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The Christina Silva Show delivers Creative Resiliency Solutions through an electrifying portal into the lives of trailblazing guests. Christina attracts like-minded “Givers and Doers”. Industry Experts connect with CRS to uncover steps they took to manifest their ideas into reality. Get ready to Transform, Adapt, and Overcome!


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The Christina Silva Show delivers Creative Resiliency Solutions through an electrifying portal into the lives of trailblazing guests. Christina attracts like-minded “Givers and Doers”. Industry Experts connect with CRS to uncover steps they took to manifest their ideas into reality. Get ready to Transform, Adapt, and Overcome!




Ambitious Actress, Pageant Professional, & Military Mom

Meet Andrea Mc Clew, our reigning Pageant Winner of the 2022 Mrs. Regency International and Mrs. Black Global, wants you to be inspired by her story. From her childhood as a Pastor's daughter in Texas to her life as a military spouse residing at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton in San Diego, CA. Andrea's perseverance and pride has led her to a successful career with faith and family first. She is a mom of two with passion for beauty, brains and the development of her new brand and vlog Love Her Lips & Friyays with Andrea. Andrea is able to balance her immense schedule while she raises her teenagers and supports her US Navy CPO for the past twenty plus years. During six duty station changes, various life experiences including challenge and triumph, Andrea has competed in the world of pageantry for over 17 years. Winning and becoming a runner up requires a strong attitude, thick skin and meekness. Answering the call of duty during her one year consecutive reigns in 2022 as Mrs. Regency International and Mrs. Black Global is quite demanding coupled with her acting career that involved filming two back-to-back movies directed by Carl Jackson on Apple TV, LAX (2021) and LAX 2 Paris premiering on May 12, 2023. Andrea understands what it takes to support women of all three platforms in her life from military mom to pageant queen, and actress in a world where her husband may be deployed for months at a time with two children that are set to graduate over the next couple of years. It is key for Andrea McClew to share her pathway to success and happiness laced with self love and also bear the courage it takes to share her story to propel herself to the next level. She is a gem for giving us a perspective filled with empathy, enthusiasm, and a military backbone. Andrea is honored to serve as a Board Member of the San Diego Armed Forces YMCA because her volunteerism and heart for the community of military families makes a difference. Everyone can benefit from the key programs at the historic venue and Andrea looks forward to creating a deeper support system to help service men, women and their dependents aspire toward their military career dreams, roles in the entertainment industry, and or on the red carpet as actors or competitors in global pageantry. Her recent role reversal occurred as she performed as a Judge at the first inaugural Mr. and Ms. Military Pageant founded by Mr. Calvin Hill, USN (Ret.) on 24 February 2023 in San Diego, CA at The Salvation Army KROC Theatre. Thank you for your service as well Mrs. Andrea Mc Clew, for we will show the world through your voice that all spouses and their children are serving as the mighty pillar for their active duty service members during and after service, especially our deployed. Semper Fidelis


The Importance of Tabula Rasa: The Life of Amy Forsythe, USN PAO

Our mentor, Mrs. Amy Forsythe has achieved some of her most remarkable accomplishments over the past 30 years as she reflects upon her dedicated, dangerous, and delightful commitment to service as a renowned Female Combat Photographer. Amy Forsythe achieved her highest rank in the Marine Corps as a Staff Sergeant and once honorably discharged, began serving in our US Naval Reserve as a Public Affairs Officer in Communications. Within her full spectrum of talents, Amy is an author, has a heart for her veteran and active duty military community, and has spoken her truths all over the world to help us realize the meaning and gift of life in a relatable way. With gratitude and a blank slate a.k.a. Tabula Rasa in Latin, each year, Amy commits to her plans on paper with her pen in hand. For a full article about her many accomplishments compiled by her sister in arms, Ms. Taneika Duhaney, visit: Moreover, Amy will share the power of Writing it Down and Making It Plain with us @CRSONAIR during her FB Live appearance on The Christina Silva Show * Educating Our Veterans Live and on Friday, April 7, 2023. Be uplifted, empowered, and glean from her Esprit De Corps @AmyForsythe760 and her recent appearances from the Red Carpet and podium as a Co-Host of the 2023 Mr. and Ms. Military Pageant & Showcase, magazine and photo shoots, and community engagements past, present and future. Semper Fidelis.



It is an honor and privilege to salute “America’s Favorite Doctor”, and elite US Army Veteran, Laura Purdy during Women’s History Month for her remarkable impact to the world on #NationalDoctorsDay, March 30, 2023! Dr. Purdy served in her USA Uniform and continues to serve our Nation well and is now leading the world to strive for progressive advancements in medicine after her honorable discharge. Dr. Laura Purdy, MD: is a physician, consultant, and telehealth innovator. Driven by over a decade of first-hand experience, Dr. Purdy is a progressive leader to both patients and physicians across America. Fueled by a passion and drive to help as many people as she can, Dr. Laura Purdy uses her role as a C-Suite executive to carry out a vision of establishing the most advanced telehealth systems. Using the best that technology has to offer, Dr. Laura Purdy's mission is to help medical professionals and founders launch their digital healthcare businesses so that together, we can make healthcare more accessible to all. Earning the title of 'America's Favorite Doctor,' Dr. Laura Purdy utilizes advanced telehealth technology in her role as a virtual Primary Care Physician. Rethinking traditional healthcare practices, Dr. Laura Purdy makes receiving modern, progressive healthcare treatments easier. From prescription refills to treatment for most common medical conditions, Dr. Laura Purdy is shifting perceptions of old-school ways of delivering healthcare. For more information visit: r. Purdy agrees that Educating Our Veterans Live today is instrumental and critical with the emergence and inundation of digital technology in a world where social media controls our lives and divides estranges us as human beings. Dr. Purdy has the resolve through her personalized telegraph treatments and medical innovations. Dr. Purdy’s many certifications, contributions and awards inspire the separating classes of military and dependent civilian Men and Women that seek to become whole and healthy entrepreneurs through her fearless and divine works. In February 2023, America’s Favorite Doctor appeared and served in the First Inaugural Mr. and Ms. Military Pageant & Showcase, founded by Mr. Calvin Hill, USN (Ret.). Dr. Purdy will share reflections about the distinctly talented Armed Forces Contestants and the King and Queen who were crowned as the first winners of the 2023 competition. Let us always remember the cost of freedom and the road to resilience through the story of how Dr. Laura Purdy earns her coveted title of #AmericasFavorite Doctor.


2023 Ms. Military Queen, 1st Lt U.S. Marine with an Olympic Dream

Meet 1st Lieutenant Riley Compton, a Woman with Many Talents and Triumphs as we celebrate 2023 Women's History Month. Riley Compton is currently serving our Nation as an Active Duty, United States Marine serving on Active Duty aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA. Additionally, Riley Compton is a professional athlete with amazing accomplishments in Women's Softball and as the Legendary Pilot of Team USA National Olympic Women's Bob Sled Team. Riley Compton is a Woman of Faith and was awarded the title United States Marine Corps Athlete of the Year in 2021 and is broadening her impact to inspire fellow Marines, Women, and the world with her story of trailblazing pathways to spiritual, social, personal, and professional success despite the odds. Riley will share many of her life lessons, aspirations, career highlights and the honorable experience that changed her life being crowned as the First Queen of the 2023 Mr. and Ms. Military Pageant & Showcase founded by the Mr. Calvin Hill Family which took place in San Diego, CA at The Salvation Army KROC Theater last month in San Diego, CA. Riley has consistently challenged herself and is rising because of her belief and can do attitude laced by Marine Corps Esprit De Corps and is representing our military well alongside the First King of the Mr. and Ms. Military Pageant & Showcase, U.S. Naval Active Duty Yeoman, Claude Riddick, Jr. Let's thank Riley tremendous mentorship, leadership, impact, intention, and innovation; and most especially for her service as a Female Commissioned Officer in the USMC whereby her role and responsibilities as a 1st Lieutenant have led her to a new promotion and rank of Captain in the year to come. We will be inspired by her appearance on The Christina Silva Show as she showcases stories from her military service, family life, and shares of the regimented balance it takes to train to win and to compete from the Bob Sled to the Red Carpet as a Queen.



Meet Cinematographer and U.S. Army Veteran, Jordan Michael Martinez who will peak your interest by his stunning film projects, striking voice as an advocate for the Soldiers, Brothers and Sisters in Arms that are budding Creative Artists in the making after serving at War and during Peace Keeping Missions. Jordan is humbled to share what makes him feel fulfilled behind and in front of the camera including directing, producing, acting, casting, and funding his own projects on his way to a grand career in the most difficult entertainment industry climate in history. Jordan is humbled to share what makes him feel fulfilled behind and in front of the camera including directing, producing, acting, casting, and funding his own projects on his way to a grand career in the most difficult entertainment industry climate in history. As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, Jordan also participated as a decorated Army Veteran Contestant in the first-ever 2023 Mr. and Mrs. Military Pageant & Showcase founded by Mr. Calvin Hill, USN (Ret.). To learn more about his accolades, visit and to be uplifted, get involved in your local community. May God Bless America. #ARMYSTRONG


2023 Mr. & Ms. Military Pageant & Showcase

Mr. Calvin Hill, USN (Ret.) shares his most captivating memories over 20 years while serving in the Navy and honorably reached the rank of Petty Officer First Class. Calvin is a dynamic retiree since 2009 and he works tirelessly to create innovative events that celebrate fellow military members and veterans. Calvin, his lovely wife and family, and his team are proud to present the 2023 Mr. and Ms. Military Pageant & Showcase on Friday, hFebruary 24, 2023 in San Diego, CA at the beautiful Salvation Army KROC Theater which will be live streamed and held in person. Professionally, Calvin contributes his time at the San Diego VA Medical Center at La Jolla, CA as a Community Care Coordinator educating veterans about their earned benefits. Everyone is welcome to participate and be motivated by healthy competition and a display of talent only skilled military professionals can demonstrate. Visit for tickets and details. Stay tuned to learn more from Calvin about how to make your next dream project come to fruition Everyone is welcome to participate and be motivated by healthy competition and a display of talent only skilled military professionals can demonstrate. Visit for tickets and details. Stay tuned to learn more from Calvin about how to make your next dream project come to fruition Calvin Hills FB Challenge of December 18, 2022 reads: “Will NAVY, MARINES, ARMY, COAST GUARD or AIR FORCE WIN the Titles?” Help YOUR military branch take home the titles YOUR VOTES count. LIVE from San Diego, Ca. February 24, 2023. In-person and Virtual tickets are available while supplies last. “Someone will WIN why not YOU?” The titles are up for grabs. Sign up now!


Sports & Charity Breed Family, Freedom, and Finance

In this episode, we will learn the interesting facts about Mike Abadir's professional services and his developmental techniques that mature athletic clients to their top potential in the sports and entertainment industry. With his Juris Doctor legal expertise and heart of a champion in the community, Mike has personally and professionally combined his corporate and higher education expertise at to provide professional athletes, especially in the NFL, with life and equitable skills that make a lasting impact. Mike will share the path to help budding athletes in the selection process unto the signature with their new agents, how to review contracts and build a team, and finally how to incorporate giving back to one's favorite charity. As we anticipate Super Bowl LVII 2023, America's favorite family and sports fanatic weekend, Mike will give his Picks n Spreads before the game! As the Host of the Mike Abadir Show on Voice America, every Thursday at 4 pm Pacific is filled with facts, banter, and predictions that sports fans live for with a Co-Host that vibes with Mike's character. Cheryle Bernard knows first hand about Mike's competitive nature, undying spirit, and will to succeed at the highest level because she is of the same breed! As Cheryle enjoys a background in TV Reality Shows, high fashion, and charitable galas that raise awareness for several causes, she knows that branding and web design is what every individual on the planet must have online! Cheryle's keen sense of understanding what her client's conceptual vision is of their own business, charitable mission, and self-employment venture could become, her designs are one-of-a-kind and her services are loyal and trustworthy with that Beverly Hills flare.


Peak 2 Peak: Stopping to Enjoy the View

Meet Chief Master Sergeant John Jay Snead, USAF (Ret). Jay has many brilliant talents and life experiences to share with us as he has successfully retired and transitioned from a remarkable career in the U.S. Air Force into a seventeen-year civilian leadership role as a former Director at Geico. With his infectious smile and his incredibly enterprising nature, Jay will enlighten us on how he has mastered standing up his corporate concept and why he is fulfilled by inspiring fellow comrades, colleagues, friends, and family to succeed by becoming entrepreneurs. Jay, although he is regimented, time conscious, and committed in his projects, cherishes family first, loves pets, and values the essence of the simpler yet finer things in life such as music, travel, and investments. Jay is an author that shares words of wisdom each week that we can glean from and he has newly launched his new consulting firm specializing in Marketing and Business Solutions from Peak 2 Peek.


"I'm a MARINE Once and Always and I SERVE from My Heart!"

WE ARE GOING LIVE IN THE 5’s @CRSONAIR!!! We are always in the “EVE” or on the “PRECIPICE” Of our greatness and (lower case) fear MUST BE DISPELLED. we have the Power at any Moment of our lives to “Decide and Execute” the TRANSFORMATION via ADAPTATION to OVERCOME if we believe. The fastest way to your success is to glean from others like us, FELLOW MARINES, Colleagues, Clinicians, Archaeologists, Philosphers, Prophets, and The Holy Spirit, so we can believe ANYTHING is possible. CRS, as self speaking, met this amazing GENTLEMAN and his beloved MOTHER on vacay and business as we traveled last year and once we uttered the words Marine Corps…our connection exploded. Today, I am honored to introduce Roy Colver. Meet Roy Colver, United States Marine Corps Veteran of the Desert Storm Era, Inspirer, Motivator, and Adventurer that lives life to the fullest each day. Roy spent 29 years in the corporate world and implemented many of the strategies he learned and earned from honorable service. Today, he shares how he has maximized life after becoming a director at an innovative health and wellness company that helps others discover that life is about adaptation and capabilities versus illness and depression. Be uplifted with Roy’s proven remedies from gratitude, mindset, nature, and relationships so you too can love your life to the fullest. It’s time to plan for greatness by reliving some of the greatest days of your life because it is surely possible to make your finest dreams a Physical and Mental reality! It starts with determination, a promise to self and a charitable heart. Thanks for tuning in to feel the good vibrations. Listen intently, because the best is yet to come. We love you for supporting @CRSONAIR, Like Us and Follow us on Instagram and we will do the same for you!


A Loving Place Called Mychal's

Meet Ed Lynch who shares the amazing story and legacy of his daughter Mychal. It is through his charitable contributions each and every day that she still lives; and the essence of her smile never fades. As the Founder of Mychal's Learning Place, Ed and his team strive to make Mychal's Learning Place a safe haven for children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities. The centers provide the entire family with the support needed to turn life's opportunities for independence with self-esteem into reality. Mychal's services range from after-school-programs, to education, internships, training, and living and job skills that provide the foundation for disabilities to become strong capabilities needed to make dreams come true. Mychal's Learning Centers have been serving communities with its Baked Goods, Embroidery and Print, and a plethora of developmental programs since 2002. The Mychal's family delights in recognizing its loving staff and volunteers that make their mission and vision possible year after year. In honor of Veterans Day, Mychal's participated at the 2022 Vest Fest hosted by Kinecta Federal Credit Union on November 6, 2022. This Holiday Season, Mychal's will host its 5k Run/Walk competition titled The California Santa Stroll on December 10, 2022. For more information on how to become involved, visit:


Music Makes Military Service Matter

Welcome special guest SSgt Kenneth Koach” Saunders, USA (Ret.) who served and is still serving on the “Ones-n-Twos” delivering music therapy to his Family the Troops, and communities at large. We will hear of his good and challenging experiences, military stories of triumph and motivation and what being a resilient Retiree means to him. Kenneth has built an amazing career in several industries and is a trailblazer not only as a producer, DJ, Host, and entrepreneur, he has created the opportunity of self-employment for others. Thank you for your service as a “Soldier for Life”, we appreciate your service as our Comrade and DJ at the 2022 Retiree Expo BBQ aboard Los Angeles Air Force Base, Saturday at 12 pm November 5, 2022. Semper Fi, Aim Higher, and# Hooah. #CRSC2C is a collaborative alliance that promotes Creative Resiliency Solutions. Camies 2 Civies, a private military 501c3 organization is dedicated to providing earned benefits navigational pathways and resources to military, law enforcement, and dependent civilian families. We Transform, Adapt, & Overcome in all phases of Life. We appreciate your listenership, Likes, Subscriptions, and gifts toward our cause. Please visit; to learn more. Thank you. Today’s special announcements include the November 1, 2002, beginning of Native American Heritage Month and also the Month we honor all Military Veterans of all eras and branches along with US Marine Corps Birthday. If you have served and would like to connect to your benefits or need claims assistance, please be invited to attend the Los Angeles County Military and Veterans Affairs Office at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall.


"It's Your Career, It's Your Choice!"

“It’s Your Career, It’s Your Choice!” by CRSMULTIMEDIA · May 19, 2022 Joining us today on The Christina Silva Show are two subject matter experts from our military and civilian communities that care about Educating Our Veterans LIVE The Christina Silva Show. They surely understand the importance of choosing a complimentary Career as the centrifugal force that leads to fulfilling and gainful success in today’s world as the digital divide ensues. Meet Co-Authors, Mark Brenner, USAF Veteran and Founder of and Mary Gomez, Senior Sales Executive who understand the marriage between the Active Duty Retiring, military veteran, and or key spouse job-seeking candidates and the translation of their military to civilian occupational specialty experience onto a resume. The intricate process of landing employment commensurate with skill, character, and industry is a challenge while applying for positions and reaching the employer with proper engagement and communication. Together, Mr. Brenner and Ms. Gomez believe that we can be rooted and grounded in the clear pathway toward the befitting careers we desire by plenty of preparation, practice, and perfection unto the interview and job offer. In their fascinating new book, they prove from years of knowledge and experience that….”It’s Your Career and It’s Your Choice!” Visit, and you will find key services that can support you in your navigational pathway as an online job seeker. Always Remember that we too support you with our charitable mission alongside VCXChange so you can “Be You IN and OUT of Uniform” at a 501C3 Private Organization that supports military families from all branches of service since 2015. Mr. Mark Brenner, USAF Veteran, 1966 Thank you for your service to Our Great Nation Mr. Brenner and every member of our Forces past, present, and future. Tune in to The Christina Silva Show to take your career and mindset to the next level while being thankful for the sacrifices men and women in uniform of the past, present, and future have made as we approach Memorial Day 2022. Semper Fidelis, Aim Higher!


Sheryl Shaffer in the Spotlight

Sheryl Alexa Shaffer is a veteran of the U.S. Women's Army Corps and proudly served to continue the legacy of her mother who served in WWII. Sheryl was born aboard Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton in California and pays continued homage to her father and step father who were both decorated Marines. Sheryl has two siblings who were born on two additional military bases and Sheryl certainly understands, remembers, and is thankful for the cost of freedom and service before self. Sheryl gives back and pays it forward as a Volunteer Community Producer of Public Access Television and Educational Government Programming because she believes that Veterans Helping Veterans saves lives. She has been producing content that is meant to Inform, Educate, and Motivate the world to understand the importance of military service and service stories with empathy and compassion. Sheryl began producing TV and film in 1996 to act as a liaison between agencies and as an extended arm to veterans in San Mateo County, CA while she worked and finally retired as an EDD Local Veterans Employment Representative, L.V.E.R.. Sheryl successfully retired from the E.D.D. in 2004 with 25 years of Civil Service. She then attended college by employing her G.I. Bill and graduated from San Francisco State University, SFSU in 1974 with a BA degree in Theatre Arts. In 1997, she graduated with her second BA degree from Cal. State University Northridge, CSUN, with a degree in Radio, TV and Film. Sheryl leads by example and has been consistent in partnering with military and veteran agencies that are committed to supporting troops the way they deserve. Sheryl is a proud member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the American Legion, Post 43 Hollywood and the Veterans in Media and Entertainment organizations that focus on helping veterans seek and find their places in the industry.


MSgt Robert Jackson, USMC makes Black History in Communication

In 2022, we celebrate the African American First's that Master Sergeant Robert Jackson, USMC (Ret.) has accomplished with a lifelong career in Public Affairs. Currently, Robert is serving as the Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow Communication Strategy and Operations Officer. His communication's team is small yet powerful and is dedicated to keeping the Civilian and Marine Corps Active Duty families informed throughout the pandemic with a bi-weekly publication in print, a new digital and social media presence despite a migration to teleworking during the pandemic. His office remained on base in person with safe social distancing to host events, promotion ceremonies, and to answer the call for leadership's messaging on the spot and ini real time. It is Robert's goal to lead and to shed light on stories of heroism, current affairs, and upcoming events that engage the MCLB audience with positivity and resilience. We commend USMC MSgt Robert Jackson as he looks forward to retirement after better than 30 years serving and as he prepares to retire, he will yield his greatest lessons, experience, and highlights from a lifetime of service Young Marines with empathy. He understands the cost therein for freedom as he teaches and mentors others at this stage of his career. Master Sergeant Robert L. Jackson was born in Washington D. C. in 1955 and he enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1975. His original Military Occupational Specialty was declared as a Combat Engineer at the age of 20 years old. He enjoys taking good care of his lovely wife, children, and grand children who all agree that great football wins for each of their favorite teams, i.e., #WASHINGTONCOMMANDERS and “meat on the grill” creates the best quality time of all. Throughout his dedicated service in and out of his Marine Corps uniform, he is assured and eager to share the fine details of how he transitioned into the elite DoD Civilian positions of Public Affairs leadership. Learning and instituting proper communications strategies in the Marine Corps is a chief mission he has mastered to give true, honorable, and vivid messaging.


From Stunt Coordinator to First Lady

April Weeden-White has exemplified outstanding, award-winning talent as she has accomplished greatness in her 30 year career as a Stunt Double and now, Stunt Coordinator. April is most proud of her work because she is coined as the “One-Take Wonder” on set by completing her stunts on the first attempt. During and parallel to her career in Hollywood, stunt doubling for many t iconic women in film, April takes pride in mentoring men and women in the industry, and leading in her God-given purpose. April Weeden-White has aspirations to continue serving in her community and the globe alongside her husband, Bishop B. J. White of Dominion Hilltop Ministries and looks forward to feeding, clothing, housing, and inspiring Veterans to live their best lives with purpose in God’s destiny. April shares some of her greatest lessons as a parent, skilled Stunt Coordinator, First Lady and Humanitarian. Her chief area of focus in helping others is compassion. pinpoint resources, and a “can-do attitude while she is learning to research and gather information that is key to veterans and military members in her sphere of influence.


Wisdom of Butterflies

Corinna Coram is a Creative Entrepreneur, Administrative Executive, and Domestic Engineer that was raised by an Honorable U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant. With her accomplishments in higher education, in-depth experience as a wife to a valorous Law Enforcement retiree and due to her former service as a 911 First Responder, Corinna is a survivor and philanthropist at heart. Her life story is definitely filled with experiences of travail, triumph, and testimonials that have led to the birth of her Passion-Filled, Purpose to help others discover it is Okay to Not be Okay but to have a centrifugal space and safety net to retreat via her innovative intellectual property she will launch here today on The Christina Silva Show in her exclusive interview. Corinna Coram was born on Veterans Day, November 11, and she recounts the vivid memories, smiles, stern yet loving looks, and Marine Corps bearing her father had that would leave a lasting impression and fond memories in her soul to this day. She honors and reflects on memories of a sheltered, strict yet spoiled childhood growing up with her younger brother on a military base we all cherish, Cherry Point. Corinna also remembers the moments with military dependent children and the amazing backbone of security her mother provided while her dad, multiple times, left for duty or deployed to fight for our Nation's Freedom during the Vietnam Era. She explains now how wonderful it was to mature and know in hindsight what normal was not and what shell shock is. That was then and this is now as Corinna shares about how she realized via a recent conversation with a dear friend who supported her through her lowest lows that she decoded the mystery of her life: I think my Father's PTSD gave me PTSD! Corinna has first hand experience as a military brat being born in the South yet being raised her whole young adult to adult life in Temecula, California which is adjacent to several military bases from every branch of service. She understands her memory of lining up as a kid with her military parents to receive a fluoride treatment back in the day and visualizes the Marine Green Medical Tents of old. Corinna shares, Our minds are photographic and I remember my dad would make us wear shoes in the house, and go from zero to rage but his personality was like that of James Dean..... Corinna Coram took years to gain the insight, courage, timing, and opportunity to present her works to help the world but it was not until her own personal breakdown, break-in, and breakthrough that she is now ready to truly expose her new project Corinna is ultra-passionate and serious about making herself and her story an attraction to those who may need help in the many realms and layers PTSD. That is why she purchased her domain and was drawn to publishing her blog and her new offering. Tune in to be uplifted, encouraged, and befriended by a partner, friend, and a fellow military family mate Corinna Coram.


Gettin' Real with Ron

Ron Moore spends his adult life motivating others through his unique and powerful ministry to help them succeed in The Game of Life. As a Vietnam Era Veteran, techniques, tactics, and talents he has earned have propelled him to overcome life's hurdles, hazards, and happenstances through Faith in Almighty God. With the foundation of God's Living Word, Ron adds his sense of humor and his wise admonishments in a way that is made simple for us to relate to and learn. With each Monday Motivational clip he shares on his digital platform to years in syndicated radio, Ron has a special way of ministering and following God's plan for his life with purpose. Today, we will hear of his recent challenges and triumphs in a day of signs and wonders that secure us in knowing the Day of the Lord is at Hand this holiday season. Even through Pandemic, Panic, and Pain we shall overcome with God. Let's see how! Ron Moore is proud of his higher education, military service benefits, and his family as he is originally from Oklahoma City. However, he now resides in Dallas, Texas and he will share some remarkable stories of sharing the message of Salvation to back seat guests, fellow Hollywood entertainers, strangers, and his closest comrades. We want to hear what great miracles, wonders, and stories Ron most remembers that have changed his own life while witnessing to others. He will tell us of his most profound remembrances of Marine Corps Service and of his most difficult and valuable life lessons learned. We will also note how grateful he is and what hope he clings to in the most difficult times of the year surrounding military holidays and the holiday season to encourage others. For those who will follow after Ron's cardinal rules of 1 Samuel 12:20-25, there is a way for redemption of invaluable benefits, new life and a great New Year in 2022. Ron looks forward to inviting us to his new roll out of his 2022 episodic series and to his mobile adventures and will share how he employs the safe use of social media portals to share The Word!


U.S. Naval Retiree and Veteran Strong

Ray Rangel proudly served both on active duty and as a twice-deployed Reservist with an occupational rating of Master at Arms, Military Policeman during his 20 year career in the U.S. Navy. Simultaneously, Ray sacrificed even more of his life and time protecting and serving his community as a Las Vegas Metropolitan Law Enforcement Officer for 20 years. As a retiree of both military and paramilitary organizations, Ray knows what it means to work hard and he prides himself for continuing to serve his fellow comrades each and every day as the Founder of Veteran Strong, LLC in the City of Las Vegas, NV. Ray gives his wife Cecy, their beautiful children and grandchildren love and thanks for their support as he strives to give back to ensure everyone can live their best lives beyond the effects of mental health challenges, the road to benefits, and the claims process military members and their families must endure once they are injured, set to retire, or unfortunately lost in the line of duty, or are able-bodied yet in need of housing, health, employment, and higher education. At Veteran Strong, LLC, Ray and his wife Cecy, in just three months have helped 300+ veterans to file their claims and to understand the ins and outs of the Veteran Administration filing processes, programs, and services they offer. Ray shares how giving back contributes to his own therapeutic healing and he loves and respects his parents for raising him and his twin with strong ethics, gratitude, and a higher education standard. Ray has achieved his Masters Degree in Public Administration, a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and is currently working on completing his Doctoral Degree and utilized his VA Education Benefits, and his VA Housing Eligibility to purchase his home too! If you have served, are a dependent spouse or family member of a military serviceman or woman and you need help filing a claim, contact Ray Rangel for assistance. Also reach out and begin the research yourself online by visiting to learn more about your earned benefits. We want to thank you for your service.


Pageantry to Paralegal

Ms. Camay McClure Dunn, a.k.a., The People's Advocate, is an accomplished proprietor with AAS, BA, and CNSA degrees to her credit. Ms. Camay is passionate about her own rights, the rights of others, new resolutions, and the record. As a transplant to Las Vegas, Nevada she is a survivor of being bullied in the workplace and saw an opportunity to make a grand difference in the Entertainment Capital of the World. Ms. Camay Dunn is duly serving as the Charitable Founder of an organization that partners with clients seeking to know their rights in order to stand up for what they believe in when tried. Ms. Camay credits her mother as her greatest mentor for instilling values and morals that help her exude the voice of the voiceless, and to be true to her calling as a leader despite others who may feel inferior in the business world and on the stage. As a paralegal consultant with over twenty years expertise, Ms. Camay specializes in empathizing with human targets who are being bullied in the workplace while her other talents range from earning the Miss Plus World title and serving as a favored Women's Pageant Coach; empowering women from the workplace to their competitive gowns. Tune in to discover another great gift of Ms. Camay's sacrifice as she was raised by a United States Army Soldier. As a young military dependent, caring daughter, and loving sister, Ms. Camay understands and lived to see her step father and mother endure with PTSD and the effects of mental illness. As her legacy unfolds, she remembers stories from her youth to present that have shaped her intent to console, inspire, and help others find their own voice, leading to ultimate courage to walk the stage, and to speak to audiences with confidence and self worth. Ms. Camay finds value in volunteering in her community through collaboration and even designs her own couture fashion while competing. She is currently serving and reigning as a Miss Plus World Lifetime Queen Ambassador. She admits she has a special gift of gab, is a happy newlywed, and has produced and hosted her own syndicated radio and podcast that is now available via digital platforms. The Ms. Camay Show is designed to share others' testimonies to pull the heart strings of the world while proving that everyone can overcome the hardest challenges and darkest hour they have faced as long as they believe, set a goal, and reach out for help. Keep abreast of her advocacy and accomplishments in the news of 2022 @TheMrsDunn!


Encore: Delphine Metcalf-Foster: Legacy, Heritage, Advocacy, and Ambassa

Let us discover the most remarkable highlights from the incredible journey of award-winning merit, multi-cultural diversity, inclusion, and triumph over challenges that First Sergeant Delphine Metcalf-Foster, United States Army (Ret.) has earned. Mrs. Delphine Metcalf-Foster's story stems from a family legacy of military service members that fought for freedom, rights, and justice. She carries the torch of leadership in every arena as she continues to take pride in her heritage and family values as she advocates for herself and others with continuous service to Our Nation. We will realize how her historic rise was and is rewarding through facing difficult discussions about topics that affect our Nation's Heroes, their caregivers, and her beloved Women Warriors to date. Delphine Metcalf-Foster knows the cost of freedom because she has been in combat, survived, and leads fellow veterans who may have been injured or those going through loss of a service member to safety with how to belong, carry on, get involved, and to lead like she has. Delphine Metcalf-Foster instills her ethical values into others as she has learned how to enact personal and professional change. She is an advocate and asserts the greatness of joining forces with helping agencies, teams building, and working together to accomplish a common series of goals. She knows how to bring about equalizing, specialized, and progressive change to our military community on Capitol Hill and to the local community for everyone that is deserving in perpetual hopes to find unity despite the divisions and injustices that still exist on many fronts.At this juncture of her journey she aspires to empower US Armed Forces families and Soldiers separating from active duty even further by offering them a compassionate hand-up approach, a listening ear, and a navigational pathway to earned benefits in partnership with charitable and Veteran Service Organizations in 2021.