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Episode 23: DPC and Maternity Care--with Dr Vance Lassey

In Episode 23 Dr Roussel interviews Dr Vance Lassey of Holton Direct Care in Holton, KS about DPC and maternity care. In the interview they discuss Dr Vance’s experience offering maternity and obstetrical care as part of DPC patient services, including how he structured pricing, handled call and interacted with the hospital. Their discussion not only offers insight into the wealth of possibilities available to a DPC arrangement but also shows how going direct can improve coordination and...


Episode 22: Pediatric House Call Only DPC--with Dr Kortney West

In Episode 22, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Kortney West of West Pediatrics about doing house calls under a direct primary care arrangement. Dr West is a pediatrician by training who started her career as an employed pediatrician by a major hospital system. Frustrated by the lack of time given to each of her patients, she embarked on her own, forming West Pediatrics, a house call only pediatrics practice. In the interview she discusses the convenience house calls provides to pediatrics...


Episode 21: Old Fashioned Medicine (Part 1): House Call Only DPC—withDr Marguerite Duane and Dr Matthew Haden of Modern Mobile Medicine

In Episode 21, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Marguerite Duane and Dr Matthew Haden of Modern Mobile Medicine about their House Call focused DPC practice. In the interview they discuss their motivation to pursue a House call focused DPC practice, some key differences between a House call practice and a clinic practice, and how the practice was made possible only by going direct.


Episode 20: Episode 20: Physician Burnout & Suicide: Stemming the Tide via DPC...with Dr Pam Wible

In Episode 20, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Pamela Wible on stemming the tide of physician suicide and burnout via Direct Primary Care. Dr Wible is an internationally known author, speaker and physician who has spoken on physician suicide, and in addition to being a direct primary care physician, she runs a retreat multiple times per year geared at helping physicians find joy in their profession through designing their ideal medical clinic. In the episode they discuss factors that lead to...


Episode 19: Medicare and DPC: To opt out or not?...with Jim Eischen

In Episode, 19, Dr Roussel interviews Jim Eischen of McGlinchey Stafford, a nationally recognized attorney with expertise in Direct Primary Care. Jim has been providing legal services to DPC physicians for nearly a decade and is recognized by the American Academy of Family Physicians as a compliance expert regarding Medicare. In the interview they discuss if/how doctors who take Medicare assignment can charge a periodic fee, what is required of physicians to opt out of Medicare and what...


Episode 18: Drafting DPC Patient Contracts Right The First Time...with Luanne Leeds, Esq

In Episode, 18, Dr Roussel interviews Luanne Leeds of Leeds Law in Topeka, KS. Luanne is an experienced Direct Primary Care attorney who has helped dozens if not hundreds of doctors draft their patient agreement. In the interview they discuss key points to include in a direct care patient agreement and pitfalls to help avoid misunderstanding. They also discuss how a doctor who practices under a direct healthcare arrangement can find an attorney in their area and how much a physician could...


Episode 17: Breaking Even with DPC...with Dr Joseph Sheppard

In Episode, 17, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Joseph Sheppard of the Free Market Physician about financial planning for a DPC practice. Given the novelty of DPC, concrete financial predictions can be a challenge, though necessary. With four years experience planning his own DPC and with experience presenting on breaking even with DPC, Dr Sheppard brings insight into the financial realities of running a DPC practice. In the interview, Dr Sheppard outlines how, with appropriate foresight, a...


Episode 16: Short Term Medical Plans that Pair with DPC...with Kurt Wagner and Mandy Jacobson

In Episode 16, Dr Roussel interviews Kurt Wagner of National General Insurance and Mandy Jacobson of NY Life Insurance about short term medical plans. Short term medical plans can provide coverage of major medical expenses for a period of 3 months or more (even up to a year) at a fraction of the cost of major medical plans. Kurt and Mandy are both insurance agents in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with extensive experience in health insurance. In the interview they discuss how short term medical...


Episode 15: Self-funded Insurance Options that Pair with DPC...with Dan Meylan of Allied National

In Episode 15, Dr Roussel interviews Dan Meylan of Allied National Insurance plans about self-funded insurance plans that pair with DPC. As one of the only insurance companies with experience writing insurance options to complement a DPC practice membership, Allied has extensive experience with DPC. In the interview, they talk about the dramatic cost-savings that can be accrued when employers take out insurance policies that pair with DPC membership as well as the benefits of creating...


Episode 14: Health Sharing Ministries and DPC (Part 2: CMF CURO/Samaritan)...with Mr Michael Vacca

In Episode 14, Dr Roussel interviews Michael Vacca of CMF Curo/Samaritan Ministries. In the interview, Mr Vacca, Director of Ministry at CMF Curo, discusses how the sharing process works at Samaritan, how Samaritan differs from other health sharing ministries, how health sharing differs from health insurance, and how the ministry pairs with DPC.


Episode 13: Health Sharing Ministries and DPC (Part 1: Liberty)...with Mr Dale Bellis

In Episode 13, Dr Roussel interviews Mr Dale Bellis about the Liberty Healthshare program. In the interview Mr Bellis, Executive Director of Liberty Healthshare, explains how the health sharing process works with Liberty, how much it costs, how it is similar/different form insurance and how it pairs with DPC.


Episode 12 DPC and Authentic Medicine...with Dr Doug Farrago

In Episode 12, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Doug Farrago about DPC allowing doctors to be true to themselves and true to the profession. A seasoned blogger, book author and speaker, Dr Farrago sees DPC as the only way that DPC doctors can be authentic amidst the harsh realities of present third-party care. Listen to Dr Doug describe his passion for DPC, which he sees as the “only hope” for primary care doctors to be true to themselves and true to the profession of medicine.


Episode 11: Inspiring Medical Students and Residents...with Dr Karl Hanson

In Episode 11 of the DPC Podcast, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Karl Hansen of Infinity Health about inspiring medical students and residents to embark on DPC. Dr Hanson, who has a DPC practice in Kenner, LA has spoken with medical students and residents at various programs about venturing out into the DPC world as a solo doctor. While challenging, Dr Hanson notes, starting a DPC practice allows doctors to practice primary care while still having the time for their patients and making a...


Episode 10: The Direct Primary Care (DPC) Alliance...with Drs Ryan Neuhofel & Luke Van Kirk

In Episode 10 of the DPC Podcast, Dr Roussel interviews Drs Ryan Neuhofel and Luke Van Kirk of the Direct Primary Care (DPC) Alliance. A grassroots organization founded in 2018, the DPC Alliance is devoted to supporting DPC doctors (present and future) through membership, education and advocacy. The Alliance aims to add “fuel to the DPC fire” by offering DPC docs a place for mentorship, information and support. Listen to Dr Roussel interview Drs Ryan and Luke about this effort to keep the...


Episode 9: Part-time DPC

In Episode 9 of The Direct Primary Care Podcast, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Lisa Davidson Tartar of Insight Primary Care in Denver, CO. Dr Davidson Tartar started Insight after being a primary care doctor under traditional insurance-based care for a decade. She decided to start the practice in 2011 after deciding that spending all of her off-time charting instead of with her children was enough. Now, three years later, she has a DPC practice set up for her to work 3 days a week and have the...


Episode 8: The Origins, Current State and Future of Direct Primary Care

In Episode 8 of the Direct Primary Care Podcast, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Garrison Bliss, the first doctor to practice direct primary care and the founder of Qliance, the nation's first direct primary care practice. In their discussion, Dr Bliss discussions the origins of his motivation to pioneer the direct primary care model, including a frustration with insurance-based care that made it difficult for him to provide the quality of care he felt he could provide. While a couple of his...


Episode 7: The Direct Primary Care Summit.

In Episode 7 of the Direct Primary Care Podcast, Dr Roussel covers the upcoming national DPC Summit. Taking place in Kansas City, Missouri on July 8 through 10. The DPC summit brings together DPC enthusiasts from around the US to “increase awareness and grow the DPC model.” In the episode, Dr Roussel interviews Bethany Burk, a Quality and Practice specialist at the AAFP who is intimately involved in planning the DPC summit, and Dr Julie Gunther, a family physician at SparkMD and member of...


Episode 6: The Minority of the Individual

In Episode 6, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Josh Umbehr, founder of AtlasMD, a DPC practice in Wichita, KS. In addition to currently serving over two thousand patient sin the Wichita area, AtlasMD services an electronic medical record designed specifically for DPC doctors and provides free consulting for doctors interested in starting their own DPC practice. In the episode, Dr Umbehr—who’s become a well-known voice in the DPC movement—discusses his motivation to start a DPC practice at a time...


Episode 5: DPC Legislative Updates

Be it at the local, state or federal level, DPC-related legislation is on the rise, as lawmakers are coming to realize DPC’s importance in lowering costs and improving the quality of healthcare. In Episode 5, Dr Roussel’s interview of Mr Jay Keese, Chairman of the Direct Primary Care Coalition, covers major legislative updates regarding DPC laws being discussed or already passed. They discuss DPC’s role in the Affordable Care Act, the current status IRS rules regarding DPC as a qualified...


Episode 4: Legal Issues in Direct Primary Care

In Episode 4, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Phil Eskew, family physician, lawyer, DPC Frontier website founder and DPC legal expert. In the episode, they discuss legal issues arising in direct primary care. From opting out of Medicare to maintaining HIPAA compliance to avoiding scrutiny by state insurance regulators, DPC practices face a unique set of legal challenges. This uncharted legal territory can be daunting for a DPC doctor, yet, according to Dr Eskew, one need not be intimidated. As...


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