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122: Body: How Toxic Light is Depleting Your Energy… and What to Do About It, with Scott Nelson

If you’ve listened to the podcast before, you know that I have a real interest in this concept called biohacking — the things that we can do to alter and optimize our own physiology. And one of the things I have talked about in the past with respect to biohacking is the need to protect ourselves from blue light. Blue light is the type of toxic light that is produced by our phones and our computer screens that can throw off our circadian rhythm and cause damage to our mitochondria (the little...


121: Body Forest Bathing and the Incredible Power of Biohacking with Plants with Cyndi Gilbert

Sleep, access to nature, consistent play, nutrient density, mindset work, are some of the foundational core pieces to your health. But the nature piece is usually the one that creates the greatest degree of stress in the patients that I see. And when it comes to knowing what to look for and how to actually enjoy the outdoors… sometimes it actually requires that we go a little bit deeper. It requires us exploring and unpacking the concept — and that’s exactly what we are going to do...


120: Biz: How to Give a Talk That Will Change the Life of Your Audience and Business… Even If You Are Scared, with Majeed Mogharreban

You’ve talked, I’ve listened! Recently, I asked you all what you wanted to learn on upcoming podcasts and you answered that in addition to talking about health and mindset, you also want to learn about some fantastic strategies in order to grow your business and your mission! And today, my guest, Majeed Mogharreban, is delivering! Majeed Mogharreban is an incredible strategist! His expertise in the world is teaching people to become an incredible public speaker. And we’re not just talking...


119: The Top 10 Attributes of a Mindful CEO

Instagram has done us all a disservice. Instagram makes it seem like being a CEO or your own boss is the absolute, best, most pink and gold vocation you can possibly pick in life! There are fabulous planners, amazing mugs, incredible t-shirts — all of the things that make it look like it is just the most amazing lifestyle to be a CEO. But, let’s be real; there’s a lot more to it than what you see on the ’gram! Today on The Entrepology Podcast I am going solo because I want to take you...


118: Are You Experiencing Symptoms from Common Household Toxins? Here’s How to Health-Optimize Your Home With Genevieve White

The work of my guest today — Genevieve White — is so important! She’s a Health Coach with a focus on environmental medicine. It’s common, but not normal to be affected by our environment. So how do we help people recognize the things that are in their home that are filling up their cup faster than they should be? Environmental exposure is not just about its implications and chronic disease, but about the toxicity that we hold as a result of our environment! It’s often the reason for...


117: Transformational Psychology: Breaking Through the Limiting Beliefs that are Holding You Back from Living Your Legacy with Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

My guest today is someone I have known a very long time! Dr. Ameet Aggarwal is a Naturopathic Doctor that I have studied with personally in Toronto, Canada. Since then, he has gone on to do some really incredible things. Dr. Aggarwal has a practice in Nairobi, Kenya, where he works with people under the discipline of transformational psychology where he strives to help them break free of the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from the work that they can do in this world. In fact,...


116: The Sacred Life Phases of the Enlightened Woman, with Katrina Bos

My guest today has not been on The Entrepology Podcast since episode 20! Katrina Bos is an author and all-around wise woman. Katrina is a mathematician by background and she is currently in Guadalupe having sold all of her life possessions as she travels around the world in search of the experience that happens when you surrender to the universe. I absolutely like the juxtaposition between the structure of a background in mathematics and the fluidity and flexibility that can happen when...


115: Measuring Human Potential — How We Can Finally Measure the Performance of Your Brain, with Paul Sorbo

If I asked you to measure your inner badass, what would you say? Or, if I asked you what the objective data was that supported your badass status, would you have an answer? My guest today is the Director of Sales of a company called WAVi — Paul Sorbo. The WAVi is an incredibly fascinating piece of technology that can actually measure one’s state of badass — because it actually measures brain activity. The WAVi is an EEG scanner which enables us to actually measure raw brain waves to get a...


114: The Neuroscience of Self-Compassion — the Next Level of Authentic Leadership and Growth, with Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi, ND

In today’s episode, my colleague, Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi, ND from the Entrepology Performance Labs is joining me! We’re going to be talking about the benefits of self-compassion, what it actually means, and how to truly begin to engage in it. So many of us have this dialogue in our heads that self-compassion is something that will slow us down. If any part of you feels like, “Ugh, I don’t have time to go there,” or, “It’s not for me,” when I mention self-compassion — let me tell you this:...


113: How to Invent a Product that Will Change Women’s Health — A Podcast Bootcamp for Mission-Based Entrepreneurs

I’m so excited about today’s guest! Jessica Ching is the CEO and founder of Eve Medical — a company that makes devices so that women can do cervical screening in the privacy of their own home. She has seriously done something incredible for women’s health by acknowledging the fact that not all women want to go into their doctor’s office, spread their legs, and have a cervical screen done by someone else! In my books, this makes her a true pioneer and entrepreneur of the most real...


112: The Makings of a Successful Female Entrepreneur with She’s on Top

One of the true hallmarks of an entrepreneur is their ability to perceive and constantly adapt to the world around them. For this week’s podcast, we’re doing something completely new — we’re having two guests featured! It was super fun to record with these two amazing entrepreneurs, Tracy Hornik and Jessica Wright! Tracy and Jessica are the hosts of the successful Youtube channel and show, She’s on Top, where they interview other amazing female entrepreneurs. In today’s episode, not...


111: Radical Restoration — How to Tap into Unlimited Energy and Productivity as the CEO of Your Life

Today we are going solo on The Entrepology Podcast — and I’m going to be really clear about what this episode is about! If you have an abundant, unlimited resource of energy in your life and are completely dialed in on systems that radically restore your body on a daily basis … then this episode may not be for you. If, however, you are in a very busy phase of life; are very passionate about what you’re trying to produce and put out into the world; are juggling more than one ball in the air...


110: The Art of Effective Quitting with Lynn Marie Morski

If you’re honest with yourself, have you ever had those days where you totally just want to quit? Where you want to sit on the couch instead of seeing your trainer, eat potato chips instead of the salad — or, most of all, desperately want to push pause on this entrepreneurial journey? I know I’ve wanted to do some of these things at certain times in my own journey... but, I didn’t know what to do about it. One of the things I’ve struggled with the most is knowing when to actually call it...


109: Should I Freeze My Eggs? … Real Questions Female Go-Getters Are Asking About Their Health, with Anne Matthews

No one could honestly not be more qualified in the themes of The Entrepology Podcast than today’s guest, Anne Matthews. Anne is a mother of four, a badass business owner, and a Chinese Medicine Practitioner with credentials out the wazoo! She has a clinic here, in the GTA, called Energy Tree Studios, with a particular focus on fertility. In today’s episode, we got down on a variety of topics, including how old you need to actually be to have a baby, how to balance children and...


108: Nutrition and Bio-individuality — What You Should Know to Finally Find the Right Diet for You, with Andrea Nakayama

My guest today, Andrea Nakayama, is someone I’ve been super excited to bring on to the podcast! What I was so struck by when I first met her was not only her story and her resilience, but the incredible business that she built, coming out the other side of her story. Andrea is the founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance and has had over 3,500 practitioners move through her program! Andrea is a nutritionist by background, but what makes her so effective as both as a clinician and as a...


107: Habits and Priorities to Avoid Burnout While Running an Empire (and a Household) with Lori Kennedy

It is an honour to have my friend and colleague Lori Kennedy back on The Entrepology Podcast! What I love about having Lori on is because it feels like we’re both just sitting here with a glass of wine, shooting back and forth about what it takes to be an optimized entrepreneur, how to support people in living their best possible lives, and getting completely real on our very own struggles as we attempt to do these things in our own life. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being on...


106: Is Your Business Causing Your Hormone Issue? With Brie Wieselman

It was an absolute pleasure to talk to my guest, Brie Wieselman, today! Brie is a Health Coach who has studied TCM and is massively passionate about helping women achieve optimal health so they can go do kickass things in the world! Today, we’re talking about two primary pillars in Brie’s practice: digestive health and hormones. We get really deep into why you can’t have a state of hormonal optimization without healthy digestion and how you can’t have healthy digestion unless your...


105: How to Finally Sleep Like a Boss, with Christine Hansen

It is difficult to be a badass business person rocking it in the real world if you don’t get to sleep at night. And while my issues throughout the course of the night are caused by three small people who like to come and visit me, not everyone has the natural gift of being able to sleep anytime, anywhere. I can fall asleep at a moment’s notice when I don’t have people crawling on me, but I recognize that this may not be the case for everyone… My guest today, Christine Hansen, is an expert...


104: The Real Reason You Can’t Lose the Weight You Want — It’s Not What You Think (with Dr. Alan Christianson)

Today I am joined by my friend and fellow Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Alan Christianson. Dr. Christianson is a New York Times best-selling author and naturopathic physician down in Arizona. And today, we’re talking about the role of your liver and detox in actually helping you facilitate weight loss and normal metabolic function. The ideas we’re talking about today may very well be the missing piece for many of you in terms of why your metabolism is not acting the way you want it to. His new...


103: How to Get Comfortable Asking People for Money with Mary Shores

In this week’s episode, we have a fantastic repeat guest: Mary Shores! She has a job that most people would be extremely uncomfortable with, and that is to ask people for money — specifically debts. When people don’t pay their bills, it is her job to call them up as their friendly neighborhood debt collector. Last time I had Mary Shores on the podcast, we focused on her expertise as a conscious communicator and the methodology she had developed around that. It wasn’t until Mary spoke at...