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It's time to move beyond pain and into performance

It's time to move beyond pain and into performance
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It's time to move beyond pain and into performance




My Personal Struggle With Integrity & What I'm Doing About it

My mission is to heal the human beingship of everyone that I work with. That means restoring the profound level of adaptability that is lives only within our species. Some of my practices haven't been in line with that and so I'm changing my approach to get myself back into integrity. You can find me: In-person at Targhee Athletics in Driggs Idaho or online at IG @lance.einerson_dpt You can sign up for the newsletter on my website or through the link in my IG...


Ben Walker: From Theater to Steel Mace Jedi and Betting on Yourself.

Fitness and health aren't supposed to be bearable, they're supposed to be fun, and Ben makes it fun. Ben is a professionally trained actor turned steel mace coach that has one of the most interesting perspectives on fitness and life in general that I've ever come across. If you want to broaden your horizons and add a little spice to your day, you absolutely can't afford to miss this episode. You can find Ben on IG @built_by_ben As always you can find me...


Taraghee Athletics: So much more than just a gym.

Dayne Toney and Josh Rempel are the owners of Targhee Athletics in Driggs Idaho. A small town in Teton Valley which is one of the MOST picturesque mountain valleys you can imagine. Because of that people come from around the world to live out their mountain town dreams and build a life of adventure in the Tetons. Dayne and Josh help them do just that by making fitness work for their clients, not the other way around. Targhee Athletics is a gym who cares full of coaches who care and I'm...


Lori Ward: Skincare fitness and mindset. You're only as stuck as you want to be.

Lori is a long-time client and friend. I've seen her grow from one of the most insecure athletes I've ever seen to a supremely confident woman and business owner. If you value human connection and progression then this episode IS FOR YOU! You can find Lori at: IG @lwskincare PS if you're a coach or a physio/chiro then you NEED to start looking at the esthetician field and the way they are helping their clients. It's 100% applicable to you and your...


Danielle McGinnis: The Muscly Love Bomb Warrior. Flipping Script & Turning You Into Your Biggest Fan.

Danielle's mission in life is to heal others by offering a light of optimism in a judgment-free space that's open for people of all walks of life. She's here to coach individuals through compassion and empathy because she believes everybody on this earth serves a purpose and it is an injustice for people to not understand their true strengths. This was an awesome conversation and you don't want to miss it! You can find Danielle at: @deebird20 (website changed after...


How to Make Your Breath Practice Work for You Not the Other Way Around

The breath is NOT a panacea, it will NOT solve everything! What it will do though is supercharge all of the rest of your efforts. All you have to do is bring some intention to the table and you'll start moving the needle in a big way! IG lance.einerson_dpt


Your Fixation on Comfort is Killing What's Human Inside of You.

Comfort vs. Discomfort... We all know which one we choose the majority of the time. But why? Do we realize the consequences of consistently taking the path of least resistance? Collectively I believe the answer to that question is no! In this episode, I break that question down and give you strategies to start intentionally choosing discomfort to shift your body and mind to a place of peace and empowerment. IG @lance.einerson_dpt


Your Human Beingship is Dependent Upon the way You "Mind The Gap."

The Gap: It's the space between stimulus and response, it's the space where every human is built. Choosing your response to a stressor lies at the very root of who we are as a species and the art of making that choice is dying. Let's talk about how to keep that from happening. IG @lance.einerson_dpt


You Need Feedback to Succeed; Your Breath Will Give it to You

Today I'm teaching you how to get the feedback you need from your breath and your movement that will give you the control you want and need over your nervous system for peak performance and recovery! IG @lance.einerson_dpt To sign up for the breathwork program


The Anatomy of Performance is the Anatomy of Your Breath

Eighty-five, that's how many joints need to be braced and functioning properly for your low back and pelvis to be performing optimally under stress. Your breath is the cardinal player in that equation. We're going deep this episode and exploring exactly how your breath is affecting your performance. IG @lance.einerson_spt


Hacking Your Breath and Building Momentum to Win the Morning and the Day

Momentum is a glorious thing. Once the ball is rolling in the right direction it's always easier to keep it going than it is to get is rolling again. That's why I recorded this short episode, FOR YOU! It's important to start your day with a win, it sets you up for more and more wins after that. In this episode, I teach you how to prime your body and mind to be the first domino in your cascade of wins for the day.


You've Ignored the ABSOLUTE Basics and It's Killing Your Performance.

Milk before meat, walk before you run, the concept of dialing in the basics before moving on to more advanced levels of mastery is nothing new. Everybody knows it's necessary to nail down the fundamentals first but the actual basics are wholesale being ignored, namely the breath, and performance suffers. In some cases, you could be losing out on 64% of your capacity! IG lance.einerson_spt


Why you need a breath practice

Your breath is the gateway to controlling your nervous system and your physiology. We've all had situations that it feels like your mind or your body is betraying you. Like you're unable to show up in the way you want to and need to in competition or even in life. You have the tools within you to make sure that never happens again. IG lance.einerson_spt


Breathwork and Fear. The 101 How to

Fear is an extremely visceral emotion that hijacks your mind and body faster than any other experience. It's a response that's meant to keep you alive in the face of danger. Sometimes though it grows out of bounds and when it does the consequences can be life-wrecking. Let's make sure that never happens to you IG lance.einerson_SPT


Inner-Space: How to use your breath to crush training and life.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed in competition or even day to day life that you lose all perspective and decision making processes go out the window? If you’re human you’ve felt it, but you don’t have to be ruled by that feeling ever again. IG lance.einerson_spt


Your Breath is Killing Your Gains and Stunting your growth.

Your breath is a powerful tool with the ability to direct your internal resources. Those resources aren't just physical they, they include your mental and emotional bandwidth along with the physiological functions of your body. Survival mode fills you with frustration and fear, but you don’t have to stay there. You’re in charge of you! You can excel and thrive. IG @lance.einerson_spt Website


Breath-work 101: The Absolute Basics to Get You Started.

Breathing in inextricably linked to the way you perform and the way you experience life. Lucky for you, you can change the way you breathe to take greater control and greater ownership of everything you do. From the gym, to difficult conversations with family members, to heated confrontations with your boss, your breath is there for you, learn how to use it. Instagram @lance.einerson_spt Website


Unpacking Injuries: The Most Important Process for Healing No One Ever Told You About

Having an injury isn't ever the whole story, there are always layers. When an athlete, or anyone else for that matter, is injured there are layers to that injury. There's obviously a physical aspect to it but there are also mental, emotional, and social layers to it as well. If you want your rehab to be as efficient AND as effective as possible you have to address each layer, I'll teach you how. Website.


How to Build the Confidence You Need to Get Out of Pain.

Understanding that you need confidence to get out of pain is one thing. Knowing how to get it is entirely different. In this week's episode we discuss exactly how to GET that confidence so you can get out of pain and start pursuing the things you're excited about.


Confidence: An indispensable ingredient for moving beyond pain and into performance.

Injury comes with a lot of baggage: fear, anxiety, and a crumbling sense of identity are some of the usual suspects. It doesn't have to be that way. You can get the confidence you need to get back to the things you love. First we need to define confidence because you'll never obtain something you can't define. Let's do this together!