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Explore the world of Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine, guided by your host, Jerod Killick M.S., senior healthcare operations leader in mental health and addiction. With tools backed by evidence-based practice and research, design your personal transformation journey. Welcome to our community of support and self-discovery. Learn more at

Explore the world of Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine, guided by your host, Jerod Killick M.S., senior healthcare operations leader in mental health and addiction. With tools backed by evidence-based practice and research, design your personal transformation journey. Welcome to our community of support and self-discovery. Learn more at


Vancouver, British Columbia


Explore the world of Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine, guided by your host, Jerod Killick M.S., senior healthcare operations leader in mental health and addiction. With tools backed by evidence-based practice and research, design your personal transformation journey. Welcome to our community of support and self-discovery. Learn more at




Review of Netflix Series, "Surviving Death" - Spirituality in Psychology

"There were moments of credibility...but..." Discussion on, "Surviving Death" We get together to discuss the recent release, "Surviving Death" on Netflix. The show caused significant reaction for both of us, and sparked conversation about our own beliefs about the after-life and spirituality. In our review, we weight both the believable aspects of the series, and the places where the show fell apart. Both physician interviews found in the first and fifth episodes added credibility. All three...


20 Questions For New Year's Eve 2021: Leaving COVID-19 Behind

"See you later, worst year ever!" Johnny Returns for New Year's Eve 2021 Wow, this past year has been one hell of an experience. While we are not out of the woods yet in our international response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot of room for celebration. Over the next several months, vaccines will be readily available to the world population. People will return to the office, and we might even get to shop without a mediatory mask mandate (I mean, masks are okay...but yah...) Johnny...


Minutes of Exercise Required For Weight Loss (The Leptin Link)

"Diet is king, up to the standard energy compensation rate." Weight Loss and Minutes of Exercise In today's episode, we review a recent study published from the College of Sports Medicine in Sports and Exercise, in an effort to understand the connection between exercise minutes and weight loss. In other words, how much exercise is required to lose significant weight for those starting their first exercise program? The article, "Exercise for Weight Loss: Further Evaluating Energy Compensation...


Digital Minimalism for Improved Attention and Mood

"You already have everything you need..." Why Digital Minimalism? In today's episode, I reflect on the attention dominating and anxiety provoking nature of modern tech on our day-to-day lives. After briefly discussion to leaders in the digital minimalism space (Cal Newport and Matt D'Avella), I review my own maximalist ways. This is followed by a review of how I am addressing each primary area (physical tech, apps on my phone, and the tools we use at Finding My Psych). Two Critical Questions...


Critical Metrics For Optimal Health and Fitness Monitoring

"Body fat percent is more important than weight." Critical Metrics and Health Monitoring In today's episode, we provide a basis for monitoring health related outcomes using metrics supported in the peer reviewed literature. It is suggested that weight, body fat %, nutrition counting, movement throughout the day, and alcohol consumption are the most basic and critical measures for monitoring wellness. We go on to provide an advanced set of metrics available in the Garmin Connect and Apple...


20 Revealing Questions For Couples - Loving Each Other & Commitment

"Your are the best thing that has happened to me." Today's Show - Our Questions For Couples Johnny Killick, chief editor at Finding My Psych, joins his husband Jerod on the show today to discuss togetherness. Jerod and Johnny review twenty curated questions for couples, revealing that, in the end, loving each other is tied to fostering mutual curiosity and commitment, especially in difficult times. Episode Outline Welcome to 035 - 20 Questions For Couples What We Do:Behavioral Medicine and...


My Mental Illness: Major Depression - My Struggle, My Teacher

"I personally do not like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy." My Disclosure - I Have Major Depression At Finding My Psych, it is important that we do not fall into the trap of providing tools, acting as if every tool we discuss has universal impact. It is even more important that we don't treat the topic of mental illness in such an academic way that the material becomes un-relatable. In today's episode I disclose my own struggle with depression, and provide insights into self-care activities...


Sue Williston: Hope, My Truth, and Lessons Along The Way (20 Questions)

"I don't suffer fools gladly!" Interview With Sue Williston - Then and Now We are proud to have Sue Williston back in the seat, this time as a guest on the Finding My Psych Podcast. About four years ago, Sue appeared on the Svelte Yeti Podcast (a previous Killick production) to talk about her recent health struggles with breast cancer, and her health focused mission moving forward. Sue joins us today to discuss the events of the past four years, and answer 20 curated questions revealing her...


Settling Into the COVID Crisis and the Evils of Virtue Signalling

"This is not the time to ponder your purpose in life." COVID19 Pandemic Current Social Observations In today's episode I talk about how society has shifted in the past few weeks as we settling into the COVID19 pandemic crisis. I note that kids getting back to school and companies calling their employees back into work who were operating virtually, has provided a sense of normality. I also note the unique situation that British Columbia finds herself in while having the advantage of learning...


Tamara Randall On Recovery - Excavating Your Authentic Self

"Be ready for that golden moment." Defining The Problem In today's show, special guest, Tamara Randall and I start our discussion by reviewing the current experience of those suffering from addiction in Vancouver British Columbia, and where services fall short. There is no doubt that the recovery journey starts well before the individual indicates readiness. Grabbing that, 'golden moment' when someone expresses desire requires a low barrier and nimble system, adept at responding to...


COVID19 Pandemic: Emotionally Surviving A Psychological Inflection Point

"I hit my wall, spoke to it, and then knuckled down." Understanding My Psychological Crisis In today's episode, I share the details of my experience going through a psychological crisis as I reach a personal inflection point regarding COVID19. In short, I hit the, 'positivity wall.' I no longer am able to put on a smile in an effort to push on through my day. Most notably, I have lost motivation at work and during personal time at home. I do not enjoy activities as much as I have in the past...


Running Series #4: Prepping For Your First Race (A Guide For Race Day)

"Forget about your time! It's about the friends you made." Your First Race Overview In today's fourth installment in a four part series on running, we focus on considerations as you prepare for your final goal, race day! We review various 'buckets' of preparation, followed by a brief statement about our new normal and virtual events. Types of Race Day Prep There are three types of preparation that should be considered as you approach the final event. These are: Training PrepTechnical...


Running Series #3: Types of Runs and Training Methods (MAF Overview)

"Focus on intensity and consistency." Today's Episode (028) In the third of this four part podcast series on running, we dive into the various types of runs to put into your training plans. We also provide a brief overview of the, "Maximum Aerobic Function" method by Dr. Phil Maffetone. Training Types We cover five types of running to consider as part of your training plan leading to your first 5k race. These include: Steady State RunningTempo RunningFartlek (Speed Play) RunningHill...


Running Series #2: Preparing For Your First Run (Plan Like a Turtle)

"The turtle always wins the race!" Preparing For Your First Effort In the first running series episode last week, we discussed the benefits of running, gear, and goal setting. In the second instalment of our four part series, we walk you through what is needed for your first run. In order for you to be successful, we believe that sustainability and physiological adaptation (consistency over time) is key. The turtle always wins the race. In this case, we suggest that you take a turtle...


Running Series #1: Benefits of Running, Required Gear, and Goal Setting

"Fitness is all about adaptation!" Episode Overview Physical fitness is one of several critical factors for improving wellness from the perspective of Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine. In the first of a four part series on running, we discuss how to incorporate running as one part of a lifestyle transformation plan. If you are new to running, or coming back to it after many years, today's episode begins the conversation for going from couch to 5k, one step at a time. The Benefits...


On Plant-Based Living and Caution To Vegans During The Pandemic

"It comes down to personal choice." Why Finding My Psych Promotes a Plant-Based Lifestyle In today's episode we discuss the rationale for why the Finding My Psych brand promotes a plant-based lifestyle. It is important to emphasize that plant-based living is a personal choice that is not easy to make. In particular, we support plant-based living from a Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine perspective first and foremost. We follow the outcomes from controlled studies conducted by Dr....


Liz Garrett on Vegan Athletics, Cultural Warfare, and Self-Care

"The first thing you do to start your day, sets the tone for the rest of your day." Liz Garrett, Plant-Based Power Coach Vegan Athletics - Returning To Your Base In today's show, Liz Garett, the Plant-Based Power Coach, and I connect to discuss our return to vegan athletics. The journey to wellness has many ups and downs. Knowing that it has been two years since our lest discussion about our personal athletics journey, Liz and I discuss the set-backs and lessons learned for a strong...


The Psychology of Coping During Recovery Mode from COVID19

"There will be a day when we no longer have to stand in line." Emerging From Disaster - Entering Recovery Mode In today's episode, we discuss the current state of the COVID19 pandemic as we officially start recovery mode. Society has been rattled, lives lost, and the pathway forward is uncertain. Nevertheless, we persevere, even when the news is dominated by reports of death and the chaos created by Donald Trump in the United States. Introducing Dr. Ross Laird - Coping During Trauma Now that...


Plant-Based Advocates vs The Anti-Vaccination Movement (The Evidence)

"Health Psychology is naturally in alignment with a plant-based diet - There is no room for the anti-vaccination movement" Finding My Psych Takes a Stand At Finding My Psych, we promote a plant-based diet as part of a holistic approach to wellness. We in no way want to be associated with such fringe perspectives as the anti-vaccination movement. The anti-vaccination movement is attempting to align itself with the plant-based movement, in particular, veganism. While a very small minority of...


Twenty Powerful Questions by Andrea Drugay - Visioning Your Year

"One foot in front of the other..." Reflecting and Planning for the New Year Each year is an opportunity to ask ourselves powerful questions about where we have been and what we plan to do moving forward. It is important to have a framework that guides our self-reflection in a proactive way. In today's episode, we review twenty prompts suggested by Andrea Drugay, UX writer and manager at DropBox. We cover important considerations for each prompt. We also suggest that you record your...