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411: Michelle Houghton on Making it Work & What to do When There are Many "Its"

In this Making It Work talk, Michelle Houghton shares about her journey toward reaching two giant goals or "its" - building a brand as an artist, and setting up a practice as a professional counselor. Her goals were quickly becoming realities when she got pregnant with her second child, and soon after, quit her job as a counselor, stopped painting, and started working part time to be able to spend more time with her growing family. Her "its" of building a private practice and successfully...


213: Life is Not for the Faint of Heart with Counselor Reid Horn

"Living a brave life is not for the faint of heart. In order to live the life we want, we often have to take a risk - whether it's starting a new relationship, leaving a comfortable job, beginning a family, or moving to a new city - and that leaves us vulnerable. We could get hurt. We could be disappointed. We could find out our daydreams are pipe dreams.But we could also find out that thing we've been dreaming about is even better in reality." Taking a risk means inviting all of our...


212: Jenn Fortner on Bravery and Laundry: The Perseverance of Imperfection

Bravery does not have to come with a bright and shining medal - it can come with a whisper to follow the path of what is needed-- and in Jenn's life as a new mom, that's to smile while does laundry. Yes, laundry. As a go-getter in life, Jenn has spent the better part of her adult life traveling, taking risks, and coaching missionaries to reach high goals. As a new mom, though, she's had to take a step back to juggle her career and raising her daughter, and that has taken true bravery. In...


211: The Brave Laptop Lifestyle with Alexis Teichmiller

What do bravery, wisdom, curiosity, and an undeniable zest for life have in common? They are the recipe for success! And it's no surprise that our guest today, Alexis Teichmiller, an embodiment of all four. Alexis is a lifestyle blogger and millennial podcast host of The Laptop Lifestyle - a podcast for virtual entrepreneurs, millennials on the go, and adventure seekers with big dreams. Her mission in life is to inspire people to take action on their goals and explore their true...


210: Bravery: Putting On Your Own Oxygen Mask with Mallory Leicht

Bravery comes in many forms: moving and navigating a new city, having a baby, or creating ways to share ones passion with the world. Sometimes bravery looks like sharing ourselves and our passions in a vulnerable way, as Jenn Fortner and Mallory Leicht discuss on this podcast episode. Listen in as Mallory shares her thoughts on bravery, hospitality, and what it’s like to become a voice in one’s industry. Mallory’s podcast Vibrant can be found at and her blog is...


209: Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self Discovery with Author Steph Jagger

Steph Jagger had always been a force of nature. Dissatisfied with the passive, limited roles she saw for women growing up, she emulated the men in her life—chasing success, climbing the corporate ladder, ticking the boxes, playing by the rules of a masculine ideal. She was accomplished. She was living "The Dream." But it wasn't her dream. Then the universe caught her attention with a sign: RAISE RESTRAINING DEVICE. Steph had seen this ski lift sign on countless occasions in the past, but...


208: Reframing our Understanding of Privilege with Kate Alsup

It seems like no one wants to talk about privilege these days, but everyone is doing so. From divisive Facebook posts to everything we hear on the news, privilege, difference, and tolerance are topics we cannot ignore in our current culture, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes us feel. Kate shared a brilliant talk at our last gathering about reframing our understanding of privilege, and challenged everyone to get out of their often defensive mindsets and think about what privilege is,...


207: Living Your Adventure with Life Coach Travis Barton

Ever felt like there was more to life than working to pay bills? If you love adventure, play, and freedom but feel stuck in life, this episode is for you. Travis Barton is a life and business coach who knew young he wanted to live an alternative lifestyle where he could surf during the day, travel, go on epic camping trips, and truly live on his own terms. Through his 20's he worked to create this life for himself and now he is passionate about sharing the message that you are meant to life...


206: Success: Part Luck, Part Dedication, Part Privilege (That's Right We Said it!) w/ Kinsey Mhire

How big a part has luck played in the story of your success? Do you give much thought to the opportunity your privilege gives you to live a life both thriving and in compassion? Kinsey Mhire is no stranger to success. Growing up in the comfortable midwest, she knows what it means to have many opportunities and has used them to her advantage. She grew a large audience from her blog, Sincerely Kinsey, right out of high school and has been a full-time (and well known) photographer since she was...


205: Following Your Passion Into Uncertainty with Actress Dana Powell

Have you ever wondered what its *really* like to give up everything and follow your dreams? Have you ever wondered how those Hollywood stars "make it?" Have you ever struggled to follow your creative passions and balance security and family? Do you like genuine, kind, and hilarious people? Known best for her role as Cam's sister, Pam, on ABC's 'Modern Family,' Dana used comedy growing up to come out of her shy shell. After moving to Los Angeles, Powell began comedy improv training at iOWest,...


204: Living Fully Alive with Mary Hyatt

Mary Hyatt was 25 when she hit rock bottom. She was overweight, living with debilitating anxiety, depression, in a marriage that wasn’t fulfilling, was miserable with pain and fatigue from an autoimmune disorder, and had completely lost herself. In the 7 years since, she has fully owned her life and has learned how to live fully alive. Her journey started in a yoga class where she tasted what it was like to get connected with the body she had disowned, and has blossomed into a woman...


203: "Why Not ME?" with Madison Hedlund: How Living the Life You Want Starts with Owning Your Story

Have you ever had a dream for who you want to be and thought, "I'll never get there. I'm not _____(thin/smart/kind/outgoing/wealthy/educated)__ enough?" Have you ever taken the time to examine your thinking only to come to the conclusion, "Why NOT me?" Madison Hedlund has. In this talk Madison shares her personal journey of coming to terms with her story and how she learned to use the mantra of "WHY NOT ME?" as a catalyst of change. As a life-coach, Madison now teaches women how to move past...


202: Leaving Security to Follow Passions, Self-Awareness, & Finding Awesome Mentors w/ Britney Clark

Britney Clark is a Georgia-based financial guru, Glow Exchanger, and speaker. She spends her time walking people through the ins and outs of financial responsibility, speaks on owning your own life and living your story, and writes curriculum for the Glow Exchange, a non-profit organization seeking to empower women in communities lacking access to basic necessities and empowerment resources. On this episode, Kate and Michelle talk with Britney about what it took to walk away from a secure...


201: Owning Your Story w/ Sally Rae Kim: Thriving through Chaos, Heartache, & Overcoming the Past

Sally Rae Kim is the communications director for Yellow, a conference and collective for creative women wanting to change the world. (Speaking our language!!) She is also mother to two adorable little girls, a wife, and a "mister" to three boys. What is a "mister," you ask? Its a mother-sister; a term given to her by one of her three bothers she is raising as a foster mother. For this first episode of Season 2 we called Sally at her home in California to talk to her about how she overcame...


118: Michelle Houghton on How Finding and Following Your "Must" Makes You a Better Human

In this talk Michelle opens up about her experience with some severe burnout and the hard lessons she learned about self-care in the process of turning it around. Drawing themes from the book The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna, Michelle explores the idea that we all have musts and we need to stop "shoulding" ourselves to learn what those are to live full and authentic lives. Self Care isn't just about bubble baths and long walks, its about finding what makes you come alive. In...


117: Sarah Jo Crawford on The Battle for Self Care

Sarah Jo Crawford is a vibrant, enthusiastic, creative and successful entrepreneur. She is a writer and a speaker, and, oh, by the way, she's Bi Polar. In this talk given to our live audience at the October Bravery Board Gathering, Sarah Jo shares her story of being a "normal" person with Bi Polar. She discusses the need for good self care, why its important, and what is required to be successful at it. Before the talk you'll hear Kate, Madison, and Michelle interview Sarah Jo about her...


116: Claiming Your Version of Being Productive

Productivity is sure a buzz word surrounding our culture today. With endless amounts of content vying for our attention, coming up with systems and solutions in how to be productive is key to success in our lives and careers... But is it? In this episode Kate and Madison discuss and dissect all things Productivity, including: * Unique definitions of what it means to be productive * Why time is our most valuable resource * How being productive is more than just getting things done. (It...


115: When Women Work & Play Nice: Navigating Female Relationships in the Workplace

Kate, Madison, and Michelle talk openly about the good and bad of female work relationships and share their experiences learning tough lessons in becoming more emotionally intelligent in their careers and friendships. Topics covered: * Navigating emotional reactions to failures and disappointments (which sometimes lead to crying sessions in boss's offices) * Allowing yourself to be vulnerable with coworkers (difficult!) * Developing empathy over judgement (its so much easier to be snotty)...


114: Jake Rogers on The Life of a Musician, Success at an Early Age, & Growing up Gay in the Midwest

Jake Rogers is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter signed under Sony Music. He performs and writes solo pop music, is a member of the band LUX, has been a FINALIST on America's Got Talent, and is studying Songwriting and Music Business at Belmont University. Oh, and P.S.- he’s only 19 years old. On this episode, Madison and Michelle talk with Jake about how hitting huge success as a young teenager impacted his identity. Jake also shares what it was like growing up gay in the midwest...


112: Colleen Kirk / Cultivating a Mindset of Compassion

Compassion isn't just something we choose to offer when we are moved; its a lifestyle. Colleen Kirk, who travels the country speaking about compassion, shares with us her thoughts about how to cultivate a mindset of compassion and how to step beyond our fears and egos in order to help alleviate suffering and loneliness in the world. Its small steps that gain us momentum in this area, and that's a good good thing. You'll hear the Bravery Board ladies interview Colleen about compassion to...