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Your number one spot for addiction treatment.

Your number one spot for addiction treatment.
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Your number one spot for addiction treatment.




Episode 4 Trailer: Who Answers the Desperate Phone Call for Help?

When people are suffering from the diseases of alcoholism or drug addiction, sometimes there’s a moment of desperation or clarity in which they will ask for help. When they or their loved ones reach out for that help, there’s a dedicated team of professionals, whose stories are seldom told, that form a critical lifeline to treatment and hope. Episode 4 tells the stories of those unsung heroes who answer the calls for help day in and day out, one call after another. Their patience, tolerance,...


As Addiction Boils Over, Expert Advice for Saving Your Kids’ Lives

The opioid epidemic is boiling over. Addiction, including alcoholism, is killing hundreds of thousands and destroying millions of lives. Especially tragic is addiction’s ravaging effects on teenagers and young adults. Their developing brains are being chemically altered by drugs and alcohol. That’s creating a whole new generation who will suffer from addiction. Many will die. Parents everywhere are looking for solutions to save their kids. They are desperately seeking an understanding of how...


Unspoken Legacy: Claudia Black on the Destructive Impact of Trauma and Addiction within the Family

Dr. Claudia Black, one of the world’s leading experts on family systems and addiction, reveals the startling connection between the psychological injuries experienced in childhood and the long-term trauma and addictive disorders that are destroying families everywhere. In this in-depth interview, Dr. Black discusses how trauma and addiction literally change the brain, and why the unspoken effects of these conditions can reverberate for generations, uprooting family trees and perpetuating...


One Father’s Nightmare: His Daughter’s Life-and-Death Struggle with Addiction

In our premier episode, our guest, Bob C., shares an extraordinary story of his amazing efforts to save his daughter’s life during her 15 year odyssey with drug addiction and mental illness. At times, he thought he had lost her. But he also realized that desperately trying to save his daughter might just kill him. With other family tragedies swirling around him at the same time, he somehow found the solutions for staying alive and helping his daughter survive. Bob’s hard-fought quest for...