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Episode 157--The Mountain Top--What To Do When Women Give You Nothing To Go On

There has been a disturbing trend within the last few years. More and more, women everywhere are giving us as men less and less to work with. When texting them, making plans with them and especially online and when using dating apps, women are simply shrugging their shoulders in silence, as if to say 'entertain me'. What is going on there, how did it come to this, and--most of all--what do we as men DO about it? Well, what better way to get down to the bottom of all this than to talk to a...


Episode 156--The Mountain Top--A Man Of Value

The term 'value' has always been sort of a nebulous one as it relates to what makes us attractive as men. That's why my friend and co-host Tripp Kramer of Tripp Advice fame is returning to the show to help sort it all out. So what do women envision as 'value' in a man? What's the difference between the mere illusion of value and a genuine high-quality man? How much does value have to do with money...or what money represents? Is it about how physically attractive you are? What about purpose?...


Episode 155--The Mountain Top--The Triumphant Return Of Offline Dating

When I first heard about my co-host's gig several years ago, I was skeptical. It sounded gimmicky to talk about 'offline dating'. But now Camille Virginia's vision is proving to have been prescient indeed. So how about it...are people so frustrated with apps, and indeed fed up with faux electronic 'socializing' in general that they're going back to their 'organic' roots of meeting in real life? Or are we so far gone with social technology that we've passed the point of no return? I mean, is...


Episode 154--The Mountain Top--The 100/0 Relationship

My co-host for this episode, Matt Javit, recently spent over two years traveling the world with his wife. Besides engaging in lots of 'world barbershop adventures', as he calls them, he discovered a new and deeper level of relationship with his main squeeze. So, what IS a 100/0 relationship, anyway...and what are the key tenets of a powerful, healthy one? Well, for starters it does NOT mean the guy gets run over like some kind of beta 'nice guy'. Not at all. You'll discover what both Matt...


Episode 153--The Mountain Top--Broken Pickers: Why People Keep Ending Up With The Wrong Person

Both my co-host Diana Mandel and I have a long, sordid history in our 'previous lives' of having broken pickers. With that in the distant past for both of us, we're ready to reveal everything we've got about why so many people seem to end up in the wrong relationship, and how to keep that from happening to you. For starters, we cover the historically-cited reasons why doomed partnerships form to begin with. Sure, our childhood upbringing affects us in this area, but hang's not...


Episode 152--The Mountain Top--What Kind Of Dating Advice Is Given To Women?

Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall when women are being coached on how to get a guy? Well, wonder no more. My guest is Scott McDougal, a renowned dating coach to women all over the world. The first fact about Scott that will warm your heart is he hasn't sold out the entire male gender in order to cozy up to angry, dateless women. Instead, he gives them the truth they need to succeed. So...what ARE women being taught about men nowadays? Why are women's first date expectations so high?...


Episdde 151--The Mountain Top--The Obsolete Man...Don't Be That Guy

This episode gets an exciting hint of futurism, thanks to my good friend Derek Loudermilk. In his new book Superconnectors, he outlines the top ten ways human beings can and should maximize their value as technology continues to advance. How is the concept of 'work' changing, and what will 'industry' look like in just a decade or two from now? Is technology progressing faster than mere humans can keep up? We'll reveal the overarching 'meta skill' that all of us MUST acquire lest we become...


Episode 150--The Mountain Top--Dating Essentials For Men

It has been way too long since with did a good, straight-up dating advice episode. That means when Robert Glover of 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' fame dropped me a note telling me he had a new book out on dating, I was all over it. So, what caused Robert to write about dating, anyway? Also find out why being 'Mr. Nice Guy' didn't work, and how getting over it revolutionized his success with women. Discover how both of us defended against descending into bitterness and negativity after our...


Episode 149--The Mountain Top--You And Me Baby Ain't Nothin But Mammals

What can you expect from a show co-hosted by a man who wrote The Ape That Understood The Universe? Evolutionary psychology professor and author Steve Stewart-Williams asks, 'What would an alien visitor make of the mating rituals of humans compared to every other species on Earth?' Do human males compete for the attention of females in the same way other creatures do? How does a man get to choose the mate he really wants? Find out the real reason why men tend to want more sexual partners than...


Episode 148--The Mountain Top--Dating And Relating The Right Way

This is going to be one of the most controversial episodes I've ever produced. That's because politics are a hot potato nowadays, and this show inextricably links dating, relating and politics without apology. But regardless of how you vote, if you've EVER found yourself thinking all American women have lost feminine values and don't believe in gender roles anymore, you need to listen to this podcast. Similarly, if you appreciate guests who can passionately explain what they believe and why...


Episode 147--The Mountain Top--Live The Hero And Play The Villain

Not all of us are Navy seals, lion tamers or MMA fighters. But nevertheless, my co-host Anthony Simeone believes all of us are heroes, even if we don't realize it yet. In this episode we'll reveal why real, actual heroism isn't necessarily 'larger than life', and it's really a lot simpler than you think. So how about it, what is the biggest nemesis that's keeping most of us from feeling and acting like heroes nowadays? Does what Anthony calls 'modern mythmaking' have anything to do with it?...


Episode 146--The Mountain Top--Masculinity And Femininity All Over The World

When you talk about someone being "distinguished", it's means they're set apart from the rest. Harry Mitsidis most certainly fits that definition, as he's widely regarded to be the world's most travelled man. One of my favorite things about Harry is that despite his insane amount of adventurous experiences and being the main man over at travel enthusiast site Nomad Mania, he's remarkably down-to-earth and engaging. He's also a master sociologist, which together with his globetrotting ways...


Episode 145--The Mountain Top--Strong, Confident Women Rock

First, she threw down on the most downloaded episode in the history of this show. Now, she's back to hit the topic du jour with a big, heavy hammer. She's none other that the very sweet, smart and lovely Dr. Jennifer Rhodes...and this show is all about the strong, confident women we love. No 'shrinking violets' with low self-esteem need apply. We hit the ground running as Jennifer shocks the world with her belief that there's no such thing as men being 'intimidated' by men...and you'll want...


Episode 144--The Mountain Top--Aren't YOU The Charmer (What Women Find Charming)

She charmed us with amazing text message ideas. She even charmed a bunch of us guys with brownies when we shared the stage with her once. But now Claudia Cox is back to talk about what it means to be charming to women. First off, we define the word 'charming' itself. Next, you'll start getting Claudia's practical tips for being more charming, right off the bat. Then, discover why understanding how a woman's female sexual nature actually works will make you irresistible to women (and most...


Episode 143--The Mountain Top--How To Know When You've Met Your Match

You'll likely go out with a whole lot of women before you meet the one you want to keep around forever. And according to matchmaker Rachel Russo, you absolutely can meet her. She wants to assure you all women aren't crazy, pathologically jealous or gold diggers. In fact, her top way to know if you're with the WRONG woman is so simple it might surprise you, but it's also probably the first one that popped into your head. Find out why men fall for entering into relationships they don't even...


Episode 142--The Mountain Top--Fearlessness And Courage

Fear not only robs you of your confidence and your masculine presence, it steals your very ability to enjoy life itself. My good friend Justin Stenstrom from Elite Man Magazine knows what it means to conquer fear and anxiety, and he's back to co-host this episode. Listen in for a unique but dead-on accurate assessment of exactly why people freak out so easily nowadays. What is the difference between being fearless and having courage? What type of situations call for the former or for the...


Episode 141--The Mountain Top--Break-Up Warning Signs

The truth is that most of us will break up with the vast majority of people we ever date, right? That doesn't make it any less painful or frustrating, though. Today I'm joined by breakup and divorce expert Brad Browning, who is the founder of Love Learnings Media. Guys tend to enter relationships with a faulty mindset from the beginning, setting themselves up for failure. In this action-packed show we cover the early indications she's thinking about leaving you, how to stop an imminent...


Episode 140--The Mountain Top--Use Your Voice To Attract Women, Success And Power

Krystin Wahl is a vocal essence expert. You would think doing a podcast with a voice expert would be about as unnerving as going on a date with a psychiatrist, but besides having a pleasant voice Krystin is also very sweet and easy-going, which made the show a breeze. Never mind the fact that trying not to trip over our words during the recording was like trying not to think of a polka-dot elephant. Anyway, one of Krystin's favorite topics is how a man can use his voice to be attractive to...


Episode 139--The Mountain Top--Seduce Women And Give Them Incredible Pleasure, Even In The #MeToo Era

When the #MeToo hashtag first started, one of my wife's friends posted on Facebook about it. She said, 'Does this mean 'pound me too'? Because if it does, I'm all for it!' Women loved the post in droves, while nearly every man wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. And so the dilemma started...we as men with a healthy sex drive may be all about respecting women, but how do we reconcile that with the #MeToo era? Obviously, rapists are bad and should be locked up. But is talking to an...


Episode 138--The Mountain Top--Women Who Are Easily Offended

My co-host, Joe Bovino, is a 5x number one bestseller on Amazon and a health and fitness coach. But he's also the author of some of the most entertaining yet controversial books on women in recent years, such as The Field Guide To Chicks and Chicaspotting. As such, Joe has had to deal with easily offended women on a scale few other men have. In this show, you'll find out what Joe learned from attempting to take a conciliatory tone with angry Feminists. You'll also discover how people who are...