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TDLS 008: Book Review - No Shortcuts to the Top

I review the book "No Shortcuts to the Top" by famed mountaineer Ed Viesturs. Ed is one of only a handful of people who have scaled all fourteen 8000 meter peaks. I found this book inspirational, and I think it holds many lessons for all of us.


TDLS 007: The Difference Between Formal and Informal Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness has gained in popularity in recent years, partly due to the increased stress that is inherent in modern life. Unfortunately, there is much confusion surrounding how exactly to practice mindfulness. In this episode, I demystify the 2 main categories of mindfulness practice. These 2 categories are Formal and Informal mindfulness practice. By listening to this episode, you will gain a thorough understanding of these types of practice, and will be better prepared to begin your own...


TDLS 006: The Skinny on Organic Foods

Organic foods have grown in popularity in recent years, partly because of the increasing toxicity of conventional food. Most of the foods I eat are organic, and in this episode I help sort through much of the confusion surrounding organic foods. After listening to this episode, you will have a game plan for purchasing and consuming more organic foods. This can have a dramatic impact on your health in the long-term.


TDLS 005: 7 Lessons I Have Learned From Starting My Own Business

I have been in "entrepreneur mode" for the last few years, working to start my own business, and I have learned many lessons along the way. In this episode, I share 7 of the most important lessons I have learned. I also explain how these lessons can apply to many aspects of life, not just business...


TDLS 004: The Importance of Nature for Mental Health

Nature is perhaps the most powerful thing I have ever found for improving my mental health. Unfortunately, we live in a nature-deprived modern age, and I believe that is a big reason anxiety and depression are epidemics. In this episode, I tell you about my personal experience with nature and mental health issues, and give you plenty of tips for enhancing your own connection to nature.


TDLS 003: Treating Anxiety with Lifestyle Changes

I introduce you to my new book Tame Your Anxiety and give you an outline of what it covers. The book is designed to help you build a lifestyle that supports reduced anxiety levels by targeting habits in specific areas of your life. Don't forget to subscribe to the show!


TDLS 002: What is OCD and Do You Have It?

I tell you about my OCD symptoms, and how I first diagnosed myself with OCD. Then, I let you know what symptoms to look for in yourself to determine whether or not you might have OCD. I also give you details about what to do if you think you might be suffering from OCD, and how to seek treatment.


TDLS 001: Introduction and What To Expect

I tell you a bit about myself, and let you know what you can expect from the show going forward. My goal is to provide you with the best information I can give you. Don't forget to subscribe to the show so you don't miss what I've got in store for you!


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