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Date Night - the Relationship Saver

Podcast. We discuss practical tips to making date night happen, no matter what your budget is or your energy levels! Join us as we revisit best moments, conversation topics, conversation taboos, and more.

Marriage and Family with Patrick Sullivan

Ger and Joce have a conversation on parenting with Patrick Sullivan, founder of Evango, a Catholic missionary organization for the new evangelization, and father of eight. Through his years of work as a missionary, Patrick saw the need that marriages and families have for practical, human formation and has started developing his own program, Me and My House, to strengthen marriages and families. We get to know his story, as well as get him to share some practical tips and tricks to...

Discovering your Love Language

Podcast Episode 3. We all need to feel loved and accepted, but what happens in a marriage when you no longer feel the love? Based on the book by Gary Chapman, we look at different ways that we can invigorate our marriages by showing our spouses love in the language they understand.

Find your blue flame

It's easy in marriage to lose your sense of self amidst the demands of your relationship with your spouse and children. Jennifer Fulwiler's book, One Beautiful Dream explores her journey of maintaining her identity amidst her growing family through her passion for writing. This book inspired us, and we thought we'd share our thoughts on this book, as well as explore the idea of having a blue flame.

The 4 Temperaments

The temperaments have been used to try understand personality since the ancient Greeks. Based on the book: The Temperament God Gave You, we share the basics of the temperaments and how knowing them can help you navigate relationships like a pro.