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Episode 170--The Mountain Top--The Truth About Single Women

My guest co-host, author Acamea Deadwiler, is all about breaking pre-conceived notions. In her book Single That!, she writes words of encouragement and clarity to single women. But...I couldn’t help but recognize the immense value to us as men of gaining insight into her list of myths, especially since Acamea is so level-headed, positive and easy-going in her approach to men and women finding love together. So how about it, then? If a woman is still single in, say, her thirties, does that...


Episode 169--The Mountain Top--A Billion Wicked Thoughts

Decades ago the Kinsey Institute infamously attempted to define the parameters of human sexual thought and behavior. Over the years books such as My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday have elaborated upon just how dirty the human mind can get. But it wasn't until Internet-driven research came along that we really found out what human beings think and do in private anonymity. This bold insight comes to you in large part courtesy of my guest, neuroscientist Dr. Ogi Ogas, along with his fellow...


Episode 168--The Mountain Top--Friends With Benefits

Everyone is familiar with the term. But what exactly IS a 'friends with benefits' relationship? Who gets into relationships like that, and what can be expected from it? And how is it different than having a 'sex buddy'? Is it about whether I'm willing to be seen in public with her or not...or introduce her to my friends? As you can see, this is a sticky topic right from the get-go. Well, my long-time friend and fellow dating coach Susan Winter is never shy about tackling even the friskiest...


Episode 167--The Mountain Top--Conflict and Disagreement

Emily and I have been together for nearly fourteen years, and we agree on just about least fundamentally. That's a big part of what makes our relationship wonderful. But that doesn't mean we don't have our prickly moments. Therefore, we figured we'd record an episode where we break down what exactly constitutes 'healthy' disagreement as opposed to something twisted and dysfunctional. So how do people end up in a relationship with someone they disagree with even on the...


Episode 166--The Mountain Top--When Other Guys Want Your Woman

It doesn't matter whether you've got your eye on a woman who is desired by other men, you're dating a woman who incessantly tells you how other guys want her, or you're in a relationship with a woman who is constantly hit up on by other dudes...this episode is for you. My main man Bobby Rio returns to hash it all out, throwing down some real talk about how to be the man even in such awkward and potentially frustrating situations. And what if your girlfriend has a pesky BFF who keeps trying...


Episode 165--The Mountain Top--Talk To Women Like A Man

Why is it men are so concerned about speaking their truth when talking to women? Well, according to returning guest Kim Seltzer's interesting perspective, men and women both tend to complain about the widespread miscommunication between the genders nowadays. This leads to lots of offended people, followed inevitably by pandemic fear of talking to each other. But as it turns out, there's a pattern to how everything tends to fall apart, and it's easy to remove yourself from the cycle...which...


Episode 164--The Mountain Top--Frying The Circuits Of Sexuality As We Know It Since 2002

Asexuality as a sexual orientation may seem on the surface as if it's no orientation toward sexuality at all. But in reality, it's a much more complex subject than most people think. In fact, quite a number of people experience sexual attraction differently from the majority of everyone else. Enter world expert on the subject, Tony Bogaert from Brock University in Canada. The truth is there's much yet to be discovered on this fascinating subject, as Tony's own groundbreaking research really...


Episode 163--The Mountain Top--Why She's Holding Back

One thing you can expect from this episode is that my co-host Cyndi Olin will definitely NOT hold back. The playful banter starts almost immediately, and Cyndi isn't at all shy about telling it like it is when it comes to women growing cold and distant. So let's say you're out with a woman and suddenly you don't know what she's thinking, or she's giving you mixed signals. Should you call it out, try harder to win her affection or simply chalk it up and stop 'pushing it uphill'? Why do women...


Episode 162--The Mountain Top--My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

Adam Lyons is a long-time stalwart in the world of men's dating advice, but these days he's also a movie maven and spends lots of time helping people build their businesses. But today, he's here for two reasons...first to get back to his roots of helping YOU be better with women, and second to discuss being a 'throuple' with his two live-in girlfriends. Now, the last time Adam was here back in episode 34 he had just gotten married. What happened with that relationship that led to his current...


Episode 161--The Mountain Top--Make More Women Want You

Co-Host Susan Bratton ( Susan Bratton is the queen of sex advice, and she returns for an equally shocking and entertaining discussion on how to be sexually attractive to LOTS of women. On the surface this seems like a rather general topic, but it's more specific than you may realize. Susan hits the ground running with objective attraction factors that are extremely important to women. What is the number one fashion mistake men make? What's more...


Episode 160--The Mountain Top--Adoring Women

Why do so many guys have a hard time actually liking and enjoying the gender we're sexually attracted to? My co-host Zan Perrion has been enlightening men in the art of loving women for over fifteen years now. That makes him the perfect guest to cover this all-important subject. What is the key trait women have that makes us adore them naturally and completely? How can guys bounce back from bitterness and begin to genuinely adore women again? Are there women out there worthy of our...


Episode 159--The Mountain Top--Witty Banter

What is 'witty banter', anyway? Professional comedienne Kristen Carney and I tackle that one first, which is a formidable question in and of itself. Is it really just a playful argument? What role does sexual tension play in the process? And what can George Clooney teach us about witty banter? But the fun really starts when my real-time demo catches Kristen by surprise, all 'sparked' by a dorky factoid about wintergreen LifeSavers. So why should we even care about witty banter? Isn't simple...


Episode 158--The Mountain Top--Keeping Her In Love With You

My co-host Jim Wolfe is one of the good guys in dating and seduction advice, and the author of the newly-released and auspiciously-titled book The Happiest Man In Hollywood. First, what inspired the title of his book? Next, we discuss the importance of having our own relationships in order before seeking to share relationship advice with others, even though a surprising number of so-called 'experts' do not. Can the mindset of avoiding breakups and divorce at all costs end up causing more...


Episode 157--The Mountain Top--What To Do When Women Give You Nothing To Go On

There has been a disturbing trend within the last few years. More and more, women everywhere are giving us as men less and less to work with. When texting them, making plans with them and especially online and when using dating apps, women are simply shrugging their shoulders in silence, as if to say 'entertain me'. What is going on there, how did it come to this, and--most of all--what do we as men DO about it? Well, what better way to get down to the bottom of all this than to talk to a...


Episode 156--The Mountain Top--A Man Of Value

The term 'value' has always been sort of a nebulous one as it relates to what makes us attractive as men. That's why my friend and co-host Tripp Kramer of Tripp Advice fame is returning to the show to help sort it all out. So what do women envision as 'value' in a man? What's the difference between the mere illusion of value and a genuine high-quality man? How much does value have to do with money...or what money represents? Is it about how physically attractive you are? What about purpose?...


Episode 155--The Mountain Top--The Triumphant Return Of Offline Dating

When I first heard about my co-host's gig several years ago, I was skeptical. It sounded gimmicky to talk about 'offline dating'. But now Camille Virginia's vision is proving to have been prescient indeed. So how about it...are people so frustrated with apps, and indeed fed up with faux electronic 'socializing' in general that they're going back to their 'organic' roots of meeting in real life? Or are we so far gone with social technology that we've passed the point of no return? I mean, is...


Episode 154--The Mountain Top--The 100/0 Relationship

My co-host for this episode, Matt Javit, recently spent over two years traveling the world with his wife. Besides engaging in lots of 'world barbershop adventures', as he calls them, he discovered a new and deeper level of relationship with his main squeeze. So, what IS a 100/0 relationship, anyway...and what are the key tenets of a powerful, healthy one? Well, for starters it does NOT mean the guy gets run over like some kind of beta 'nice guy'. Not at all. You'll discover what both Matt...


Episode 153--The Mountain Top--Broken Pickers: Why People Keep Ending Up With The Wrong Person

Both my co-host Diana Mandel and I have a long, sordid history in our 'previous lives' of having broken pickers. With that in the distant past for both of us, we're ready to reveal everything we've got about why so many people seem to end up in the wrong relationship, and how to keep that from happening to you. For starters, we cover the historically-cited reasons why doomed partnerships form to begin with. Sure, our childhood upbringing affects us in this area, but hang's not...


Episode 152--The Mountain Top--What Kind Of Dating Advice Is Given To Women?

Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall when women are being coached on how to get a guy? Well, wonder no more. My guest is Scott McDougal, a renowned dating coach to women all over the world. The first fact about Scott that will warm your heart is he hasn't sold out the entire male gender in order to cozy up to angry, dateless women. Instead, he gives them the truth they need to succeed. So...what ARE women being taught about men nowadays? Why are women's first date expectations so high?...


Episdde 151--The Mountain Top--The Obsolete Man...Don't Be That Guy

This episode gets an exciting hint of futurism, thanks to my good friend Derek Loudermilk. In his new book Superconnectors, he outlines the top ten ways human beings can and should maximize their value as technology continues to advance. How is the concept of 'work' changing, and what will 'industry' look like in just a decade or two from now? Is technology progressing faster than mere humans can keep up? We'll reveal the overarching 'meta skill' that all of us MUST acquire lest we become...