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CHP 008:Another school shooting, fire drills, stress inoculation, RACE to safety & more...

Bill and Josh discuss the most recent school shooting in Parkland Florida, proposed changes to school fire drills, stress inoculation and training, and a long diatribe of half concocted philosophies to keep you safe.


CHP 007: Blood everywhere, people were shot all over the place

"I looked behind me and noticed my brother had been shot in the chest. He had blood coming from his mouth and I knew I had to get him out of there." Henderson Firefighter Anthony Robone recounts his actions the night of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting


CHP 0006: Public access to trauma kits and legislation.

Listen as Dr Josh Bobko, myself, and Chief Rob Wylie discuss the efforts to make Public Access Trauma Kits a legal requirement. Josh discusses his efforts in the drafting and testifying of California Assembly Bill 909 and Rob discusses his efforts regarding House Bill 1263


CHP 0005: Las Vegas Shooting discussion part II

This is the second half of a conversation the First CARE Provider team had a few days after the deadliest mass shooting in US history. We have woven real world testimonials along with audio from an FCP certification course about Survival mindset.


CHP 0004: Las Vegas Shooting, Citizens and First Responders saving lives...

In this episode the First CARE Provider team discusses the Las Vegas shooting and the amazing response of citizen heroes and first responders. We have woven real world testimonials along with press conference snippets in with our conversation about the events.


CHP 0003: Ditch the towel, Stop the Bleed

Bleeding is the leading cause of preventable death in trauma. Tune in as we discuss how to Stop the Bleed with Paul Brooks the office of Health Affairs, Department of Homeland Security. Paul heads up the Stop the Bleed program as well as the Active Shooter Integrated Response Program. We discuss the evolution of emergency medicine from lessons learned in combat and the efforts of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (CTECC). From tourniquets to packing wounds, lets talk about...


CHP 0002: Terror in London, taking action & saving lives.

In this episode we chat with Mark Kindschuh, a Boston College student that stepped up and saved a life amidst the chaos of a horrific attack. Mark shares his experience and sheds light on how and why he immediately sprung into action, while others remained frozen in fear.Would you know what to do in the event of an attack or active shooting? Take the first step and embrace a proactive approach. Your emergency action plan must be more than just calling 9-1-1.


CHP 0001: Getting to know us...

Welcome to the Citizen Heroes Podcast. Episode One is intended to introduce the CHP podcast and the First CARE Provider organization. It is also an opportunity to meet Bill Harris (Host). Join the movement and help us create empowered and safe communities. Please subscribe & share.