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Join author, fitness professional, and healthy living blogger, Gina Harney, as she shares expert interviews and tips that you can implement right now. This podcast is health, fitness, nutrition, beauty, and lifestyle advice, delivered by your internet BFF. If you're looking to create your healthiest, happiest life, this is the podcast for you. INSTAGRAM: @fitnessista Shownotes:

Join author, fitness professional, and healthy living blogger, Gina Harney, as she shares expert interviews and tips that you can implement right now. This podcast is health, fitness, nutrition, beauty, and lifestyle advice, delivered by your internet BFF. If you're looking to create your healthiest, happiest life, this is the podcast for you. INSTAGRAM: @fitnessista Shownotes:
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Join author, fitness professional, and healthy living blogger, Gina Harney, as she shares expert interviews and tips that you can implement right now. This podcast is health, fitness, nutrition, beauty, and lifestyle advice, delivered by your internet BFF. If you're looking to create your healthiest, happiest life, this is the podcast for you. INSTAGRAM: @fitnessista Shownotes:




035: Safe skincare and reducing household toxins with Arsy Vartanian

Today, I’m so excited to welcome my good friend Arsy Vartanian to the Healthy In Real Life podcast. Today, we chat about: - Ingredients to avoid when you’re looking to clean up your skincare and beauty products - Favorite clean skincare brands - Tips for reducing toxins at home - Her favorite mom hack and so much more! Here’s a little bit about Arsy: Arsy Vartanian is a certified health coach, leader with Beautycounter, and the Author of 3 cookbooks including, The Paleo Foodie....


034: Understanding Pain with P. Brendon Lundberg

Hi friends! I’m thrilled to welcome P. Bredon Lundberg to the show today to talk about something extremely prevalent and sometimes misunderstood: pain. How big is the chronic pain problem? What’s the difference between acute and chronic pain? Doesn't pain mean something is wrong? And the brain’s incredible ability to change its perception of pain in the body. Here’s a little bit about Brendon: P. Brendon Lundberg, a previous chronic pain suffer, co-founded Radiant Pain Relief...


033: All about the core and postpartum fitness with Erica Ziel

Hi friends! I’m so excited for this week’s episode because I’m chatting all about core training with Erica Ziel! I have to say that this is one of my top three favorite episodes. If you haven’t checked out the podcast yet, please give this one a listen! Erica drops so many knowledge bombs and I think it’s an extremely important topic. So much of our everyday movement comes from the core! Our core strength and stability can affect our posture, alignment, pelvic floor function, back...


032: Seed Cycling with Ali Damron LAc

On today’s episode, I’m chatting with Ali Damron, LAc all about seed cycling, balancing hormones, and SLEEP. <— my favorite thing in the world Here are some of the questions that she answers: What is seed cycling and how does it work? Is this something that’s more anecdotal, or is there science to back it up? Are there any recipes you recommend or love if someone is looking to get into seed cycling? Are there any more strategies that you recommend for balancing hormones? What are some...


Episode 031: Bikini Body Mindset with Emily Field, RD

Emily Field is a registered dietitian who wants to help you end food confusion. She teaches a macro-based, balanced eating approach so you can protect metabolism, gain lean strong muscle, lose body fat in a stress free way. I’ve worked with Emily for about a year now, and she completely transformed the way I think about nutrition and how I fuel my body. I’m eating more, I’m not hangry, I don’t suffer from energy crashes, and I’ve gained some lean muscle since I started working with...


030: Fashion, style, fit mom life with Bethann Wagner

In today’s podcast episode, I’m chatting with Bethann Wagner from the amazing lifestyle blog, Bethanimal Print. Here’s what we talk about: - How her work with creators and influencers lead her to create Bethanimal Print - What helped her create her personal style - Wardrobe staples every woman should have - Her personal spending freeze and would she do it again - Changes she’d made in her fitness routine + so much more! Here’s a little bit about Bethann: In a past life, I worked...


029: Morgan Kline, Co-founder of Burn Boot Camp

I’m so excited for today’s podcast episode, because I’m chatting with a powerhouse in the fitness community: Morgan Kline, host of the Coffee & Kettlebells podcast and Co-founder of Burn Boot Camp. You’ve probably heard of Burn Boot Camp, especially if you live on the east coast. It’s a new and incredibly popular fitness format, and they do an incredible job supporting their members (especially moms!) and providing safe, effective workouts. In this episode, I was thrilled to chat more with...


028: podcast with the Pilot

Hi friends! I happen to have my favorite person on the podcast today: my husband, the love of my life, aka the Pilot. I thought it would be fun to have him back on the show and answer some of your questions! You submitted so many awesome questions on IG and most were about our next steps and recent travels. I loved chatting with him in my fancy podcast studio (<— the closet) and I really hope you enjoy this episode. Here are some of the things we talk about: - The food he missed the most...


027: Cultivating healthy relationships with Silvy Khoucasian

Our personal relationships with friends, family, and our partner can dramatically impact how our mental health. I’m so excited to be chatting with Silvy Khoucasian today all about healthy relationships: what they mean, and how to build stronger, lasting connections. Some of the things we discuss in today’s episode: - The #1 reason why relationships fail - The 5 love languages and how they can change over time - Beating the 7-year itch and how to keep things exciting - Tips for dealing...


026: Meal Planning Hacks with Ashley Reaver, MS, RD, CSSD

It's 2019 and so many of us and so many of us have goals of becoming fitter, stronger, happier and healthier in the new year. Nutrition is a huge part of this and how we set ourselves up for success (or don't!) can have a huge impact on our progress. Today I'm chatting with Ashley Reaver about meal prep, meal planning hacks, and tips for getting comfortable in the kitchen. She shares so much amazing advice in this episode and I hope you love it! We discuss: What do you do if you don’t...


025: Women's Health with Dr. Kelly Culwell aka Dr. Lady Doctor

This week’s episode is my last one of the season for 2018. I recorded 25 episodes since June and have had the most amazing time connecting with health and fitness experts all over the world. I’m so thankful to you all for your support with the podcast and for your incredible ratings and reviews. I’ll be back in January with even more content for you and already have some pretty incredible guests lined up. If you have anyone you’d like to hear in an upcoming episode, please let me know! Also,...


024: Jen from Peanut Butter Runner

Hi friends! I’m so excited for today’s episode because I interviewed my good friend Jen, and asked her many of the amazing questions you sent in via Instagram. It’s funny because I’ve followed her blog for years and years, and we’ve connected via email and DM so many times, but this was our first time actually chatting on the phone! She’s just as kind and wonderful as you’d expect from reading her blog. Jen Eddins is pretty much a superhero. She’s a yoga instructor, group fitness...


023: Healthy holidays: Tips for Mental Health, Fitness, and Nutrition for the Holiday Season

Hi friends! We have a solo episode up on the podcast this morning and I’m sharing some of my best tips for reducing stress and prioritizing health during the holiday season. Every time I hear an influencer or an online magazine talk about negating holiday food with exercise, it drives me BANANAS. Once I finished an Orangetheory class, and the coach was like, “Don’t use this as an excuse to eat whatever you want now!” and I wanted to punch a wall. (Not seriously, but you know. It riled me...


022: Intuitive Eating, high carb vs. low carb, and navigating the holidays with Anne Mauney, MPH, RD

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with my good friend Anne Mauney from fANNEtastic Food. Anne has been a good friend of mine for years (and partner for a few of the Winter Shape Up challenges!) so of course, I had the best time chatting with her. In today’s episode, we talk about: - Intuitive Eating: what it is, and how it works - How to have an intuitive mindset over the holiday season when we have more parties/events than usual, and are bombarded by sweets and cocktails - High carb vs....


021: Productivity hacks, getting better at Orangetheory, and the power of "no" with Katy Widrick

When I think of people who are just slaying it at life, Katy Widrick is one of the first who come to mind. She does so many different things, does them extremely well, makes time for her health, and is super organized and efficient. For today’s podcast episode, I thought it would be fun to hear some of Katy’s tips for productivity plus chat about fitness, carb cycling, and so.much.more. In this episode we chat about: - How to stay motivated and organized when you have a lot on your...


020: HIIT Master Class with Dr. Len Kravitz

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT training is a buzzword in the fitness community, but it’s been around much longer than you may think. The benefits of HIIT are astounding, but the true magic is the efficiency of the workout: it’s a training method that can make you stronger, fitter, faster, and make your heart healthier, in a shorter amount of time. With this popularity of HIIT, there’s also some confusion about the method. How often should you do HIIT? Should you do strength or...


019: Prenatal nutrition with Lily Nichols, RDN

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, but can also be overwhelming. You want to make sure you’re doing everything possible to nurture your growing baby, but there’s a serious lack of information on the nutrition front. What foods should you emphasize? What should you avoid? What if everything healthy sounds terrible? Thankfully, we have amazing RDs like Lily Nichols working to dispel pregnancy nutrition myths and provide advice you can use right now to promote a healthy pregnancy. For my...


018: Gender norms, self-limiting beliefs, and finding inner happiness with Dr. Alyssa Travers

Mental health is such an overlooked piece of the health and wellness puzzle. It can be easy to remember to work out and eat well, but when you’re feeling stressed, depressed, frazzled, and down on yourself, you may be hindering the benefits. As women, we’re subject to gender norms every single day that can dictate the way we interact with the world around us and how we feel. I’m so excited to be chatting with Dr. Alyssa Travers, a licensed psychologist, about how our gender norms and...


017: Dawn Kelley, CEO of Barney Butter

Hi friends! Thank you so much for checking out today’s podcast episode. Today I’m chatting with the CEO and woman behind one of our very favorite brands: Dawn Kelley from Barney Butter. In this episode we discuss: - How she became involved with Barney Butter (and met her husband in the process) - How to take an idea to a branded product - Our shared love of Peloton - The importance of meditation and sleep - Barney Butter’s newest product (I can’t wait to try this!!) A little bit...


016: Brittany Mullins from Eating Bird Food

In today's episode, I'm chatting with Brittany Mullins, founder of the incredibly popular food and lifestyle blog, Eating Bird Food. Brittany Mullins is such a perfect example of Healthy In Real Life. You can tell she takes great care of herself - her hair and skin are always glowing - and she lives a balanced, sustainable lifestyle. She enjoys her life with desserts and the fun stuff, but also makes the most gorgeous salads you’ll ever see. She works out but also stresses the importance of...