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Inspiring people with invisible illness to live their best lives.

Inspiring people with invisible illness to live their best lives.


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Inspiring people with invisible illness to live their best lives.






42 George Pepper | How I started

Part 2: (includes mild language) After my experience of being diagnosed, I wanted to help others my age who were in the same position. I realised quickly that the people I was with that were in the clinic didn’t relate to me, I needed to find people younger than me. I was in my early 20’s desperately trying to figure out what this diagnosis meant for me. I found that challenging. Over time I found others in a similar situation and we shared ideas and feelings around diagnosis - realizing...


41 George Pepper | My Diagnosis

Part 1 - Diagnosis (includes mild language) Diagnosed at 22. He started having pain in his shoulder, doctors thought it was a trapped nerve. Dismissed with ibuprofenAbout a month after, whilst at work, George could barely see. His balance was not right. Started continuously vomiting.Feared meningitis which was quickly ruled out by a lumbar puncture.Feared brain tumor, ruled out after scans. Quickly deteriorated. The hospital he was in at the time didn’t have an MRI scanner so another...


40. Shelby and Luna | the benefits of having a service dog

Topics discussed: What happened when Shelby was diagnosed may shock you. From working as a makeup artist in TV and movies to relying on a service dog and teaching others the importance of service dogs. People tend to pay attention when you’re dying. Doctors not doing the right testsThe medical industry needs to get with the times because things are so different now. Eating is a challenge because of gastroparesis. I get a lot of back pain that a 28-year-old shouldn’t have. POTS and...


39. Geoff Allix | Overcoming MS Podcast host

We discuss the 7 pillars that make up the OMS (overcoming multiple sclerosis) program. Major benefits of eating healthily to help improve your overall health condition. The science behind the diet. The overcoming MS book (available for free to the major countries) The benefits of meditation, living in the present, managing stress and reducing anxiety. Overcoming MS encourages taking medication alongside a healthy diet, exercise, omega 3, vitamin D. We talk about Geoff taking...


38. Joanna Livermore: MS taught me a vital life lesson

Joanna stops by to discuss everything going on with her MS diagnosis. What started with waking up blind in one eye came as a complete shock to her - as it would to any of us. After numerous trips to the opticians, Dr's and neurologists and a couple of misdiagnosis’ in the end, it was found that she had MS. She didn’t dare tell her optometrist about the tingling in her legs when asked though, as she didn’t know what help it would be. Invisible symptoms and stuff people say. Would you...


37 BE Alink: Founder of the Alinker bike

A slightly different kind of guest today. This guest doesn’t have a chronic illness but inadvertently created the most amazing mobility bike for people with chronic illnesses. *DISCLAIMER* Please be aware there is a lot of swearing in this episode. The opinions expressed in this episode are not those of DISabled to ENabled and are intended to spark discussion about issues relating to chronic invisible illness. Topics discussed? Mobility devices are designed to be a medical mobility aid...


36. Cheryl Hile: 53 marathons and 287 participants round the world

Mentioned in this episode: A marathon runner told to start resting after an MS diagnosis.‘I was afraid because I didn’t know what would happen to me so I just kept going’.Symptoms vs. Marathon running. Cheryl's initial symptoms were painful and strong. She was told by her neurologist to wear an arm cuff to help with electric shock pain. Unsurprisingly it didn’t help. I was given no information about MS at the time of diagnosis. I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t know it was a central...


35. Effie Koliopoulos | Juvenile idiopathic arthritis | My Story

Effie from Rising Above Rheumatoid Arthritis (RARA) stops by to discuss all things RA. Starting 14 years ago when she was just a child. Effie was experiencing constant muscle pains, joint pains and inflammation. Fatigue, brain fog and she would come home from school and just sleep. Doctors passed it off as ‘growing pains’. She found herself sitting out more and more at school during gym class. Effie found it harder doing things on her own and she adapted as best as she could but...


34. Gynaecologist Dr Jonathan White: What you need to know about MS

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Jonathan White stops by to discuss all things related to Multiple Sclerosis, Gynaecology, diet, babies, exercise, more babies and lets us in on a few weird gynae things. Topics covered in this episode include: Dr white’s own MS diagnosisHow he deals with working in a busy hospital with MS symptomsHis top advice on diet (and how you can actually eat out at restaurants when you’re following a diet plan! His best tips for exercisingThe miracle of growing a...


33. Irene Eagle: A parent’s perspective on their child’s diagnosis.

In this episode, I invite my mum over for a quick chat about her perspective on what it’s like having a child diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. We discuss what happened from my mum’s point of view at the start of my diagnosis--I didn’t actually tell her what was wrong until I left hospital and was back in my own apartment. Should I have asked her to come to the hospital? Or was I right to not say anything until after? I honestly thought I was helping. My mum describes my diagnosis...


32. Susan Carey - My 21st birthday was at one of my infusions!

Susan Carey - My 21st birthday was at one of my infusions! Topics discussed in this episode: First experiencing double vision. Seeing two golf balls and two basketballs, the optometrist asked her to leave the room while her mum was told there was something in the back of her eye. she could have a tumor or multiple sclerosis. Being officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis - a degenerative health condition at 14A lumbar puncture done by a medical student. (A lumbar puncture is a common...


31. Harper Spero: I have mould constantly growing in my lungs. Made visible podcast host

Topics discussed in this episode: Being diagnosed at 10 years old with a mystery skin condition.Spending your teenage years covered in boils, warts and having your fingernails falling off whilst at school. Having a failing immune system and constant bouts of pneumonia at 11 years old.Being so self-conscious at school about having your arms or any skin on show it became normal to cover up - even when in fancy dress costume. Being told at 27 to have surgery to remove a cyst the size of a GOLF...


30. MBE Kadeena Cox: Smash the rules, achieve your dreams.

Topics covered in this episode: Being a physically fit and active child doing dance and playing hockey before starting in athletics. Kadeena had also done multiple degrees including one in physio which she had to leave 9 months in, due to having a stroke in May 2014. Becoming an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) warrior in September of the same year. Always wanting to be an Olympic athlete and thought she thought she was destined for the 200m sprint. She was then told that to get to an...


29. Beccy Huxtable: I was grateful to be diagnosed with MS live on air! Radio producer

In this episode, we discuss a lot about pregnancy including Beccy’s advice for having a baby with Multiple Sclerosis! Have you heard of the ‘crazy sheep thing’ that makes womb sounds? How are you supposed to react when the same people give you the ‘helpful advice’ (that FYI doesn’t work) over and over! How can you find other mums going through pregnancy at the same time? The tips and tricks Beccy has for looking after a baby with MS. Connect with Beccy here Or go to...


28. Shelley Ramsey DeJongh | I started my life again... addiction free with Multiple Sclerosis

Topics covered in this episode: First MS symptomsBeing predisposed to addictionEndometriosis Postpartum depressionBeing a counselor in a prisonSetting up a businessHow can people with chronic illness heal? Connect with Shelley: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Join the ENabled tribe: Search Facebook: ENabled Warriors Or Insta:...


27. Heather and Dizzy 'With Multiple Sclerosis you have to cancel plans and I hate that'

Meet Heather... She takes on her illness everyday alongside her quirky prehistoric knitted companion, Dizzy! She was diagnosed at 25 with Multiple Sclerosis and runs one of the coolest blogs I have ever seen - Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS. She’s taking on the world of chronic illness - one donkey at a time. She’s here with us today. ENabled warriors please help me in welcoming our next guest, the amazing… Heather Russell-Kay and Dizzy! Things we discussed in this episode: Heathers first...


26. Gina Johnson. Doctor: do you want to have a career or do you want to be alive?

Topics covered in this episode: Gina’s experience of a heart attack. Children going missingWhat is angina? How is Angina detected?MigrainesDealing with your ex bad mouthing you to your children about your illnessThe benefits of working for yourselfGina’s awesome podcast - ‘Life’s valleys and mountain tops’ Wait till you hear about the weirdest thing Gina has ever done! (Hint: It involves a bus, a paedophile and a newspaper) Catch up with Gina at: On...


25. Ciena Rae: My fingernails just started falling off one-by-one

Actress Ciena Rae stops by to chat about the issues that come with being an Actress and having Psoriasis and eczema with the added pressures of constant reapplying of make up, photoshoots and close up camera shots alongside the pressures of being in the public eye. Ciena Shares her tips for other people suffering with Psoriasis and eczema and tells us about her daily routines that lead her to keep control of her skin. Also, wait till you hear about the documentary she is currently...


24. Chanel White: 'There are two times I wish I just died'

“You can find a lot of good things in something broken” - Chanel White 2019 Do not listen to any other podcast until you’ve listened to this one. Chanel keeps it real and takes us through what was like when she won the chronic illness lottery. Going from what started as ‘burnt black pus fingers’ on her wedding day to complete organ failure and being tube fed. We go into detail about how her body functions (or not) day to day and how she gets though that with a dark sense of humour and...


23. Jenny Clarkson | I did my exams whilst being diagnosed with MS

Jenny Clarkson from the wonderful blog Tripping through Treacle stops by to tell us her experiences of Secondary Progressive MS starting at just 15 years old. Can you imagine having your body go out of control at such a young age? She tells us about what it was like to get such a big, life changing diagnosis when she was still so young, even describing her experiences of relapsing at prom and having to get her boyfriend to hold her up by her arms all night so she could walk. We also discuss...