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The CardioCast CoolDown features personalities from the Health & Wellness space. The goal is to share with our members and audience knowledge about complementing their exercise routines with a thriving lifestyle. Visit:

The CardioCast CoolDown features personalities from the Health & Wellness space. The goal is to share with our members and audience knowledge about complementing their exercise routines with a thriving lifestyle. Visit:


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The CardioCast CoolDown features personalities from the Health & Wellness space. The goal is to share with our members and audience knowledge about complementing their exercise routines with a thriving lifestyle. Visit:




Taking a ‘First Principles’ Approach to Good Nutrition with Colin Stuckert

Colin Stuckert is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and educator focused on building better humans by applying first principles thinking and exposing the often overlooked inefficiencies and drawbacks of the status quo. His past life as a professional poker player, CrossFitter, and gym owner laid the foundation for his success as the founder of Wild Foods, a ‘Real Food’ nutrition business. In Jan 2015, he listed his first Wild Foods product on Amazon. By December of that year, he reached the...


Mindfulness To Overcome Codependency With Vanessa Bennett

Do you have a codependent personality? What even is a codependent personality? Vanessa Bennett is a licensed holistic psychotherapist, Mindfulness, and Codependency Coach. She is a co-host of the Cheaper Than Therapy Podcast, where she demystifies what she talks about in her therapy practice. As a marketing manager for global powerhouses like Coca-Cola, she realized she needed to find a way to decrease stress and achieve more balance. Vanessa shifted her focus in life by becoming a therapist...


The Challenge of Being One of the Fastest Track Cyclists in the World With Ashton Lambie

How is it possible that Ashton Lambie, without respecting the ancient traditions of the discipline, became one of the fastest track cyclists in the world? He is a track cyclist known for his Trans-Kansas record, as well as being a former individual pursuit world record holder. He elbowed his way to the top of a tight-knit cycling discipline. He first came to our attention after his individual pursuit career that broke the world record at the Pan American Track Cycling Championships in August...


The Truth Behind Industry-Funded Nutrition Research With Dr. Taylor Wallace

Before reading a nutrition study, it's important to check who is funding the research, and today's guest is going to explain why. Dr. Taylor Wallace is a food and nutrition scientist, CEO at the Think Healthy Group, and a Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies at George Mason University. His academic research interests are in the area of nutritional interventions to promote health, prevent health problems, and the onset of chronic disease. Dr. Wallace is editor of six...


The Perfect Workout Playlist With Jonathan Carlucci

Creating an exercise playlist is an art unto itself, and you have the challenge of getting as many people as possible to like it without being too obvious about the choices. Today’s guest is an expert on this subject. Jonathan Carlucci is a fitness instructor, talent developer, and fitness music producer, recognized around the world for his distinctive blend of rhythms, motivation and programming. He is also the VP of Talent and Content popular at CardioCast and one of the app’s most popular...


Small Changes in Your Diet to Lose Weight With Dr. Adrienne Youdim

Every bite you take is an opportunity to improve your health! Dr. Adrienne Youdim is a board certified expert in medical weight loss and clinical nutrition. Dr. Youdim's integrative and holistic approach gives patients the ability to empower themselves to make lifestyle decisions with lasting impact. After receiving her degree from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, she completed her residency and fellowship at Cedars-Sinai. Her credits include a long list of...


Prenatal Workout: How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy With Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney

We should always listen to our body, because it’s smarter than us. Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney is a certified fitness trainer, nutritionist, founder of Fleur de Lis Fitness, and holds a master’s of science in psychology. With her wellness brand she seeks to help people feel more alive and confident through exclusive programs. She started her company while her husband was in the United States Army and delved into online programs, which has enabled her to be prepared and grow during the pandemic....


Enough Strength and Mental Training to Pull a Fire Truck With Logan Christopher

Have you ever seen someone pull an 8,800 pound fire truck with their hair? Logan Christopher can do it! The epitome of a 'renaissance man', Logan is a strength athlete, mental training specialist, herbalist, author, entrepreneur, and much more. Born without genetic gifts of strength, Logan began a quest for super strength and radiant health, seeking out and acquiring the best information available to help him unlock his potential. From there, he became a personal trainer after discovering...


Finding the Balance for Innovative, Delicious and Healthy Meals With Health Chef Julia Chebotar

We are what we eat, so we need to know what food is healthy! Today's guest is Julia Chebotar, a private chef and culinary nutrition consultant based in New York City. She creates recipes and food solutions that support a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Her grandmother's love for food inspired her and made her fall in love with gastronomy. She began working at her parents' restaurant, working as an executive chef and restaurateur, bringing food to life through bold flavors and colorful...


Fitness That Fits You with Personal Trainer Brittany Noelle

Don't be fooled by other people's concepts of fitness, find your own definition! In a world saturated by Instagram models with six pack abs, it’s important to take a step back and build fitness goals that will actually help you live a healthier life. That’s the message of today’s guest, Brittany Noelle, a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), with a degree in Physiological Science from UCLA. With almost a decade of experience in fitness, Brittany...


The Power of Barefoot Training With World-Renowned Podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal

Why should we start exercising barefoot? Today's guest, Dr. Emily Splichal, explains the benefits of barefoot training. Dr. Splichal is a functional podiatrist and human movement specialist. She is also the author of Barefoot Strong and the founder of Naboso Technology, a company that delivers innovative textured insoles and mats that help increase foot strength and health by increasing sensory stimulation in your feet. Her interest and experience in barefoot movement began as a competitive...


Fitness for the Sanity, Not the Vanity with Shannon Decker

Today on The CardioCast CoolDown we're speaking with celebrity trainer Shannon Decker. We'll discuss her go-to tips to get in shape as well as her journey to becoming a renowned certified personal trainer. Shannon has made her mark on the vibrant Los Angeles fitness scene over the past decade. She grew up on the Pacific Northwest coast and in Santa Barbara, riding waves with her father, a professional surfer. Initially she pursued a career in nursing, but her side gig of professional...