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Helping women achieve confidence through a no-nonsense, yet sustainable approach to diet and exercise. Bridging the gap between learning how to love yourself while being a badass.

Helping women achieve confidence through a no-nonsense, yet sustainable approach to diet and exercise. Bridging the gap between learning how to love yourself while being a badass.
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Helping women achieve confidence through a no-nonsense, yet sustainable approach to diet and exercise. Bridging the gap between learning how to love yourself while being a badass.




[Biz 005] Your Ideal Client Probably Doesn't Care About Your Certifications

UGH, I KNOW. This one hurts me- but it left me confused and stuck for YEARS. Anywhere I could, I would put all of my education and certifications- it was the cornerstone of my entire business. It was on my business cards, all over my website, I talked about it non stop on social media- and guess what? No one cared. Not once has a client asked me what my qualifications are- if clients did care about that stuff, run-of-the-mill trainers wouldn't have booming businesses- and yet? The...


148: "You're Not Fat- You're Beautiful" and other unhelpful advice

It usually goes like this: "I'm so fat." "You are not fat." "Yes I am." "You are NOT fat! You're beautiful!" I hate this conversation- because it's all so well intentioned- yet still unhelpful for so many reasons. I heard it for years- as I hated my body more and more with each passing year, and agonized to my mother about how miserable I felt in my body, this was her advice. But, we don't know what we don't know. Have you been given this encouragement before? Have you given...


[Biz 004] Fix This Social Media Mistake + Tips for a Better Social Media Approach

Love it or hate it, social media isn't going anywhere. While it can be time consuming, frustrating, and sometimes feel like you're screaming into the abyss, social media bridges the gap between "stranger" to "client." Social media has offered me so many wonderful connections and relationships- from colleagues, to peers, friendships, and of course- clients. But there's a lot of ways this can go south. I see a lot of women using social media as their personal diary while trying to...


147: "I'm going to eat a smaller lunch"- primal hunger, binge eating, and how eating less doesn't usually help

"I'm gaining weight... so, I'm going to start eating a smaller lunch." Woof. We lose a lot of common sense when we start chasing weight loss. In this episode, I talk about the idea of thinking we need to eat a smaller lunch, or smaller breakfast and how it's likely problematic. Other topics covered in this episode are: -primal hunger, what is it? -what animals in the wild can teach us about hunger -losing consciousness over what we're eating, which is a typical symptom of dieting or...


[Biz 003] Email Marketing- Because You Don't Own Social Media

The least sexy topic in online business? Email marketing. But, whether you like it or not, you need an email list. We don't own social media. Yet, most online biz owners obsess over vanity metrics like how many followers and likes they have on social media. But, does it matter? Does it impact the viability of your business? Social media is now pay to play, which is annoying and expensive- and all the more reason why you need an email list! In this episode you'll hear exactly how to...


146: What Clients Need to Know: chasing "good workouts", exercise programming, managing expectations, and the hardest part about being a legit personal trainer

What does it take to be a legit personal trainer? Does having a personal trainer certification really mean anything these days? Unfortunately, not really. it's super easy to get certified- and you could be employed as a certified personal trainer by the end of this, really, you could. The problem is, as consumers of the fitness industry, we don't know what we don't know. So, what do you need to know as a client? What do you need to be aware of? My job is inherently...


[Biz: 002] Marketing & Niching Down: if you're speaking to everyone, you're speaking to no one

I call it Vanilla Marketing- where you're so afraid to niche down that you speak to no one specifically. I used to think this way too- "if I narrow down my marketing message, I'm going to leave people behind!" That's super base level thinking when it comes to being an entrepreneur. The most successful companies know exactly who they're speaking to and aren't afraid of "leaving customers behind." Why? Because they know one simple marketing principal: if you speak to everyone, you speak to no...


144: What's Height Got To Do With It? 6'0" & 4'9" weigh in on what it's like being tall and short in the world

What's it like being marginalized in height? Christina and Emily weigh in on the parallels (and the contrasts) of being 4'9" and 6"0 tall. The IG post that inspired this episode can be found here: Find Emily: IG: emilygoughcoach Room to Grow Podcast


145: Tips for Better Movement: Take Your Shoes Off and Don't Wear Gloves

The developed world is interesting- it provides so many wonderful opportunities and advancements for quality of life increases- but what about movement? Humans were born to move- to move well and often. What we've done is developed things like cushiony shoes. While protecting our feet from the elements is important, our feet are actually meant to be just about as free as our hands. Think about how odd your hands would feel if you had mittens on them almost all day long for decades- weird,...


143: Fat Nike Mannequin Controversy- if you're going to be concerned about your fat friends' health, then you need to also be concerned about your thin friends' health

The Nike store in London debuted their plus sized mannequin. This story should end right here- but it doesn't- because the entire world is steeped in fat-phobia and it sucks. So, what's the issue? All of it. People have spoken out that this mannequin undoes all of the work put into "the war against obesity" and promotes unhealthiness. This episode stands as a big F-you to the ideologies that support this thinking- and I'm inviting you all to think differently, too. This stuff matters &...


[Biz: 001] So, you want to start business...

I promised myself I'd never do this. But as more and more questions poured in over the past year or so, and as entrepreneurship has taken a front seat on social media (at least for me!) and from my point of view, is being totally misrepresented, we're doing it. Just like within the fitness and dieting industry, I see all the bullshit- and, in typical Christina fashion, I've got a lot to say about all the ridiculous ways that things are (mis)represented. Women set out to start a...


142: "I have to lose weight for health reasons" - nope, you still don't need to pursue dieting or intentional weight loss- even for your health

I hear this a lot. "I have to lose weight for medical reasons." Nope. Hate to break it to you, but doctors are the biggest perpetuators of intentional weight loss. Here's the thing: you can pursue health and still not dive into intentional weight loss. Here's the other thing: sometimes, yes, pursuing health leads to weight loss- but it is NOT THE WEIGHT LOSS that causes the health benefits. This is not an argument against weight loss inherently- in many cases, yes, you will lose weight...


141: simple tips for making meals at home

Many women turn to cooking meals at home from an all or nothing mindset. It must be super healthy or what's the point? Here's the thing with all or nothing: it always leads to nothing. After speaking with hundreds of women over the years, what typically happens is that they approach meals at home with such strict rules that it makes it hard to stick to, makes it stressful, and eventually sends them through a drive-thru or out to eat more evenings than not. In this episode, I cover some...


140: Beating FOMO- A Better Way to Live Life on Your Terms

FOMO- Fear of missing out. Why does it matter if we have it and what can we do about it? FOMO is rooted in fear- it's right in the name of the title. And fear comes from a place of insecurity and uncertainty, which breeds scarcity mindset- and the whole thing is just not a good place to operate from. When it comes to creating a life we are truly passionate about, it is important that we make our own decisions from a place of empowerment and confidence, instead of making decisions from...


139: Energy Management- the likely missing component in your schedule

So, maybe you've got the time management think down pat. We covered this in episode #120. While poor energy management can totally lead to poor time management (they are closely linked!)- we have to separate the two ideas all together. Energy management requires awareness and the ability to tune into yourself. This alone can take a ton of time and practice. The second piece here is that we have to put boundaries in place in order to make sure that we're living the life we want to live and...


136: Leveling Up: We're constantly making decisions that either move us forward or keep us stuck

I got a brand new podcast mic! What does that have to do with you? A lot! We are constantly making choices that either keep us stuck or move us forward- and our decisions are largely rooted in our identity- how we identify with ourselves. My first thought when I went to buy this new mic was "who do I think I am to invest this kind of money in a MICROPHONE!?" My second thought was: "who am I not to?" We do this all of the time- if I do not identify as a podcast host, if I don't think...


135: Is Your Fitness Tracker Doing You More Harm Than Good?

Main points in this episode: -Neither the scale nor your fitness tracker are inherently bad -We are not in the middle of an obesity epidemic- we're in the middle of a sedentary lifestyle epidemic -How we feel about anything is more important than the thing itself -Do you really need 10,000 steps a day? Where did that even come from?