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Fitspeek 46: Advices from the Ironvets

Fitspeek 46 picks up where Fitspeek 45 left off, in a room full of Ironman finishers and Jen Burns. In this laugh and wisdom packed 45 minutes you’ll glean pearls of wisdom and silliness as our Iron Panel of Zack Neufeld, Kevin Watt, Leigh Ann Parker, Elise Reeh, and myself, answer a series of tough … Continue reading "Fitspeek 46: Advices from the Ironvets"


Dancing Up The Endurance Sports Ladder: The Jen Burns Story (Fitspeek 45)

Just like previous Fitspeek guest Dave Matheson, Abbotsford’s Jen Burns wasn’t much into regular sports when she was in high school. Instead, she focused on high level dance for over a decade. Now, a few years later Jen is getting into endurance sports in a big way. She had a great performance at the Whistler … Continue reading "Dancing Up The Endurance Sports Ladder: The Jen Burns Story (Fitspeek 45)"


Swim – Run… it’s becoming a thing (Jamie Imai – Fitspeek 44)

One of the new multisport events to hit our area is the swim/run. It’s sort of like a duathlon but you replace the bike with a swim. One of the folks who participated in the inaugural event held at Thetis Lake in August was Mission’s Jamie Imai. In our interview we talk about the details … Continue reading "Swim – Run… it’s becoming a thing (Jamie Imai – Fitspeek 44)"


Fitspeek 43: Ultra 520K Canada Champion Dave Matheson

If you weren’t a “jock” in high school, take heart, neither was Dave Matheson. Although his sisters were highly successful athletes growing up in Penticton, sports weren’t really his thing. He got into body-building and then mountain biking before finding his true passion – triathlon. By surrounding himself with wise and caring people (Kevin Cutjar, … Continue reading "Fitspeek 43: Ultra 520K Canada Champion Dave Matheson"

Fitspeek 42: Meghan Faulkenberry 2nd overall female at Ironman Canada

This past July’s Ironman Canada race in Whistler was one of the toughest ever. With a new 3 loop cycling course and 37 degree heat, athletes were given a tough hand to play. And while we usually just stay “North of the border” Meghan’s story of tenacity is inspiring for all of us. If you … Continue reading "Fitspeek 42: Meghan Faulkenberry 2nd overall female at Ironman Canada"


Fitspeek 41: Sheigh Swims, Sheigh speaks

Mission’s Sheigh Gaudette has only been in competitive swimming for about four years now but what a four years they have been. Sheigh is on the fast track to swimming awesomeness and has been going around the country competing at the Canada Games as well as all the other big meets in the hopes of … Continue reading "Fitspeek 41: Sheigh Swims, Sheigh speaks"


Ironman Turns 40: Bob Babbitt turns a bit more than 40…

With the 40th birthday of the Ironman Triathlon coming up, I thought I would dip into the Fitspeek archives and unearth a neat interview I did with one of the members of the Ironman Hall of Fame. Click play below to hear the Bob Babbitt interview in its entirety. Bob talks about his life … Continue reading "Ironman Turns 40: Bob Babbitt turns a bit more than 40…"


Epic Five, Epic Challenge, Epic Athlete: Chad Bentley (Fitspeek 40)

We celebrate 40 episodes of Fitspeek by going extreme! Chad Bentley is an accomplished ultra distance triathlete from North Vancouver & originally from Abbotsford. Chad will be doing the Epic Five Triathlon which features five Ironman distance races on five Hawaiian islands on five consecutive days later this month. You can hear about his transformation … Continue reading "Epic Five, Epic Challenge, Epic Athlete: Chad Bentley (Fitspeek 40)"


Skaha Lake Ultraswim with Steve King: Fitspeek 39

Steve King is a many who wears many hats. In addition to being one of the best known voices in the world of endurance sports he is an author, clinical counsellor, Badwater Ultra Marathon finisher and as I learned, the founder of the Skaha Lake Ultra Swim. After disappearing for a few years, local “Ultra … Continue reading "Skaha Lake Ultraswim with Steve King: Fitspeek 39"


Uttra Swim Founder Steve King

One of the most popular open water swimming events in Canada is being held in Penticton on Sunday August 12. In this Fitspeek Express interview, Kevin Heinze chats with Skaha Ultra Swim founder Steve King about the history of the event, as well of some of the more impressive performances.


Fitspeek 38: How our local clubs salute the start of summer

Our local sporting clubs celebrated the summer solstice with some very well-attended events this past Wednesday evening. We feature the key organizers from the the Abbotsford Triathlon Club and the Phoenix Velo Training Group talking about the night’s events. We also speak with club members at the starting line of the ATC time trial and … Continue reading "Fitspeek 38: How our local clubs salute the start of summer"


As fast as a cheetah as crazy as a monkey: Duane Foley, Fitspeek 37

This week’s Fitspeek features top age-group athlete and firefighter, Duane Foley from Fort Langley. He did a lot of sports in school including being a high level curler (!) but he only discovered the sport of triathlon later in life. Like many of us, he paid his dues, including being near to last out of … Continue reading "As fast as a cheetah as crazy as a monkey: Duane Foley, Fitspeek 37"


Matt Campbell: United Velo

If you are a cyclist in the Fraser Valley you probably have heard of Phoenix Velo. They have been offering Saturday training sessions, Thursday night time trials, and of course the world famous Wednesday night crits. Now, in addition to Phoenix Velo, there is a new cycling group in the valley. In this episode of … Continue reading "Matt Campbell: United Velo"


Fitspeek 35: Your long weekend aural fixation

Take Fitspeek with you this weekend on the road whether that’s on the Trans-Canada, Highway 97, or the manic dash to the ferry terminals. We have an hour of entertaining and insightful content featuring Canadian Triathlon Legend Jeff Symonds. Jeff has been an icon in the sport with his special kind of mental toughness that … Continue reading "Fitspeek 35: Your long weekend aural fixation"


Fitspeek 34: Peg Peters – Run For Water

Program 34 features an interview with the organizer of the Abbotsford Run For Water and the all new Ride For Water. In our interview with Peg Peters we find out about his motivation for the creation of the event, his alliance with local “Gravel King” Matt Scott, as well as why the events are just … Continue reading "Fitspeek 34: Peg Peters – Run For Water"


Did someone say peanut butter? The Nathan Killam Interviews – Part B

Thanks for waiting! Here is part two of our interview with Vancouver professional triathlete Nathan Killam, a guy his competitors call a pyscho on the downhills, and the most positive pro male triathlete competing today. We dust off that veneer and reveal his murky obsessions with Zwift and peanut butter, we discover his least favourite … Continue reading "Did someone say peanut butter? The Nathan Killam Interviews – Part B"


Fitspeek 33: Return To Wildflower – The Nathan Killam Interviews (Part A)

Hang on for an interesting, motivating, and sometimes hilarious sixty minutes with Fitspeek favourite Nathan Killam. Last year we told you the story of this former heavy duty mechanic-Burger King lover turned fire fighter and professional triathlete. This year we caught up with Nathan between training sessions as he prepares for his best ever performance … Continue reading "Fitspeek 33: Return To Wildflower – The Nathan Killam Interviews (Part A)"


Getting Intense With Nathan Killam

We are excited about bringing you our most recent interview with professional triathlete Nathan Killam from Vancouver. In Fitspeek 33 we go deep with one of the favourites to perform well at the world famous Wildflower Long Course Triathlon next month. Be listening to the interview for your chance to win with F2C and Dynamic Race Events.


Fitspeek Update: A change in focus???

Up until now, Fitspeek has been the Fraser Valley’s Fitness, Wellness, and Endurance Sports Podcast but to capitalize on the ever-growing first time parents segment of the population, we are changing our focus to a sort of Parenting Today approach. Our first contribution is from Nathan Killam. In this segment, Nathan speaks about father/son dynamics.


Fitspeek 32: Vince Speeks & Heritage to Hatzic

From professional soccer player to web designer, to elite triathlete, to “Mr. Mom” to “The Music Man” Abbotsford’s Vince Dimanno has had a wide variety of jobs and pursuits. Vince is now the owner of Deep Blue Creative and a coach with the Abbotsford Triathlon Club. In our second Vince Speeks segment, we hear about … Continue reading "Fitspeek 32: Vince Speeks & Heritage to Hatzic"