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Helping women achieve confidence through a no-nonsense, yet sustainable approach to diet and exercise. Bridging the gap between learning how to love yourself while being a badass.

Helping women achieve confidence through a no-nonsense, yet sustainable approach to diet and exercise. Bridging the gap between learning how to love yourself while being a badass.
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Helping women achieve confidence through a no-nonsense, yet sustainable approach to diet and exercise. Bridging the gap between learning how to love yourself while being a badass.




162: How to start feeling better about almost everything

You can start feeling better about damn near everything in your life. It starts with a choice- but it's WAY more complicated than that. It's not enough to just say "I'm going to choose to feel better!" Sometimes that can work- but usually not. Hence why shit starts to feel awful. Things like: -The fact that your partner can never load the dishwasher -Your Tinder date won't text you back right away -Your back hurts, your knees hurt- WHY IS YOUR BODY LIKE THIS! -Your best friend is...


[Biz 014]: What are your dial movers?

In business, EVERYTHING FEELS LIKE A FIRE that needs to be put out immediately. Before you know it, you've worked all day long and feel like you have nothing to show for it. I know this feeling because I've been there plenty of times- and sometimes still find myself there from time to time even these days. Every time I feel like my business is a series of massive fires that need tending to, it's because my priorities haven't been set up straight. When I know what my dial movers...


161: Are you a people pleaser?

Today's episode is gonna BLOW. YOUR. MIND. What is people pleasing ACTUALLY coming from? What does it ACTUALLY mean? And what can you do about it?


160: Getting over your fear of the scale

I know the bathroom scale triggers you. You avoid it at all costs, maybe it'll just... all go away. Maybe you'll forget how much you hate your body if you just never weigh yourself again. Guess what? This is a shitty strategy. It's not about the scale. It's about your associations with it. This episode turns your relationship with the bathroom scale upside down on its head. If you're triggered by the scale, this one's for you! PS- if you're listening to this in real time, the...


159: "Healthy Food" Isn't a Thing

"Say it isn't so, Christina! What about apples!? Celery!?" Nope, sorry- it's not that simple. If there aren't any inherently unhealthy foods then guess what? There aren't any inherently healthy foods either. No one food is healthy. It doesn't work that way. What DOES exist are healthy contexts and unhealthy contexts but it's really not that simple. Trust me, if this was simple, none of you would be here, nor would you constantly be looking for an answer on the other end of...


158: Pre-Workout: Why You Should Reconsider

Do you hop yourself up on pre-workout? I used to, too. It was part of my pre-lifting ritual for years and years. And then I thought about it- what am I trying to cover up? And what do I actually feel like if I'm not doping myself up on crazy-juice just to survive another day in the gym? And at what cost? I am all about pushing my physical limits- it feels fun and good for me. For a long time I always told myself I was only a beast because of the pre-workout I was taking- I depended on it....


157: More to it- health is also what you think and what you say

What good is your physical health if you're a walking-talking ass hole to yourself? Ever leave the doctor's office feeling like you just need to get a grip on your health and then find yourself on another diet? Yeah... that's common. It's also not the whole picture. Sure, there are parts of our health that can be improved by how much we move and what we eat, but it's not the whole picture. Diet culture will tell you that the ONLY thing that matters is what you eat and don't eat and how...


156: Navigating a Fit Pregnancy with Athena Concannon

Find Athena: IG: @athenaconcannon FB: legit fit lifestyle lounge on the web:


155: Supporting a friend through the aftermath of an affair- with Emily Gough

My best friend was cheated on for 9 years, now what? I'm a fixer- when my friends come to me with an issue, my gut instinct is to fix everything. But with an international border separating us, it made it a lot more difficult. I couldn't just go over there and bring her coffee to cheer her up. And I could hardly offer any solutions to make it better.... so, what do you do when your friend's entire life pretty much goes up in smoke in one fell swoop? How do you support a friend in crisis?


[Biz 012] Perfecting the art of acting "as if"

"I trust myself the most in the areas of my life in which I've taken the most action." -said by yours truly. Hi, I'm Christina Montalvo, and my life can be categorized by a series of shitting my pants- and taking big action anyway. Action produces results- no matter which way you spin it. Sure, we have to manage our expectations of the outcomes that are produced from said action, but the other option is inaction, which produces nothing. In order to take action, we need to act "as...


154: Cortisone Shots & Some Issues With the Current Medical Model

You're in pain so you go to the doctor who sends you home, tells you to rest, take these pills and come back in 4-6 weeks if the pain hasn't gone away. You go back, still in pain once the pain medication wears off, and they walk back in the office with a huge ass needle and tell you that this will help. You feel great! The pain goes away in a few days and you're on your merry way. Several more weeks pass, and the pain is back. So, you schedule another appointment, they bring the big...


[Biz 010] They Want Your Money, But They Don't Have Your Back

A recap of my journey through hiring business coaches- the good, the bad, the hysterical, and the really, really ugly. If you're listening to this in real time, you can grab your Free Ideal Client Crash Course (delivered via email!) HERE!


153: Knee health and weight loss

This episode begins to scratch the surface of how crucial a sound understanding of exercise science is. Here's a secret:general/family doctors don't specialize in movement, pain science, exercise, muscles, etc. They just don't. Many people come to me and say "wouldn't my knees feel better if I lost weight?" or "My doctor said my knees wouldn't hurt so much if I lost weight, so I'm going to start swimming." What's the problem with this? SO MUCH. So so so much is wrong with...


[Biz 009] Make decisions for the business you WANT, not the business you HAVE

Everything sucked inside my business for a long time- I kept making decisions from where I currently was in my business which kept me STUCK for years. What I learned was to make decisions based on the business that I WANTED to have- which required focusing on something that didn't quite exist yet. Hello, self-trust and scared shitless and doing it anyway! It didn't exist yet because I hadn't created it. I was stuck for so long because I kept making decisions rooted in scarcity, fear, and...


[BIZ 008] What will your friends and family think?

If you've been using social media as your personal outlet for any length of time and then decide to start a personal brand, it can be scary to start shifting how you show up online. What will your friends and family think? What if they don't take you seriously? This all circles back to knowing who you're speaking to- unfortunately, your friends and family are probably not your ideal client- and they will likely never going to enroll into your programs. So the real question is- do you...