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069: What Your Boundaries Say About Your Business and Health with Dr. Rishma Walji

My guest today is Dr. Rishma Walji. Dr. Rishma Walji is a naturopathic doctor that has been studying naturopathic medicine for over 20 years. She also has a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Toronto. Dr. Rishma Walji is incredibly talented with a diverse background; she’s an entrepreneur, she’s an adventurer, she’s a mother — and she has so much to share! One of the most interesting parts of this conversation today — and there were a lot of them — was looking at this...


068: From 280 lbs to Healer: The Personal and Entrepreneurial Story of Dr. Tabatha Carr, ND

Today’s guest is sharing an important story and journey with us. Tabatha Carr is a healer from Oklahoma City and she has a transformational story and is now putting that story and life to work to transform the lives of others. At 16 years of age, she was put on her first blood pressure medication and by 30 she was taking 3 blood pressure medications a day. She had blood sugar dysregulation and weighed almost 300 pounds. She hit a wall and realized enough was enough. She made the change...


067: The Secret Language of your Body with Annette Dubreuil

Today’s guest is a badass for sure — she opens up the interview with, “Listen, I started out wanting to change the world,” when I asked her what her vision for her life was. These are the kind of women I resonate with very quickly! Annette Dubreuil was my guest today and what we really dived deep into is this concept called ‘focusing.’ Focusing is a tool to enable us to understand and interpret the feelings we have in our body as they relate to our current mindset or psychology....


66: How to Quit Your Job with Sarah Huggins

Have you ever thought about quitting your job? Just walking in, saying “I’ve had enough, I’m out of here,” and committing wholeheartedly to a new dream. If that is you, or if you know someone who’s had that thought, this episode was created for you! Sarah Huggins was my guest today — and she has an incredible story to share! Sarah went from a comfy, cozy corporate gig as a lawyer to opening a restaurant — a restaurant focused on healthy, uncomplicated, wholesome food. In this episode,...


065: Past Lives, Epigenetics and their Role in Entrepreneurism with Jen Mavros

Anyone who’s an entrepreneur will resonate with this idea that entrepreneurship is, in and of itself, a spiritual journey. The sheer act of putting something out into the world and hoping that people pick it up creates so much awareness around the blocks and self-work you really need to do get your idea and capacity for impact out there. It is for this reason that my guest today does what she does. Jen Mavros is a modern day spiritual messenger. She’s an incredible woman with a very...


064:The Power of Coaching for Your Business and Health with Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum

My guest today, Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum, was 65 years old when she decided to found her business, The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. She saw a need and she saw how her skills would be able to complement something that is so imperative to our successful changes in health behavior — which is our own need for coaches. Sandra approached The Institute for Functional Medicine and said, ‘As someone with a background as a teacher and a psychotherapist, I can develop curriculum and teach...


Hacking Meditation Through Floatation with Lindsay MacPhee

So I want you to picture this scenario: your marriage is falling apart, you are deeply conflicted about whether or not your career is in alignment with your goals, you’re on the opposite end of the country from your family and your core support systems, and the very first thought that comes to mind as all of these different things intersect and culminate is that “I need to float.” This is the experience of Lindsay MacPhee. She is the founder of the Floatation Center in Halifax, Nova...


062: Paleo Diet, Primal Eating and the Connection to Entrepreneurship with Rachel Peterson

I had the real pleasure today of sitting down with a new health entrepreneur. Rachel Peterson has launched an online brand called Austin Paleo Grrl and has a new food product called We Bee Paleo — a paleo-friendly granola. And what is so cool about someone who has taken so many initiatives is that she’s really only been in the health world for the last two years. This episode, Rachel shares with us a very personal journey that brought her to a place that forced her to make some very big...


061: Confidence: The Tipping Point for Accelerating Your Business with Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND

About 2½ years ago, I had the opportunity to work with an incredible woman while she was still a student in Toronto — Dr. Ashley Margeson. She graduated as a Naturopathic Doctor about 18 months ago, and what is truly amazing is that she’s really taken the world by storm. Now, I wasn’t surprised by this at all — but what I find so fascinating is to really delve into the journey she’s had since graduating. She has accomplished so much and has several initiatives on the go. Ashley is an...


060: Picky Eaters and Business Building with Dr. Rachel Schwartzman, ND

I’ll be honest — it’s hard being an entrepreneur and having three kids. I think it’s hard being an entrepreneur and having any kids — but with three right now at 2, 4, and 6, there is chaos behind the scenes. Because of this, I tend to gravitate toward the female entrepreneurs on social media that seem to have found the balance between family and putting positive energy out into the universe as an entrepreneur. And one of those such people is Dr. Rachel Schwartzman — a naturopathic...


059: Harnessing the Vibration of Abundance with Jen Oliver

In the spirit of badass, I have re-invited a guest for the first time ever on this podcast. I’m really excited to sit down again with my very dear old friend, Jen Oliver. Jen’s energy is compelling and her attitude is so positive. She is the founder of Love FitMama and author of the new book, The Love FitMama Way. Jen’s mission in life is to empower women — postpartum women in particular — to find themselves and their inner strength. She also teaches women how to harness a mindset that...


058: Ambition, Fertility and the Art of Getting Pregnant with Dr. Jodie Peacock, ND

Did you know that the quality of health and life that your grandchildren will experience actually starts in the preconceived eggs that you are carrying around in your body? The choices that we make now and the exposures we’ve had throughout our lifetime actually impact the quality of health of your grandchildren. The conversation around fertility is not something we’ve spoken about yet on The Entrepology Podcast, but I think it’s important for women who are ambitious to have an...


057: The Connection Between Thyroid Health & Entrepreneurism with McCall PcPherson

My guest today is McCall McPherson, a thyroid expert from Austin, Texas, who started up her own clinic after the previous clinic that had employed her shut down within eight hours of her working there. Through her new clinic, McCall completely changed the paradigm upon which she wanted to deliver care and has been extremely successful in servicing patients — not only in her local community — but in the online space as well. She also started an online, crowd-sourced community after the...


056: Conscious Uncoupling. The Mindset of Moving Forward with Gratitude with Diana Mikas

I don’t know how to describe my next guest, other than to say that she’s a divorce doula. Diana Mikas is someone whom I’ve known for a very long time and have so much admiration and respect for, in regards to her journey and passion for helping women. Diana experienced divorced after nearly 20 years of marriage, 3 kids, and what she thought was a consistent and predictable path forward. Listening to her journey, insight, and the power with which she re-claimed her life is nothing short...


055: Can We Prevent Breast Cancer? with Stacey Foat

Have you ever had this experience where you wake up and you feel like your body is out of control? Painful periods, hot flashes — your symptoms and your body feeling like they’re literally on fire? This is the story of my next guest. Stacey Foat is a naturopathic physician from Australia and she takes us through her journey of recovering from debilitating symptoms related to hormonal imbalances. Stacey happened to be a naturopath when she started to experience these symptoms and was...



On the theme of business, I’m really excited to introduce you to today’s guest, Charlene Bailey, a figure skater. After leaving the world of competitive skating at 19, she realized there was a void in her life. Through an inspirational, entrepreneurial journey, she found her way back to the sport as a coach and fashion designer. What is so powerful about her story, in particular, is the way that she just put one foot in front of the other to follow her passion. Charlene epitomizes this...


053: What Leadership & Health Habits Have In Common with Paula Pyne

How many of you have thought of mindfulness? Meditation, yoga — all of those core buzzwords — as not just acts of relaxation, but acts of leadership. This is the stance of my guest today, Paula Pyne. Paula is a consultant in the mindfulness space and her stance on the matter is that all of these elements — all of these things that cause us to focus on ourselves and who we are and to slow down — are not just tools to help accelerate the success of teams and new startups but are also acts of...


052: Launching a technology company as a woman, with a side of meal planning with Abigail Hopkins

Today was so much fun! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Abigail Hopkins. Abigail is the Co-Founder of That Clean Life — an online, meal-planning platform for both consumers and healthcare practitioners. Abigail’s goal for That Clean Life is to make healthy eating as simple and fun as possible. She wants everyone to feel incredible in their body, once and for all. This was such a perfect interview for me because it not only gave me the opportunity to explore health, meal-planning,...


051: Mastering Mental Health with Dr. Christina Bjorndal

Today’s interview is important — important to us as entrepreneurs, as women, and as people who interact with colleagues, friends, and loved ones. My guest today, Dr. Christina Bjorndal, is a naturopathic doctor and an advocate for mental health. Dr. Christina Bjorndal is an intelligent, articulate advocate for your right to gain control with respect to your mental health — and she’s also just a heck of a lot of fun. We had a fun — but intense — interview, where we talked about her...


050: The Top 5 Lessons I’ve Learned Over the Last Year

Description: I am so honored to have all of you here and to have had this podcast as an outlet over the past year. So, for this 50th episode, I’m going to explore some of the ideas and themes that have percolated to the surface as a result of some of these incredible conversations that we’ve had together with my guests and patients over the last 50 episodes. In today’s episode, I go over the top five lessons that have become both important and intrinsic to me this year, as a result of...