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Welcome to the The Confidence Chronicles podcast, where we uncover how you can reclaim your confidence and step into your fully expressed self. I’ll also delve into my journey as a mother of two juggling the entrepreneur Mumlife – join me as we dig deep into the process of becoming and creating confidence.

Welcome to the The Confidence Chronicles podcast, where we uncover how you can reclaim your confidence and step into your fully expressed self. I’ll also delve into my journey as a mother of two juggling the entrepreneur Mumlife – join me as we dig deep into the process of becoming and creating confidence.
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Welcome to the The Confidence Chronicles podcast, where we uncover how you can reclaim your confidence and step into your fully expressed self. I’ll also delve into my journey as a mother of two juggling the entrepreneur Mumlife – join me as we dig deep into the process of becoming and creating confidence.








LLS #3 – Lessons learned growing up with a Bi-polar mother

Thank you for joining me once again as I continue to share the nitty gritty details of some of my most intimate life moments. The relationship with my mother is the most beautiful, frustrating and complicated one to date. I love her deeply and I am so honoured to be her daughter and till this day she still is one of my biggest teachers. I hope you enjoy and if you too dealt with mental illness growing up: I feel you, I hear and I see you. x E


What are you going to do differently?

It's 2019 baby and it's the perfect time for a fresh start. So what are you going to do different this year? What results are you hoping to get and what are the big goals you want to achieve? Here's the thing: Same shit = Same results. In order for you to get different results you must be committed to doing things radically different honey. In this episode (the first of 2019) I give you my personal tips and techniques on how to smash out a fresh start, end self sabotage and really slay 2019...


Life lessons series 2: What shitty relationships taught me about self worth.

Oh girl, I have had my share of crappy ass relationships and let me tell you they have all taught me some GOLD. To this day one of the biggest lessons I have learned from shit relationships is that I am ENOUGH. I would never take away any of these experiences because of who I became. Thanks for being here my love x E


Share real shit, grow your following

This is a special episode for all you peeps out there who: have a business, a blog, an idea or product that needs to be shared with the world. I can tell you right now that the best way for you to CONNECT with an audience is to share BOLDLY and AUTHENTICALLY. In this episode I go into some tips on how to get people to care, connect and ultimately become fans of what you do. Enjoy x oh and Happy Holidays!


Life lessons series 1: Who I became from dealing with sexual abuse

Friends, as promised I am sharing with you some of my deepest most intimate stories in order to extract the biggest lessons I have ever learned. This is episode 1 and to be honest I sat on this for some time as it's the first time I share about my sexual abuse so openly. But I know that healing comes from sharing and I have healed so much already, time to help others heal. *Disclaimer this episode does cover sexual abuse and trauma* if you aren't ready to listen I totally get it my love....


Self Belief is the key

We all have unlimited potential yes? Unfortunately we don't all believe this about ourselves and it is our beliefs that effect how we think, feel and behave and ultimately the results we get in our world. Listen in as I dive into the importance of Self Belief! x E


TRAILER: Life Lessons Series

Story time. My love, if you have been listening to the podcast you may have heard a little bit about my story. This year I decided to open up and share my story with my community, you. I am such a firm believer in the power of sharing our stories, in order to empower others to heal and give hope to someone else who may be experiencing the same thing you did. And what I know for sure is that it's not about what happens to you, it's about what you make it mean and what you decide to do next. I...


How to stop giving a F*ck what people think Part 2

Friends! I know you always ask me "how can I stop caring what people think Erika?" I did this podcast in two parts and if you want to catch up on how to do this listen to part 1 here Part 2 is all about PEOPLE PLEASING girl! I hope you enjoy this and it helps you start FWOT (Fuck what other think) YAS!!! Massive love x E


Work, Life , Balance my ass.

Ever heard of Well! Let me tell you in this episode why that doesn't work and what you can actually start saying to yourself instead.


You teach people how to treat you.

Have you ever heard the saying "What you permit persists"? So many of us have trouble standing up for ourselves because we are too busy trying to "please people" yet this behaviour only teaches people that we are ok with being treated this way. Basically: You teach people how to treat you. So if you want to start standing in your power and start standing up for yourself and your values, you need to re-teach people how to treat you. This episode will show you how. Enjoy x E


How to stop unnecessary suffering

Hey Sista, What if I told you suffering is a choice? WHAAAAAT? I know, you're probably thinking I am tripping right? But seriously it is. The thoughts we choose to think and what we choose to focus on is what becomes our reality. So what do you focus on? What you have or what you don't have? How good things are in your life or how crap your life is? In this episode I reference the amazing Dr. Joe Dispenza and his revolutionary book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. I cannot recommend...


How to deal with the “Haters” & critics

You know the saying, "Haters going to hate"? Well why is it that we have so much trouble dealing with our "hater" or critics? I have a few different views on this love, and some tips that can help you handle your haters. In this episode I urge you to think a little differently all in hopes that this information will give you some freedom to not care what ANYONE has to say or think. Major love sista, as always - I am so grateful for your ears and attention. x E


Perfectionism kills Confidence

To all the Perfectionists out there! Repeat after me: "Perfectionism does not exist" Sister, if you have been fighting with always trying to get it right and perfect, then this episode is for you. Perfectionism will rob you of confidence every time. And the "perfectionist" in you will stop you from having a go, trying things, learning things and taking a chance that could possibly lead to the life of your dreams. If you want to read more I wrote a whole blog called "Why Perfection is...


Confidently dealing with conflict

Hey girl, Conflict suck and unfortunately the more you ignore those important conversations, the worse (and more awkward) the relationship gets. Even though having tough convos is not something most of us look forward to it is essential in your growth and helping you with your communication. In todays episode I invite you to confidently approach conflict and give you some tips on how to do so. Enjoy sista! x E


Stop thinking, start doing.

Sometimes, we think too much. We get into out heads and we plan and stress a future that hasn't happened yet. This stops us from the action taking, from the doing. You wont know every single step of the path until you start walking it. Get out of your head and get moving sister! x E


How to have better relationships

Relationships can be hard when we don't honour communication and our truths. Todays episode is all about how to work your communication better in your relationships. Enjoy friends! x E


How to feel better

We think 70-80,000 thoughts per day and if you are not inquiring and questioning your thoughts you will start to believe them all. Most of our thoughts are negative, fear based thoughts from our past. If you want to feel better this process I explain by Byron Katie will SET YOU FREE. PLEASE GRAB THE BOOK - " Loving What Is" such a game changer friends. Enjoy the episode x E


Who do YOU think you are?

How do you speak about yourself? How do you define yourself? The words uou choose to describe yourself matter. Are you constantly putting yourself down or calling yourself stupid? As Louise Hays says "be careful how you talk about yourself because you are listening". Enjoy todays episode and big shout out to Mini and Katie for the awesome lovely message that brought me to tears xxx

Can you be TOO Confident?

Can you have too much confidence? How do you know if you are being arrogant versus having healthy self-confidence? Todays episode is a listeners request and a topic that I havent actually touched on much. Hope you enjoy this loves and please keep sending your lovely messages and requests! Xx E

How to Manage your Mind

Y’all! This is my fav episode and really the foundation of the work I do. Your thoughts are EVERYTHING. If you don’t pay attention to what you are CHOOSING to think you are asleep. Enjoy this episode and please do the homework!!!