. Steve works with a range of people with varying mental issues. He talks to the Buddhas about children’s mental health, how both sexes deal with mental health differently and how hypnotherapy can be used to change your life. Did you know it is possible to hypnotise yourself!? ► Understanding Mental Health - ◄ ► REGULAR ENTERTAINING TIPS ON BECOMING HEALTHIER IN EVERYDAY LIFE -...


The war against the machines | The Black Country Buddhas Instagram Live #2

Gordon the gopher, Larry the loafer, meditation, mindfulness and Dexter’s Lab! Where else can you find a health and wellness channel that includes such a range of content!? Topics discussed – Mental health, gordon the gopher, larry the loafer, Children’s mental health, meditation, mindfulness, Dudley Mind, breathing techniques, mind, Mark Wahlberg - The Departed, mental strength, navy SEALs, Serena Williams, The A-Team, Hannibal Smith, Keith Higgs, Barry Westley, Gary Vaynerchuk, The Law of...


Strength and Conditioning with Dan Allen

This week The Black Country Buddhas meet Dan Allen, a strength and conditioning coach who mentors everyday people and elite athletes to become fitter, healthier and stronger. The podcast begins by discussing strength training for particular individuals (older people, children, people with sedentary jobs and elite athletes), then, as always the conversation moves into other interesting topics such as natural living, foam rollers, yoga, meditation, binaural beats, modern technology, mobile...


Spirituality with "the love man" Keith Higgs

This week the Buddha’s meet “the love man,” Keith Higgs. Keith’s mission is to guide people on their spiritual journey back to love. A fascinating man, with plenty of stories, this one is not to be missed; especially for those of you looking to relish in your divine quest on this Earth! Peace and love! :) YouTube version - Where to find us - Email: Instagram:...


Triathlete couple Tim & Cheryl Blewitt meet The Black Country Buddhas

This week the Buddha’s talk to Tim and Cheryl Blewitt, a couple who compete together in Ironman Triathlons, consisting of a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and marathon (26.22-mile or 42.20 km run), raced in that order and without a break.. Tim and Cheryl divulge all sorts of interesting personal stories as well as their training, nutrition, race preparation, recovery and much, much more! Website: Instagram:...


Live on less than $10 per day | The Black Country Buddhas Instagram live

Topics discussed – Reasons for life, the accumulation mindset, the schooling system, your children are not your children, flow state, morning rituals, The Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Musashi & The Samurai, ego, The Magnificent Seven, Hachiko, loyalty, living on less, gratitude, thoughts & your mind, controlling feelings, combating mental exhaustion, international wealth statistics – they will blow your mind! If you enjoy this video and want to get involved in future conversations please...


Lessons from over 50 years in martial arts, health and healing.

In this episode the Buddha’s talk to martial arts expert and energy healer Barry Westley from Chi Baton Health Arts. With his endless knowledge of many forms of martial arts and healing the Buddha’s were blessed with some great nuggets of wisdom. So much so that they had to extend the show! Please leave your comments below if: 1. What you would like us to include on the podcast? 2. What we can improve on? 3. If you know of anyone that will be a good guest for the show. Barry’s top 9...


Improve your posture and energy with World Series Winning Physician Dr. Alex Vidan

This week the Black Country Buddhas' talk to Dr. Alex Vidan. Dr. Vidan of Vidan Family Chiropractic is: - A professional chiropractor - The team physician for the World Series winning St Louis Cardinals baseball team - A regular health and wellness contributor to Fox2News - An international speaker who has shared the stage with renowned speakers such as Brian Tracy and Dr Joe Dispenza. For techniques on improving your posture, this article will help: SHOW...


Can children meditate?

This week The Black Country Buddhas meet Chris Ludlow, an inspiring individual who has developed a mindfulness programme for children and families called “Thought Bubbles” Thought Bubbles website: If you are interested in meditation, these articles will be of use: Meditation practices to try this year: Meditation for busy people: Mindful exercises: WHERE TO FIND US: Website: ...


The Black Country Buddhas Podcast 8 - Learning & Development

The Buddhas discuss learning techniques, how learning works and what development means. There are also plenty of references to influential people and great thinkers. For articles on learning and development check the specific learning and development section of our website here: Education & Learning on a budget: How to turn your home into a learning and development hub: How to learn and develop your time management...



The Black Country Buddhas speak with Gary Hensel, the renowned author of "I AM - two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality." Through five plus decades of spiritual searching and growth, Gary has experienced some tremendous highs and extreme lows. His book, I AM, was written to help him heal from illness and inspire others. Twitter: @gary_hensel Website: Faccebook: authorgaryhensel As always, there are lots of topics...


The Black Country Buddhas Podcast 7 - Spirituality

This week Shaun and Gaz talk about spirituality. This week The Buddhas immerse themselves in topics such as Bigfoot, religion, the ego, meditation, psychoactive plants, grounding, addiction, military mind training and much, much more! Enjoy! WHERE TO FIND US: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: iTunes Podcast:...


The Black Country Buddhas talk with testicular cancer survivor Justin Birckbichler

The Black Country Buddhas speak with stage II Testicular Cancer Survivor, Justin Birckbichler about his fight with cancer. Justin's outlook and humour makes this a useful podcast for anyone suffering with a personal problem. Topics discussed (in no particular order) include: Testicular cancer symptoms Testicular cancer causes Testicular cancer treatment Testicular cancer survival rate How to check for testicular cancer How often to check for testicular cancer Causes of testicular...


The Black Country Buddhas - Podcast 6 - Exercise

This week’s show is all about exercise! Shaun as Gaz talk about the difference between training and activity. Steve Maxwell, Tom Furman, Pavel Tsatsouline and Tim ferriss all get a mention. They also discuss the mind-muscle connection, over-training, strength, mobility and plenty more! SHOW NOTES: Part one intro [00.00] Minimal training and minimalism. The difference between training and exercise [00.49] Steve Maxwell on training protocols,...


The Black Country Buddhas - Podcast 5 - Nutrition & Gratitude

This week Shaun and Gaz talk about the friends and family feast challenge (#FFF), which you can find on The friends and family feast challenge is all about giving back to those close to you. Being grateful, whilst improving your skills and nutritional knowledge. Just some of the topics discussed are intermittent fasting, biofeedback and “blue zones.” Books by Russell Brand, Ruby Wax and Jordan Peterson also get a mention. SHOW NOTES: Intro to Part One...


The Buddhas meet vegan British heavyweight K-1 Champion Aundre Groce

After being kicked black and blue, the Black Country Buddhas found some time to sit down with British heavyweight K-1 champion Aundre Groce to discuss his career, being vegan, weight control, training, sleep and fitness tracking. This is a valuable insight for those of us who simply over-think things! Part 1 – Fighting talk [00:53] Part 2 – Veganism & nutrition [6:12] Part 3 – Weight control & dieting [9:50] Part 4 – Training & equipment [12:27] Part 5 – Sleep [14:46] Part 6 –Fitness...


The Black Country Buddhas - Podcast 4 - Modern Day Slavery and Creating Freedom in Your Life

In this podcast the Buddhas discuss freedom in life but, as usual, there is much more content on offer. If you’re interested in creating freedom in your life, meditation, breathing techniques, resting, focus, mindset, developing, persisting or achieving; there is plenty in this podcast to enjoy plus much, much more!