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A place where people can find connection and support on all things health, healing, and happiness.

A place where people can find connection and support on all things health, healing, and happiness.
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A place where people can find connection and support on all things health, healing, and happiness.






Episode 13 Awareness

This episode Aleesha and Camarron cover the topic of awareness and how it can help change your life.


Episode 12-The Influence of Water

Do you suffer from chronic joint pain? How about anxiety and brain fog? Do you have high blood pressure? These are all signs you could be chronically dehydrated. In this episode, Camarron and Aleesha discuss the importance of water in your physical health, but also how it influences your emotional health.


Episode 11 Don't Take Life Too Seriously

Meet the rest of the Franklin clan in this fun-loving episode! Listen to a Q&A with Cam, Aleesha, and their kids about everything from who their best friend's are to what was the most important lesson they learned in 2019. This episode is a great reminder going into the new year to not take life too seriously and most of all to make time to have fun with your loved ones!


Episode 10: Identifying Mental Patterns to Change Your Behavior

It is that time of year when everyone makes New Year's Resolutions and Goals. Statistically, most of us do not follow through with those newly made goals. Why??? Listen to this episode about the underlying mental patterns that run our behaviors. If you can identify the subconscious programs that run your life, you can eliminate them or change them so you have complete control over your behaviors. That is the secret to achieving your goals!


Episode 9 Food and Emotions PART 2: Negative Relationships with Food and Positive Frequency Foods

In this episode you will hear Aleesha's story about her negative relationship with food that led her to teeter back and forth with eating disorders. "Let food by the medicine and medicine be thy food." Foods hold frequency and energetic patterns that can be influence our life in both negative and positive ways.


Episode 8 Food and Emotions PART 1: Identifying addictions and unhealthy patters with our food

In this episode, you will hear Camarron discuss his experience with food addiction, what that can look like, and tools to overcome it. Food is an emotionally charged topic and is used not only to sustain our physical bodies. It is often used as a self-medication to avoid the real emotional issues that we do not want to face. Food can be used as a drug as well as medicine. This is part one of a two part episode.


Episode 7-Fermented Herbs, Oils, and Crystals: Tools for Depression and Anxiety

Learn about the MTHFR gene mutation and how to make changes to your lifestyle so it doesn't control you. Also, learn about how herbs, essential oils, and crystals can help support you in your healing journey with anxiety and depression.


Episode 6 Interview with Cristine Ray-Conscious Author and Quantum Practitioner

Our first interview! You will learn about quantum healing and how energy and vibration can make a big difference in your health. Cristine Ray is a wealth of knowledge and she shares some tips from her book Love Solve. You do not want to miss this!


Episode 5-Spiritual Connection to Our Overall Health

Aleesha and Camarron discuss how the soul, inner blueprint, or light body that exists in everyone and everything impacts your whole being and your overall health. Having balance at the core level, the seat of the soul, is imperative for health and happiness.


Episode 4-The Many Faces of Anxiety

Hear Aleesha and Camarron tell their stories pertaining to anxiety. Aleesha shares her experiences with having chronic anxiety and how she has been able to heal. Camarron shares his experiences with being in a supportive role as the spouse of someone who has suffered and still suffers from chronic anxiety. If you are struggling with it yourself, or if you have a loved one who does and you are struggling with knowing how to help, this episode is for you.


Episode 3-Camarron's Story with Emotional Health

Step into vulnerability with us! Listen to Camarron share his story about how he changed from being a "shallow swimmer" emotionally to choosing to take responsibility for his emotions and how it changed his life. Aleesha explains the importance of feeling your stored emotions and how to actually do that. This episode is packed full of amazing truths that you do not want to miss!


Episode 2-Taking care of your physical health through responsibility

Learn why the physical body gets so much more attention than the rest of our being. In this episode we discuss the importance of keeping the physical body healthy through making conscious decisions and taking responsibility. You will discover that there is no shame in what you choose to eat as well as understanding the impact of your genes. We introduce the affects of emotions on the physical body too. Come listen and learn with us!


Episode 1 Intro to Camarron and Aleesha

Episode one is an introduction to Camarron and Aleesha Franklin. We discuss the importance of connection in health and how making the vulnerable decision to connect back in with our emotions changed our lives for the better.