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How To Win Your Morning - 047

How you live today, is how you will live your year. How you live your year, is how you will live your life. Today I talk to you about how to win your morning, so that you win your day without much effort. Say “HI” to me on Instagram >>> Josefitceo<<< Links: Audible 30 Free Trial: 21-Day High Performing Health Habits:


Body Language, Attract Business & The Opposite Sex - With Andy Audate - 046

Jose Perez Interviews Andy Audate, a published author, millennial motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He is widely recognized as an eminent speaker with a delivery that is high energy and human potential stimulating. Raised in a city of impoverishment and a college dropout with little formal education; Andy took a path of entrepreneurship, forcing a course of endless self-education that has amounted to his successes. This path has not only allowed him to change his circumstances...


“The Italian Diet” & Shakespeare- 045

I share with you my 2 week Italian trip. Why it was a extraordinary trip. I also I discovered “the Italian diet” and 3 simple practices that keeps the Italians fit and skinny. Free Meal Plan:


The Billionaire Code & The #1 Bio Hack- With Alex Charfen - 044

Learn the secrets of the billionaires, from the man who coaches them, Alex Charfen. From the time Alex was a young man, he was always curious about what is it that drives people to achieve greatness and create massive business empires. Alex discovered that there is an Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT) that is innate to a few and cannot turn it off and help entrepreneurs identify their purpose and become great. Alex is a highly sought-after speaker on entrepreneurial awareness, he has...


5 Ultimate Mindset Books - 043

Here are my 5 ultimate mindset book for the mind. Health is very important and having a healthy mindset plays a huge role. Having a healthy mindset structure, is extremely important for long term success. I have read a huge collection of book and when it comes to mindset, these are my top 5. Links: Click Here For: Free Power B-Blend Recipe Guide Sheet or go to Audible Free Trial: Click Here To Start your FREE 30 Day Trial Today or go to...


Be Relentless and Pressure Is a Privilege - With Danny Morel - 042

Danny Morel is president and founder of Intero Real Estate with a team of 400+ and is on his way to make $1 billion in sales by the end of 2018. He is social media influencer, author, speaker, and coach for the real estate agent and entrepreneur. Danny is also the creator and host of the most talked about event called Relentless. His mission is to help people create their own ultimate wealth and empires that will last for generations. In this episode you will learn: Links: Click Here...


7 Secrets To Massive Energy On-Demand - 041

Coffee and energy drinks have become our best friend and our worse enemy when we are in need of extra energy for the day. You many feel like, you have no other choice but to stop by the Starbucks drive thru or a quick stop at a 7-eleven. You know in the back of your head that you’re going to pay for it later with an ugly crash, and you may agree to that huge interest. However, I’m here to tell you that there is another way, 7 more natural methods to explosive energy, without using coffee...


The 4 Secrets To Social Media Domination - With Rachel Pedersen - 040

If you want people to know who you are or you want your business to be known, then mastering and dominating social media is now a pre-requisite for you And If you feel like you’re not yet dominating yet, then you’re in luck! I have the most influential social media marketer, Rachel Petersen, ready to share her most exclusive well-kept secrets for you to learn today. You will learn: Click Here: Rachel Pedersen’s $1 Social Media Course Offer Audible Free Trial:


Make Sexy Choices - 038

When you wake up, the first health choices you make early in the morning effect how you look and feel for the day. I share with you my 3 simple healthy practices that create momentum for the rest of the day. Ultimately looking and feel sexy “sexy choices” Click Here to: Join the “Sexy Choice Challenge”


How To Be A Super Parent & Live Fit, Power of Vulnerability - With Natalie Hodson - 037

I have many people ask me, “Jose, how can I stay fit and healthy when I have kids?” And I tell them I don’t know because I only have a dog. But let me bring someone who can answer that question for you and is exactly what this episode will cover. In this episode I have the pleasure to talk to Natalie Hudson about running a business, being busy, staying fit, eating healthy, and all while setting the same example for her kids. Get More of Natalie...


Don’t Go To College! If… - 036

College and a degree is not always the answer. I have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and I would tell my younger self, “Jose Alonso Perez!! Only go to college If….” Find out the only reason why you should go to take the traditional path and go to college. Anything else, don’t go to college! Truest me. You will learn: Don’t go to college and whyWho college is really forThe trade of tuition moneyAnd much more Free Course: Alison J Prince Free Course: “How My 10 &am [...]


Skip Harvard & Become an Expert on Anything - With Alex Hormozi - 033

Alex Hormozi gym launch expert who skipped Harvard to learn how to build gyms from the ground-up. Now is the owner of gym launch secrets with loyal business owners. In this episode we talk about: Free 21 day meal plan: Free Book1 Click Here: Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson Free Book2 Click Here: DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson


032: How To Create The “TRAINING GROUND” For Your Mind, Body, and Ultimate Life Vision

In this episode I talk about how 6 years ago I use a concept I call the “training ground” where it gave the physical and mental place to transform my whole life. Simple yet effective it allowed me to access the confidence and drive to get the body I always wanted, become friends with my heroes, and become the true version of myself. This is one of my best ones. Enjoy!! Register for the webclass “The 80/20 method is health and fitness”:


031: How To Start A Business With $1K, And Riches Is In Niches - With Mike Arce

Is this episode I have the pleasure to have Mike Arce, an extraordinary fitness marketing expert, and teaches us: -How the key your business is going deep into your industry “niche” -If Mike was start over and only have $1000, how he would do it. -How to become an official entrepreneur -How sales and marketing is really about communication and understanding -Where to find your perfect customer -How to have your customer always be exited to hear from you -And much more! Free 21...


030: Tony Robbin’s #1 Lesson On Being Powerful

This past weekend I was in Orlando, Florida for Funnel Hacking live conference and guess what?…Tony Robbin was there to teach us a valuable lesson about being our most powerful self! Super valuable lesson everyone needs to learn from the master himself! 21 Day Meal Plan: Got to


029: Living In Ford Explore to Billionaire In The Making, Relentless Mindset - With Albert Preciado

Have you ever watch and listen to a person for the first time and said to yourself, “That person is going to be huge one day…” Well this is the exact thought I had when I listen to Albert Preciado speak. Albert tells his incredible story growing up in the streets of Los Angeles where he overcame discrimination and gang influence. Then going through the adversity of losing everything after college and living in his Ford Explore with his future wife. Albert talks about that one moment his...


028: How to Create Self-Mastery & The $15 Secret

How to create a life of mastery and all with $15


027: 4 Step Formula to Prosperity, Power of Positivity - With Steve Weatherford

Every human has the capacity to achieve great things. That’s undeniable. But what makes the difference between those who step into that greatness, and those who let their potential dwindle and die? I think the answer to that question can be summed up in one word: will. When the inevitable challenges arrive in the pursuit of your goals, you need the will to push through. When things don’t go your way, how’s that willpower looking then? When simply giving yourself permission to want what...


026: How To Make Extraordinary Habits Into Your “New Normal”

Every month, I make a new behavior or habit that is seen as “hard or extraordinary” and find a way to make that my new normal. In this episode I talk tell you how my mentors thought me how to do it…Know I will teach you.


025: The Perfect Day Formula - With Craig Ballantyne

I have the abosule pleasure to bring you “The World’s Most Discipline Man” Craig Ballantyne His productivity is legendary as a writer, business owner, and coach of high performing CEO’s, entrepreneurs, actors, authors, and executives in dozens of industries. Craig’s vision and gift of seeing what is the next step for his coaching clients has helped him transform the lives of over 7 million people - physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally - in the last two decades. Craig...