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The podcast for those approaching 50, 50 and over 50 who want to change the way we age. Fitness, wellness, and health research put into practical tips you can use today. You still got it girl!

The podcast for those approaching 50, 50 and over 50 who want to change the way we age. Fitness, wellness, and health research put into practical tips you can use today. You still got it girl!
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The podcast for those approaching 50, 50 and over 50 who want to change the way we age. Fitness, wellness, and health research put into practical tips you can use today. You still got it girl!




When Menopause Weight and Inches Won’t Budge

Menopause weight seems to creep up even on women who are already doing all the things. They’re health conscious. They’re the ones their friends look to when dessert menus come out to see if you’re going to order or not. You’re the one who has already ran when you get to Easter brunch or open presents on Christmas. If this is you, I created this episode for you. When it feels like you’re doing it all and nothing works… You skip a workout and it’s like 5 more pounds come on. You do the...


How to Get Results: Coaching Strategies That Work

We’re diving into results in this episode! How do you get better results? You've been there: stuck in same old repeating patterns. You started so well. You got to the middle thinking this is it. Then, nope. Same problems, and same obstacles bubble up again. How can you prevent those obstacles that prevent your results? Before I introduce my guest I want to let you know this episode is sponsored by Fit U. If you have 20 or more pounds to lose and you want a program designed for you, I’ll...


What You Can Drink for Stress (and feel better tomorrow)

Stress is a Bitch: Here’s What to Do About Her During midlife hormonal shifts you are more susceptible to negative effects of stress since you’ve got more sources… sleep disturbances, progesterone tanks, libido drops and intimacy with your best friend could be an issue, caught between anything from kindergarteners to adult children and aging parents.. you’ve got the perfect storm. It’s definitely an obstacle to optimal energy and fitness. I’ve got expert help here today to help offer some...


From Mindless to Mindful (and Younger in Weeks)

Are you Mindful About Aging, Fitness, Food? Is the way you think about your habits, your every day habits that create the level of health which you currently have, aging you or slowing the process? Mindful practice of your inner and outer conversations may have more influence on your aging process than anything else that you do. Of course you’ll have to have the right habits. Yet, if you’re mindful of them, you’ll naturally be inclined to make positive changes. You’ll seek the right...


BFR Bands to Gain Strength After 50, 60 and 70

Gain Strength After 50? Can I gain muscle and gain strength after 50? Two frequent questions I’m asked. And for good reason! Muscle mass not only contributes to your metabolism but it determines your successful independent living later in life. When I began presenting on stages internationally in the 90’s I often said sexy now is one thing but later it’s going to be who can carry their own tray in the dining room. Truth. Today’s episode is in part about some of the research making waves...


How to Reduce Osteoporosis Risk with Happiness! Really!

What's Happiness Got to Do with Bone Density and Osteoporosis risk? In this episode my guest and ambassador to the National Osteoporosis Foundation links the connection for us. Margie Bissinger is a physical therapist and integrative health coach. She is the author of Osteoporosis: An Exercise Guide. Margie is the creator of Move Today, a statewide exercise program in NJ, Happy Me, Happy Life,and Happy Bones, Happy Life™ online programs. Margie helps people achieve optimal bone and overall...


Behind the Scenes with America's Holistic Beauty Doc Now!

Let me introduce America's Holistic Beauty Doc. Does the term Holistic Plastic Surgery peek your curiosity? What is it and why is this surgeon so unique in his approach? How can you get younger looking skin? What is the lowdown on Botox? Safe, harmful, or prowess with caution? I answer all this and so much more with my guest in this episode. My good friend and returning guest on Flipping 50 shared inside secrets from behind the scalpel today. Every girl over 50 can use a beauty doc for...


Thyroid Support At Your Service with 2 Been-There-Done-That Guests

Getting thyroid support, beyond medication, for the follow through for taking the medication, and doing the things that can be overwhelming when you’re first diagnosed isn’t easy. Who, after all, gets it? Someone who’s been there and done that does. Danna Bowman and Ginny Mahar are two thyroid patient advocates who teamed up to create a diet and lifestyle support platform for thyroid patients. They are the creators of the revolutionary wellness game, THYROID30, and hosts of Thyroid Refresh...


Are You at Risk for Osteosarcopenia? How to Know

Are You at Risk for Osteosarcopenia? How to Know What a mouthful, osteosarcopenia. This condition that refers to bone and muscle losses is relatively new. There is a lack of consensus among researchers on what to call it (sarco-osteopenia, sarco-osteoporosis, osteosarcopenia). No matter what they name it, for you and I this is a topic we need to unpack. Before we dive into this week’s episode … a shout out to listener mlg114 who left this comment in iTunes: “You and Figs might have saved...


Which Infrared Sauna Benefits Do I Love Most?

Which Infrared Sauna Benefits Do I Love Most? For me, infrared sauna was a health investment, but it was mostly for relaxing and recovery. I loved the idea of natural detox and increased metabolism. But it wasn’t until I was exposed to months of mold in the house I rented that I realized how fortunate I was to already have it right there in my home. I invited my friend Alicia Botryruis from Sunlighten to share some news during Sunlighten’s anniversary. I saw her recently at a conference...


Exercise in Hormone Balance: Easy Moves, Amazing Results

Exercise in Hormone Balance: more than going for a walk Exercise influences hormones. Hormones influence exercise. You, already know this. I’ve said it before here at Flipping 50. But you already know because there are days you don’t feel like exercising, or you feel like the mirror isn’t reflecting the consistent hard work you’ve done. And it feels relative to hormone changes. Whether you knew you were in perimenopause or not– that period of time lasting up to 10 years for some women, you...


One Easy Fitness Nutrition Hack You Could Be Missing

Fitness Nutrition You Haven't Tried In this episode I’m sharing information about a particular fitness nutrition product but on a deeper level about the benefit of the ingredients in the product. You may be one of our Flipping 50 Member Box subscribers and you’ll appreciate the knowledge behind this product I vetted for your box this month – which was all things to make your workout more effective, enjoyable, and beneficial. If you’re not already a member – and you’re into Christmas...


End Diets, Food Rules, and Emotional Eating

End Diets, Food Rules, and Emotional Eating Seeking freedom from diets, food “rules,” and good food/bad food? My guest began this work in her 50s. She’s 64. Know How to Diet but Don’t Know How to Eat? My guest today has help for those who live with diets, food rules, and navigating eating situations. The very thing that is used to treat damage done by eating disorders puts fear in someone who has this disordered eating. Ignoring the real problem won’t give you the freedom from diets, food...


How to Read a Skincare Label and Find the Hidden Toxins

How to Read a Skincare Label and Find the Hidden Toxins How would you like to be at Whole Foods, read a skincare label and know if it’s worth your health or worth your money in about 10 seconds? How's that related to hormone balancing fitness? The question is, how's it not? Everything you put on and in you effects your endocrine system positively or negatively. Endocrine & Exercise It’s more than exercise.. which is what the Flipping 50 Member box is all about. The Flipping 50 Member Box...


What Can Chinese Medicine Do For Your Menopause and How

What can Chinese Medicine do for menopause symptoms? New to Chinese medicine? But done with hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia? Then you're in for a treat and you can join me while I get schooled on the benefits of Chinese medicine for menopause. My Guest: Brodie Welch, L.Ac., M.S.O.M. is a transformational coach, Licensed Acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, and holistic health educator at the confluence of the health and personal evolution. She’s the creator and host of A...


How to Encourage Healthy Habits Without Nagging

Encourage Healthy Habits Without Nagging If you encourage healthy habits in those around you, change is easier for you. You’re now entering the no nag zone. My guest on this episode addresses the way to reduce your own resistance to change by getting others in your environment on board too. What if without criticism or nagging you could relay the message that would move someone literally? Fiachra “Figs” O’Sullivan, is the Founder and Chief Empathy Officer at Empathi, which provides...


Start Running at 45 and Do 5 Marathons in a Year?

Want to Start Running (or Start Anything?) My guest Tracy today started running at 45. She is hooked. She has done 5 marathons in a year. Where can you catch that? She didn’t start running until around age 45. She have watched her parents be very active in triathlon for the last 30 years. Both doing Kona multiple times and her dad earning 1st place at age 66 in Kona. She always admired their activity but just didn’t catch the “bug” myself until my 40s. As a nurse, she started paying...


How to End Dieting Hell Once and For All

What If You Could End Dieting Hell? This episode is all about getting off that diet you’re on or thinking about trying next. Yeah, I know you’re out there. But first I need to let you know this episode is sponsored by STRONGER I, the 8-week early fall strength training program created for women in perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause launching right now. The doors are not only open…but if you’re listening to this before July 25 you can get in at 50% off during the Can You End...


She Started Racing at 59: What Retirement Looks Like

She Started Racing at 59: What Retirement Looks Like What retirement looks like is up to you. At least if you’ve given it the planning health, wellness, and financial security to do it. Retirement for today’s guest involves a lot of swimming, biking, and running. She rode 100 miles last week in preparation for two races this weekend. She’s 73. My Inspiring Flipping 50 guest today is Shirley King. It Began at 59 She started getting into racing at age 59 after teaching swim lessons to...


How to Beat Fatigue with Exercise

How to Beat Fatigue with Exercise If you suffer from chronic fatigue, thyroid issues, and specifically Hashimoto’s then this is your episode. My guest is an expert, she’s helped herself and as a chiropractor and strength expert she supports may women looking to beat fatigue with exercise. Yet, your exercise could actually be causing or contributing to your problem. To beat fatigue not buy more of it, Dr. Emily Kiberd shares the what and why of an exercise solution. Much of what she shares...