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The Art of Alchemy podcast is for those of you wanting to deepen into inner leadership.


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The Art of Alchemy podcast is for those of you wanting to deepen into inner leadership.




Embracing Discomfort: How to Find Alignment and Resourcefulness in Life and Business

In this podcast episode, I talk about something super important - getting comfortable with discomfort. I share some personal experiences of dealing with uncomfortable situations and triggers, and I really emphasize the importance of finding alignment and resourcefulness within ourselves. We also chat about how discomfort can pop up in business and relationships, and I give some tips on building up your "rejection muscle" and finding inner guidance to deal with those tough moments. I really encourage you to take a look at where you might be holding yourself back and start taking small steps towards growth and expansion even if it feels stretchy and uncomfortable, because on the other side of this is the good stuff.


The Power of Slowing Down: A Journey to Inner Wisdom

In this podcast episode, I'm sharing with you my personal experience of slowing down and being present in my life and the positive impact this has had personally and professionally. As someone who's always incredibly busy (single mum, entrepreneur - you know the deal) I never realized how important it was to become still, for days, to slow down at home for days. After experiencing a death in my family, it was yet another wake up call, a reminder of how short life is and how important it is to me to leave something positive as a legacy to this world. What became clear in the stillness I finally gave myself was how much potential there is in that still space and how - even if there is fear around this change of pace, it actually is a gift. So this week I am emphasizing the importance of slowing down and how to bring this into your every waking moment. It's amazing how much we can connect with our inner wisdom and inspiration when we take the time to be present. And trust me, I know it can be tough to slow down when it feels like there are a million things to do. But I encourage you to make it a practice, even if it's just for a few minutes a day. You'll be surprised at how much it can positively impact your life. So let's slow down together and notice the breath and see what unfolds from this spaciousness.


The Energetics of Pricing: Why Money is More Than Just Numbers

In this podcast episode, I discuss the absolute Head F**K of pricing your treatments and sessions especially when new opportunities arise. I share personal experiences and insights on how to approach this challenge, emphasizing the importance of being clear about what needs to be earned to cover costs and make a profit. However, this is certainly not the only consideration by any stretch of the imagination and in this episode I go into much more depth I advise against pricing on what others are doing or what we think people can afford, and instead encourage listeners to tap into their own inner guidance system and get clear on what feels good to them in their body. I also highlight the importance of connecting with your nervous systems and breath to access your inner wisdom and guidance.


You should breathe properly, here's how

In this weeks"Art of Alchemy" podcast. I talked about how important it is to breathe properly for both our physical and mental health. Did you know that the way we take our first breath at birth can affect our breathing for the rest of our lives? Crazy, right? But don't worry, I've got some tips for improving your breathing through a functional breathing exercise Ill share with you It's a simple exercise for you to try out, and let me tell you, it's a game changer. Proper breathing can even help with a multitude of health issues, so for many reasons you should give it a try. So, if you're ready to take a deep breath and learn more about the power of breathing, give this episode a listen. And don't forget to share it with your friends and family!


Untangling the roots and branches of the nervous system in clinic

In this weeks episode I am sharing some thought provoking perspectives about the nervous system. I ask the question, are you co-regulating in clinic? I share with you an experiment I did when I was holding a group Breathwork linked to collective anxiety. I'm also discussing the nervous system from a perspective you may not have considered before and how I work in clinic. I talk about how intimately linked our nervous systems are, way beyond our physical bodies. Cause and effect - how is this showing up for you and clients? I discuss the powerful techniques I use to build rapport, empower clients, differentiate between each others nervous systems. The awareness in the nervous system from the body and mind and the sensory input they feel. I talk about descriptive language and how this helps guide a session and the clients physiology. I also talk about how this impacts them way beyond the treatment room. If you are showing up in a dysregulated state as a therapist, even if you feel as if you're in a good place there may be underlying (non-verbal) communication happening in the nerve trees. And how important it is for us to do the inner work to learn how important this is for your own health and the health of your clients - we want to entangle the roots and branches of our nervous systems. The disregulated nervous system - what does this look like in clinic? What is a state of mind and state of BEING and what are the signs we can look out for? Why are you responding in an emotional way to a clients emotions? If you are looking for more information about the Toxic Release Method you can find it in the link below:


In conversation with interfaith minister and sober rave influencer Samantha Moyo

In this weeks episode I am interviewing Samantha Moyo who is a true visionary, entrepreneur and heart led community builder. Sam was incredibly influential in the sober raving scene as they started Morningloryville. They then went on to do a TED talk and is now training to become an interfaith minister - studying theology and faiths from Shamanism to Tantra, judaism to christianity and how this has opened her their world locally and globally. In this episode we talk about: About Samantha: Sam founded and sold Morning Gloryville, the wellness dance movement that spread to 23 cities around the world. This pioneered the now thriving sober industry celebrating it’s 10th year. Named as one of the fastest community builders by Harvard Divinity School, Sam is a 2 x TEDx speaker; board trustee for City to Sea and trainee at the Onespirit Interfaith Foundation. Whether it's a talk or creative experience, Sam brings incredible joy, laughter and inspiration that often leads to people screaming "F*CK YES". From raves to rituals, performances to protests, rural to urban comminities, Sam’s stories inspire, empower and encourage people to live life with more pazazz! A celebration of imperfection. Website:


The Impact of Self Bullying

Today's episode is all about the impact of self bullying and self criticism. It's something that has sadly become so natural to us but isn't at all natural. It has consequences on how you feel which has a knock on effect on all areas of your life - including your therapy business. I'll be exploring what the true impact is of negative self talk and looking into whether it impacts us at a cellular level. I’ll be talking about the physiological impact of treating ourselves this way - and it is going to really surprise you. In the Toxic Release Method students are asked to explore their own self talk in the modules dedicated to personal growth. Once these ways of thinking are uncovered, even when there are layers there to explore it begins the important process of changing it. From today's episode I would love you to start noticing your self bullying habits and instead see the beauty in yourself and what you do. Resources from this episode: The Hidden Messages in Water, Masaru Emoto Thai Massage Dissected, Natasha de Grunwald If you are looking for more information about the Toxic Release Method you can find it in the link below:


How to Build Resilience

In this weeks Art of Alchemy podcast I talk about ‘How to build resilience”. Why am I talking about this? Because I have had to build resilience for myself as a therapist/solopreneur/small business owner so that I can continue to support clients and students, teach and show up for events and work engagements, even when I have been grieving the loss of my dad - and most recently my beautiful sister - in - law. In this episode I share with you many tips about how to build resilience so you can become your own resource and anchor - this is the most powerful way to create resilience from the inside. Knowing that we can rely on ourselves is so important when life throws challenges our way. If you too are a self employed business owner you will know all too well that retreat, taking lots of time off is not always possible or even preferable, so I hope you find this episode extremely valuable .


Is your pain all in the brain?

In this weeks episode I am sharing with you what it means to have psychosomatic pain I talk about the science of what is actually happening with your brain and why you might be stuck in a cycle of pain that will not get better no matter how many treatments you have I also cover: And I share with your some solutions and new ways of thinking to empower and help you get out of pain. If you are looking for more information about the Toxic Release Method you can find it in the link below:


The spiritual awakening of a child star with Luisa Bradshaw White

We have a wonderful guest on the podcast this week. I was excited to interview Louisa Bradshaw White to find out how she went from being a child star to becoming a brilliant Breathwork facilitator and DJ. I'm always interested in what happens in the space between one career and another and the shifts we make toward self realisation and fulfilment and this conversation certainly doesn't disappoint. Luisa was a childhood star on Grange Hill then later Holby City and Eastenders, family TV shows in the UK that have been running for years and are household names. Diving into Luisa’s life, her eating disorder and mental health issues, followed by long conversations about her spiritual awakening and path of inner discovery made this a rich, open and tender conversation. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. If you are looking for more information about the Toxic Release Method you can find it in the link below: About Luisa: Luisa is a conscious DJ and breathwork facilitator. Her passion is taking people on deep inner journeys with breath, sound and movement. Website: Instagram:


Have Your Boundaries Been Broken?

In this weeks episode I'm talking to you about boundaries and how setting them is an act of LOVE that creates safety and clarity in ALL of your relationships: When our boundaries are too rigid it's a problem and equally when they are loose (or non existent) we are opening ourselves up for all kinds of trouble. Knowing HOW to communicate clearly Knowing WHY to set them Knowing HOW to make them Inside this episode I talk about sexual, personal, emotional, professional, physical, intellectual, time and material boundaries and include a few personal stories along the way. ALL of this is inside this weeks ART OF ALCHEMY podcast. Enrolment is now open for the Toxic Release Method. To find out more click here.


Do you have rejection sensitivity?

Do you have rejection sensitivity? If you do then no doubt you already know this: And its EXHAUSTING. You'll be very familiar with the idea of being a people pleaser. But do you know why? Do you know how to see this differently? Do you know what you can do to shift this into a new way of being? In this weeks podcast (a super juicy episode) I will be talking all about this subject. I'd love to know what you think. And as always I'd love it if you could do me a BIG favour. * hit the subscribe button *share with a friend * leave a review Oh and don't forget the doors are open for the Toxic Release Method. Find out more here.


How to Be a Magnet for Wealth

On this weeks podcast I talk about and share with you a process I went through around the idea of being a magnet for wealth. Are you ready for a shift in your perception of what this means, how it shows up and how your beliefs alone might be preventing you from having more wealth? If you are a heart centred person you might find this concept (wealth) to be icky - because you care deeply about others - but I invite you to have a listen as I truly believe it will be a fantastic process for you to explore I'd love to know what you think. And as always I'd love it if you could do me a BIG favour. * hit the subscribe button *share with a friend * leave a review Oh and don't forget you can now get your ticket for ACTIVATE ALCHEMY in March- come and join the party where we will be looking at ACTION TAKING, JOY, ABUNDANCE and creating an incredible 2023. Sign up here.


How To Stop Self Sabotage

EEKK, how many of you have found yourself self sabotaging the hell out of yourself in the past (or right know in fact)? I know it all too well. And I talk about this endlessly with my clients and students. It's a sneaky bugger what the mind does to keeps safe. And this is exactly what is happening when we are in self sabotage mode. In this weeks podcast I teach you how to STOP (and its not that hard once you know how!) Have a listen and let me know what you think - I talk about self talk, self criticsm, procrastination, self judgement, and how easy it is to slip into the comfy nest of not taking action!! I'd love to know what you think. And as always I'd love it if you could do me a BIG favour. * hit the subscribe button *share with a friend * leave a review Oh and don't forget you can now get your ticket for ACTIVATE ALCHEMY in March- come and join the party where we will be looking at ACTION TAKING, JOY, ABUNDANCE and creating an incredible 2023. Sign up here.


Abuse and Consent

This weeks episode comes with a TRIGGER WARNING. It was really emotional and difficult to record, but it felt very important to speak my truth and share my personal opinion all around abuse and consent. I have had a couple of experiences recently where old abuse trauma was triggered in me, and there was an allegation of abuse in the breathwork field, so as a teacher, woman, mum I had to voice what this has been like. I'd love to know your thoughts when you have had a listen. Please do send me an email or connect with me on instagram (HERE) to continue the conversation. And as always Id love it if you could do me a BIG favour * hit the subscribe button *share with a friend * leave a review It only takes 1 minute and helps me continue reaching more people with my message, and if ever there was an important one, this is it. Oh and don't forget you can now get your ticket for ACTIVATE ALCHEMY in MARCH - come and join the party where we will be looking at ACTION TAKING, JOY, ABUNDANCE AND creating an incredible 2023. Sign up here.


How to release anxiety

Over the past 30+ years I have helped thousands of people who have been experiencing anxiety. For many years I used bodywork - these days I primarily use a mixture of coaching and Breathwork, with a small dose of inner child explorations when needed. Recently I have noticed a huge surge in clients who are suffering due to anxiety levels being really high and it being crippling, debilitating and all consuming and feeling as if it will never lessen. In this weeks episode I teach you 3 simple tools which have helped many of my clients overcome and shift their experiences of anxiety and even discover how to feel empowered rather than a victim of it. I hope you will enjoy this episode and share it with any one you know and love who is suffering with anxiety right now. If you would love to experience Breathwork, coaching, movement or voice work as part of our beautiful 4 day online event - focussed around manifestation, the law of attraction and JOY please come and join our community and share in a wonderful experience of self care and transformation . Sign up for Activate Alchemy here.


What to do when you have the wobbles

In the Art of Alchemy podcast this week I am talking about and sharing from a really vulnerable and real place with you as I talk about the wobbles and how it feels when things don't go to plan. I share what happened to my mindset, my day of tears, my fears and doubts - and then what I did to help myself out of the funk I was in. I share about launching a new project and it feeling like everything was conspiring against me to find that I was in a process. I also share 4 tips that shifted everything for me: Please share with anyone you know who needs to hear this and when you do please know I am deeply grateful for your doing this. Come over to natasha.degrunwald on instagram and say HI - let me know how this episode landed for you. Don't forget that you are invited to join the next Activate Alchemy starting in February. Join here.


How to BE it Now with Body Wisdom for the New Year

With the new year upon us the channels are inundated with advice about goal setting, planning, strategies, becoming the new YOU. Many of you will be feeling ready for more, ready for something different and aren’t yet clear on how to get there and the advice you are coming across is old and tired and not motivating you. You're uninspired and you know from this place its unlikely much will change. You might have a master plan, you might have goals, you might even be clear on your why. You might also be questioning, confused, lacking clarity about the past and how it helps you create your future. And you might need to hear this today. In this weeks podcast Natasha is talking about the felt sense/body wisdom and how you can go to the next level by feeling it, by being in it. She talks about: Download your workbook here Find out more about Activate Alchemy here. Come and join me over on Instagram @natasha.degrunwald to share what you thought about today's episode.


How to Take Radical Responsibility

Today I am talking to you about taking radical responsibility. As we move into the new year there has never been a more powerful time for you to choose to take 100% ownership for the life you are creating. When you start to recognise that you are the powerful creator of your life and not the victim of it you are able to enjoy life more and life a healthier and happier life. Taking radical responsibility means being present, taking aligned action from a place of clarity, recognising that you cannot change others but you can change your response to what life throws at you. And when you do this you will see a huge impact in your life. This will affect the relationship you have with yourself. With loved ones and your business (if you're a business owner). How open are you to making choices, to taking back power in your life, to doing things differently. I would be so thankful if you could subscribe, leave a review and share with one other person who you know needs to hear this today. Find out more about Activate Alchemy here. Come and join me over on Instagram @natasha.degrunwald to share what you thought about today's episode.


Are you creating dependency or empowerment?

In this week's episode I am talking about a controversial topic, asking the following question. Are you empowering your clients or creating a co-dependant relationship? What if you could build an even better business and continue working with clients over long periods whilst watching their transformation? What if the days of repeat clients always returning with the same problems could be a thing of the past? I'm going to share with you a brand new concept in the well-being world which integrates physical, emotional, energetic support rather than the old way of separating them out. This episode is a game changer for therapists, coaches and movement educators and concludes with an invitation to join me for Activate Alchemy and my brand new facilitator programme. Listen in to find out more. Find out more about Activate Alchemy here. Come and join me over on Instagram @natasha.degrunwald to share what you thought about today's episode.