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Episode 48: How to Pick a Benefits Strategist--with Mr David Contorno

In Episode 48, Dr Roussel interviews Mr David Contorno, coined by Dave Chase as “One of America’s Most Innovative Insurance Brokers,” about “How to Pick a Benefits Strategist.” In the interview they discuss the financial incentives that keep benefits strategists offering high-cost, low value plans. Beginning with his own story of reform, Mr Contorno elaborates on how and why he left the major carriers to focus on high-value self-funded plans that pair with Direct Primary Care and how other...


Episode 47: The CEO's Guide to Lowering Cost, Improving Value--with Mr Dave Chase

In Episode 47, Dr Roussel interviews Mr Dave Chase, author of “CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream,” founder of the HealthRosetta movement, a regular author for Forbes and successful serial healthcare start-up entrepreneur. In the interview they discuss why healthcare for companies has become unsustainably expensive and how this situation can be changed to provide value for money spent on healthcare.


Episode 46: Q&A: The Elephant Rider Analogy: Does it Work for DPC?

In Episode 46, ‘Q&A: The Elephant and Rider Analogy,’ Dr Roussel elaborates on the popular analogy that has been used to describe the psychology of institutional change. In particular, he discusses how the analogy has been applied to healthcare and why such an analogy may not be the best metaphor for the DPC movement.


Episode 45: Bundled Payment for Surgeries--with Mr Dutch Rojas

In Episode 45, Dr Roussel interviews Mr Dutch Rojas, CEO & founder of Sano Surgery and a disruptive broker of ambulatory surgical services about his work negotiating bundled payment deals for employers and health plans. In the interview they talk about how bundling payment for surgery can lower cost to employers, why surgery centers and hospitals are eager to accept a bundled payment, why major carriers are reluctant to negotiate bundled payments and how bundled payment can work with...


Episode 44: The Hint Summit Recap--with Dr Paul Thomas

In Episode 44, Dr Roussel talks with Dr Paul Thomas of Plum Health about the Hint Summit. In their discussion they review major talks from the Hint Summit of 2018, bringing together doctors, health insurance brokers, business leaders, health IT companies and more to talk about how to catalyze healthcare reform in a way that adds value, lowers costs, improves relationships and satisfaction and has DPC at its cornerstone. Tune in as they review talks from Dr Zuban Damania (ZDoggMD), Dave...


Episode 43: Q&A: The Amazon, Berkshire & Chase Healthcare Venture

In Episode 43, Q&A Friday: The Amazon, Berkshire and Chase Healthcare Venture, Dr Roussel discusses the new healthcare company recently formed by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and Chase. In particular he elaborates on the potential of such a venture to disrupt healthcare by making the market more competitive and what this could mean for Direct Primary Care.


Episode 42: The DPC Summit Pre-Conference (2018)--with Bethany Burk and Larry Bauer

In Episode 42, Dr Roussel interviews Bethany Burk of the AAFP and Larry Bauer of the FMEC about the 2018 DPC Summit Pre-Conference. The pre-conference is going to happen on the day prior to the DPC Summit and is an opportunity for employers, employee benefits specialists, healthcare consultants and doctors to come together, network and learn how DPC and employer self-insurance can better pair up to lower healthcare costs and improve value for companies.


Episode 41: The DPC Summit of 2018--with Dr Kylie Vanaman and Bethany Burk

In Episode 41, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Kylie Vanaman and Bethany Burk of the AAFP about the 2018 DPC Summit. In the interview they not only discuss location and venue for the DPC Summit but also the focus of the Summit and its importance to the DPC movement.


Episode 40: Bundled payment & The Surgery Center of Oklahoma--with Dr Keith Smith

In Episode 40, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Keith Smith, the co-founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, an ambulatory surgery center that offers low-cost, fixed price surgeries at dramatically reduced prices. In the interview Dr Smith talks about how the Center has been able to dramatically reduce prices by cutting out the middle-man of insurance companies and facility fees as well as how surgery centers working towards transparency and value can collaborate with direct primary care doctors...


Episode 39: Q&A: How Rural is Too Rural for DPC?

In Episode 39, Dr Roussel elaborates on the question: how rural is too rural for DPC? In the Episode he discusses what factors have influenced and can influence the feasibility of a direct primary care practice being set up in a rural area.


Episode 38: Iora Health--with Dr Rushika Fernandopulle

In Episode 38, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Rashika Fernandopulle about Iora Health, a DPC company that specializes in providing primary care to large employer groups. A trend-setting organization, Iora provides high-quality, comprehensive primary care without any fee-for-service based contracts. In the interview they discuss how Iora is lowering healthcare costs and improving quality for employers by investing in health and wellness and prioritizing relationships.


Episode 37: The DPC Friendly Broker--with Mr George Claassen

In Episode 37, Dr Roussel interviews Mr George Claassen of the Mr Claassen is an insurance broker in Massachusetts who works with DPC doctors throughout the Northeast. In the interview he talks about his experience working with DPC doctors and patients to find suitable wrap-around insurance plans, what kinds of plans are best suited to pair with DPC practice membership and how doctors and patients looking for wrap-around coverage can find a broker who can help.


Episode 36: DPC as an Employee Benefit--with Suzy Johnson and Rachel Miner

In Episode 36, Dr Roussel interviews employee benefits specialists Suzy Johnson and Rachel Miner of Employee Benefits Advisors of the Carolinas about their experience offering DPC as an employee benefit to clients. In particular they discuss how DPC adds value to their clients and provides them with a much needed service for affordable healthcare. In addition they discuss how they’ve been able to pair this with ‘wrap-around’ insurance plans that save the employer money on premiums and...


Episode 35: Nextera Health & Digital Globe: A Case Study--with Dr Clint Flanagan

In Episode 35, Dr Roussel interviews Dr Clint Flanagan of Nextera Health about Nextera’s experience providing DPC as a corporate benefit to employees of Digital Globe. Providing DPC to employees as a covered benefit, says Dr Flanagan, yielded promising results in terms of the health of the employees and the cost of care. In the interview they discuss how the arrangement came about, how DPC saved money and improved health for the company and how this experience can be replicated with other...


Episode 34: Q&A: What is Direct Primary Care?

In Episode 34, Dr Roussel discusses the meaning of DPC. What is Direct Primary Care? With the name’s rising popularity, it’s been used to describe practice models that to many DPC doctors seem quite far from the ideals and the spirit of what DPC is supposed to be. In the episode, Dr Roussel elaborates on some elements of a DPC that have been considered essential to a DPC practice and on the more fundamental question of what is the whole DPC venture about.


Episode 33: The Hint Summit--with Zak Holdsworth and Paul Lacey

In Episode 33, Dr Roussel interviews Zak Holdsworth, CEO of Hint Health, and Paul Lacey, Senior Director of Marketing at Hint Health, about the Hint Summit. In addition to their discussion of the timing and venue of the conference, their interview covers the larger question of what extent DPC should engage the corporate world to grow while at the same time maintaining the professional independence that makes DPC so attractive and unique.


Episode 32: Bartering for Healthcare (Part 2)--with Adam Tidwell of the PartnersOne Organization

In Episode 32, Dr Roussel interviews Mr Adam Tidwell of the PartnersOne organization about bartering for healthcare. The PartnersOne is a trade organization that operates in the Baton Rouge area, with over 800 businesses and sister exchanges all throughout the Southeastern US, that facilitates a bartering economy amongst its members. In the interview they further discuss how it can be used to facilitate the exchange of goods and services, how it supports the local economy and how it can...


Episode 31: Bartering for Healthcare (Part 1)--with Joey Dupont of 225Trade

In Episode 31, Dr Roussel interviews Mr Joey Dupont of the 225 Trade organization about bartering for healthcare. The 225 trade organization is a group of over 800 businesses in the Baton Rouge area, with sister exchanges all throughout the Southeastern US, that facilitates a bartering economy amongst its members. In the interview they discuss how the trade process works, what kinds of goods and services can be bought & sold on trade and how trade can work for DPC.


Episode 30: Q&A: My Clinic's Response to Medicare's RFI

In Episode 30, Dr Roussel discusses his own clinic’s response to Medicare’s Request for Information regarding DPC and Medicare. In particular, he discusses why his reservations to working with the government as a payor while at the same time expressing hope in giving many ill and bed-bound in his community the opportunity to receive high-quality primary care through legal/institutional means readily available.


Episode 29: The Direct Primary Care Coalition's (DPCC) Response to Medicare's Request for Information (RFI)--with Mr Jay Keese

In Episode 29, Dr Roussel interviews Mr Jay Keese of the Direct Primary Care Coalition about the Coalition’s response to Medicare’s Request for Information (RFI) regarding DPC and Medicare. In the interview they discuss the context of the RFI--when it was issued and what its purpose was. As well they further discuss the potential impact of a DPC pilot for Medicare and how the Coalition believes that Medicare should attempt to incorporate DPC while avoiding some of the pitfalls of...