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Fitspeek 58: Anatomy of an Ultra Guy (Chad Bentley part two)

In Fitspeek 57 you’ll hear about Day Five of Chad Bentley’s experience at the Epic Five Triathlon in Hawaii. Chad will also speak about what he learned from completing such an epic event. He also has some training tips and motivation for you, if you’ve ever considered going long. Also on the program we finish … Continue reading "Fitspeek 58: Anatomy of an Ultra Guy (Chad Bentley part two)"


Fitspeek 56: Time to renew your vows with fitness, here’s some help

Happy New Year from Zack, Kevin W, and myself at Fitspeek. We kick off the year with a field goal from the 50 yard line, as we snagged the ever popular and ever motivating Chad Bentley for an in-depth interview. Chad is originally from Abbotsford, and now from North Vancouver. His story is one we … Continue reading "Fitspeek 56: Time to renew your vows with fitness, here’s some help"


Fitspeek 55: Our Christmas Edition

It’s time to indulge in all this special season has to offer and if that means a few extra calories and a few less workouts so be it! Fitspeek 55 will prime you with ideas and motivation to carry you over Christmas. First off we have your upcoming events schedule to do some Resolution Run … Continue reading "Fitspeek 55: Our Christmas Edition"


Fitspeek 54: Olympics Bound With Matthew Sharpe

If you have never represented Canada at the Olympics, you are not alone, however Campbell River athlete Matthew Sharpe is well on his way. In our interview we hear about how a guy who was too small for hockey and not quite fast enough to make it as a competitive swimmer found his niche in … Continue reading "Fitspeek 54: Olympics Bound With Matthew Sharpe"


Shuffling Our Way To Fitness and Goodness

The 11th annual Santa Shuffle is about to roll out their new route this Saturday in Abbotsford. In Fitspeek 53, we speak with Marie Lashley about some of the challenges and successes in her role as race director. Also in the program we help beginning runners by introducing them to simple and effective run intervals. … Continue reading "Shuffling Our Way To Fitness and Goodness"


Fitspeek 52: Valley Synergy 2018

What happens when you take 4 leaders from our local sporting community, put them in a room, and turn on a microphone? Valley Synergy 2018. In this not-so-ordinary podcast Phoenix Velo’s man of steel – Geoff Oram, Freaks on Peaks’ beacon of zen – Sara Elias, Fraser Valley Mountain Biking Association’s erudite yet humble – … Continue reading "Fitspeek 52: Valley Synergy 2018"


Fitspeek 50: Dodgeball Night in Canada

Usually Fitspeek features things like triathlon and swimming but this time we are featuring a sport that has been played by more Canadian children then those two sports EVER will be – DODGEBALL. Coming up on Saturday November 24th at the Heritage Park Middle School Gymnasium is the 4th annual Mission Firefighter Movember Dodgeball Tournament. … Continue reading "Fitspeek 50: Dodgeball Night in Canada"


Fitspeek 49 – Jen Burns Returns!

If you’ve ever had a crappy race or workout, chances are, if you think about why things went wrong, you’ll learn a lot more and improve as an athlete more, than if things went wonderfully and you don’t give your race or workout a second thought. Our brains are hardwired to focus on the negative … Continue reading "Fitspeek 49 – Jen Burns Returns!"


Mission Half Marathon Fitspeek Express Interview

In this Fitspeek Express interview, I speak with Alistair Kealty, he is the race director of the Mission Half Marathon. The race is in its second year and will be held at 11 on Saturday October 27. In the interview we talk about a few of the changes that he has made this year, Lionel … Continue reading "Mission Half Marathon Fitspeek Express Interview"


She writes, she rides, she Fitspeeks, she is Meaghan Hackinen

Unless your name is Craig Premack you’ve probably never seen more than a dozen or so sunrises while riding your bike, and doing your best to dodge owls while riding through Saskatchewan, Vancouver Island, or Finland. Come to think of it, Craig, although he has done Paris – Brest, has probably never came face to … Continue reading "She writes, she rides, she Fitspeeks, she is Meaghan Hackinen"


Mind Games, Purple Tigers, and the Kona Coast: Fitspeek 47

No Zack and Kevin H are not experimenting with acid but what they are doing is exploring the mental side to help you achieve your best performance, come race day. First off in Between The Ears, they take a page out of the Chris McCormack book, I’m Here to Win to examine what it means … Continue reading "Mind Games, Purple Tigers, and the Kona Coast: Fitspeek 47"


Fitspeek Goes Mini – Goes Global

Fitspeek’s Kevin Watt is not only our social media shout-out guy, he is also responsible for spreading our podcast via Instagram. Through the connections he’s made, he has Fitspeek listeners in New York City and in Washington, DC. One of the folks is Diego Paul Yepez. Diego is an aspiring professional cyclist and in our mini … Continue reading "Fitspeek Goes Mini – Goes Global"


Fitspeek 46: Advices from the Ironvets

Fitspeek 46 picks up where Fitspeek 45 left off, in a room full of Ironman finishers and Jen Burns. In this laugh and wisdom packed 45 minutes you’ll glean pearls of wisdom and silliness as our Iron Panel of Zack Neufeld, Kevin Watt, Leigh Ann Parker, Elise Reeh, and myself, answer a series of tough … Continue reading "Fitspeek 46: Advices from the Ironvets"


Dancing Up The Endurance Sports Ladder: The Jen Burns Story (Fitspeek 45)

Just like previous Fitspeek guest Dave Matheson, Abbotsford’s Jen Burns wasn’t much into regular sports when she was in high school. Instead, she focused on high level dance for over a decade. Now, a few years later Jen is getting into endurance sports in a big way. She had a great performance at the Whistler … Continue reading "Dancing Up The Endurance Sports Ladder: The Jen Burns Story (Fitspeek 45)"


Swim – Run… it’s becoming a thing (Jamie Imai – Fitspeek 44)

One of the new multisport events to hit our area is the swim/run. It’s sort of like a duathlon but you replace the bike with a swim. One of the folks who participated in the inaugural event held at Thetis Lake in August was Mission’s Jamie Imai. In our interview we talk about the details … Continue reading "Swim – Run… it’s becoming a thing (Jamie Imai – Fitspeek 44)"


Fitspeek 43: Ultra 520K Canada Champion Dave Matheson

If you weren’t a “jock” in high school, take heart, neither was Dave Matheson. Although his sisters were highly successful athletes growing up in Penticton, sports weren’t really his thing. He got into body-building and then mountain biking before finding his true passion – triathlon. By surrounding himself with wise and caring people (Kevin Cutjar, … Continue reading "Fitspeek 43: Ultra 520K Canada Champion Dave Matheson"

Fitspeek 42: Meghan Faulkenberry 2nd overall female at Ironman Canada

This past July’s Ironman Canada race in Whistler was one of the toughest ever. With a new 3 loop cycling course and 37 degree heat, athletes were given a tough hand to play. And while we usually just stay “North of the border” Meghan’s story of tenacity is inspiring for all of us. If you … Continue reading "Fitspeek 42: Meghan Faulkenberry 2nd overall female at Ironman Canada"


Fitspeek 41: Sheigh Swims, Sheigh speaks

Mission’s Sheigh Gaudette has only been in competitive swimming for about four years now but what a four years they have been. Sheigh is on the fast track to swimming awesomeness and has been going around the country competing at the Canada Games as well as all the other big meets in the hopes of … Continue reading "Fitspeek 41: Sheigh Swims, Sheigh speaks"


Ironman Turns 40: Bob Babbitt turns a bit more than 40…

With the 40th birthday of the Ironman Triathlon coming up, I thought I would dip into the Fitspeek archives and unearth a neat interview I did with one of the members of the Ironman Hall of Fame. Click play below to hear the Bob Babbitt interview in its entirety. Bob talks about his life … Continue reading "Ironman Turns 40: Bob Babbitt turns a bit more than 40…"


Epic Five, Epic Challenge, Epic Athlete: Chad Bentley (Fitspeek 40)

We celebrate 40 episodes of Fitspeek by going extreme! Chad Bentley is an accomplished ultra distance triathlete from North Vancouver & originally from Abbotsford. Chad will be doing the Epic Five Triathlon which features five Ironman distance races on five Hawaiian islands on five consecutive days later this month. You can hear about his transformation … Continue reading "Epic Five, Epic Challenge, Epic Athlete: Chad Bentley (Fitspeek 40)"