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How To Create Powerful Believe In Yourself - With David Meltzer - 062

Jose Perez interviews another iconic figure from the world of success. Today, he is joined by David Meltzer, an award-winning humanitarian and a famous leader across the world. They are to discuss what it takes to be happy and find fulfillment in life. In this episode, Maestro brings another story of how ups and downs in life made a way to success. It shaped David Meltzer to the person he is right now. He shares how his life experiences and family relations helped him shift a life of...


How To Overcome Any Obstacle - 061

In this episode, Maestro Jose Perez does a recap on the great things he has learned from several high performance coaches. This episode is packed with lessons from great individuals who take winning into their hands successfully. Maestro discusses Craig Ballantyne's Keys to Being an Operator: Routine, Purpose and Service; Bedros Keuilian's Three R's: Resourcefulness, Relentlessness and Resilience; and Tim Grover's thoughts on being grateful for your heartbeat and relentless animal...


Secrets on Having It All: Muscle, Mindset, Money, Mission, & Marriage - With Vince Del Monte - 060

Fitness is for everybody! It doesn't matter how you look. Fitness is for the people who want to be the better version of themselves; those who want to boost their self-esteem. It is important to understand that fitness is a mental discipline. Two high performance coaches get together to help you start your fit and prosperous lifestyle! Maestro Jose Perez is joined by The Skinny Savior, Vince Del Monte to discuss the Five M's - muscle, mindset, money, mission and marriage. This is an...


Win In Your Relationships & Connections - 059

This is the last episode on Winning Your Day Series! This episode includes the ultimate practice so that you can live life to the fullest which means you found purpose, you take care of your body, you have harmony with your thoughts, actions and words, and you have meaningful and successful relationships and connections to the people who are around you. Nothing gives you more sense of fulfillment than knowing that you have meaningful connection to the people around you and that they...


Win In Your Inner Harmony & Peace of Mind - 058

This is the third episode of Winning Your Morning Series. Congratulations! Listening to this means that you are starting your journey to win your morning and repeat it over and over again, so that you can win your day, your year and your life! Maestro Jose Perez will discuss how you can win your inner harmony after winning your purpose and your body. Harmony is a term that means pleasing arrangement of parts. Harmony is important to live a peaceful life with regards to your thoughts, words...


Win In Your Body, Strength, & Energy - 057

This is part two of the three-part series of our very own Maestro Jose Perez. Maestro told us how to win our purpose through a night ritual. Now, he will tell us how to win our body through self-care habits so that we can further win our morning. Winning is not just about success. Winning is all about living the perfect life we envisioned for ourselves. In order to do that, we must be at our absolute best or optimum level to function. As living organisms on Earth, there is so much to...


Win In Your Goals, Mission, & Purpose - 056

How are you winning your day? Have you won yet? We got you! This is the first topic of a three-part episode on how to win your day. Maestro Jose Perez reiterates that winning your morning is important to win your day, then your year and your life. He will introduce a step-by-step process on how you can do better on winning your morning. As a high performer, winning habits are important to make sure that everything is in place and order. It is important to see what really is important and...


Doing Things Badly, Is Good - 055

Winning our day is important to be successful in life! That is why Maestro Jose Perez is here to remind you and help you win your day and make it a habit with his morning routine and positive mindset. The road to success won’t come easy. Obstacles and challenges will show up along the way. Often times, we keep ourselves from moving forward; there is the fear of the unknown, but we must always remember, the most important thing to do is to take the first step - no matter how small or how...


3 Steps To Extreme Clarity - 054

Another wonderful day to win in life with our resident high performance coach, Maestro Jose Perez! Are you often stressed or anxious? Are there lingering thoughts in your mind that doesn’t make sense? We got you! Tune in with Maestro and he will help you understand the process of why we get stressed or anxious and how to get clarity in your life. He will take you to the Next Level Life by sharing his insightful thoughts. Clarity starts with awareness. It neither always mean you have...


How To Cut The B.S. From Your Life - Bedros Keuilian - 053

Today is a day with an entrepreneur! Two high performance coaches join together to empower us in reaching our full potential. Jose Alonso Perez and Bedros Keuilian give us essential advices in order for us to live to the fullest by living in our own terms. Bedros Keuilian is a renowned person across multiple industries, one of the embodiments of success, a person with an inspiring rags to riches story, a high performance coach and a true genius. He shares with the world how he became one...


Your 2 Secret Super Powers - 052

How is your morning gratitude practice going? Time is a precious thing that cannot be returned once lost. We cannot turn back time but we have the power to time travel and the power to create. We may not be aware that we are already practicing it daily. It might not make sense, that is why we bring you this episode to guide you. We all fancy the superheroes we watch in movies but we are actually heroes in our own lives, for ourselves and for those who depend on us. We will uncover another...


Morning Gratitude Practice, Best Way To Energize Your Day - 051

Do you know that you can start the day by winning? Yes, you can! Join high performance health coach, Jose Alonso Perez as he shares his everyday morning routine with you. his gratitude practice helps him achieve more and he want the same for you. Our morning routines say a lot on how our day will unfold. Let us re-evaluate our morning activities and see how it affects our life. This episode will provide insight on how two minutes of gratitude practice in the morning can impact your life....


Mindset Transformation, and Environment Creates Success - With Michael Morelli - 050

We have a great opportunity today to be with a successful man, a high performance health coach and author, an inspirational leader and my first mentor, Michael Morelli. Michael Morelli is a great man who is not afraid to share the lowest points of his life. He values his own weaknesses as something that greatly contributes to his welfare. He will share with us today his life experiences that made him who he is today. Our conversation will give you more understanding on how struggles shape...


How To Find Yourself, When You're Feeling Lost - 049

Are we true to ourselves? We know the answer within. Let us remember who we are as we awaken the best in us in this episode. Join me for a spirituality journey in a season of learning. Spirituality is more than religion. It enables us to look within and choose what we think is right or good for ourselves. It makes us conscious of what we want. It is natural for us to seek greatness. We crave for good health, meaningful relationships and wealth but it doesn’t come easy. I hit rock bottom...


The Prosperity Effect - with Chris Harder - 048

Would you like to be more prosperous in your health, wealth, love and relationships? My good friend Chris Harder shares with us exactly that. He saids that the best thing that ever happen to him was to lose it all and shares his stories with us in this episode. Chris is a successful multi-million dollar entrepreneur, high performance coach, and is a love & prosperous wiseman. I’m happy to share our conversation with you today. You will learn: How to overcome adversity with a stress-free...


How To Win Your Morning - 047

How you live today, is how you will live your year. How you live your year, is how you will live your life. Today I talk to you about how to win your morning, so that you win your day without much effort. Say "HI" to me on Instagram >>> Josefitceo<<< Links: Audible 30 Free Trial: 21-Day High Performing Health Habits:


Body Language, Attract Business & The Opposite Sex - With Andy Audate - 046

Jose Perez Interviews Andy Audate, a published author, millennial motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He is widely recognized as an eminent speaker with a delivery that is high energy and human potential stimulating. Raised in a city of impoverishment and a college dropout with little formal education; Andy took a path of entrepreneurship, forcing a course of endless self-education that has amounted to his successes. This path has not only allowed him to change his circumstances...


"The Italian Diet" & Shakespeare- 045

I share with you my 2 week Italian trip. Why it was a extraordinary trip. I also I discovered "the Italian diet" and 3 simple practices that keeps the Italians fit and skinny. Free Meal Plan:


The Billionaire Code & The #1 Bio Hack- With Alex Charfen - 044

Learn the secrets of the billionaires, from the man who coaches them, Alex Charfen. From the time Alex was a young man, he was always curious about what is it that drives people to achieve greatness and create massive business empires. Alex discovered that there is an Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT) that is innate to a few and cannot turn it off and help entrepreneurs identify their purpose and become great. Alex is a highly sought-after speaker on entrepreneurial awareness, he has...


5 Ultimate Mindset Books - 043

Here are my 5 ultimate mindset book for the mind. Health is very important and having a healthy mindset plays a huge role. Having a healthy mindset structure, is extremely important for long term success. I have read a huge collection of book and when it comes to mindset, these are my top 5. Links: Click Here For: Free Power B-Blend Recipe Guide Sheet or go to Audible Free Trial: Click Here To Start your FREE 30 Day Trial Today or go to Let...