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An Empath's Guide To Happy Living

An Empath's Guide To Happy Living
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An Empath's Guide To Happy Living






How To Get Over A Breakup

OH NO! You’ve been dumped. Your girlfriend, or boyfriend, dumped you. While at first you were a bit numb and it was playing out in your mind, with every passing day, and then every passing minute, the situation starts getting worse for you emotionally. You started off thinking: I don’t need her! She’s replaceable and I’ll find someone new - to dwelling on her great qualities and then thinking she was the only one in the world for you. Congratulations - you are officially in panic mode,...


How To Cleanse Bad Energy Before It’s Too Late

So it happened again didn’t it? Despite all of the lessons you’ve learned, hundreds of hours of YouTube videos, Podcasts, and self-help books, you still let someone through your front door that sucked the life out of you and now that that person has found your magical teat to suckle off of, you can’t get rid of them. You’re left drained, your eyes feel heavy, and you need to do a reset to get your energy back. If you don’t properly recharge or cleanse, you’ll end up becoming what you hate...


Put Yourself First Or Get Hurt Like Kevin Durant

After watching the NBA Finals in which the Golden State Warriors squared off against the Toronto Raptors in a best of seven series, I was prompted to do this impromptu episode when the Warrior's star player, Kevin Durant, severely injured his leg. Kevin Durant was a unique player - not because of his almost 7 foot height, andand not not only because he was an amazing basketball player, but because of the fact that he was actually very sensitive to what other people would say about him even...


Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset | Guard It Ruthlessly

What’s the one most valuable thing you have and can never replace, that you paid nothing for, protect the least, but let people take from you for free even when you don’t want to give it away? TIME. We spend so much of our lives accumulating assets, material things, whether that includes your latest electronic gadget, your house, or your car. What do you do to protect those things? You buy an insurance plan for your phone in case it gets lost or stolen, and a case for your phone so it...


How Stress Is Silently Killing You | The Frog In Boiling Water

Have you heard the story about the frog that died in a pot of boiling water? He was alive when someone put him into a nice cool pot of water. That person then put the pot on the stove, reassuring the frog that everything was going to be okay. The frog trusted the person and didn’t think much of what was going on. When the person turned on the stove, the frog didn’t notice much difference in the water’s temperature until it was too late and he had boiled to death. What had happened?...


How To Be More Attractive | Be Your Own Perfect Ten

In society these days we are obsessed with perfectionism. We either seek it in ourselves, but more often, we seek it in others. This usually extends beyond just other people, but reaches into the products we buy and the things we do. Ultimately, we end up pursuing things that don’t exist - illusions. Things can always be better, and people can always be smarter and better looking. You may think this episode is about letting go of perfection. You would be wrong! Today’s episode is actually...


Signs That You May Be An Empath

Are you affected by other people’s emotions? Do you find yourself feeling tired and drained after speaking to certain people? You might be an empath. If you’re a highly sensitive person, then you are very attuned to the energy from other people. You have to be careful with this gift as the wrong people may know this about you and take advantage by trying to give you their negative energy so you can suffer for them. We will discuss how to identify yourself as an empath, and steps you can...


Dealing With Difficult People | E.T. The Emotional Terrorist

Did you ever ask yourself why you’ve ever suffered despite having done everything right? After having an ultra-stressful week thanks to certain bottom-feeding scumbags that I had mistakenly allowed into my business circle, I had an epiphany that I would like to share with you. Fortunately it only took me three decades to get to this conclusion, but it’s an important one. If you’ve been experiencing any suffering whatsoever, I urge you to read on so that you can start feeling good again,...


Spring Cleaning | How To Declutter Your Life

Maintaining happiness is like doing gardening. You can’t sit back when you’re happy and expect to always stay that way. It takes work! Spring Cleaning is about reviewing your life and clearing out the clutter every year. I’m not just referring to the clutter on junk in your house. In fact, this episode is about how you should review the people in your life and see if they serve any purpose. Check out todays episode for instructions on how to protect yourself from toxic people so your...


How To Live Cheap & Flexible | The Modular Lifestyle

Do you want to live a flexible life but still get the bills paid? On my latest episode I discuss how you can live what I call a “modular lifestyle” where you earn income on your terms when you want, so you can have more control of your time. By driving for Uber, freelancing on Fiverr, or renting out to AirBnb, you can make income without having to commit to one single job. Life isn’t lived by working from 9 to 5 behind a desk, staring at a computer screen. Live cheap, travel cheap, enjoy...