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Helping women achieve confidence through a no-nonsense, yet sustainable approach to diet and exercise. Bridging the gap between learning how to love yourself while being a badass.

Helping women achieve confidence through a no-nonsense, yet sustainable approach to diet and exercise. Bridging the gap between learning how to love yourself while being a badass.
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Helping women achieve confidence through a no-nonsense, yet sustainable approach to diet and exercise. Bridging the gap between learning how to love yourself while being a badass.




67: Lift Like A Girl with Nia Shanks

8/14/18 is the LAST DAY to grab Body Confidence Bootcamp at a $100 discount! You can read more about it here: You can get your discount code here: This episode is so special to me. Back in 2013-ish, I almost threw in the towel. I didn't want to feed into the big machine that is "this industry" but I felt so lost. Is there really room for women to talk about getting stronger? Is there really...


67: Body Confidence Bootcamp

**discount code and link at the bottom!** You've probably thought to yourself no less than 100 times: "my life would be full of more fun, better clothes, hotter sex, a better marriage, and more accolades if I could just lose these last 20 pounds AGAIN and for the last time!" Right? Wrong, sister. If the thought of losing weight is THE THING you're holding onto that you believe will unlock all of life's secrets- this is the course for you. If the thought of changing your body-...


66: The Truth About Your Insecurities

I talked to a very close friend of mine (anonymous by request) about a few of her insecurities... NONE of them have anything to do about her weight or her body. When I look at her? I see things that I wish I had. She literally has perfect hair. She can order clothes online and the size she orders not only fits, but it fits PERFECTLY. She's kind. Like, you can just see how kind she is by looking at her face. She's compassionate. She has a robust social life. So what in god's name...


65: The Problem Is You

I know you've done it- you buy every program under the sun thinking this will be it! This is THE THING you need to reach your goals. Whether you're trying to lose weight, get strong, get lean AF, or even break into a business ownership role- you're in constant absorption mode where you just need another perspective, another product, another coach to be able to finally reach your goals! So far, nothing has worked! You have every workout program you've ever purchased in your inbox. You...


64: Creating Boundaries + The Necessary Evolution of Relationships

This was recorded in MAY! Which is so funny because I still haven't started reading our July Book Club Book "A Tribe Called Bliss" by Lori Harder. And, just by chance, this episode will be releasing when we're all reading it. GO FIGURE. But, this is such perfect timing. Navigating relationships. Romantic. Friendships. Business. I dive into it all. What are your boundaries, why do they matter, and what do you do when you outgrow your relationships BECAUSE you've evolved? The only...


63: Diet Industry Drop Out: Interview with Tiffany Culbertson

YOU GUYS!! This is the first time I've ever brought a client of mine onto the show. Tiffany and I started working together in October 2017- and I could not be more humbled to now be able to call this woman a friend of mine. (For reference, we recorded this on June 15, 2018.) The icing on the cake is the transformation that Tiffany has experienced- mind, body, and soul- since we've been working together. She came to me while on the Keto diet and with a totally different brain inside her...


62: Woo-Woo Weight Loss With Alyssa Love

Alyssa Love approaches weight loss in a way that I've never been able to articulate. She has such a contagiously beautiful soul, I cannot wait for you to tune into this one! You can follow Alyssa on IG: iam_alyssalove Don't forget- can hang out with us over on The Confidence Project Facebook group- see you there!


61: The Problem With Body Positivity

While I am a body positive coach- there are a few messages within the "body positivity" community that I don't necessarily agree with. Is there a disconnect between your emotional and physical body? Are you doing the things that make you feel the way you want to feel? Although there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to lose weight- it has to come from a place of radical self-love. What does that look like if we're not currently where we want to be? It comes from making sure...


60: When Weight Loss and Dieting Ruins Your Life, Interview with Arielle Calderon

You start a new diet, you lose a ton of weight, everyone starts complimenting you and you get all of this new attention. How can this possibly be bad?! There is an unspoken dark side to dieting that no one ever talks about. In today's episode, Arielle Calerdon (IG: @ariellesays) dives in about the behind-the-scenes of a very public weight loss journey. What could possibly go wrong? Tune in to find out. Don't forget, you can hang out with us over on The Confidence Project Facebook page...


59: How my dieting mindset almost made me go broke

Just when I thought I had this whole "anti-dieting" thing figured out- it peeked it's ugly little head right back around the corner! But this time, in a very unconventional way. Tune in to see what I'm talking about!


58: Game Changer: Lessons from Jen Sincero

I thought Jen Sincero changed my life when I read "You Are a Badass" I thought she changed my life again when I read "You Are a Badass at Making Money" Seeing Jen in person was SO LIFE CHANGING- I can't even put it into words. It's no secret that I have a screwed up relationship with money- but aside from that, there's so much gold in this episode that I can't wait to share with you!


57: THE body image + weight loss episode

I used to call myself a weight loss coach. And now? Well, it's actually not even my priority to help you lose weight anymore. You may have noticed that I've been posting all over social media that I'm pretty sick of weight loss and fat loss. I've had a few massive shifts in how I view my position as an authority and a coach in this industry that have been very hard to put into actual words- until recently. This episode dives deep into why I'm totally not interested in helping you lose...


56: Binge Eating- It's NOT About The Food

Binge eating has NOTHING to do with food. It has everything to do with HOW YOU THINK ABOUT THE FOOD. Ready to F*ck Your Diet? Join the email series here:


55: Intuitive Eating- The Episode That Could Cost Me My Job

Don't hire me. Don't hire anyone. This is why this episode can cost me my job (sort of!) There is so much you need to figure out and get a handle on before you start focusing on fat loss. Have you heard about the F*ck Your Diet email series? You can sign up here!


54: Fat loss: Grasping at straws & focusing on the big rocks

There's SO MUCH BS to sift through out there in the online space- ESPECIALLY when it comes to dieting. One day, we're reading articles demonizing something and the next day, another click bait article comes out saying we need more of that one thing. It's maddening, isn't it!? We have to skim the fat (no pun intended) and stick to the big rocks of what is actually important. Something interesting happens when we focus on the big rocks- all of the noise fades away. We don't click on...


53: How to eat anything you want

Here's the biggest, darkest secret of weight loss: there is no secret. The answer, in its most clinical form, is a math problem- and its right in front of our faces every day. The truth is- you CAN eat anything that you want. No, not if you have a food allergy, this isn't about that. But guess what? I was my heaviest when I was dieting and eliminating foods from my diet. MY HEAVIEST. Does it take some time and work and patience to fine-tune your newfound liberty around foods so that it...


52: Is working out even all that important? LIFESTYLE.

I used to think that I was the healthiest lifestyle queen out there. I worked out with tons of intensity every day of the week for years. And then it occurred to me- what good is this if I just go back home and park my ass on the couch for the rest of the day? Don't get me wrong- exercise and intentional movement NEEDS to stay in your life in my opinion- but- is it really the end all be all? What implications does the REST of our day have on our quality of life? Questions? Email me!...


51: The Great Sugar Debate

I posted a pretty controversial article on Facebook that got me a lot of flack- me?! Get flack?! SHOCKING, I know! ;) I want to hash out a few things about sugar in this episode- so, whether or not you're on the anti-sugar train or not, you're going to want to tune into this one!


50: Is working out hindering your progress?

Maybe all of your workouts are doing you more harm than good? Let's find out! Share this short(er) episode with women who are wasting their time doing MORE MORE MORE MORE in the gym and wondering how the hell it's not yet! Questions?


49: Living a pain free life, Interview with Dr. Jocelyn Wallace, DPT

Back in 2014, I felt a pain in my neck that left me on the couch unable to move for 4 days. It eventually went away. A few weeks later, I noticed that I was numb on the left side of my upper back, and the numbness ran down a portion of my left arm and into my pinky. Being the genius that I am, I ignored it for as long as I could. After one workout in particular, my left hand was completely paralyzed for almost 30 minutes. That scared me enough to see a doctor. After an MRI, they found 3...