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Episode 142--The Mountain Top--Fearlessness And Courage

Fear not only robs you of your confidence and your masculine presence, it steals your very ability to enjoy life itself. My good friend Justin Stenstrom from Elite Man Magazine knows what it means to conquer fear and anxiety, and he's back to co-host this episode. Listen in for a unique but dead-on accurate assessment of exactly why people freak out so easily nowadays. What is the difference between being fearless and having courage? What type of situations call for the former or for the...


Episode 141--The Mountain Top--Break-Up Warning Signs

The truth is that most of us will break up with the vast majority of people we ever date, right? That doesn't make it any less painful or frustrating, though. Today I'm joined by breakup and divorce expert Brad Browning, who is the founder of Love Learnings Media. Guys tend to enter relationships with a faulty mindset from the beginning, setting themselves up for failure. In this action-packed show we cover the early indications she's thinking about leaving you, how to stop an imminent...


Episode 140--The Mountain Top--Use Your Voice To Attract Women, Success And Power

Krystin Wahl is a vocal essence expert. You would think doing a podcast with a voice expert would be about as unnerving as going on a date with a psychiatrist, but besides having a pleasant voice Krystin is also very sweet and easy-going, which made the show a breeze. Never mind the fact that trying not to trip over our words during the recording was like trying not to think of a polka-dot elephant. Anyway, one of Krystin's favorite topics is how a man can use his voice to be attractive to...


Episode 139--The Mountain Top--Seduce Women And Give Them Incredible Pleasure, Even In The #MeToo Era

When the #MeToo hashtag first started, one of my wife's friends posted on Facebook about it. She said, 'Does this mean 'pound me too'? Because if it does, I'm all for it!' Women loved the post in droves, while nearly every man wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. And so the dilemma started...we as men with a healthy sex drive may be all about respecting women, but how do we reconcile that with the #MeToo era? Obviously, rapists are bad and should be locked up. But is talking to an...


Episode 138--The Mountain Top--Women Who Are Easily Offended

My co-host, Joe Bovino, is a 5x number one bestseller on Amazon and a health and fitness coach. But he's also the author of some of the most entertaining yet controversial books on women in recent years, such as The Field Guide To Chicks and Chicaspotting. As such, Joe has had to deal with easily offended women on a scale few other men have. In this show, you'll find out what Joe learned from attempting to take a conciliatory tone with angry Feminists. You'll also discover how people who are...


Episode 137--The Mountain Top--Relentless Flirting For Sport

There has not been a show with 'flirting' in the title since episode 27. Granted, that could be because practically every show I do with a female guest is a flirt show, and I'll be the first to admit that on the surface it seems a show like this would be more fun with a woman as co-host. BUT...we as guys also need to talk about this among ourselves in a matter-of-fact environment, especially since it's arguably not quite as gentlemanly to talk about all of our flirt stories with a woman. So...


Episode 136--The Mountain Top--Beating Busy-Ness And Blind Spots

Jarrod Haning is a true Renaissance man. But most importantly to this episode, he is a performance coach and devoted advocate of the Nobel-nominated Mind Scan process. He first captured my attention by making the incendiary claim that the less you work, the more prosperous and successful you'll be. Indeed, his clients typically double their income by working FEWER hours. Right...but what does all that mean to your relationships with women? Well, in this show we cover Jarrod's belief that if...


Episode 135--The Mountain Top--Radical Honesty For The Win

As co-founder of The Handel Group, my co-host Lauren Zander has coached major corporations and famous celebrities on the art of success. But it's her iconoclastic, if not downright incendiary thoughts on finding one's own truth and where it comes from that take center stage in this fast-paced episode. Look for one of the most spirited conversations in quite a while on everything from 'personal pollution' to owning your decisions and your destiny--all spoken in a way you've surely never heard...


Episode 134--The Mountain Top--How Women Talk About Men When We're Not Around

Co-Host Emily McKay ( It took a whopping 134 episodes, but my wife Emily is finally the co-host. That's because we just finished recording the OPPOSITE conversation on How Men Talk About Women When They're Not Around. You can find that as episode 54 of our other show, X & Y On The Fly. But in THIS action-packed conversation, you'll hear why women LOVE to talk about their husbands and boyfriends...and if there are any limits to what is said out loud. How...


Episode 133--The Mountain Top--What Do Women Really Want?

Co-Host Mike Goldstein ( New York City's own EZ Dating Coach Mike Goldstein joins me for a classic discussion between two 'dudebros' who obviously never wear suits anymore. So, how is it we can run a show about what women want without any women as guests? I mean, why not just ASK them? Well, the answer is simple...the entertainment value is WAY higher when you have two Y chromosomes attempting to sort it all out. And rest assured we cover it all....


Episode 132--The Mountain Top--How To Be Multi-Orgasmic

Most guys think that once you've blown your load, that's it. At best, you'll need a 'recovery period' to recharge before going at it again. Well, my charming guest from Germany, Mariah Freya, wants to 'Beducate' you. Let's just say that not only can you come back for a second round as quickly as you'd like, you can take your orgasm game to a whole new level. Did you know that you can have different types of orgasms that feel different from each other, just like women can? And what if it's...


Episode 131--The Mountain Top--Why Men Never Ask For Directions

Co-Host Marc Mawhinney ( The oldest running joke in the world is about how men refuse to stop and ask for directions. There's a strong element of truth to that. But wait a minute though, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Can not asking for directions be a blessing as well as a curse? Well, my co-host Marc Mawhinney is a renowned 'coach of coaches', and he has some surprising thoughts on this whole subject. Listen to his take on how men and women...


Episode 130--The Mountain Top--How To Make People Like You, Especially Women

Given that my co-host is the author of a wildly-popular book called The Like Switch, you may have a mental picture of him as that life-of-the-party kind of guy with boundless energy. But a laid-back yet fearless, straight-shooting demeanor is just the first surprise Jack Schafer has in store for you. You see, before he became a college professor and started writing books about how to inspire people to like you and want more of you, Jack was an FBI agent specializing in behavior analysis and...


Episode 129--The Mountain Top--Response Ability

Co-Host Orlando Owen ( My co-host for this episode has made a multi-million dollar fortune and lost it...all before ultimately figuring out what it means to be a man who takes responsibility. There's that word...responsibility. It's what all of our parents used to harp on us about constantly in our teenage years, yet it's also exactly what nearly everyone on Twitter sorely lacks nowadays. But responsibility truly is a linchpin to maximizing your...


Episode 128--The Mountain Top--Self-Help In A Shot Glass

He may go by the title 'The Angry Therapist', but these days John Kim is anything but. His approach to self-help is so disarmingly obvious it's revolutionary...distilling the basics so that being a better man becomes utterly uncomplicated. John has broken the mold when it comes to therapy, and his vision of vulnerability in particular has made a real, tangible difference in the lives of many. In this inspiring episode we talk about the tools and motivation men need to be better. Discover the...


Episode 127--The Mountain Top--The Real Man's Guide To Marriage And Fatherhood

Why is there so little information out there to empower real men who are in long-term relationships and raising kids? Well, Bryan Ward is the head of Third Way Man and he's part of the solution to this post-modern problem. In his opinion, 'only the wildest men marry' and his life purpose is to defeat the almost pandemic pattern of guys getting wussified in their long-term relationships. You'll be amazed as he talks about how even a decent, well-meaning man's impulse to pacify the woman in...


Episode 126--The Mountain Top--Women Who Make Us Want Them

My co-host for this episode is originally from Moscow and has the accent to match. She's a dating coach for women who recently wrote an article called '5 Ways To Get A Man To Do What You Want'. When I first found the article I was expecting something very different than what it was really least until I saw who the author was. Polina absolutely adores men, and teaches women all over the world how to charm us in a way that makes us want to be their heroes. Listen in as Polina...


Episode 125--The Mountain Top--A Thrilled, Happy Woman Who Adores You

Co-Host Elliott Katz ( No co-host Elliot Katz and I had to work pretty hard to come up with a topic for this show. That's because he and I think so much alike that probably his first half-dozen ideas were quite literally the very cornerstones of everything we've done here at X & Y Communications for a dozen years. But using the previous episode on happiness as a jumping-off point, we decided to talk about happy women...and more...


Episode 124--The Mountain Top--3 Secrets Of Happiness

My guest co-host has figured out the three cornerstones to happiness...and I think he's on to something significant. We define them up front, followed by ways to look inwardly for happiness despite the pull of external influences and even external energies. Then we explain why the obstacles from the past seem to keep haunting us, and how to finally hurdle over them. Next, we talk about the obvious and not-so-obvious ways our 'advanced' post-modern culture is actually contributing to our...


Episode 123--The Mountain Top--How Men And Women Communicate

You'd think after twelve years of running a shop called X & Y Communications I'd have done a show on communication by now. Well, that all changes right now thanks to my new friend and fellow 'old bull on the hill' Robert Manni from The Guy's Guys" Guide To Love. Plan on hearing a dogpile of wisdom we just didn't have in our twenties, including my 'mansplaining' is a thing (and a brilliant response to it), why women want a man who 'listens', and the basic reasons why men and women have been...