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We are a "Bro" (US) and a "Bloke" (UK), exploring Health and Fitness, Gaming, TV and Film and Adulting. Join us weekly as we bring our own thoughts to the table and interview top experts to share their insights.

We are a "Bro" (US) and a "Bloke" (UK), exploring Health and Fitness, Gaming, TV and Film and Adulting. Join us weekly as we bring our own thoughts to the table and interview top experts to share their insights.


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We are a "Bro" (US) and a "Bloke" (UK), exploring Health and Fitness, Gaming, TV and Film and Adulting. Join us weekly as we bring our own thoughts to the table and interview top experts to share their insights.




Your Guide to Euro 2020 (w/Mostly Soccer Podcast)

In Kalan's absence, James goes over the upcoming European soccer tournament - Euro 2020! Not only that, he has the guys from Mostly Soccer podcast to help break things down - Mike Dalo and Jimmy Fuoco! Together, the guys outline the format of the tournament, including details of the group stages and the knockout stages, share thoughts on those teams to watch (and even teams to miss!) and highlight some star players to keep an eye out for. Euro 2020 Fixture List 'Mostly Soccer' Podcast on...


Army of the Dead: Reviewed

In the latest movie review episode, James and Kalan go over the latest zombie offering from filmmaker Zach Snyder - Army of the Dead (Netflix, 2021). What were some of the common expectations going into this movie? How did making it a "Money-heist" movie make it more unique? Was Dave Bautista's performance convincing? We also include some fun trivia from the production of the movie, including the one scene that took 5 weeks to shoot! -- For more information on our show, visit...


Your Fitness Questions, Answered (w/Jeff Mumford)

In a LIVE Twitch recording, James and Kalan sat down with Florida-based Personal Trainer and leader of the "Mumfurious Fitness Movement" - Jeff Mumford ("Mumfurious") Jeff helped answer some of those key questions for those new to fitness , including: - How many times a week we should be working out? - What's the most important factor when considering diet and nutrition? - How to mentally deal with injuries sustained through exercise? Jeff shares some of his own personal fitness...


Considering "Murph"? - Your First Time Survival Guide

In today's fitness outing, Kalan and James discuss the annual Memorial Day "Hero" Workout of the Day - Murph! What exactly is Murph? It's the following movements: 1 Mile Run 100 Pull Ups 200 Push-Ups 300 Air Squats 1 Mile Run For those considering it for the first time, this episode is for you! The guys go over some first time experiences, ideas for approaching each phase of the workout and scaled options for those who find strict bodyweight movement a challenge. This year, James is...


British vs American: Childhood Memories

In today's episode, we explore those fun cultural differences between our respective childhoods! James brings some rather unique British memories to the table and Kalan recalls those US classics. In some instances, the memories were commonly known. Others...not so much! Below are links to those key TV Shows, Toys, Music and Popular Figures: In order of discussion: TV Shows: - Rosie and Jim - Thunderbirds - Wallace and Gromit - Batman: The Animated Series - Mr Blobby/Noel's House...


What Fitness Programs Best Suit My Goals? (w/Dean Rahaman)

In today's fitness discussion, we sit down with UK-Based fitness coach - Dean Rahaman. Dean has over 15 years experience in the fitness industry, and is the owner and founder of "Coaching for Men" - an online men's wellness portal with 1-1 virtual fitness coaching and community network hosting. We question Dean about those specific training programs and how they best suit individuals with certain goals. Should a marathon runner be lifting heavy weights? What about those exercises for...


Godzilla vs Kong: Reviewed

In yet another Warner Brother's movie review, Kalan and James go over their thoughts on the primal match-up movie - Godzilla vs Kong! Was the overall movie ruined by a lack of coherent story? Or did the special effects win us over? Was Kyle Chandler correctly utilised? Is Millie Bobby Brown better than this?! What can we expect from the 'Monsterverse' - (yep, it's a thing) - moving forward and can Warner Brother's find at least one "Home Run" in a franchise (please?!) -- For more...


To Rent or to Buy? (w/Paul Clem)

In today's "adulting" episode, James and Kalan chat with local Real Estate expert - Paul Clem! As the President and Founder of Kansas City Urban Homes, Paul comes with a wealth of experience in residential and commercial real estate. He helps us answer questions on the current state of the housing market in this post-COVID19 world. He also goes over some of those key points when it comes to buying your first home, and the useful pros and cons to home ownership over renting. -- For more...


Why Your Back Hurts and Ways to Fix It (w/Cole Bolin)

In our fitness debut episode of season 4, James sits down with local chiropractor and trainer at the 'F.I.T. Muscle and Join't clinic - Cole Bolin. Cole shares his thoughts on those common reasons why we end up with back pain, as well as those simple ways to help relieve it and methods he employs with some of his patients (including the Dry Needling and Graston techniques.) More info on F.I.T. Muscle and Joint clinic In the downtown KC area? Click here to book an appointment with...


Our 2021 NFL Draft Party

(Episode recorded Wed Apr 14th. Yes, we know things may have happened since then!) . Welcome to our inaugural NFL Draft episode! We welcome back some returning guests to help us chew over our thoughts on the upcoming draft, the key players to look out for and which teams will thrive. Returning guests include: David Isaacks, from "A Fitness Journey: Dealing with Cystic Fibrosis" (Season 3, Ep. 10) Ryan Dahlquist, from "Things You Didn't Know About Your Teeth" (Season 1, Ep 14) & "How...


Zach Snyder's Justice League: Reviewed

In our first movie review of this new season, Kalan and James go over their thoughts on the to hit the movie theatres (and HBO Max) - Zach Snyder's "Justice League". Did the re-make create a better story? Did it really need to be 4 hours long? Why didn't some of those edited scenes never make the 2017 original? Ultimately, does it compete with the quality that Marvel's "ensemble" movies continue to deliver and how does it shape DC's and Warner Brother's plans moving...


Welcome to Season 4! (Show Updates & Teasers)

WOAH! It's finally here! Welcome to season premiere episode of season 4! In today's episode, we welcome new and current listeners to the academy with little teaser discussions on our main subject areas. This includes: - A preview of our fitness discussions and our recent experiences in the Crossfit Open. - Our upcoming movie reviews and some fun quizzes. - A battle of the cultures! We'll share foods from the UK, as well as talk childhood memories from our respective countries of...



Here it is. The highlights from Season 3! . Here's a list of each clip and the episode it came from: 1) How to find your fitness purpose - Ep.1 'Finding Your Fitness Motivation & Positivity (w/Mikefit) ' 2) What is "Lapland"?! - Ep.3 'Christmas Traditions: British vs American' 3) Building your perfect speech - Ep.13 'Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking' 4) Fitness with Cystic Fibrosis - Ep.10 'A Fitness Journey: Dealing with Cystic Fibrosis (w/David Isaacks)' 5) Thoughts on Lara...


The Fitness DO's and DON'Ts

The season 3 finale is here! In today's episode, James and Kalan go through their list of Fitness "Do's and Don'ts". These include: - DO have a game plan for your fitness goals - DO ensure your nutrition is on point. - DON'T copy those fake instagram fitness "experts" - DON'T push through an injury/illness Thanks for your continued support, listeners. We'll be back soon! -- For more information on our show, visit or check out our social media platforms and support...


Those Upcoming 2021 Gaming Titles

In our next gaming outing, Kalan and James look over some of those titles getting ready for a ("hopeful") 2021 release. These include: - Horizon: Forbidden West - Far Cry 6 - Boundary What do we get excited for as gamers when it comes to new releases? Is it sequels? Enhanced graphics? A new title from a reputable developer? -- For more information on our show, visit or check out our social media platforms and support pages: Facebook: @brosandblokes Twitter:...


Meet Alan Snyder: Physical Therapist by Day, Podcaster by Night

In today's episode James hosts Alan Snyder, a man whose career revolves around Physical Therapy. But Alan, like many others, shares a strong passion for entertaining and spends a great deal of time writing quiz questions, as well as other content for his weekly podcast "Boo's Your Daddy?!" We ask Alan how he manages to split up his time between working as a Physical Therapist and creating his content for his passion projects. Also, if he's found unique ways to combine his craft for...


Are You Paying Attention?! Fine-Tune Those Listening Skills (w/Lyn Lindbergh)

In today's lesson, James sits down with Lyn Lindbergh, creator of the 'Listening Skills' online platform and podcast. Lyn shares with us those key tips for staying active and present in a conversation - whether it be with a friend, family member or even your boss. She explains how certain elements of listening, such as eye contact or body language, are commonly overlooked. Listening Skills Website -- For more information on our show, visit or check out our social media...


February Download: Tom Brady, WandaVision, The Little Things

Welcome to our February Monthly Download episode, a little later than usual! We start by resurrecting those painful Superbowl memories...Tom Brady claimed his 7th ring vs the Chiefs. We discuss whether he will forever be considered "the GOAT", and whether the floundering Chiefs performance gifted him that boost in his GOAT status. We break down the latest in the Marvel Universe with a deep dive into 'WandaVision', the first immersive iteration of the MCU cannon to grace Disney+. But is the...


How to Challenge Our Current Wellness (w/Eric Levinson)

In today's health and fitness download, James chats with Wellness Coach, Eric Levinson. As we dive deep into a new year with fitness resolutions, one has to ask if we've challenged the extensive perceptions of health. We could argue a majority of us stay in specific lanes when it comes to working on our health and wellbeing, such as just lifting heavy weights, or just running on a treadmill. But what about those mental elements that challenge our ways of thinking about wellness? Have you...


Why Those Fitness Resolutions Are Failing

It's a common perception that a large number of people sign up for gym membership at the start of each year. But what's interesting is that a majority of those people quit after just one month! So why is that?! In today's fitness check-in, James flies solo to explore some of the key reasons why the fitness resolutions we set for ourselves at the start of each year...might not be working for us. Are we getting more specific about our goals? Are we wanting to see results faster? How we can...