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The podcast for those approaching 50, 50 and over 50 who want to change the way we age. Fitness, wellness, and health research put into practical tips you can use today. You still got it girl!

The podcast for those approaching 50, 50 and over 50 who want to change the way we age. Fitness, wellness, and health research put into practical tips you can use today. You still got it girl!
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The podcast for those approaching 50, 50 and over 50 who want to change the way we age. Fitness, wellness, and health research put into practical tips you can use today. You still got it girl!




6 Better Belly Secrets from Gut Health Expert Summer Bock

6 Better Belly Secrets from Gut Health Expert Summer Bock Are you wishing for a better belly? Flatter, firmer, and less gas, bloating and distraction? Summer Bock is a leading gut health expert who coined the term “Gut Rebuilding.” She integrates her traditional studies in herbalism with modern research and a background in microbiology. After resolving her own slew of health concerns naturally by focusing on the gut bioterrain, she started teaching others how to do the same. She is...


Is Detox Really Necessary? Why and How to Detox Naturally

Is Detox Really Necessary? Why would you consider detox? How to Detox Naturally. These three keys are the focus on this episode. Ever wondered how to detox… or why you should.. and if it’s just a trend, or fad? Your doctor, after all has probably never suggested it. Is it just a quick way to lose 5 lbs before the weekend? Or after hormones have had their way with you? We answer these questions during this episode with a woman who had a front row seat to why detox is necessary and who...


Healthy Eating that Feels Like Cheating

How would you like to lose weight eating Mexican food? If it sounds too good to be true and you’ve struggled with good food bad food or need to make peace with food, this is your episode. “I discovered food can be my #1 tool if I can learn to use it right.” My guest Maru Dávila is a celebrity weight loss coach, healthy chef and best-selling author of "The Mexican Food Diet™: Healthy Eating that Feels Like Cheating." She is also the creator of the revolutionary Flaca Forever™ Program...


How to Exercise for Hormone Balance

Exercise for hormone balance? Yes. This podcast is all about four women, or maybe you, who represent women in my programs and private clients I’ve worked with for nearly three decades. Before we dive in, this episode is brought to you my Flipping 50’s 28 Day Kickstart, and the last day to register is the day before the last Thursday of the month. It’s the perfect way to begin making exercise matter more with the Eat More Exercise Less method that improves sleep, decreases stress, and...


The Senior Games | Off The Scale and Onto a Starting Line

The thought of participating in the Senior Games as an athlete may have not even occurred to you, yet. That doesn't mean it's too late. I’m forever telling clients to get off that scale. They nod and agree. Then the first thing that comes out of their mouths when we talk about status is about either losing a few pound – or gaining a few pounds – or the dreaded plateau. What would shifting your goal to a starting line do for you? What if it weren't about weight loss at all or about what...


Skincare Tips from the Skin Whisperer

How would you like to talk to the skin whisperer? Identify how to care for your skin, reverse sun damage and feel more confident in your own skin. Skincare for the now in your life. Dr. Keirra Barr is a cutting edge Dermatologist, who is known as an innovative thinker. A dual-board certified dermatologist, Dr. Barr has shared her life-changing ideas in business, educational, health and professional seminars on how to rejuvenate and amplify skin health naturally; reverse sun damage,...


Solve Your Stress Symptoms Now and Avoid Disease Later

In this 10thand final episode of our summer energy series with Christy Mattoon of Mindrewire we talked about the difference between a band-aid and a permanent solution. If you can solve what’s causing your stress symptoms now you can avoid disease later. Daily high levels of stress over time lead to disease. In fact over 80 diseases are tied directly to stress. Since it’s a personal perception each of us needs to find a personal way to recognize and deal with our stress...


10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Practice makes perfect 9

You’ve heard this your whole life: practice makes perfect. You may have also heard the carefully corrected version: perfect practice makes perfect. You’re always practicing something and it’s either something you consciously choose taking you in a direction you consciously want to go or it’s a habit you’re repeating that keeps you from what you really want. Throughout this series and the eight episodes before this one you’ve been hearing about vibrational energy and whole brain state....


10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Pray, Say, and Stay Calm

Last episode covered how to dump stress that’s likely to keep you wired and in reaction mode. Today it’s about how to Pray, Say, and Stay Calmso you can respond. There will be storms. Things will happen beyond your control and if you can stay calm and choose how you respond you’ll be more likely to maintain high energy in spite of your environment or situation. Christy’s main points in this episode: Three components of prayer: The key quote from today to control your ability to stay...


10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Dump stress that’s robbing energy

In our last episode in this series, episode 6, Christy Mattoon talked about hydration and the importance of water for energy. Today is about how to dump stress. We’re looking to arrest the energy-robbing thieves you may not know exist. This is not the obvious stressors like a fight you had with someone or the nagging to-do list kind of stress. How do you dump stress you don’t even know is there? Christy covers some concepts in this episode: Every thought creates your future. There are...


10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Boost energy with hydration Part 6

It’s easy, economical and imperative that you boost energy with hydration. Your body and every cell in it requires water to function optimally. This is so simple yet, so many struggle with getting enough water in daily. They forget, or got busy, or worry about that creating a need to use a restroom being inconvenient to the busy lives we lead. Today’s episode is about so much more than just hydration for the support of digestion, elimination, and perspiration. We’re diving into more than...


10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Reduce Anxiety Now Part 5

Never before in history has there been so many cases of anxiety as right now. This episode is all about how to reduce anxiety now. Women are more susceptible than men. Imagine a situation when you experienced anxiety. For many people that would be maybe a public speaking experience, or a presentation with an outcome riding on it. Maybe it was a relationship conflict that resulted in confrontation. Driving in significant traffic can bring on anxiety. Try to put yourself in the place where...


10 Easy Steps to More Energy | How to stop energy sucking habits Part 4

Stop your energy sucking habits for a fast track to more energy. While it’s easy to dwell on how to get more energy, some could be just waiting for you when you release the habits that rob you of energy that’s rightfully yours. We’re creatures of habit and we’re easily attracted to instant gratification that soothes us that can often backfire. Today we talk about how to stop energy sucking habits in a way that can both give you instant soothing and energy, andsustainable energy. What we...


10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Affirmations for Energy Part 3

Could you use affirmations for energy? Could it really be that easy? Have you ever tried affirmations? By now you’ve likely had someone suggest positive affirmations to you, or you already use them. Do they work? That’s our topic today. First things first, though! Have you identified your “what you want statement” and written it down? Share it in the show notes (yesterday’s episode). It reinforces your awareness, your commitment, and by writing it you get more clear on exactly what “it”...


10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Retrain your brain for energy Part 2

If you can retrain your brain to think differently, you can feel differently, instantly. Christy Mattoon, Mindrewire expert, is sharing tips not only for more energy in part two of the summer energy series, but for better health habit adoption and dumping default habits just because they’ve been a pattern for so long. Change is hard. However, Christy’s solutions today may help you approach change easier than ever. In today’s Flipping 50 summer energy series episode: In this episode of...


10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Feel better fast

This episode is all about how to feel better fast. We get energy from food, exercise, and from our thoughts. If you self-sabotage, though you have good intentions – or you truly want something and you’re following science-proven steps but not getting there - you may even be gaining or holding weight when you’ve tested, and trained and tracked but you’re stuck… or you simply want to pull everything you can into the light of summer to boost your energy and drop your stress level… then tune...


How to Achieve Pain-free Exercise for Hormone Balancing Goals

Pain-free exercise would be my hope for everyone. You know you need to exercise. You have a desire to exercise – and definitely to feel better. If you’ve got chronic pain, this is your episode. You don’t have to be an athlete for exercise to make you better: better at preventing disease, enjoying a full life pursuing your goals and passions without limits; a better mom, partner, friend, employee or boss, just, better. My guest today is a returning guest here to talk about pain and the...


The Power of Walking | How to Lose Your Age on the Trail

Have you experienced the power of walking? Amid the dozens of exercise options, trends, and fads have you forgotten the potential power of walking for transformation? This Flipping 50 episode will remind you. You may not know, I owe my fitness career to a walking habit the summer between high school graduation and my freshman year in college. I walked daily with my mom that summer until I began dipping my toe into jogging. It was easy and effortless to walk just a little further each...


How Healthy Foods Could Be Interfering with Health!

Healthy foods are not all created equal for every body. You’re healthy foods could be sabotaging your good health. Flipping 50 guest today has an answer for finding your personal best foods right now, and later, for a lifestyle of good eating when you’re done with diets and ready to feel good all the time. Active women with hormone fluctuations are no strangers to digestive issues or seemingly sudden weight gain. Exercise becomes less effective and you stop thriving if you’re not...


How to Relieve Bloating and Belly Issues Fast

Bloating and belly issues while you’re traveling are inconvenient at least. At worst, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other GI issues like Chrohn’s or colitis can really interrupt your routine. They not only keep you from exercise, they can keep you from life! This episode is all about everything from bloating and belly issues including IBS and natural solutions. Whether you have irritable bowel every day or you have or want to avoid bloating and belly issues when you’re traveling,...