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Taking the Path Less Traveled with Anne Buckle

Dannie opens the podcast by telling the story of her father's ambitions for her and how saving for retirement was a priority of his. Well, Dannie took a very different path, you might even say more than one path to get to her success. Dannie is joined by singer/song writer, Anne Buckle. Anne describes her time in Nashville and the obstacles she had to navigate to not lose herself in the music industry. Dannie and Ann also debut their new song! Learn more about Anne Buckle


Changing the Cycle with Markus Redmond

Are your current cycles serving you the best way possible? If not...CHANGE THEM! It takes work, but can be done! Dannie discusses her battle with a self pity cycle. Dannie welcomes actor/screenwriter, Markus Redmond as he discusses his battle with anger and what helped him see the light and over come.


Getting What You Want with Marni Kinrys

No matter how driven and focused you are biology always reminds us of the wants and needs that really make us, as humans, tick. People will go through an amazing amount of blood, sweat, and tears to find love. It's the ultimate form of security. Dannie welcomes Marni Kinrys, a female dating coach for men to the podcast. Marni explains how to go and get what you want! She explains how to stop rejecting yourself and be OK with other people rejecting you. Searching for your soul mate can be...


Swiping Right with Amy Helt

Love is the force that holds everything together. Dannie talks about how wrong she was about love. Dannie has learned there's either love or there's the absence of love. With that being said, we enter the world of online dating with Love Expert, Amy Helt. Who helps Dannie navigate the rough waters of online dating and talks to her about "ghosting." Thanks for being part of the journey... Amy's 7 Essential Tips To Online Dating


Living An Illusion with Anders Hansen

In this episode, Dannie keeps it real. But, what is real? How often do you sit there dreaming about "What If?" What if I won the Power Ball? What if I could move to a dream location? What would it be like to be with that person that has peaked your interest? Then you snap out of it. Well, Dannie has good news for you. Dannie welcomes recovering illusionist, Anders Hansen who talks about his journey from fooling people to helping them. Visit Anders Website


Making Your Habits Work Towards Success with Lisa Caprelli

Did you know your behavior over time doesn't just affect you...if affects the people you deal with everyday. It affects how those people react to you, think about you, and how they feel about you. Dannie is joined by Lisa Caprelli. Lisa is a marketing strategy consultant, author, branding and team building expert. She works to help businesses—from small to medium-sized businesses to large corporations —achieve success and maintain relevance in our rapidly evolving world by understanding how...


Adventures of the Imagination with M. Shawn Petersen

With Spring weather making it's way across the country, Dannie talks one of her favorite past times...Her love of period fiction novels. Dannie welcomes author M. Shawn Petersen who talks about his novel "Stella and the Timekeepers" - a story about Stella Merriss, who has never felt like she belonged anywhere--her family was always on the run. During a daring escape her parents suddenly disappear into stormy, shark-infested waters. Alone and unsure of her future, she learns the truth. Buy...


Go For It with Giovanna Silvestre

How often do you find yourself making excuses? Have you had good business ideas, but didn't follow through? Did you want to take that trip to a remote location in the Pacific, but something came up? Well, stop making excuses! Time on Earth is short! Take the chances you think about it! Dannie welcomes Giovanna Silvestre. Giovanna started her career in Hollywood working on mainstream movies such as "Thor." After quickly getting burnt out by the movie industry, Giovanna found her true calling...


Cooking with Fiona

What's your "Passion?" Is is it enough to have passion without savoring it? Dannie brings us back to her childhood and growing up in an Italian household and describes the passion her grandmother put into her cooking. You'll be able to hear the arguments, smell the sauce, and laugh at the memories. Dannie welcomes Fiona Afshar, a stay at home mom with three children who has a passion for cooking and baking. Fiona describes where she received the passion for cooking and the joy cooking brings...


Is Chaos Necessary with Adita Lang

How often do you wake up healthy and get excited about it? Or do you wait until you wake up sick and then wish to be healthy? Do you thank your car for starting every morning? Or do you just scream at it early one morning when it doesn't start? We all go through chaotic times in life, it's practically a requirement. It's getting through those times that define us. Dannie talks with Super Power Aficionado, Adita Lang who gives tremendous advice on Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, and...


Being Mom with Paige Dunn

If you think back on all the jobs you have held in your life...what's the easiest? Better yet...what job is the hardest? Dannie talks about growing up on the farm and all the odds and ends job she took on. She was a paramedic, a criminal defense attorney, and more...but the toughest gig, by far, is being a Mom. Dannie's guest this week is Paige Dunn, host of the brand new "CF Mom Tribe Podcast", Paige talks about life as a mom and having two children under the age of 5 with cystic fibrosis....


Life as Your Teacher with Vaughn Dailey

How did you become the person you are today? Who helped you find yourself? Dannie takes you through her journey and describes which moments and what individuals made her who she is. From parents to an ex-husband, she has learned from everyone who has been close to her. Dannie talks to Vaughn Dailey, a recently retired teacher who spent over 40 years in the classroom. Vaughn walks us through various methods he used with children for the better part of four decades and gives Dannie tips on...


How Do You Help Humanity? with Elliot Howise

What do you do to help people? Do you ever think about helping? Do you have to bend over backwards to make helping meaningful? This week Dannie takes you on a journey with Elliott Howsie, Director of Public Defenders Office in Pittsburgh, PA. Elliott discusses his day to day life and how the work he does every day helps people that really need it. Elliott describes how dangerous and tricky the criminal justice system really is.


National Self Care Day

How do you measure your life? Valentine's Day should be fun and care-free. You shouldn't be judging your Valentine's Day plans against others. National Self Care Day should be embraced and celebrated much more than February 14th. Be happy with being you, because you're the best you. Dannie talks about what you could do to embrace your happiness.


Making Yourself Happy with Heather Armbust

How many times do you put the needs of others in front of your own? Well, it's time to stop! You need to make your body, mind, and soul happy. Dannie explains why it needs to be a priority. Heather Armbust joins Dannie to talk about her journey from being one of the top female bodybuilders in the world, choosing to leave the business, and her battle to become sober. Heather talks about finally taking the steps she needs to make herself happy and not worry what others thought about the way...


Creativity with Adam Tarsitano

Why can't you do this? Why can't you be like that? Why do you think those thoughts? Dannie talks with Novelist, Songwriter, & Screenplay writer Adam Tarsitano about why your creativity is so important and why you shouldn't suppress your creativity to appease others. Being creative in your own way lets you be you and in many cases can recharge other aspects of your life. Plus, Adam sings a song for us. Checkout Adam on Instagram Info on Adam's movie "Strings" exclusively on Amazon...


Spiritual and Broke with Jennifer Noel Taylor

Dannie asks can you live a life of purpose and wealthy? She'll answer that question with the help of Jennifer Noelle Taylor, author "Spiritual and Broke: How to stop struggling with money and live your purpose." Jennifer talks about getting her start in healing people spiritually, but wondered if she could use the same practices to help her wallet. She describes how the worst night of her life changed everything for her future. That's where the journey...


Mastering your Focus with David Essel

Dannie asks the question: What is your why? You cannot sit on the sideline if your desire is to be in the game. That type of motivation is self-derived. So how do you master the skill of focus? Plus Master Life Coach David Essel joins the show! He talks about how we may not know why we are in certain conditions in our lives, but we know that WE put ourselves in that position. So how do we make a change? The answer will surprise you! Find out on today's show! Order...


Changes and Transitions with Claire Louise Chapman

The seasons come and go. It's amazing how life moves on with or without you. Dannie looks back on her life and the transitions that took place. From the new life of a daughter to the death of her dad, she talks about all the lessons life has in transition. Can you fight the present moment? Dannie welcomes Claire Louise Chapman, a Life Coach from the U.K. She talks about the importance of self-awareness and understanding yourself well enough to take a step back and analyze your difficult...


The Totality Of The Message with Erin Cumisky

How do you feel when people are not connected with what you are saying? When people fail to connect with you? Dannie talks about the many ways we seem to miss the totality of our communications. So how do we get to a place where we can just...listen? Plus, Erin "Newton" Cumisky joins the show. She's an Expert Mixologist and someone who knows a thing or two about listening! She talks about the importance of listening to others and how it enables you to build important relationships. It also...