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It's time to move beyond pain and into performance

It's time to move beyond pain and into performance
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It's time to move beyond pain and into performance




Breathwork and Fear. The 101 How to

Fear is an extremely visceral emotion that hijacks your mind and body faster than any other experience. It's a response that's meant to keep you alive in the face of danger. Sometimes though it grows out of bounds and when it does the consequences can be life-wrecking. Let's make sure that never happens to you IG lance.einerson_SPT


Inner-Space: How to use your breath to crush training and life.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed in competition or even day to day life that you lose all perspective and decision making processes go out the window? If you’re human you’ve felt it, but you don’t have to be ruled by that feeling ever again. IG lance.einerson_spt


Your Breath is Killing Your Gains and Stunting your growth.

Your breath is a powerful tool with the ability to direct your internal resources. Those resources aren't just physical they, they include your mental and emotional bandwidth along with the physiological functions of your body. Survival mode fills you with frustration and fear, but you don’t have to stay there. You’re in charge of you! You can excel and thrive. IG @lance.einerson_spt Website


Breath-work 101: The Absolute Basics to Get You Started.

Breathing in inextricably linked to the way you perform and the way you experience life. Lucky for you, you can change the way you breathe to take greater control and greater ownership of everything you do. From the gym, to difficult conversations with family members, to heated confrontations with your boss, your breath is there for you, learn how to use it. Instagram @lance.einerson_spt Website


Unpacking Injuries: The Most Important Process for Healing No One Ever Told You About

Having an injury isn't ever the whole story, there are always layers. When an athlete, or anyone else for that matter, is injured there are layers to that injury. There's obviously a physical aspect to it but there are also mental, emotional, and social layers to it as well. If you want your rehab to be as efficient AND as effective as possible you have to address each layer, I'll teach you how. Website.


How to Build the Confidence You Need to Get Out of Pain.

Understanding that you need confidence to get out of pain is one thing. Knowing how to get it is entirely different. In this week's episode we discuss exactly how to GET that confidence so you can get out of pain and start pursuing the things you're excited about.


Confidence: An indispensable ingredient for moving beyond pain and into performance.

Injury comes with a lot of baggage: fear, anxiety, and a crumbling sense of identity are some of the usual suspects. It doesn't have to be that way. You can get the confidence you need to get back to the things you love. First we need to define confidence because you'll never obtain something you can't define. Let's do this together!