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Welcome to The Change Room with Rod & Lesley where we talk about how people experience and navigate through change.

Welcome to The Change Room with Rod & Lesley where we talk about how people experience and navigate through change.




Welcome to The Change Room with Rod & Lesley where we talk about how people experience and navigate through change.




S2 - 23 - Breathing training from Lesley

In this episode, Lesley takes the lead and walks Rod, and you listeners, through breathing training. Inhale 1 - 2 - 3; hold 1 - 2 - 3; exhale 1 - 2 - 3.... Rod asks the newbie questions, following Lesley's expert guidance to a calmer amygdala. A note to our faithful listeners... Rod and Lesley are taking a mid-season 2 intermission and will be back in a couple of months.


S2 - 22 - From cognitive dissonance to harmonic resonance

In this episode, Rod and Lesley dig deep into the vault of 1950s psychology experiments to talk about Cognitive Dissonance. This is a term is used to describe the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes. Rod and Lesley relate real examples of when this comes up, and how to spot these uncomfortable dissonance feelings - which is the first step into dealing with them.


S2-21 - Talking biases

In this episode, Rod and Lesley talk about their favourite biases. No, ones they like that we have, silly. The ones they think are worth knowing more about so we can start to overcome them. They discuss biases in recognition of March 8 and international women's day. The conversation gets into understanding micro aggressions, types on how to talk about them, and a recognition that we all have more to learn!


S2 - 20 - Sometimes the easy to believe stuff, is just plain misleading

In this episode, Rod and Lesley discuss the change adoption curve (The innovation adoption curve). This is part two of two in the mini series that takes on well known models and helps you know their misinterpretations. The upside-down-U-bell-shaped curve that is taught ubiquitously through many change management courses. It is Rod's turn to go through a commonly known concept by those in the change field, and widely heard of term by everyone else - and bash it apart! Yes, it is intuitive to...


S2 - 19 - Is it the 80/20 rule or the 20/80 rule?

In this episode, Rod and Lesley talk about something we all thought we knew - but were (mostly) wrong! Many of us have heard about the 80/20 rule. But, as Lesley will explain, it is really the 20/80 rule. And the origin was based on the idea that 20 percent effort leads to 80 percent of the outcome. This episode is the first of a mini series of two where your fearless hosts take on simple models that have lost their way and lead people to wrong ideas. Next week... the 'Change Curve'... from...


S2 - 18 - Forgiving yourself and others

In this episode, Rod and Lesley dive into the little bit messy conversation on forgiveness. Sharing experience that can help the process of forgiving others to move on from the negative shackles. As well as recognizing the importance of forgiving yourself when occasion arises.


S2 - 17 - Projecting your projections

In this episode, Rod and Lesley talk about projections. Not financial projections, but the psychological kind. In particular, sub-conscious projections that we humans put onto interpreting the intent, motivations, and behaviours of others. This wide ranging and open conversation is filled with questions with some answers. In the spirit of Bell Talk week, promoting awareness and reducing the stigma of mental health issues, this habit of humans to project is one that deserves better...


S2 - 16 - How to go from confident decision making to self-doubt in one easy step

In this episode, Rod and Lesley dive into what it is like when you challenge your assumptions. Lesley is destabilized and Rod does a little happy dance at her expense. Is he really that mean? No, it was all for show. The topic this week is based on Lesley's BFF Adam Grant's book think again, which put her into quite the tailspin as she challenged her assumptions. Rod has years of experience challenging his own thinking and so it was nice for him to see this hypothesis based decision...


S2-15 - What is more Canadian than...’Sorry’ ?

In this episode, Rod and Lesley dive into a slice of Canadiana...saying sorry. Apologizing for pretty much anything is a common habit many of us have, and Rod is taking aim at it. While it might be polite, it can get your mind reacting to things that don't deserve the attention, you can give an unintended vibe, and it is an easy way out of taking accountability (ironically enough). Listen to hear Lesley's sorry stories, and attacks on sorries from Rod.


S2-14 - Choosing optimism

In this episode, Rod and Lesley realize they aren't done yet with dealing with the psychology of the pandemic. They find themselves in another 'reflection' of pandemic now, and what is ahead. This discussion riffs off of an idea around informed optimism (from Adam Grant) that these two turn into choosing optimism.


S2-13 - Ending the year like it started, finding joy in the little things

In this episode, Rod and Lesley reflect on the year and how we find ourselves in a similar place as we started the year - facing a Covid lockdown. It is Lesley's turn to bring the story and she shares how a potential frustrating anger producing scenario was switched by focusing on the little pleasures that are all around. Yes, it sounds like a hallmark card, but it is Christmas after all. These two are taking a holiday season break and will be back in the first week of the new year. Best...


S2-12 - The questions you ask, shape your mindset

In this episode, Rod and Lesley talk questions. After gushing over fandom of audiobook narrators, Rod shares a recent discovery - Change your questions, Change your life: by Marilee Adams. This book was almost ignored due to the cheesy overpromising awesomeness used in the intro, but it turned out to be a gem. The book is worth the read (or listen) to learn how you can switch your mindset in the moment through switching the types of questions you ask. As Lesley points out, it is like...


S2-11 - The space between Tiger and Eeyore

In this episode, Rod and Lesley talk about Winnie the Pooh. Using the example of positive Tiger, and negative Eeyore, they talk about the grey area in between. When is positivity toxic, what you can do when the negativity is dragging you down. Rod and Lesley dive into deep and bring it back at the end with a simple message - choose what energy you'll absorb from others.


S2-10 - The problem with round numbers

In this episode, Rod and Lesley explore what Rod coined as 'the law of round numbers'. Round numbers can be a good thing to give you something to strive for, but they should never be taken literally, and they discuss common pitfalls when that happens.


S2-09 - Rules to live by

In this episode, Rod and Lesley share their version of 'rules to live by'. Everyone and their uncle has published a set of rules to live by, and these two didn't want to let that go without a little critique, and their sharing their own version. Some gems on their very short list - Get enough sleep; Choose to be kind; When in doubt - write it out!


S2-08 - The spectre of ...duh duh duuuuun

In this episode, Rod and Lesley time warp themselves back a couple of weeks to halloween and get a little scary creepy. They talk about how the spectre of death helps bring focus to living your life. Duh duh duuuuun. Lesley expands on what was putting her into a funk last week and that leads them into the philosophical quotes of wise androids like Data (from Star Trek).


S2-07 - When stresses collide and you get in a funk

In this episode, Rod and Lesley put Lesley under the microscope. What is up with her this week that she has doubt and difficultly making a decision? The timely situation becomes a good reminder of how to take in, and except the moments in life that put you off your game...with the goal that they don't linger too long and get in the way of the positive change and growth that helps us thrive.


S2-06 - Halloween edition - Scary Covid Part 2

In this episode, Rod and Lesley don't even bother remarking 'can you believe we have had two COVID tainted halloweens?'. Yes, there is nothing scarier to confront than Covid once again. Last year, they were wound up about different approaches to managing the pandemic, and this year, ...well, let's just say they are still wound-up. Rod and Lesley had best intentions of talking about the adjustment we are going through as things start 'opening up', but it ended up being a big share fest of...


S2-05 - Learning to let go as you change

In this episode, Rod and Lesley share inspiration from a thought leader they both love - Seth Godin. They have gushed over Seth before, and his idea this time was "what will you leave behind". Seth's advice falls into the camp of, meaningful and ambiguous enough that you can read into what you want. Queue the discussion. Listen to the episode to hear thoughts on how you have to let go of things to change. Even things you like and enjoyed in moments of your life, but might need to let go.


S2-04 - The campsite rule: Leave people better than you found them

In this episode, Rod and Lesley propose a new rule to live by - the campsite rule. In a nutshell, the campsite rule that Lesley knows is from relationship advice podcaster/blogger Dan Savage. Leave your romantic partners better or the same when you leave them as they were when you found them. Inspired by what you would think is a rule about how to care for a campsite (though, no campsite we googled had this rule). The discussion explores the brilliance of the campsite rule, how it forces you...