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Healthy Living and Diabetes Breakdown with Kayla Berham, Burn Boot Camp Sarasota Head Trainer

In this episode, I'm talking with Kayla Berham, trainer at Burn Boot Camp Sarasota about healthy living and diabetes. Are you a trainer that wants to share on the podcast? Hit me up on Insta! @devan.kline Own your own Burn Boot Camp franchise!


Two Rules to Set You Up for Long-Term Success

In this episode, I'm breaking down two rules that I believe will bring you long-term success. Having long-term success means that you won't need to start over and you'll be able to live a physically and mentally fit life for a long time. Want to know what I'm up to? Follow me on Insta! @devan.kline Grab my book on Amazon!

Burn Boot Camp Summit: How to Lead by Example

In this episode, get a glimpse into our Annual Burn Boot Camp Summit, where Morgan and I talk to our Franchise Partners to teach them how to lead by example, both in their own teams and in their gyms for clients. Want to own your own Burn? Follow me on Insta! @devan.kline Follow Morgan, too! @morgan.a.kline


Solutions from the Huddle: ESPN Interview

Listen to this episode of an Interview I did with Titus Bartolotta on Solutions from the Huddle. I'm giving my fresh perspective on fitness, lasting change, and Burn Boot Camp. Want to know more about me? Follow me on Instagram! @devan.kline Follow Titus on Instagram! @titusbartolotta


Franchising World Interview - Franchising Business and My Media Company

In this episode, I'm diving deep into business and franchising. Bottom line: if you want to grow your business in today's world, you need technology and media on your side. You need to treat your business like a media company whose product is... in the case of Burn Boot Camp, fitness. Want more business-related topics? Hit me up on Insta and let me know what you want to learn about. @devan.kline Ready to take your business to the next level?


You’re Always Capable - Queen Beezy 11 yr old CrossFitter

In this episode of The Devan Kline Podcast, listen to AN INSPIRING 11-year old Crossfitter who is truly dedicated! This girl does everything with passion. Want to keep the passion? Grab my book, Stop Starting Over! Follow me on Instagram! @devan.kline Follow Queen Beezy on Instagram! @queen_beezy13


Head Trainer Deep Dive: How to Be a Better Trainer

In this episode, you're hearing a session from our Burn Boot Camp Summit 2018, where I talk with Head Trainers from Burn Boot Camp locations across the nation. We talk about how to be a better trainer for ALL of our clients, especially in the group setting. Want more of these kinds of topics? Let me know on Instagram! @devan.kline Want to understand more of the psychology of becoming fit? Grab my book on Amazon!


Brandi Parker: Her 174 lb. Weight Loss Story

In this episode, I'm telling the story of Brandi Parker, a client of mine who lost 174 pounds in 1 year during my first ever Transform. She is an incredible person with the will and discipline it takes to not start over. She is joining a new client, Flynt Kohn, for Transform 2.0 starting soon! Keep an eye on Instagram for all the details! Follow along on Insta! @devan.kline Want to start your weight loss journey? Find your nearest Burn Boot Camp.


My Talk with Danielle DeGroot, Dietitian Gone Wild: Tips for Becoming Gradually Healthier

On my Fearless Founder Tour, I'm finding some of the most interesting and smart people, including Danielle DeGroot, former reality TV star and current dietitian. In this episode, look for her insights on becoming gradually healthier and avoiding yo-yo diets. Want to know what I'm up to? Follow me on Instagram! @devan.kline Find Danielle on Instagram too! @dietitangonewild Do you have a copy of my book, Stop Starting Over? Grab yours on Amazon! Join my free private Facebook group


Q&A: Late Night Eating, TDEE, Rest Days, 325 Rule

In this episode, I'm answering some of your commonly asked questions about late night eating, TDEE, rest days and my 325 rule! Got questions? Join my private Facebook group to ask yours: Want to know what I'm up to? Follow me on Instagram! @devan.kline Get your copy of Stop Starting Over on Amazon now!


Workout But Not Seeing Muscle Definition?

I get this fitness question a lot. If you've been working out a lot, but not seeing the muscle definition that you want, this episode is for you! Want to know what I'm up to? Follow me on Instagram! @devan.kline


Surprising Ways to Improve Performance

In this episode, I'm talking about ways that you can IMPROVE your physical performance in the gym. I cover two-a-days and more, so get to listening! Want to know what I'm up to? Follow me on Instagram! @devan.kline Are you in my private Facebook group yet?


My Rant on Bad Parenting

In this episode, I'm talking about something I see a lot that really bothers me. As parents, we are the role models for our kids. They need to see us DOING what we SAY. Want to know what I'm up to? Follow me on Instagram! @devan.kline Grab your copy of Stop Starting Over, now out on Amazon.


Healthy Pizza, Ice Cream, and Substitutes for Protein and Dairy

In this second episode of the Nutrition Mini-Series, I'm answering YOUR questions from Instagram. All about healthy dinners, good protein sources, plant-based diets, healthy pizza, ice cream and substitutes for dairy! Want me to cover a certain topic? DM me on Insta! @devan.kline Pick up your copy of Stop Starting Over on Amazon.


Eating: Before or After a Workout?

You guys asked for it! Here comes the Nutrition Mini-Series. In this episode, I'm talking all about WHEN you should eat - before or after a workout. Listen in and tell me what you think! Join my FREE Facebook community: Want to know what I'm up to? Follow me on Instagram! @devan.kline Do you have a copy of Stop Starting Over? Grab your copy on Amazon!


We Got Goals: Helping Women Take Care of Themselves Through Fitness

This podcast episode is from a podcast I did with the #WeGotGoalsPodcast from A Sweat Life. Listen in and make sure to follow them on Instagram: @asweatlife Want to know what I'm up to? Follow me on Instagram! @devan.kline Grab your copy of my book, Stop Starting Over!


Stop Starting Over: Devan's Favorite Quotes

In this episode, I'm walking through some of my favorite parts of my new book, Stop Starting Over. Want to get your hands on a copy? Get one here. Follow me on Instagram: @devan.kline


Surrounding Yourself with Positive People with Umama K

Talking with fitness lover and self-identified "gym hopper" Umama K (aka today on the podcast about surrounding yourself with the right people and what that can really do for your life and fitness/health journey. Make sure to follow along on Instagram! @devan.kline Rate and review this podcast! Grab my new book, Stop Starting Over!


Challenging Yourself to Get to the Next Level with Alison Stevens

Want to get to the next level in your fitness and health journey? Sometimes it's not easy. Some of your goals will be hard to attain, you won't always see drops on the scale, you won't always be perfect, but challenging yourself to be better everyday is how you get there. In this episode, I talk with Alison Stevens of @myburnfitnessjourney about her challenges, better protein choices and keeping up the discipline. Want to get on Facetime Friday? Hit me up at @devan.kline on Instagram!


Stop Starting Over Mini Series: At Home Rules

Get your copy of Stop Starting Over on Amazon now! In this episode of The Devan Kline Podcast, I'm talking about at home rules for fitness and health. This is episode four of six in the Stop Starting Over mini series! Be sure to leave a review of the book on Amazon and come follow along with me on Instagram: @devan.kline You can also join my FREE Facebook community: