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Celebrating LGBTQ2 Pride Month - Progress and Pain (Spiritual Isolation)

"I fear for those living in fear and isolation from the cost of being who God designed them to be." Celebrating Pride Month With Gratitude This is one of my favourite times of the year. Not only is June the month that I was born, it is also LGBTQ2 Pride Month. Starting now, a series of celebrations kicks off acknowledging progress made possible by strong advocacy within communities and governments around the world. During Pride Month, I remember that I have a community. It reminds me that...


Tim Van Orden Interviews Jerod Killick from Finding My Psych (Deep Dive)

"Care about the process more - Everyone else is obsessed with the outcome." Tim Van Orden Interviews Jerod Killick In today's episode, Tim Van Orden returns to interview Jerod Killick, creator of the Finding My Psych website and podcast. Tim and Jerod engage in a free flowing conversation about personal transformation and engaging others in the work they do promoting wellness. Jerod's Views on Process Over Results Initially, when we launch a transformation focused goal, most people are quite...


Facebook Depression Is Real - Manage Isolation Caused by Social Media

"It's a dopamine yoyo driven by anxiety and feelings of being completely alone." Facebook Depression - It's Real! In today's show, we discuss the occurrence of depressive symptoms seen in active Facebook users. While we believe that social media, in general, has caused broad negative effects on society, Facebook users are particularly at increased susceptibility for experiencing mood difficulty. Where Does Facebook Depression Come From? Well, the sad fact is that we are all Skinnerian rats...


Complicated Bereavement vs. Complicated Bewilderment

"The hardest thing is that I only feel bad about not feeling bad." Today's Episode - Loss is Complicated! There is no cookie cutter approach to dealing with loss. Whether you are someone who recently experienced the death of a family member, or a therapist working with individuals through the bereavement process, how we take this journey is complicated. There is no clear pathway or destination. Bereavement vs. Bewilderment I share my own experience of the loss of my father earlier this...


Weight Loss Culture is Destroying Your Quality of Life

"Food is about nurturing our connection with others." Today's Episode - Weight Loss Culture The holidays are approaching fast! That means that tens of thousands of post holiday guilt ridden individuals will join a gym soon. However, most will only attend a handful of times, regardless of the ongoing monthly payments in honour of the contract for the remainder of the year. What I find even more entertaining is that many of have engaged in this cycle more than once. Expensive! Our cultural...


Working with Sexual Trauma - Concepts in Psychotherapy

"What you choose to forget comes back in disguise" Today's Show In our previous episode, "Sexual Abuse Trauma, Clinical Insights and Observations," we discussed the effects of sexual abuse, especially in settings permissive (and therefore complicit) to the trauma. Listeners have been asking for details about the therapeutic process when working with trauma. Today, we deliver. It is important to lift the veil off of what happens in psychotherapy when working with sexual trauma. We discuss the...


Vancouver Housing Crisis, George W. Bush, and Canadian Cannabis Laws

"Federal legalization of marijuana comes with some consequences." It's Obligatory Episode The Finding My Psych production team is trying something new! In celebration of our 13th show since launching in May this year, we are testing an alternative show format. But, don't worry, we wont drift too far off our regular path! As you know, we typically promote content encouraging wellness through skills acquisition and encouragement. This has been massively popular! In an effort to break up our...


My Panic Attack and the Changing World of Addictions Treatment

"Harm Reduction is a public health policy, not a form of treatment." In Today's Episode Wow! Already up to episode number 12! In our discussion today, I start by addressing two listener questions about the nature of Positive Psychology and Behavioural Medicine. I then cover my personal brush with panic this week, followed by a review of the changes I have seen in the field of addictions treatment over the years. Listener Questions: What does Positive Psychology and Behavioural Medicine have...


Interview with Tim Van Orden - Raw Vegan Athlete - A Compassionate Approach

"Embrace your own journey with compassion and understanding." Guest - Tim Van Orden On today's show, we are honoured to sit down with author, athlete and raw food vegan, Tim Van Orden. Tim and I discuss the personal challenges encountered in any personal transformation journey. We also confront the dangers of fully embracing a plant-based identity as a form of public recognition. Masters Runner and Snowshoe Racer For many, approaching middle age shocks us into several realizations, provided...


Vegan Love and Conquering Depression Using the CHANGES Model (Part Two)

"Depression is not your friend...or your enemy." Responding To Vegan Hate (with love) In the first part of our episode on the Finding My Psych Podcast, I respond to a series of comments left for our production team. A listener had spent some time looking around our site and discovered that we promote plant-based living with an emphasis on wellness (vs. ethics). The listener expressed anger that none of the folks on our team are 'actually' vegans. In response, I describe my own plant-based...


Reversing Clinical Depression with the CHANGES Model (Part One)

"Get started by mapping your depressive symptoms using a holistic approach." Today's CHANGES Deep Dive In a previous article reviewing 25 tips for improving depression, we provided a brief overview of our go-to holistic approach to care using the CHANGES model. We heard from many of our readers wanting a drill-down into the specifics nuances - We chose to put our response into the format of a podcast episode! Engage with us as we discuss the first in a two part series on the CHANGES model....


Effective SMART Goals - Smash Your Anxiety (CBT Masters Series #3)

"What you consume, you become." In Today's Episode We dive deep with a short discussion on how to manage the flow of negative information throughout our daily lives. In the current political environment, it is easy to trick ourselves into believing that what we consume, no matter now outrageous, only has entertainment value. In fact, we assert that a constant diet of news media trough television, radio, your Facebook Feed, or standard news app content on your mobile device, over time, drags...


Triple Column Technique (CBT Masters Series #2)

"Master your thinking - Master your life." CBT Masters #2 - Triple Column Technique In the second instalment of our, "CBT Masters Series," we dive deep into the Triple Column Technique as designed by Dr. David Burns. This is a follow-up to our previous episode dedicated to defining common cognitive distortions. Real World Application Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has few limits in terms of where it can be applied. Traditionally, CBT was utilized as an augmenting tool in the treatment...


Defining Cognitive Distortions (CBT Masters Series #1)

"Stop Automatic Thoughts: Awareness is the first step in developing rational thinking" Defining CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) was created out of reaction to both psychodynamic thought and the field of Behavioural Psychology. Early researchers acknowledged the connection between thoughts and emotions. However, unlike their predecessors, early CBT adopters (Aaron T. Beck, M.D.) asserted that thoughts, when established as a set of patterns over time, had the power to affect mood. In...


Radicalize with Positive Psychology (Ending Pathogenesis)

"While you can't control your experiences, you can control your explanations." (Seligman) Today's Episode Learn about the theory that continues to challenge the status-quo throughout our mental health and substance misuse service continuum. Be willing to forget everything you know about mental health treatment, (e.g., clinical depression), and problem solving - We challenge you to try on a new perspective for the next 40 minutes. Dive deep into the world of Positive Psychology! Defining...


Sexual Abuse Trauma - Clinical Insights and Observations

"It takes a village to intervene - Failure to do so is abhorrent." Sexual Abuse Prevalence The US Department of Health and Human Services' Children's Bureau, report that 9.2% of all victimized children are sexually assaulted (2010). Furthermore, Dr. David Finkelhor, director of Crimes against Children Research Center, reports that up to 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys become victims of sexual abuse. And, within any given year, 16% of youth ages 14-17 will be victimized. The long-term affects...


Estelle Matheson Interview: Paddling as Activism in Vancouver BC

"We want our waterways here for our grandchildren." Sustainability Through Fitness Communities Belonging to an athletics community is predictive of lifelong health and fitness. Whether you are a member of a running club, or hit the gym regularly with a best friend, doing your chosen activity together improves motivation and solidifies commitment. This is holistic health at its best. The biopsychosocial outcomes are synergistic in nature. Today's Episode on Finding My Psych Estelle Matheson...


The Art of Mastering Communication at Home and Work

"Know when to step away! You can always return later." Today's Episode - Mastering Communication As requested by our listeners, today, we discuss effective communication. Mastering communication at home and at work, comes with a set of prerequisite. Becoming a, 'communication ninja,' requires commitment to a positive outcome, and the ability to know when to step away when the conversation turns negative. Possessing some level of insight, along with a personal commitment to make adjustments...


Introducing the Finding My Psych Podcast

Welcome to the, "Finding My Psych Podcast!" Time For A Launch Party! We are so proud to announce the launch of our new podcast venture. If you have followed our previous work, you know about the, "Svelte Yeti Podcast," later rebranded as the, "Jerod Killick Podcast." We published just under 50 episodes while we were in operation. As part of our launch of Finding My Psych website, we are excited to also link a podcast to the work that we are doing to support personal lifestyle transformation....