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Super Woman Wellness: Combining conventional mainstream medicine, Chinese and functional medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, herbal therapies, fitness, and homeopathy to empower women to restore their health and wellbeing, & embrace their purpose & gifts.

Super Woman Wellness: Combining conventional mainstream medicine, Chinese and functional medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, herbal therapies, fitness, and homeopathy to empower women to restore their health and wellbeing, & embrace their purpose & gifts.
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Super Woman Wellness: Combining conventional mainstream medicine, Chinese and functional medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, herbal therapies, fitness, and homeopathy to empower women to restore their health and wellbeing, & embrace their purpose & gifts.






Encore Episode - Weight Management for Busy Moms

Daily schedules can be so intimidating that moms don't have any idea where to start when it comes to taking care of themselves.Busy moms often don't put themselves first. When there's so much to do -- and so many people to take care of -- little time remains for self-care. Schedules can even be so intimidating, moms don't have any idea where to start when it comes to taking care of themselves, including weight loss or weight management. Struggling with life challenges? Can't find happiness...


EP 136 - 7 Keys to Recovering from a Massive Stroke — by a Survivor

Despite his healthy lifestyle, Ted Baxter had a stroke at 41. He shares tips for identifying warning signs and how to achieve the right mindset for recovery.Despite the fact that Ted Baxter was a very healthy individual and had no family history of strokes, at 41, he suffered a massive ischemic stroke, leaving him with extreme aphasia and badly impaired mobility. Facing an unlikely recovery, Ted learned how to alter his attitude and put faith in his ability to recover. Through perseverance,...


Encore Episode - On the Edge: The Role of CBD Oil in Medicine Today

Top athletes, celebrities, and doctors are increasingly embracing CBD's anti-anxiety, antioxidant, and pain-relieving properties.Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in beauty and wellness. Top athletes, celebrities, and doctors are increasingly embracing its anti-anxiety, antioxidant, and pain-relieving properties. According to Gretchen Lidicker, Health Editor at MindBodyGreen, this non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant can benefit the body and skin...


EP 135 - How Gluten Is Damaging Your Brain (And What You Can Do About It)

Find out if your lack of focus, forgetfulness or anxiety is caused by gluten.Do you experience any warning signs of inflammation in the brain, such as forgetfulness, anxiety or depression? If so, gluten could be the culprit. Struggling with life challenges? Can't find happiness or achieve your goals? Let get you matched easily with a licensed, board-accredited counselor today. And Click on this link to save 10% off your first month, use code "wholehealth" and start your path...


Encore Episode: Bye Bye Mammograms? Rethinking Breast Cancer Screening

Women who have been told repeatedly to "get your mammogram" may have been misled.For decades, women have been advised to "get your mammogram" as an early detection approach. According to Dr. Nyjon Eccles, women have been misled. Based on research, Dr. Eccles states that mammography screening doesn't lead to survival advantage. He cites research results that show for every 2,000 women who are screened over 10 years, one life will be saved, 10 women will receive unnecessary treatment, and...


EP 134 - Novel Strategies for Managing Your Brain: Sensory Processing, TBI, ADHD and More

Learn how to treat neurological, behavioral and developmental disorders like PTSD, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and dyslexia without pharmaceuticals.Neurological, behavioral and developmental disorders like PTSD, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, dyslexia, TBI, and Parkinson’s are most often treated with pharmaceuticals. But, that isn’t always an appropriate or sustainable option, especially for children. Carol Garner-Houston, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Brain...


EP 133 - Girlboss: Navigating the Corporate World and Building a Company

Advance your career and find balance with visualization techniques.In today’s world, women are more empowered to take ownership over their careers by becoming their own boss or getting access to the resources they need to be successful at a company. However, there’s still a lot of work to be done. For the women who climb the corporate ladder and take on more responsibilities in the workplace, they're trying to give 100% at home and at work, which leaves them feeling stretched and...


EP 132 - The Metabolism Reset Diet

Lose weight and eliminate dangerous liver fat in just 28 days.If you notice a change in your body composition and are gaining weight where you don’t want it, you could be undergoing a metabolic change. And, that change might be caused by your liver. Even those who don’t formally have fatty liver disease may be heading towards it or have markers for it. If you have changes in your energy, weight, and appetite, you may be at risk for fatty liver disease. Dr. Alan Christianson created the...


EP 131 - 3 Steps to Overcome Anxiety and PTSD

Learn how to reframe your anxiety and take control of your life.Today, there are so many opportunities for anxiety to enter a woman’s life. Whether it’s anxiety around her social life, her job, our current political climate, or keeping up with the rising cost of commodities, there’s no shortage of ways for a person to be stressed. Layer on the fact that many women are essentially working two full-time jobs—one at the office and one at home—and you have a recipe for chronic anxiety. Dr....


EP 130 - Predictive Biomarkers for Lifetime Health

Learn how these eight biomarkers can affect overall health and longevity.In the medical community, most resources go towards treating people who are already sick. However, it’s also important to treat people who are well to ensure they’re making the right lifestyle choices, so they don’t become sick. Much of this school of thought centers around epigenetics. Epigenetics, at its simplest, is the study of biological mechanisms that switch genes on and off. What you eat, drink, think and...


EP 129 - Join Dr. Taz at Peak Health Retreat

Join Dr. Taz at for a week in the Swiss Alps at the Peak Health Retreat.This summer, Dr. Taz will be holding a seminar at The Peak Health Retreat, a week-long, immersive well-being experience in the Swiss Alps. During this retreat, Dr. Taz will show attendees how she helps empower women to radically transform their lives through personalized lifestyle, diet, exercise, self-care and relationship strategies. Topics will include: To sign up or learn more, visit the Peak Health Retreat...


EP 128 - Is Mold Toxicity Making You Sick?

Learn how mold toxicity can affect a woman’s health and hormones.Between global warming, the development of new chemicals, and advances in building construction, mold toxicity is becoming a prevalent issue in society. Many physicians are just now starting to realize the extent of the issue. Beyond mold allergies, mold toxicity affects roughly 25% of the population. The symptoms are so varied that mold toxicity can be difficult to detect and identify. Dr. Neil Nathan, an expert in the...


EP 127 - Getting Creative in the Kitchen: Secrets from a Global Chef

Who said healthy cooking needs to be complicated? Nealy Fischer shares kitchen hacks for preparing simple, healthy meals at home.Between taking care of family, working a full- or part-time job, and running around to various social and community events, many women struggle to find time to prepare a healthy meal. And, when they do find the time, they feel frustrated they’re not living up to what they should be doing in the kitchen. Nealy Fischer, founder of The Flexible Chef, encourages women...


EP 126 - A Holistic Approach to Lyme Disease and Other Parasitic Infections

Dr. Jay Davidson breaks down the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease and other parasitic infections.Between the environment, electromagnetic radiation (EMR), and the constant stress people face every day, we are at a higher risk than ever before of suffering from chronic parasite infections. We’re constantly bombarded with energy from the 5G WiFi in our homes. Roughly 25 percent of buildings have mold in them, which suppresses the immune system. And, there are now more than 85,000...


EP 125 - Secrets of a Nutritionist

Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your diet plan so you'll keep weight off after your diet ends.There are a number of diets available that focus primarily on the foods you can or cannot eat, or the amount of food you should consume per meal. However, without mindfulness, many people remain unmotivated to continue eating well after their diet ends and ultimately regain any weight lost. Beth Warren, a dietician and “kosher girl,” relates her experience with dieting to her Jewish...


EP 124 - Your Fittest Future Self

Learn how to achieve long-term health success by creating your own personalized health mix.When it comes to diets, exercise, and weight loss, consistency is key. The mediocre workout that you can do consistently do is far better than the “best” workout you’ll never do. But, with all of the diet and exercise regimens available on the internet, it’s almost impossible to navigate the health world without feeling overwhelmed or paralyzed by indecision. Kathleen Trotter helps clients create a...


EP 123 - Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled

In a world of fad diets, Carly Pollack shares permanent weight loss solutions.There are countless diets, cleanses, and 30-day challenges geared to help people lose weight, but very rarely are these solutions permanent. These fad diets tend to focus on the foods we should or shouldn’t put into our bodies rather than providing us with the mental tools necessary for making permanent changes. Nutrition expert Carly Pollack presents her unique understanding of body science, brain wiring, and...


Encore Episode: SIBO, FODMAP & The Alphabet Soup of Your Gut

Dr. Michael Ruscio discusses how nutrition isn't the only component of gut health.Dr. Michael Ruscio knows the importance of gut health. His personal experience led him to study integrative medicine for his own treatment. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a disorder caused by excessive bacteria in the small intestine. Symptoms can mirror IBS with constipation, bloating, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux may also occur. Non-digestive symptoms...


Encore Episode: Your 30-Day Thyroid Reset

Dr. Becky Campbell shares how overall health influences thyroid function.Dr. Becky Campbell learned firsthand how important it is to heal the thyroid. Diagnosed with a hypothyroidism, she sought treatment from a functional medicine doctor as an alternative to medication. Dr. Campbell reminds that most immune disorders generate in the gut. The adrenals are close to the thyroid, affecting its health. Viruses also influence overall health. A holistic approach to thyroid issues is imperative...


Ep 122 - Reset Your Hormones to Lose Weight Naturally and Boost Energy

Learn how essential oils can balance your hormones and boost your energy.Many women suffer from superhero syndrome, burning out trying to do everything and be everything to everyone and causing them to live in a constant state of stress. This chronic stress creates a hormone imbalance that results in weight gain, depression, and a lack of energy. It can even lower your IQ. Dr. Mariza Snyder empowers women to pause and shift your mindset to make yourself a priority. Her solution:...